Full Time
4:05pm Sun May 2, 2021
Round 8 - WIN Stadium - Crowd: 12323

Thanks for joining us here at League Unlimited, I hope you enjoyed the coverage of this clash and over the whole weekend. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and we'll see you on Thursday night for the blockbuster clash between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Melbourne Storm.


The Dragons will be extremely disappointed with their efforts tonight as they failed to fire a shot in a very underwhelming second half from the home side. A chance to take a two-point lead over the Warriors goes begging as they fall short tonight.


The Tigers have come away with a much needed victory which moves the Tigers into 14th place, ahead of the Broncos and Bulldogs.


Penalty Goal: Wests Tigers
Attempted by Adam Doueihi.

Doueihi's shot from after the siren just misses to the right, but the Tigers don't seem to care as they've won their first match since their round three victory over the Newcastle Knights.

Wests Tigers lead Dragons 8 - 16 Wests Tigers

The Tigers earn a late penalty due Kaide Ellis suing his knee as a weapon against Tommy Talau whilst he was on the ground. The Tigers have elected to take the two from 40 metres out and run the clock out in the process.


That should be it for the Dragons as Corey Norman loses the ball in a tackle after they earnt a repeat set. It's been a poor display from the Dragons in the second half and the Tigers are deserved winners as they've kept the Dragons scoreless in the second half


Sims comes up with another error as he is smashed by Moses Mbye who dislodged the ball with his driving shoulder. Smart game management is all that is needed here from the Tigers.


Puts the ball down as Brooks tries to put him through a gap with a flat crash ball


The Tigers are keeping their foot on the pedal, earning themselves a repeat set after another spot on chip kick from Brooks is unsuccessfully brought from the in goal by the Dragons


Another penalty from the Dragons, gives the Tigers the ball right in front of the try line. The Tigers elect to take the tap


Kerr loses the ball due to a great tackle from the halfback Luke Brooks.


The Dragons are just hanging in there, after some scramble defence on their line protects them from the offloading Tigers who are starting to move the ball well in the red zone.


The Dragons give the Tigers a penalty as Jack Bird retrieves the ball from an offside position after Ben Hunt's kick. The Tigers have a chance to ice the game here


Conversion: Wests Tigers
Kicked by Adam Doueihi.

Adam Doueihi isn't fazed by the abuse from the Dragons' fans as he slots the conversion to extend the Tigers lead to eight points.

Wests Tigers lead Dragons 8 - 16 Wests Tigers

Try: Wests Tigers
Scored by Joseph Leilua. Kick to come.

The Tigers take there chance here and it's Joey Leilua who is the man to extend the away side's lead. Laurie isolates Leilua with Jack Bird who successfully beats him one on one to stroll over and score.

Wests Tigers lead Dragons 8 - 14 Wests Tigers

The Tigers go extremely close after some lovely play between the Tigers spine as Doueihi put Laurie through a hole who return the ball to his five-eighth who thought he was scoring until Cody Ramsey ankle tapped him 10 metres out. In the next play Cini put a grubber in behind the line which was knocked on by the Dragons, the Tigers have a great chance to extend the lead here.




The Dragons make good use of the Tigers error as they earn themselves a repeat set but the ball has been coughed up by Tariq Sims early in the count.


After trading sets with both sides waiting for the other to make a mistake, it's the Tigers who cough it up as Talau loses the ball in a tackle on halfway


The Tigers are starting to get on a roll thanks to some quick play the balls and scoots out of dummy-half. Doueihi proceeded to kick for himself and as he goes up the Tigers believed that Matthew Dufty got a touch on the football. The Tigers challanged the original decision of no knock on and the decision will remain, but the Tigers retain their challenge as it was deemed that their was insufficient evidence to overturn the decision


Brilliant tackle from Cody Ramsey who denies Tommy Talau from extending the Tigers lead.


Another penalty given away by the Dragons with Josh Kerr preventing an effective play the ball, the Tigers have another great opportunity


Brilliant work from Daine Laurie as he manages to escape the in goal despite four Dragons defenders in front of him, he takes them on and earns his side a penalty as the Dragons attempted to drag him back into the in goal.


Conversion: Wests Tigers
Attempted by Adam Doueihi.

Doueihi hooks this kick just too much as it sails across the face of the goal. The Tigers lead for the first time this afternoon.

Wests Tigers lead Dragons 8 - 10 Wests Tigers

Try: Wests Tigers
Scored by Zac Cini. Kick to come.

They can't take this one away from the debutant who goes over for the second time this half, the first legal try albeit. Brilliant work from Doueihi to get the ball out the back to Laurie who draws Feagai in and passes past him to Cini who scores his first NRL try right in front of his mates.

Wests Tigers lead Dragons 8 - 10 Wests Tigers

Another knock-on from the Dragons as Dufty fails to clean up Doueihi's grubber successfully. Another good chance for the Tigers


The Tigers are looking much better in this half with the ball in hand and Luke Brooks earns his side another repeat set after a nice grubber restricts Matthew Dufty from bringing the ball out successfully


The Dragons shoot themselves in the foot as Jack Bird fails to play the ball correctly on tackle one, gifting the Tigers another opportunity to take the lead. Dragons are stooping down to the Tigers level this afternoon


It looked like the Tigers' debutant Zac Cini had scored to put his side ahead after a brilliant chip kick from Luke Brooks. Unfortunately for the Tigers, the replay showed the Joey Leilua had knocked the ball on in the aerial contest in the lead up to the try. Still a two-point ball game


Second half underway here at WIN Stadium with the Tigers kicking off


Half time here at WIN Stadium and there's only two points between the two sides. The Tigers are lucky to only be trailing by two points but it's been a very underwhelming game thus far. It feels like a wasted chance by the Dragons given that they were with the wind during that half, great opportunity for the Tigers to kick deep and trap the Dragons in their own half in the second half.


The Tigers make another break and it's Adam Doueihi who looks like the most dangerous player on the field at the moment, Dragons do enough to hold on.


It's the Dragons turn to make an error as Kaide Ellis drops the ball cold in a tackle involving Cini and Alex Twal. The front rower challenges the decision and does so unsuccessfully. A let-off for the Tigers.


The Tigers' continue their poor afternoon as Nofoaluma is carried over the sideline early in the set. Big halftime spray coming up I'd assume.


The Tigers earn a seven tackle set as Cody Ramsey's kick is successfully caught by Daine Laurie in the in goal.


Great set from the Tigers, their best of the day by far and it started with the debutant Cini who made a 60 metre break. Hopefully more of this to come for the fans of the Tigers


Penalty Goal: Dragons
Kicked by Corey Norman.

With Lomax out for the remainder of the match, Corey Norman takes the kicking duties and makes it look easy as he puts it over the black dot.

Dragons lead Dragons 8 - 6 Wests Tigers

The Tigers give away another penalty in their own red zone and the Dragons will take another shot at goal as they attempt to take the lead.


Another error from the Tigers, this time on tackle one right in front of their own try line. Michael Maguire will be fuming.


The Dragons go oh so close to taking the lead but a great tackle from Zac Cini denies Billy Burns a try


Zac Lomax will sit out the rest of the match with a suspected fracture in the thumb.


Conversion: Wests Tigers
Kicked by Adam Doueihi.

Doueihi's kick from the sideline is superb as it swings from right to left and sails between the uprights. All square at WIN Stadium!

Tied up at Dragons 6 - 6 Wests Tigers

Try: Wests Tigers
Scored by Tommy Talau. Kick to come.

The Tigers are on the board! After a slow start to the game, Adam Doueihi and Daine Laurie combine to make a line break which gives the Tigers space allowing Luke Brooks to put a cross field bomb up which is tapped back by David Nofoaluma and finds the hands of Tommy Talau who goes over untouched

Dragons lead Dragons 6 - 4 Wests Tigers

Jack Bird puts the ball down on the Tigers 10 metre line after attempting to burst through the line


The Tigers continue their poor start to the game as they turn the ball over from the scrum after Jake Simpkin passed it forward out of the base of the scrum


Loose carry from Tariq Sims as he looks to get his arms free in a tackle


The average set distance for the Dragons at this stage is 50.1 metres per set compared the a measly 31.1m for the Tigers. Story of the first half so far.


The Dragons have retained the ball after a short drop out, lack of awareness from the Tigers.


After an underwhelming set from the Tigers, Luke Brooks earns his side another set after putting a nice little grubber into the in-goal which the Dragons take out of play


Another penalty from the Dragons after Lomax is deemed to hold Joseph Leilua in the tackle for too long


The Tigers receive a penalty in front of the posts due to ruck interference from the Dragons. The Tigers aren't looking very threatening in the red zone


The Dragons give the Tigers a great opportunity to answer after Max Feagai drops the kick-off


Conversion: Dragons
Attempted by Zac Lomax.

Lomax connects with the ball well but pushes it left of the uprights.

Dragons lead Dragons 6 - 0 Wests Tigers

Try: Dragons
Scored by Cody Ramsey. Kick to come.

The set restart come back to haunt the Tigers. The Dragons managed to keep the ball alive on the right edge thanks to a Josh Kerr offload, the Dragons shift the ball to the left and make the most of an overlap as Cody Ramsey scores untouched in the corner

Dragons lead Dragons 6 - 0 Wests Tigers

The Tigers continue to be undisciplined after giving away a set restart in the middle of the set, giving the Dragons great field position


Penalty Goal: Dragons
Kicked by Zac Lomax.

Zac Lomax slots the penalty goal from in front to give the Dragons an early lead

Dragons lead Dragons 2 - 0 Wests Tigers

Another offside penalty from the Tigers as Joe Ofahengaue is too keen coming off the line giving the Dragons a chance to open the scoring


Early penalty given away by the Tigers as debutant Zac Cini was offside on an Adam Doueihi bomb


The Dragons get us underway here on Sunday afternoon

The aforementioned lead the Dragons could've obtained over seventh no longer exists after the Warriors win earlier this afternoon which currently puts the Warriors level with the Dragons

Welcome to WIN Stadium in Wollongong for the penultimate game of the round. Both sides will be desperate to turn their fortunes around after losses last weekend. The Tigers have had a tumultuous start to the season only winning one of their seven matches to date and will be looking to do everything they possibly can to change this, meanwhile a win for the Dragons could give them a cushion in sixth spot as a win would give the Dragons a four point lead over the seventh placed Titans.

Referees & scorers:

Referees: Chris Sutton

Touch Judges: Jon Stone, Drew Oultram

Video Referee: Steve Chiddy

Tries: Cody Ramsey
Field Goals:
Two Point Field Goals:
Conversions: Zac Lomax (0/1)
Penalty Goals: Zac Lomax (1/1), Corey Norman (1/1)

Tries: Tommy Talau, Zac Cini, Joseph Leilua
Field Goals:
Two Point Field Goals:
Conversions: Adam Doueihi (2/3)
Penalty Goals: Adam Doueihi (0/1)