Full Time
7:35pm Sat March 27, 2021
Round 3 - CommBank Stadium, Parramatta - Crowd: 19236

FULL TIME at Bankwest Stadium - The Cronulla Sharks were as gutsy as you could get but just ran out of gas as the Eels ran in 28-4 victors


Conversion: Eels
Kicked by Clinton Gutherson.

Clint Gutherson converts from in front to extend the lead

Eels lead Eels 28 - 4 Sharks

Try: Eels
Scored by Ray Stone. Kick to come.

Ray Stone off a run from RCG charges through with a left foot step and Ray Stone scores

Eels lead Eels 26 - 4 Sharks

Blayke Brailey knocks the ball on after a pass goes above his head


Conversion: Eels
Kicked by Clinton Gutherson.

Clint Gutherson converts from next to the uprights

Eels lead Eels 22 - 4 Sharks

Try: Eels
Scored by Reagan Campbell-Gillard. Kick to come.

The Sharks just can't hold on anymore now as RCG cuts back through the middle as the Sharks are just too exhausted to complete a tackle

Eels lead Eels 20 - 4 Sharks

Conversion: Eels
Attempted by Clinton Gutherson.

Clint Gutherson keeps the conversion to the left

Eels lead Eels 16 - 4 Sharks

Try: Eels
Scored by Blake Ferguson. Kick to come.

The Sharks defence holds on for the whole set but in the air Ronaldo can't take a clean catch then neither can Matt Moylan and Blake Ferguson swoops on the ball and gets over

Eels lead Eels 16 - 4 Sharks

Reed Mahoney kicks into the ingoal area but Braden Hamlin-Uele knocks the ball dead for another repeat set


REPEAT SET - Josh Dugan takes a good catch but gets driven into the ingoal for a dropout


Penalty Goal: Eels
Kicked by Clinton Gutherson.

Clint Gutherson with an awful penalty goal attempt from close range but still got it over the crossbar to add the extra 2

Eels lead Eels 12 - 4 Sharks

PENALTY EELS: Marker reaches around and slaps at the ball according to Adam Gee - Reed Mahoney did take a step though which makes it tough on the Sharks


Accidental offside called against the Sharks as the Eels get a scrum 20m out from the line


Twice in two minutes Tom Opacic crosses but the whistle already goes for a forward pass


Sharks cough up possession as they get their first attacking position for quite a while


Another lost ball from the Eels and the Sharks get the feed on their own 10


There's 3 Sharks on the spot to clean up the Gutherson kick but finally Matt Moylan knocks it dead


PENALTY EELS: Adam Gee calls held but Billy Magoulias keeps trying to strip the ball and eventually does but because of the held call, Adam Gee has to blow the penalty


CHALLENGE UNSUCCESSFUL: Junior Paulo hadn't quite regathered before the ball hit the Sharks player


CAPTAINS CHALLENGE: Junior Paulo ruled to have knocked on BUT he doesn't agree with Adam Gee's knock on call.


Maika Sivo know coming off for his HIA as Will Smith has to get a finger put back into place


PENALTY SHARKS: Adam Gee penalises the Eels for a tackle in the air; Sharks survive another attacking raid


Maika Sivo is fine to continue after an elongated break in play


Concern now for Maika Sivo who hit his head on the ground in a firm tackle from the Sharks


No room for Maika Sivo down the sideline and his grubber goes about a metre before going into touch


Reed Mahoney runs into a dead-end on last tackle out of dummy half sees Parramatta turn over posession 20m out from the Sharks line


BUNKER: Blake Ferguson loses the ball as he tries to get the ball down in the corner but good contact from Connor Tracey forces the ball out


Will Smith stepping up taking control of the team as his dangerous kick is knocked dead by Matt Moylan


SIX MORE - Eels lose the ball but Adam Gee says it was stripped out


PENALTY EELS: Sharks penalised for a dangerous tackle as the Eels go into the attacking 20


Will Kennedy failed the HIA test so the Sharks down to 13 for the entire game


SECOND HALF IS GO! Eels using the ball first up against the injury hit Sharks


HALF TIME - A weird old game at Bankwest Stadium with the Eels leading 10-4 at the break with plenty of injuries telling the story


Mitch Moses ruled out failing his HIA


Conversion: Eels
Kicked by Clinton Gutherson.

Clint Gutherson from the sideline nails the conversion perfectly

Eels lead Eels 10 - 4 Sharks

Try: Eels
Scored by Maika Sivo. Kick to come.

A great ball up and over from Will Smith has the Sharks caught short out wide and bang the Fijian big man Maika Sivo scores

Eels lead Eels 8 - 4 Sharks

In fact Adam Gee found a Sharks knock on first


Oregon Kaufusi knocks the ball on off a short ball from Reed Mahoney


Poor kick from Chad Townsend and a good charge down from Keegan Hipgrave gives Parra 20m


So... the bunker ruled there was no grounding by Smith but ruled no Sharks touch despite it clearly showing Chad Townsend kicked the ball dead


BUNKER: Will Smith chases through a Clint Gutherson kick - He gets to the ball but Adam Gee sends it to the bunker


Aaron Woods lets go off the ball trying to get a penalty for a strip


IT'S ALL HAPPENING AT BANKWEST - Matt Moylan kicks out on the full as his legs get taken away from him; Mitch Moses now going off for a HIA; Wade Graham failed his HIA


Tom Opacic knocks the ball on as he runs the angle that he wasn't supposed to be


Unlucky for the Sharks because Adam Gee ruled that Katoa knocked the ball on despite being injured


Some injury concerns for the Sharks here as Sione Katoa is down in considerable pain with a knee injury


Matt Moylan with a weird last tackle play going back to the short-side which the Eels were prepared for


DOUBLE WHAMMY: Both Wade Graham and Briton Nikora are off for HIA's for the Sharks


Maika Sivo gets a hand to a high kick from the Sharks but it's definitely backwards and no pressure on Sivo though to get out


Poor set from the Eels and then Reed Mahoney kicks straight into the Sharks from dummy half and the Sharks clean it up


CHALLENGE SUCCESSFUL: There was high contact on Mitch Moses and the penalty goes to the Eels


Mitchell Moses gets up angry at Adam Gee and challenges for a high tackle... Onfield call was a handover


SET RESTART: Cronulla pinged for being offside by Adam Gee; Full set on the Sharks line for Cronulla


PENALTY EELS: Sharks penalised for a high tackle and the Eels get inside the Sharks 20 following the kick for touch


Somehow Parramatta end up putting pressure on the Sharks on the last and the Shire boys barely get outside of their 20 in the set


Conversion: Eels
Attempted by Mitchell Moses.

Mitch Moses keeps the conversion to the left of the uprights and the touch judges wave it away

Tied up at Eels 4 - 4 Sharks

Try: Eels
Scored by Blake Ferguson. Kick to come.

Down the short side on the last and some good hands from Shaun Lane puts Niukore into space before flicking it out to Blake Ferguson to score

Tied up at Eels 4 - 4 Sharks

Conversion: Sharks
Attempted by Chad Townsend.

Chad Townsend's kicking woes are still with him as he pushes the conversion to the left despite a good strike

Sharks lead Eels 0 - 4 Sharks

Try: Sharks
Scored by Sione Katoa. Kick to come.

Quick hands from the scrum centre field - the Sharks go right and some great hands from Will Kennedy with the push pass out to Sione Katoa who scores

Sharks lead Eels 0 - 4 Sharks

PENALTY SHARKS: Maika Sivo forces the ball out in a strong tackle but Adam Gee says it was after held


REPEAT SET - Ronaldo Mulitalo outjumps Blake Ferguson tapping it back to Will Kennedy who's second kick causes problems for Nathan Brown who ends up trapped ingoal


Both sides completing their first set well, Sharks fractionally winning the field position battle


Adam Gee calls time on and we are go at Bankwest Stadium - Sharks using the ball first

Sharks onto the park at Bankwest Stadium and now waiting for the Eels

Referees & scorers:

Referee: Adam Gee

Touch Judges: Michael Wise, Jon Stone

Video Referee: Steve Chiddy

Tries: Blake Ferguson (2), Maika Sivo, Reagan Campbell-Gillard, Ray Stone
Field Goals:
Two Point Field Goals:
Conversions: Mitchell Moses (0/1), Clinton Gutherson (3/4)
Penalty Goals: Clinton Gutherson (1/1)

Tries: Sione Katoa
Field Goals:
Two Point Field Goals:
Conversions: Chad Townsend (0/1)
Penalty Goals: