Full Time
6:00pm Fri April 9, 2021
Round 5 - Central Coast Stadium - Crowd: 4982

Field Goal: Sea Eagles
Kicked by Daly Cherry-Evans.

They set up again. The seconds are ticking.. under ten to go. It comes to DCE. He nails a wobbly one that goes over. There is mass celebration and the Sea Eagles are off the snide for the season. FULL-TIME! Sea Eagles win!

Sea Eagles lead Warriors 12 - 13 Sea Eagles

CHARGEDOWN! Tohu Harris! It came to Schuster instead of DCE and the Sea Eagles recover.


Can the Sea Eagles steal this? They have one set.


Murchie loses it as the Warriors try to set up. CHALLENGE from the Warriors. UNSUCCESSFUL.


Warriors set up well for the field goal. Nikorima is rushed. He takes the ball and stabs one behind for Funa to take one metre from the line.


Saab loses the bomb.


Field Goal: Warriors
Attempted by Sean O’Sullivan.

Sean O'Sullivan tries to go for the one-pointer. Miss.

Tied up at Warriors 12 - 12 Sea Eagles

Beware the second kick! DCE puts up a bludger of a kick which is knocked back to the Sea Eagles. Jake Trbojevic has a go with the second. Saab catches and Harper is captured. Turnover.


DCE tries to put one up for Saab. The young winger spills it.


Warriors tried to set for the try and Murchie coughs it up.


Harper loses it. CHALLENGE #3 for the Sea Eagles tonight! This one is UNSUCCESSFUL! Sean O'Sullivan was just making a tackle.


Funa loses it trying to play it.


CHALLENGE SUCCESSFUL! Sea Eagles have a second successful one tonight. It is ruled backwards from Aloiai.


Conversion: Sea Eagles
Kicked by Reuben Garrick.

Garrick locks us up again!

Tied up at Warriors 12 - 12 Sea Eagles

Try: Sea Eagles
Scored by Josh Schuster. Kick to come.

It was messy but the Sea Eagles have a try! DCE with a kick that wasn't great, knocked on by Kodi Nikorima and Josh Schuster has his first NRL try.

Warriors lead Warriors 12 - 10 Sea Eagles

CHALLENGE for the Sea Eagles. Saying the Warriors man played at the ball. CHALLENGE IS SUCCESSFUL! Sea Eagles ball!


Sea Eagles kick right into the wind and it comes to naught. Warriors ball.


Some excitement for the Sea Eagles. Kick inside sees RTS trapped.


Funa with a safe catch on his first carry. He gets the Eagles seven tackles as well.


We got a singalong of 'Simply the Best' while that stoppage happened. Some late humour. Walker is up but limping off.


Walker captures the ball well. He gets dacked and goes down after some attention from RTS! He looks in a bit of trouble.


Warriors tried to power over the tryline there. It fell down at the backend and Egan's kick is easily snaffled.


It was a wobbly kick from Nikorima. It bounces, bobbles and DCE loses it.


Warriors push for the line. RTS with a smooth touch. Last tackle and it's dribbled in goal. Dropout incoming again.


Warriors with the use of the wind. It swirls and Saab drops it behind and concedes the dropout.


Conversion: Warriors
Kicked by Kodi Nikorima.

Nikorima from besides the posts, converts.

Warriors lead Warriors 12 - 6 Sea Eagles

Try: Warriors
Scored by Sean O’Sullivan. Kick to come.

Sean O'Sullivan slices through and puts the Warriors ahead!

Warriors lead Warriors 10 - 6 Sea Eagles

Stoppage as Egan got a cut after trying to dive over. He is cleaned up and we're ready to go.


Keppie loses it trying to push through the line.


We're back for the second half! Locked up at 6-all. Can the Sea Eagles break through for their first win of the season or can the Warriors put it together and run away with the contest.


DCE hammers the ball over halfway. Kane Evans rucks it back, flicks inside and backs up to lose it. HALFTIME! 6-6.


Warriors tried to keep it alive. Nikorima kicks for his outside men but it is easily covered up by the Sea Eagles. Dropout.


Foran hands it right back. He dummied to go through the line and loses it.


While we still figure out what that call was for. The Warriors swing it left and the centurion loses it.


PENALTY WARRIORS! For something.. then dissent sees them marched ten.


Dylan Walker got crunched! He tried to sweep into the backline movement and gets spalshed by Fusitu'a and loses it.


DCE rolls through a kick and gets a dropout. Can the Sea Eagles end the half on a high?


The flying fish! He got above Garrick then flicked back to Montoya who can't handle.


Conversion: Warriors
Kicked by Kodi Nikorima.

Sideline kick for Nikorima. He stares at the posts, walks in, curls it over.

Tied up at Warriors 6 - 6 Sea Eagles

Try: Warriors
Scored by Ken Maumalo. Kick to come.

Ken Maumalo gets the easiest try of his career! Sublime ball from RTS to put Murchie into space. The former Raider gives a wonky pass that Saab knocks right into the path of Maumalo to finish.

Sea Eagles lead Warriors 4 - 6 Sea Eagles

Conversion: Sea Eagles
Kicked by Reuben Garrick.

Garrick with a shot from close range. He might be shocked by the Sea Eagles actually having a lead and being in this position. He studies the kick, looks at the posts and nails it.

Sea Eagles lead Warriors 0 - 6 Sea Eagles

Try: Sea Eagles
Scored by Jason Saab. Kick to come.

The early kick pays dividends! DCE kicked it from the scrum. The young winger shows some impressive pace to get there and touches down.

Sea Eagles lead Warriors 0 - 4 Sea Eagles

Evans tries to steam onto the ball. Loses it.


RED LIGHTS.. NO TRY! Never got there and when he tried to struggle, loses it.


BUNKER TIME! Has Lachlan Croker got a try? checking it. Looks to be held up and possibly lost it.


Sea Eagles showing some signs of life! Walker and Tapau both charge through the line. DCE kicks on last and it is swatted away by the Warriors.


Warriors again caught on last! RTS tried to sweep right but the Fus is tackled.


RED LIGHTS.. NO TRY! Trbojevic is short and lost it.


BUNKER TIME! Have Jack Trbojevic got there! It was a huge run from Taniela Paseka who skittled defenders, offloaded to Trbojevic who looks to be short.


The Sea Eagles have kicked well and get a result! Sloppy ptb from Fusitu'a and they have a chance to strike first!


The Sea Eagles hold them again! The visitors dropped early in trying to ruck it out but hold out a determined Warriors side with Nikorima going himself on last.


Yes they can! Warriors pass goes to ground and RTS loses it.


Warriors right on the attack now! Set restart deeep in the count. Can the Sea Eagles hold here.


PENALTY SEA EAGLES! It was a sloppy piece of play all round from the Warriors. A few balls squirted out the back then it eventually got to Nikorima. The half scooted behind his man and concedes the shephard.


Updaters curse! Foran goes through from an offload. He gets tackled. Sea Eagles decide to continue the power route and Jack Trbojevic spills it.


Sea Eagles have settled well into this contest. No handling errors and now, have a set restart.


Sea Eagles cut inside and Harper loses it.


Warriors have shown they are giving the ball air early! It comes to their disadvantage as Josh Schuster steals it!


Both sides get through their opening sets. Warriors with the slight edge, making over 60 metres in the first set.

KICK-OFF! Sea Eagles boot it high into the sky and we're off! Warriors with first use.

Here come the Sea Eagles onto the lush turf at Central Coast. They trot out looking for something, anything to get their season going. The Warriors stride out, aiming to continue their record at their temporary home. Ken Maumalo has played 100 games and look to celebrate it with a victory! We have a minutes silence for Tommy Raudonikis then it's game on!

Happy Friday everyone! Time for your Friday double-header! We start up on the Central Coast! The Warriors, after news they might be headed home sooner than later, continue at their temporary home looking to make amends against an out of sorts Sea Eagles. Staring down a zero and five start to the year, the Eagles need to find something if they are to salvage anything out of this season!

Referees & scorers:

Referees: Chris Butler

Touch Judges: Belinda Sharpe, Wyatt Raymond

Video Referee: Matt Noyen

Tries: Ken Maumalo, Sean O’Sullivan
Field Goals: Sean O’Sullivan (0/1)
Conversions: Kodi Nikorima (2/2)

Tries: Jason Saab, Josh Schuster
Field Goals: Daly Cherry-Evans (1/1)
Conversions: Reuben Garrick (2/2)