Full Time
7:50pm Thu April 15, 2021
Round 6 - Suncorp Stadium, Milton - Crowd: 21224

FULLTIME :: Panthers get past the Broncos.. just.


Cleary is captured on last. Broncos will end the game with the ball.


Broncos go short but Crichton is there to take the catch.


Conversion: Panthers
Kicked by Nathan Cleary.

Cleary adds two more.

Panthers lead Broncos 12 - 20 Panthers

Try: Panthers
Scored by Nathan Cleary. Kick to come.

That is game! Jarome Luai dances around the forwards then finds his halves partner to dive over.

Panthers lead Broncos 12 - 18 Panthers

Luai dribbles it behind and traps Isaako for the dropout. Time off. Burton is down. He is up. Dropout.


Panthers try to ruck it out and Crichton earns a set restart. They could put the contest away here.


2 Point Field Goal: Panthers
Kicked by Nathan Cleary.

Nathan Cleary nails it. He went for the height and it draped over the crossbar.

Panthers lead Broncos 12 - 14 Panthers

2 Point Field Goal: Broncos
Attempted by Jamayne Isaako.

Isaako tries one from downtown. Doesn't make the distance.

Tied up at Broncos 12 - 12 Panthers

Broncos go back to the aerial route on last. Coates knocks on.


Staines tries to get the side going, but only loses it.


Take your pick there! Crichton got the Panthers on the front foot with a slicing run. Panthers go to their left side before a lazy pass from Kikau is forward.


Panthers get to the high kick first but nothing comes off it. Payne Haas back on for the home side to see out the game I assume.


The Ferrari got some space. Staines tried to dive over in the corner but is swamped. Broncos take him over the sideline. Changeover.


That all started from Cleary's kick. He got it deep then the chase pinned the Broncos there. Lodge tried to make room and loses it.


The Forbes Ferrari hasn't got out of the garage tonight. He loses it.


Broncos continue to target To'o with their kicking. The winger loses this one backwards then makes 40 metres, pinballing through the defense.


Penalty Goal: Panthers
Kicked by Nathan Cleary.

Cleary locks us up.

Tied up at Broncos 12 - 12 Panthers

PENALTY PANTHERS! High shot against Asiata. Panthers point to the sticks.


Superb kick from Nathan Cleary! He angled the kick well and Coates is unable to juggle and keep the ball inside the touchline.


Broncos building pressure here. Another restart but it breaks down. Croft is marshalled towards the sideline and lost it.


Set restart for the Broncos! Too slow. Can the Broncos convert.


Isaako tries to sweep in the backline and loses it.


Dearden kicks it behind and Crichton is taken in-goal.


Now To'o hands it right back!


Nevermind. Alex Glenn put it down.


Pangai again rips it out! To'o caught it and the forward ripped it free. Full set for the Broncos incoming.


Both sides get through their first set again. To'o is swarmed by Broncos defenders after the catch.


Do not adjust your television! The Broncos are leading the Panthers! Panthers stride back onto the paddock with Cleary's words obviously ringing in their ears. Will they remain undefeated or join the ranks of the defeated. Broncos got a standing ovation from their fans at half-time. Can they continue their form in the second half.


HALFTIME :: Well then! Brisbane lead Penrith 12-10 at the break!


Dearden takes on the line on last. Despite trying to get his arm free. He is captured. Changeover.


Beware the second kick! Panthers were a bit staggered on last. Cleary's second kick is taken easily by Coates who makes a big run!


Conversion: Broncos
Kicked by Jamayne Isaako.

Isaako from close range. Converts. Brisbane back infront.

Broncos lead Broncos 12 - 10 Panthers

Try: Broncos
Scored by Ethan Bullemor. Kick to come.

Brisbane convert! Croft takes it to the line. Passes inside to a rampaging Bullemor who crosses over Crichton to score.

Tied up at Broncos 10 - 10 Panthers

Pangai is everywhere tonight! To'o tried to missile himself to the tryline but he had the ball ripped out by Pangai. Hang on! It will be Brisbane's ball after a look. Play the ball!


Oh no! It is starting to unravel for the Broncos. forward pass from Turpin at dummy half. Now Panthers can get a further roll on.


Conversion: Panthers
Kicked by Nathan Cleary.

Cleary from the left this time, nails it.

Panthers lead Broncos 6 - 10 Panthers

Try: Panthers
Scored by Matt Burton. Kick to come.

Simple numbers and the Panthers cross! They were set deep on the left. Croft tries to pressure, misses, and it gives the Panthers the numbers to put it through the hands.

Panthers lead Broncos 6 - 8 Panthers

PENALTY PANTHERS! Chance for them to get back on top!


Broncos are looking on tonight! They charge upfield helped by a set restart which gets them inside the Panthers 20. Pangai tried to cut inside but the forward lost it.


Burton goes boom! The centre gets the Panthers set going with a huge run! They continue to attack right but Momirovski is caught. Cleary's kick is too deep. Seven tackle set for the Broncos.


Big men doing things! Pangai again there to mop up the kick but then his pass is taken by Kikau who is dragged down. Panthers earn the first set restart of the contest too.


Conversion: Broncos
Attempted by Jamayne Isaako.

Isaako lines one up from the sideline. The fullback eyes off the posts but can't swing it over.

Broncos lead Broncos 6 - 4 Panthers

Try: Broncos
Scored by Tevita Pangai Junior. Kick to come.

A flying Tevita Pangai! Croft's kick gets a bat back then the second rower is there to swoop!

Broncos lead Broncos 6 - 4 Panthers

Broncos have settled since conceding. They got into the Panthers half but put up a pair of flaccid kicks which were easily caught.


Conversion: Panthers
Attempted by Nathan Cleary.

Nathan Cleary with his first shot of the night. The half hooks it.

Panthers lead Broncos 2 - 4 Panthers

Try: Panthers
Scored by Kurt Capewell. Kick to come.

Panthers score on their first attempt! Capewell runs a magnificent line and brushes through some flimsy defense.

Panthers lead Broncos 2 - 4 Panthers

First test for Oates in the air. He spills it.


Cleary tries a chip for himself on last. He beats the inital chase but Isaako mops up but cops some knees for his trouble. The fullback is up and Brisbane ruck it out.


Teams continue to trade set for set thus far. Panthers have shown some desire to spread it early in the count to both To'o and Staines.


Penalty Goal: Broncos
Kicked by Jamayne Isaako.

Broncos opt for the two. Thought they might give the ball some air. Oh well. Isaako lines up the kick and it goes straight over.

Broncos lead Broncos 2 - 0 Panthers

PENALTY BRONCOS! Escort off the ball.


Both sides got through their first set comfortably. Sedate start here in Brisbane.

Here come the Panthers! In their traditional 91 jersey to a fair reception from their fans. The Broncos after getting a pre-match speech from a fired up Kevin Walters trot onto Suncorp. In their maroon and yellow and ready to receive the kick-off.

Happy Thursday everybody! We kick off Round 6 in Brisbane! The lowly Broncos enter a Roman collossuem to face the high-flying Panthers. Can they create the upset of the season or will the Panthers keep rollin' like a Limp Bizkit song. Broncos have swung the axe. Anthony Milford and Tesi Niu are out with Corey Oates and Brodie Croft coming in. Panthers are 1-17. Settle in, grab a drink and enjoy the football on your Thursday evening.

Referees & scorers:

Referee: Grant Atkins

Touch Judges: Ziggy Przeklasa-Adamski, Matt Noyen

Video Referee: Steve Chiddy

Tries: Tevita Pangai Junior, Ethan Bullemor
Field Goals:
Two Point Field Goals:
Conversions: Jamayne Isaako (1/2)
Penalty Goals: Jamayne Isaako (1/1)

Tries: Kurt Capewell, Nathan Cleary, Matt Burton
Field Goals:
Two Point Field Goals: Nathan Cleary (1/1)
Conversions: Nathan Cleary (2/3)
Penalty Goals: Nathan Cleary (1/1)