Full Time
7:35pm Sat March 20, 2021
Round 2 - Queensland Country Bank Stadium, Townsville - Crowd: 15120

FULL TIME - It wasn't the highest quality game but very entertaining with the Dragons taking a 25-18 victory


For the second week in a row - The Cowboys kicking game has been terrible with a poor kick relieving pressure


Feldt with another humdinger hit... this one also went above the horizontal but not called


Tyrell Fuimaono loses the ball and the Cowboys have a scrum 40m out from their own line


To sum up this game.... an error ends the Cowboys attacking raid


REPEAT SET AGAIN - Matt Dufty driven back 5m into the ingoal and then behind as the Dragons have to defend a 3rd consecutive set


REPEAT SET - Ben Hunt loses the ball backwards off a kick and Mikaele Ravalawa does amazingly to almost get out but gets brought down short.


MUSCLED UP - The Dragons are pushed back into the ingoal after a strong tackle from the Cowboys as Lomax was dragged back in


Conversion: Dragons
Kicked by Zac Lomax.

Zac Lomax puts some fade back into the ball and converts his own try

Dragons lead Cowboys 18 - 25 Dragons

Try: Dragons
Scored by Zac Lomax. Kick to come.

AIR TIME - Zac Lomax jumps perfectly to fly and take a pinpoint kick and Zac Lomax has enough to catch it and score

Dragons lead Cowboys 18 - 23 Dragons

Josh McGuire coughs up possession on his own 30 as the Dragons go back into attacking position


Conversion: Cowboys
Kicked by Valentine Holmes.

Valentine Holmes converts from close range

Dragons lead Cowboys 18 - 19 Dragons

Try: Cowboys
Scored by Jake Granville. Kick to come.

Jake Granville out of dummy half - some good work off the quick play the ball and Jake Granville gets it over the line

Dragons lead Cowboys 16 - 19 Dragons

Conversion: Dragons
Kicked by Zac Lomax.

Zac Lomax converts from close range to push the gap back to 7

Dragons lead Cowboys 12 - 19 Dragons

Try: Dragons
Scored by Ben Hunt. Kick to come.

Ben Hunt runs straight at the line as the pressure mounts on the Cowboys and Hunt goes through

Dragons lead Cowboys 12 - 17 Dragons

PENALTY DRAGONS: Ben Cummins rules no advantage as Dragons lose the ball deep in attack


Conversion: Cowboys
Kicked by Valentine Holmes.

Valentine Holmes from right in front converts his own try

Dragons lead Cowboys 12 - 13 Dragons

Try: Cowboys
Scored by Valentine Holmes. Kick to come.

Something out of nothing - The Cowboys try a barge over play that doesn't work but Jensen gets an offload away and then Valentine Holmes gets it kicks it and scores.

Dragons lead Cowboys 10 - 13 Dragons

Dragons coughing up possession again to give the Cowboys a chance to get back on the board


Jack Bird coughs up possession whilst the Cowboys go into attack


Scott Drinkwater loses the ball - It looked as if he got hit high but Ben Cummins calls play on


SECOND HALF IS GO! Dragons using the ball first in the second half


Half Time at QCB Stadium and the Dragons lead by 7 thanks to tries Ravalawa and Kerr; Lomax 2/2 with the boot and Norman the field goal


Field Goal: Dragons
Kicked by Corey Norman.

Corey Norman hits a field goal attempt and it looks pretty wobbly but Ben Cummins awards it

Dragons lead Cowboys 6 - 13 Dragons

Corey Norman throws the ball forward and Cody Ramsey's try is called back; Norman wants to argue the point (or lack of) with the touchie but it was the right call


Ben Hunt needs a new watch because his timing is way out - He throws forward to Sims


Jack Bird back up but he Feldt the presence of Kyle as the Cowboys have to defend their line


PENALTY DRAGONS: Kyle Feldt puts in a good tackle but it just strays into a dangerous position


Conversion: Dragons
Kicked by Zac Lomax.

Zac Lomax splits the uprights with his conversion attempt

Dragons lead Cowboys 6 - 12 Dragons

Try: Dragons
Scored by Josh Kerr. Kick to come.

Josh Kerr off the long run spots the smaller men in the defensive line and just charges at them and scores

Dragons lead Cowboys 6 - 10 Dragons

Esan Marsters with a very basic error 10m out from his own line


Scott Drinkwater's below par kicking game hasn't improved after a poor fifth tackle kick comes down 5m short of the line


PENALTY COWBOYS: Dragons make an attacking raid through Daniel Alvaro... yep you read that right before passing to Jack Bird who gave the ball to the Cowboys; Subsequently, Bird penalised for a strip


Corey Jensen coughs up the ball as the Cowboys began to mount some attacking pressure


End to end action so far as both sides able to make good metres and some speedy play the balls


Dragons make a break down the left but then next play they blow it with Matt Dufty missing the mark with his pass wildly


Conversion: Dragons
Kicked by Zac Lomax.

Zac Lomax converts from the touchline

Tied up at Cowboys 6 - 6 Dragons

Try: Dragons
Scored by Mikaele Ravalawa. Kick to come.

The Dragons attack heads right and Mikaele Ravalawa gets down low to score

Cowboys lead Cowboys 6 - 4 Dragons

COMPLETED SET - The Dragons have a completed set on the board... that's because they've earnt a set restart from Ben Cummins


NO TRY - Mitch Dunn loses the ball short of the line


VIDEO REFEREE: Ben Cummins sends a decision No Try up to bunker - Referee thinks held up


Blake Lawrie knocks on off a simple pass, Cowboys again start their set on the 40m


Conversion: Cowboys
Kicked by Valentine Holmes.

Valentine Holmes converts from close range

Cowboys lead Cowboys 6 - 0 Dragons

Try: Cowboys
Scored by Coen Hess. Kick to come.

They couldn't get on the board in 80 minutes against the Panthers but just 4 minutes in and Coen Hess outjumps the Dragons who didn't jump to score.

Cowboys lead Cowboys 4 - 0 Dragons

Paul Vaughan for some reason didn't expect the pass and puts it down

GAME ON! Both sides looking for a win in the battle of the horizontal stripes

Referees & scorers:

Referee: Ben Cummins

Touch Judges: Michael Wise, Drew Oultram

Video Referee: Steve Chiddy

Tries: Coen Hess, Valentine Holmes, Jake Granville
Conversions: Valentine Holmes (3/3)

Tries: Mikaele Ravalawa, Zac Lomax, Josh Kerr, Ben Hunt
Field Goals: Corey Norman (1/1)
Conversions: Zac Lomax (4/4)