Full Time
2:00pm Sun May 23, 2021
Round 11 - Apex Oval - Crowd: 10824

Stay tuned here on League Unlimited as we'll bring you the blockbuster clash between the Parramatta Eels and the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles. Hopefully a much more intriguing contest than this one. Thanks for joining me, have a superb afternoon/evening


Full time here at Dubbo and the Penrith Panthers have potentially wiped the premiership contender label off the Rabbitohs after defeating them 56 points to 12. Penrith keep on rolling in this remarkable season


A late try was not the prize the Bunnies were gifted, instead Damien Cook knocked on a poor offloaded pass from Liam Knight as the Rabbitohs finish on a low after a shocking day.


A successful challenge from the Rabbioths earns a penalty with just two minutes to go. Can the Rabbitohs salvage a late try as a consolation prize?


South Sydney got very lucky as they were just able to prevent Kikau from adding further salt to their wounds and were gifted with a dropped ball by Penrith in the play the ball


Conversion: Panthers
Kicked by Nathan Cleary.

Cleary wastes no time as he slots it from right in front

Panthers lead Rabbitohs 12 - 56 Panthers

Try: Panthers
Scored by Stephen Crichton. Kick to come.

Penrith weren't happy with scoring just 50 points as they put their foot on the accelerator as Cleary goes from right to left to his partner in crime Luai, who puts Burton through a gapping hole and all he had to do was draw Mitchell into a tackle and pass it to the charging Stephen Crichton

Panthers lead Rabbitohs 12 - 54 Panthers

Conversion: Panthers
Kicked by Nathan Cleary.

Cleary takes his personal tally to 26 points as he slots the conversion between the uprights

Panthers lead Rabbitohs 12 - 50 Panthers

Try: Panthers
Scored by Brian To'o. Kick to come.

It's not a Penrith victory without a try from Brian To'o as the winger had to wait 72 minutes to score this week. To'o held his line as Cleary provided a brillaint pass for his winger to score in the corner

Panthers lead Rabbitohs 12 - 48 Panthers

Penalty to the Panthers after Damien Cook was deemed to be in front of the play the ball, giving the Panthers a prime opportunity to add to their score


Penrith earn themselves a penalty as Burton is collected high as he was trying to bring the ball from the in goal


Another penalty headed South Sydney's way as they try and get something out of this fixture. It's been tough going for the Rabbitohs


Conversion: Rabbitohs
Kicked by Adam Reynolds.

Reynolds slots it from right in front making it two from two for the afternoon

Panthers lead Rabbitohs 12 - 44 Panthers

Try: Rabbitohs
Scored by Cody Walker. Kick to come.

The tries keep flowing here in Dubbo with Cody Walker showing some brilliance as he beats three defenders to score next to the uprights.

Panthers lead Rabbitohs 10 - 44 Panthers

An attempted 2 on 1 strip by Penrith is unsuccessful, giving the Rabbitohs a penalty and a good opportunity to earn some points


Conversion: Panthers
Kicked by Nathan Cleary.

Cleary converts his own try, making that his eighth goal of the afternoon

Panthers lead Rabbitohs 6 - 44 Panthers

Try: Panthers
Scored by Nathan Cleary. Kick to come.

Cleary continues his impressive season and shows once again that he is a deadly runner of the football. Cleary received it 10 out from the Rabbitohs's line and takes Walker and Mitchell one successfully as he pushes his way over for his second try

Panthers lead Rabbitohs 6 - 42 Panthers

Another repeat set for the Panthers as Jarome Luai dribbles one into the ingoal


Souths' horror afternoon continues after another penalty has been given away early in Penrith's set


Conversion: Panthers
Kicked by Nathan Cleary.

Cleary again showing why he is one of the best goal kickers in the competition as he slots the conversion from the sideline

Panthers lead Rabbitohs 6 - 38 Panthers

Try: Panthers
Scored by Matt Burton. Kick to come.

Matt Burton has a hat trick in his home town!!! Mansour made the dreaded decision to let Cleary's bomb to bounce which saw Scott Sorensen charge onto the footy who then passed the ball to Jarome Luai and he tapped it onto Burton who picked it up and took of for the corner.

Panthers lead Rabbitohs 6 - 36 Panthers

Penalty Goal: Panthers
Kicked by Nathan Cleary.

No issues for Cleary as he strikes it over the black dot to extend the lead to 26 points

Panthers lead Rabbitohs 6 - 32 Panthers

The Panthers marched their way down the field with ease and unlike the Rabbitohs were able to earn a repeat set through a Paul Momirovski grubber kick. During the following tackle, Penrith were rewarded a penalty as Mansour held down Burton for too long. Panthers chose to have a shot at goal


The Rabbitohs continue to make errors as halfback Adam Reynolds puts a fifth tackle grubber dead in goal gifting the Panthers a seven tackle set


The Rabbitohs shoot themselves in the foot with Damien Cook knocking the ball on during a play the ball early in the set. It's just not the Rabbitohs day


South Sydney have been gifted an opportunity early in the second half with Penrith's Luai being deemed to have escorted a chasing player of the ball


Second half gets underway here in Dubbo as the Penrith Panthers look to close out this game to extend their winning streak to eleven matches


Half time here in Dubbo and the minor premiers the Penrith Panthers are once again showing why they are yet to lose a game this season. Their attack is too hot to handle from the Rabbitohs at the moment and as a result South Sydney have a lot of work to do in the second half if they are to walk away as victors


Penalty Goal: Panthers
Kicked by Nathan Cleary.

Cleary makes no mistake from right in front as he takes his personal points tally for the day to 14 points

Panthers lead Rabbitohs 6 - 30 Panthers

South Sydney give a penalty away 20 metres in front of their own try line as Koloamatangi broke away from a scrum early. Penrith have chosen to take the shot on goal to attempt to extend the lead to 24 points


Conversion: Rabbitohs
Kicked by Adam Reynolds.

Brilliant conversion from Reynolds who shows his class with the boot once again

Panthers lead Rabbitohs 6 - 28 Panthers

Try: Rabbitohs
Scored by Josh Mansour. Kick to come.

It's taken 36 minutes for South Sydney to score and it's from Panther Josh Mansour who crosses the white stripe as the Rabbitohs attacked through their right edge and did brilliant as they held To'o from his wing, giving Mansour the space to go through untouched

Panthers lead Rabbitohs 4 - 28 Panthers

South Sydney are starting to create some opportunities as Walker and Latrell Mitchell try and impose themselves on the game. Great run from Mitchell as he broke through a couple of Penrith tackle attempts


Conversion: Panthers
Kicked by Nathan Cleary.

Cleary makes it four from five as he swings this kick between the uprights

Panthers lead Rabbitohs 0 - 28 Panthers

Try: Panthers
Scored by Matt Burton. Kick to come.

Burton has another try! Poor effort from South Sydney who allowed Burton to jump up, taking an uncontested catch and as a result was able to ground the ball easily as he landed.

Panthers lead Rabbitohs 0 - 26 Panthers

Back to back penalties heading Penrith's way allowing them to easily advance down the field after scoring successive tries. Souths do a decent job of holding Penrith out but they've got a lot of work to do from here


Try: Panthers
Scored by Matt Burton. Kick to come.

Penrith make the most of their field position as Matt Burton bursts around Josh Mansour after a classy bit of work from Jarome Luai on the left edge as he drew in Mansour and Campbell Graham before he passed

Panthers lead Rabbitohs 0 - 22 Panthers

Conversion: Panthers
Kicked by Nathan Cleary.

No issues once again as Cleary puts it between the uprights from the sideline

Panthers lead Rabbitohs 0 - 18 Panthers

Penrith have earnt a penalty after the referee deemed that Adam Reynolds had taken out Viliame Kikau as he tried to catch a Nathan Cleary bomb. Great field position for the Panthers


South Sydney cough the ball up on the first tackle as Cody Walker throughs the ball out, who was trying to find Josh Mansour on the wing.


South Sydney are very lucky there after a poor grubber kick about 15 metres out from Campbell Graham is bobbled by Burton as he tried to catch it


South Sydney make the most of their penalty. They marched down the field into Penrith's red zone and hooker Damien Cook did well as his grubber in goal earned the Rabbitohs a repeat set


Souths get a desperately needed penalty as Isaah Yeo gets pinged for high contact


Conversion: Panthers
Kicked by Nathan Cleary.

Cleary converts this kick from a similar position to his first miss, this time making no mistakes

Panthers lead Rabbitohs 0 - 16 Panthers

Try: Panthers
Scored by Kurt Capewell. Kick to come.

And just like that the Panthers have another! Brilliant footwork from Isaah Yeo allowed him to get in between two defenders as he offloaded the ball to Kurt Capewell who did a brilliant job to avoid being brought down before the try line as he went 50 metres to score

Panthers lead Rabbitohs 0 - 14 Panthers

Conversion: Panthers
Kicked by Nathan Cleary.

Cleary makes up for the earlier miss by throwing this one out wide of the uprights as he watched it curl back in between the uprights to extend their lead to 10 points

Panthers lead Rabbitohs 0 - 10 Panthers

Try: Panthers
Scored by Viliame Kikau. Kick to come.

Walker's penalty has proved to be costly. The Panthers shifted it left 20 metres out, going through hands which found Brian To'o on the wing in space who drew the attention of Adam Reynolds and Josh Mansour which allowed To'o to pass inside for Kikau to score.

Panthers lead Rabbitohs 0 - 8 Panthers

Another penalty for a high shot from Cody Walker has given the Panther's an easy way out of their own end


South's have made me swallow my words after Campbell Graham dislodged the ball whilst he was tackling Viliame Kikau giving South's the footy


A penalty going Penrith's way for a high tackle from Liam Knight, the last thing the Rabbitohs needed to do. Don't be surprised if Penrith find their way over the try line here


The Panthers hold on as the Rabbitohs failed to find a way through Penrith's right edge defence


Penalty given away by James Fisher-Harris for crowding the ruck. Good opportunity for the Rabbitohs to strike


Conversion: Panthers
Attempted by Nathan Cleary.

Cleary hits the left upright as he attempted to convert his own try

Panthers lead Rabbitohs 0 - 4 Panthers

Try: Panthers
Scored by Nathan Cleary. Kick to come.

A brilliant line break from youngster Matt Burton saw the Panthers charge down the field. Souths managed to hold on for two more tackles before Nathan Cleary went past Dane Gagai and out wrestled Latrell Mitchell as he grounded the ball for the opening try.

Panthers lead Rabbitohs 0 - 4 Panthers

Penrith get us underway here and South Sydney have no qualms during the opening set

It's a pearler of a day in Dubbo as they're treated to their first NRL match

Welcome to Dubbo as we kick of Sunday's footy with a blockbuster clash between the Penrith Panthers and the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

Referees & scorers:

Referees: Grant Atkins

Touch Judges: David Munro, Todd Smith

Video Referee: Henry Perenara

Tries: Josh Mansour, Cody Walker
Conversions: Adam Reynolds (2/2)

Tries: Nathan Cleary (2), Viliame Kikau, Kurt Capewell, Matt Burton (3), Brian To'o, Stephen Crichton
Conversions: Nathan Cleary (8/9)
Penalty Goals: Nathan Cleary (2/2)