Full Time
6:15pm Sun March 14, 2021
Round 1 - Netstrata Jubilee Stadium, Carlton - Crowd: 7636

SCRUM DRAGONS - Knock on both ways. Graham opts to challenge it again because why not. Challenge unsuccesful.


Graham ruled to have knocked on, deep inside the Dragons half. Graham opts to challenge it. Challenge is successful.


PENALTY SHARKS - Dragons restart doesn't travel 10 metres.


Conversion: Sharks
Kicked by Chad Townsend.

Townsend pops this over easily.

Sharks lead Dragons 18 - 32 Sharks

Try: Sharks
Scored by Aaron Woods. Kick to come.

Woods spins out of a tackle and bounces onto the stripe to score a try to the right of the posts.

Sharks lead Dragons 18 - 30 Sharks

Going to the video ref to look at a possible try for Woods.


Dragons drop a Townsend bomb. Six again for the Sharks.


Hunt runs on the last by loses the ball forward.


Conversion: Dragons
Kicked by Zac Lomax.

Lomax with a stunning sideline conversion into the wind

Sharks lead Dragons 18 - 26 Sharks

Try: Dragons
Scored by Mikaele Ravalawa. Kick to come.

Hunt kicks from the left to the right side, the ball evades the grabbing attempts by Lomax and Dugan, and bounces into the waiting arms of Ravalawa who scores in the corner.

Sharks lead Dragons 16 - 26 Sharks

Decision upheld. No try.


Play stopped. Going to the video ref to see if Jack Bird has scored in the left corner. Katoa initially ruled to have held him up.


Conversion: Sharks
Kicked by Chad Townsend.

Townsend converts from touch

Sharks lead Dragons 12 - 26 Sharks

Try: Sharks
Scored by Will Kennedy. Kick to come.

From the scrum, the Sharks send it left to Townsend, then Moylan, who hits the trailing runner Kennedy with a lovely short ball. Kennedy then sent it along to Mulitalo who drew the cover defender before passing back in to Kennedy who scored a brilliant try.

Sharks lead Dragons 12 - 24 Sharks

SCRUM SHARKS - Dufty knocks on. Sharks with another full set inside the Dragons 20m


Conversion: Sharks
Kicked by Chad Townsend.

Townsend converts

Sharks lead Dragons 12 - 20 Sharks

Try: Sharks
Scored by Ronaldo Mulitalo. Kick to come.

Townsend with a bomb which is tapped back by Wade Graham, Matt Moylan picks up the ball and quickly kicks to the left which bounced once before Mulitalo cleaned it up and dived over to score untouched to the left of the posts.

Sharks lead Dragons 12 - 18 Sharks

Hunt with a cross field bomb from a long way out, Katoa lets it bounce and very nearly regathers it, but is tackled around the collar just after he grabs it, the balls spills out and Ramsay cleans it up and dives over the line to score. He appears to have injured his ankle in the process. The video ref overturns the decision of a try after finding a tiny knock-on by Jack Bird.


SCRUM DRAGONS - Wade Graham drops the ball as he gets to his feet to play the ball, 10m from the Dragons line.


PENALTY DRAGONS - Woods with a sloppy play the ball, 2m from the Dragons line.


Turnover by the Dragons in their first set after the restart. Sharks now on the attack.


Conversion: Dragons
Kicked by Zac Lomax.

Lomax converts

Sharks lead Dragons 12 - 14 Sharks

Try: Dragons
Scored by Matthew Dufty. Kick to come.

Dufty runs onto an inside ball from Hunt and explodes through a small gap, brushes out of the tackle attempt by Kennedy to score under the posts

Sharks lead Dragons 10 - 14 Sharks

SET RESTART SHARKS - late in the tackle count and deep inside their own half - they needed that.


SCRUM SHARKS - Dufty grubbers for himself in traffic and is found to have a little knock on. Dragons challenge and are unsuccessful.


Conversion: Dragons
Kicked by Zac Lomax.

Lomax converts

Sharks lead Dragons 6 - 14 Sharks

Try: Dragons
Scored by Adam Clune. Kick to come.

Hunt's bomb is allowed to bounce by Kennedy, it bounces backwards and into the hands of Adam Clune, who just gets across the line under the posts.

Sharks lead Dragons 4 - 14 Sharks

Dagons kick finds touch 15m inside the Sharks half.


Dufty looks as comfortable under the high ball as a 90's English test cricketer.


Second half is underway. Dragons running into the wind and kicking off.


Field Goal: Sharks
Attempted by Matt Moylan.

Moylan takes a rushed shot at field goal as the siren sounds and it's no good.

Sharks lead Dragons 0 - 14 Sharks

PENALTY SHARKS - 17 seconds left. They find touch 20m from the Dragons line


SCRUM DRAGONS - Sharks with a knock on in a play that was looking very threatening on the right side, 10m from the Dragons line.


Mulitalo gets a bad pass on the last, with no room to move, drops it on the toe and the Dragons force the ball ingoal. Dragons drop out again.


Sharks get another set courtesy of a Dragons drop out.


McCullough grubbers from dummy half close to the Sharks line and Blake Lawrie gets to it, but knocks it on over the dead ball line. 7 tackle set for the Sharks.


Sharks finally make an error when Kennedy dropped the ball in a strong tackle.


Kerr off for an HIA. Dufty passed his HIA and is returning to the field.


Kennedy with a grubber that bamboozles the Dragons back 2 and almost results in a try for Tolman. Dragons drop out.


Another mistake at dummy half by the Dragons. No one home to pick up the ball from the play the ball. Tolman dives on it for the Sharls.


Moylan manhandled by Ravalawa. Graham picks the ball up from dummy half and grubbers it into touch, 20m from the Dragons line


Townsend got crunched after his kick, seemed all ok, but he's struggling on his left ankle


Dragons completed a good set.


Penalty Goal: Sharks
Kicked by Chad Townsend.

Townsend slots the penalty goal.

Sharks lead Dragons 0 - 14 Sharks

PENALTY SHARKS - close to the Dragons line, Captain Wade Graham says we'll take a crack at goal thanks.


Dragons with a blunder at dummy half after the kick return and Katoa claims the loose ball. Dragons finding new ways to turn over the ball.


Kennedy cleans up a good grubber very well.


Dufty getting an HIA, which he seems confused about.


Ramien gets 10 in the bin for a swinging arm on Dufty


Dufty loses the ball in his kick return, due to a heavy tackle. Now the Sharks and Dragons players are all getting together to solve the latest crossword in The Leader.


Handling has been reasonable considering the slippery conditions. Dragons losing the battle in the middle early.


Conversion: Sharks
Kicked by Chad Townsend.

Townsend converts nicely from out wide.

Sharks lead Dragons 0 - 12 Sharks

Try: Sharks
Scored by Will Kennedy. Kick to come.

Kennedy with a short grubber 7m from the Dragons line on the right edge, two Dragons players fall over trying to defend it and Kennedy follows through and falls on the loose ball to score.

Sharks lead Dragons 0 - 10 Sharks

SCRUM SHARKS - Scrum sets 20m from the Dragons line


SET RESTART DRAGONS - deep inside the Sharks half.


Conversion: Sharks
Kicked by Chad Townsend.

Townsend throws this over the bar.

Sharks lead Dragons 0 - 6 Sharks

Try: Sharks
Scored by Josh Dugan. Kick to come.

A clever grubber by Chad Townsend, spins left across the ground, evading the Dragons defence and Dugan plants the loose ball under the posts.

Sharks lead Dragons 0 - 4 Sharks

SCRUM SHARKS - Dragons third tackle and they turn the ball over with a bad play the ball, 20m from the Dragons line

ANd the last game of Round 1 is underway

Referees & scorers:

Referee: Peter Gough

Touch Judges: Ziggy Przeklasa-Adamski, Kasey Badger

Video Referee: Steve Chiddy

Tries: Mikaele Ravalawa, Adam Clune, Matthew Dufty
Field Goals:
Two Point Field Goals:
Conversions: Zac Lomax (3/3)
Penalty Goals:

Tries: Ronaldo Mulitalo, Josh Dugan, Will Kennedy (2), Aaron Woods
Field Goals: Matt Moylan (0/1)
Two Point Field Goals: Matt Moylan (0/0)
Conversions: Chad Townsend (5/5)
Penalty Goals: Chad Townsend (1/1)