Full Time
7:35pm Sat April 10, 2021
Round 5 - Sydney Cricket Ground, Moore Park - Crowd: 10739

FULL TIME - An amazing comeback win thanks to some Sam Walker magic has helped the Roosters overturn a 14 point-deficit to score a 26-18 victory.


Try: Roosters
Scored by Brett Morris. Kick to come.

Sam Walker pulls out anothe special pass under pressure and Brett Morris gets it and scores

Roosters lead Roosters 26 - 18 Sharks

Conversion: Roosters
Kicked by Siosiua Taukeiaho.

From the eastern sideline Siosiua Taukeiaho converts

Roosters lead Roosters 22 - 18 Sharks

SET RESTART - Jesse Ramien makes a strong tackle which referees normally reward but Adam Gee penalises the Sharks with a set restart


Conversion: Roosters
Kicked by Siosiua Taukeiaho.

Roosters hit the lead for the first time tonight as Siosiua Taukeiaho converts this one

Roosters lead Roosters 20 - 18 Sharks

Try: Roosters
Scored by Sam Walker. Kick to come.

Sam Walker has his first NRL try - The Sharks have struggled to defend their line on repeat sets in this second half and again the Sharks outside defence is in no-mans land as Sam Walker goes through

Tied up at Roosters 18 - 18 Sharks

The Roosters almost come up with something and Morris' kick is batted into touch by Matt Moylan which means Roosters PTB 10m out


Conversion: Roosters
Attempted by Siosiua Taukeiaho.

Siosiua Taukeiaho's conversion stays well to the left of the uprights and Mr Gough and Mr Beashel wave the conversion away

Sharks lead Roosters 14 - 18 Sharks

Try: Roosters
Scored by Daniel Tupou. Kick to come.

Daniel Tupou over in the Members Stand corner a great floating pass from Sam Walker and Daniel Tupou straightens up and charges at the line despite some good work from Chad Townsend

Sharks lead Roosters 14 - 18 Sharks

Toby Rudolf pulls the ball out 1 on 1 but it goes forward and the Roosters have a scrum on halfway


Angus Crichton giving his Phantom of the Opera impression instead of using a mask he's got blood doing the job


A good set after points from the Roosters comes undone as Siltili Tupouniua loses the ball just over halfway


Conversion: Roosters
Kicked by Siosiua Taukeiaho.

Siosiua Taukeiaho hits the conversion alot better than his first and the flags of the touchies go up

Sharks lead Roosters 10 - 18 Sharks

Try: Roosters
Scored by Drew Hutchison. Kick to come.

Drew Hutchison takes it upon himself to run at the line and his dummy is fallen for all too easily by Jesse Ramien and Hutchison strolls through to score

Sharks lead Roosters 8 - 18 Sharks

PENALTY ROOSTERS: A high shot from Jesse Ramien on Angus Crichton and the Sharks have to defend their own line


Last tackle and the Sharks look to run the ball but at the end of it Teig Wilton is brought down on the last


Chad Townsend kicks in behind the line and a good chase forces Daniel Tupou to bat the ball over the dead ball line


PENALTY SHARKS: Victor Radley penalised for tackling the Sharks player early without the ball - The call looked to be a touch tough on the Roosters


Strong set from the Sharks after points and they kick through and Daniel Tupou takes the catch yet again


Conversion: Sharks
Kicked by Chad Townsend.

Chad Townsend has no issues with the conversion from right in front

Sharks lead Roosters 4 - 18 Sharks

Try: Sharks
Scored by Jack Williams. Kick to come.

WHAT A PLAY FROM THE SHARKS - The ball went in every direction (bar forward) as they looked to go short-side on the last as Rudolf went to Hiroti who kept the ball in and then Chad Townsend gets a nice little chip away and a great take from Jesse Ramien who has 4 men on him gets an offload to Jack Williams who scores

Sharks lead Roosters 4 - 16 Sharks

A strong take from Mawene Hiroti under pressure from Morris and the Sharks get the 20m restart


Josh Dugan has FAILED his HIA so the Sharks have lost both Wade Graham and Josh Dugan


Some good work from the Sharks goes astray as Hiroti loses the ball


Aiden Tolman looks stunned as Adam Gee rules a knock-on against him; Replays show that he did knock it on


Daniel Tupou can't take a dipping pass from James Tedesco and the height of Tupou works against him trying to pick it up - Sharks scrum 10m out from their own line


Strong take from Ronaldo Mulitalo before he gets dragged into touch inside his own 10 - Sharks having to defend on their own line


Josh Dugan going through a HIA at the moment after a knock in the late stages of the half


SECOND HALF IS GO! JWH has the first carry of the second half as the Roosters have possession


HALF TIME at the SCG; A fast start for the Sharks helps them a 12-4 lead over the Sydney Roosters


More spin than a Nathan Lyon delivery on at the New Years Test from James Tedesco but the play doesn't come off for the Roosters as the Sharks take an intercept


Josh Dugan coughs up possession after a good run - Roosters bringing the ball back the other way


Sam Walker with a monster kick that takes a bounce and goes touch in-goal; Sharks 7 tackle set on the 20


Penalty Goal: Sharks
Kicked by Chad Townsend.

Chad Townsend puts the penalty goal right through the middle of the uprights to extend the lead out to 8

Sharks lead Roosters 4 - 12 Sharks

PENALTY SHARKS: Jared Waerea-Hargreaves makes a tackle that is probably one of the latest tackles ever made. He initially pulled out of the chase then stopped and made the tackle


CAPTAINS CHALLENGE: Roosters challenging something... not sure what is being challenged there for a minute... even Steve Chiddy was confused about it that he said it was a Successful challenge... before adjusting his words to say Unsuccesful


PENALTY SHARKS: Matt Moylan taken high off the scrum and the Roosters need to defend a full set on their own line


PENALTY SHARKS: Roosters penalised for a crusher tackle on Mawene Hiroti - The Sharks go onto the attack inside the Roosters 20


Conversion: Roosters
Attempted by Siosiua Taukeiaho.

Siosiua Taukeiaho's conversion is across the face of the post and ending up closer to Fox Studios than it did to the posts

Sharks lead Roosters 4 - 10 Sharks

Try: Roosters
Scored by Brett Morris. Kick to come.

Brett Morris gets over in the right corner - A floating pass from Sam Walker out to Brett Morris for a 1-on-1 with Mawene Hiroti and the veteran has too much skill to get over the line

Sharks lead Roosters 4 - 10 Sharks

NO TRY - No surprise in the red lights with the ball always being up off the ground


BUNKER: James Tedesco has got his way over the line but Adam Gee has sent it to the bunker therefore going up NO TRY


Repeat set for the Roosters after some good defence kept Mawene Hiroti up off the ground and drag him back into the ingoal


CHALLENGE SUCCESSFUL: The replays show that Tedesco did strip the ball out of Will Kennedy's hands and the strip travelled forward


CAPTAINS CHALLENGE - Sharks challenging a knock on call against Will Kennedy, first knock-on ruled by Adam Gee; It looked like that Tedesco stripped out to my viewing


Another kick towards Daniel Tupou as he gets up to the 30m on the run - A clear tactic from the Sharks to take Tupou's tackle 2 runs out of play


The Roosters puttig defensive pressure on the Sharks who are struggling to get it over their own 20


A poor set from the Roosters as Brett Morris kicks it too deep and the Sharks get a 7 tackle set from the 20


Another kick from the Sharks out towards Chad Townsend finds Daniel Tupou - Second tackle Drew Hutchison goes 30m towards halfway


PENALTY SHARKS: Angus Crichton runs behind two of his players in the one play - Adam Gee happy to let the first one go but the second wasn't going to be cleared by the man in Yellow.


Concern for Wade Graham who was left on the ground after getting his head into an awkward position - The Sharks captain off for a HIA


SET RESTART - Roosters get a bonus as they get a set restart for a slow ruck which came partly from Daniel Tupou's involvement


Toby Rudolf trying to play the ball a touch too quickly and he loses the ball - Roosters get the scrum 30m out from the Sharks line


Conversion: Sharks
Attempted by Chad Townsend.

Chad Townsend's conversion attempt isn't the greatest strike and it's across the face of the uprights

Sharks lead Roosters 0 - 10 Sharks

Try: Sharks
Scored by Will Kennedy. Kick to come.

The Sharks shift to the left again and more poor defence from the Roosters on the right and Will Kennedy goes at the line himself and Kennedy carries over Sam Walker to the line

Sharks lead Roosters 0 - 10 Sharks

Sam Walker under pressure at dummy-half and a poor pass goes clearly forward - Sharks full set on the Roosters 30


Another kick towards Daniel Tupou from the Sharks which the tall winger takes easily


Roosters get up to halfway in their set before a kick pins the Sharks on their own 10


Tackle 4 kick from the Sharks forces Tupou back to his tryline to clean it up but Roosters make good metres in the set


High bomb from Drew Hutchison but a great take from Will Kennedy as Victor Radley came charging in


Sharks up to half way on their set after points - Last tackle kick finds Daniel Tupou who gets up towards his own 30


Conversion: Sharks
Kicked by Chad Townsend.

Chad Townsend from about 30cm in from the western touchline has a tough opening conversion attempt which has the angle and the distance for the flags to go up

Sharks lead Roosters 0 - 6 Sharks

Try: Sharks
Scored by Mawene Hiroti. Kick to come.

TRY TIME SHARKIES - The Roosters defence on the right looked shaky in the first set and in the second set Cronulla in attacking position run the ball and the Roosters defence is caught napping and Mawene Hiroti scores in the corner

Sharks lead Roosters 0 - 4 Sharks

Roosters only get up to their own 40m line in their opening set as the Sharks look to spread the ball


Sharks nearly split the Roosters as Toby Rudolf goes through the middle of the park as Tedesco brings him down in a good tackle


Adam Gee calls time on and we are underway at the SCG - Braden Hamlin-Uele has the first hit up for the Sharks defending the Randwick end

Now the Roosters make their way from the traditional dressing rooms in the Members stand

The Sharkies make their way out to the SCG from their dressing room under the Noble-Bradman stand

Referees & scorers:

Referee: Adam Gee

Touch Judges: Peter Gough, Nick Beashel

Video Referee: Steve Chiddy

Tries: Brett Morris (2), Drew Hutchison, Daniel Tupou, Sam Walker
Conversions: Siosiua Taukeiaho (3/5)

Tries: Mawene Hiroti, Will Kennedy, Jack Williams
Conversions: Chad Townsend (2/3)
Penalty Goals: Chad Townsend (1/1)