Full Time
4:00pm Mon June 14, 2021
Round 14 - Stadium Australia - Crowd: 17382

FULLTIME :: Bulldogs have their second win of the year, 28-6, against a despondent Dragons side.


Dragons tried to fire one out to Ravalawa. He tiptoed along but stood out. Bulldogs with a huge celebration. Well deserved. They have been immense today.


PENALTY DRAGONS! Waddell done for a crusher.


Dragons go short and Kerr catches.


Penalty Goal: Bulldogs
Kicked by Jake Averillo.

Averillo raises the flags again.

Bulldogs lead Bulldogs 28 - 6 Dragons

PENALTY BULLDOGS! Luke Thompson hit high. Dogs will take two more.


Well. Hunt creates something, it got a rebound off a Dog, comes back to the Dragons who boot it dead. Slow clap for the red v tonight.


Ravalawa drops one cold.


Dragons go short and Beale loses it.


Conversion: Bulldogs
Attempted by Jake Averillo.

Averillo misses.

Bulldogs lead Bulldogs 26 - 6 Dragons

Try: Bulldogs
Scored by Adam Elliott. Kick to come.

That just sums up the Dragons tonight. Elliot was caught with the ball on last. He was going nowhere. Hunt misses, Kerr next followed by Dufty and he takes Beale over with him.

Bulldogs lead Bulldogs 26 - 6 Dragons

PENALTY BULLDOGS! Wakeham is taken out by Hunt.. I think? Looked like they tackled each other.


Bulldogs are being able to do what they want. Another kick which is punched over the sideline. CHALLENGE for it goes out without a touch from the Dragons. UNSUCCESSFUL. Doesn't touch either Dufty or Ravalawa.


Dogs find touch with the kick. They are chewing down the clock now. Getting closer and closer to their second win of the season.


Penalty Goal: Bulldogs
Kicked by Jake Averillo.

Averillo pushes the lead out to 16.

Bulldogs lead Bulldogs 22 - 6 Dragons

PENALTY BULLDOGS! Hetherington gets touched high. He stays down and gets the decision. Bulldogs opt for the sticks.


PENALTY BULLDOGS! Lawrie catches them high.


Nope. Dragons can't get it rolling tonight. Dufty basically rocketed one right at Bird. He comes off his chest and over the dead ball line. Seven tackles.


PENALTY DRAGONS! Dufty is clipped high by Hopoate.


After such a dominant performance against Brisbane. The Dragons haven't shown up today. They have looked like a team who expected to win and gave the Bulldogs no respect. Getting what they deserve.


Conversion: Bulldogs
Kicked by Jake Averillo.

Averillo pots over the easy conversion.

Bulldogs lead Bulldogs 20 - 6 Dragons

Try: Bulldogs
Scored by Jeremy Marshall-King. Kick to come.

Dogs are running riot! Jeremy Marshall-King throws the dummy and goes through.

Bulldogs lead Bulldogs 18 - 6 Dragons

Dogs with a wayward kick that the Dragons conspire to knock on. Set wiped for the Dogs.


Dogs doing the tough yards and get a set restart. They have a chance to pounce on the Dragons here.


Dragons showed some life in that set. A little set play from Corey Norman and Josh Kerr almost broke through but another tame kick from Hunt. Dogs will lap these up all day.


The Dogs of War have shown up in this second half. They brutalised the Dragons in that set and forced them to kick from their own end.


Conversion: Bulldogs
Kicked by Jake Averillo.

Averillo converts. He has all 14 of the Dogs points.

Bulldogs lead Bulldogs 14 - 6 Dragons

Try: Bulldogs
Scored by Jake Averillo. Kick to come.

What a start to the half for the Dogs! Nick Meaney drifted across field, slices through and links up with Averillo to finish.

Bulldogs lead Bulldogs 12 - 6 Dragons

The Dragons trot out, down against the 16th placed Bulldogs. Big news during the break is that Corey Norman has been told he isn't wanted for next season. For now, they have to overturn this result. Dogs are back out too. Here we go.


Halftime - Canterbury lead by two!


A quiet end to the half. Wakeham drills it to touch and the Dragons will start with the ball from their own 10m.


The 'Dogs attacking foray ends with Tui Katoa being tackled on the last out wide. Saints handover.


Canterbury - yes - Canterbury, have forced a repeat set.


A poor first half from Dragons half Ben Hunt - he's spilled the ball in a tackle and the Dogs will get a scrum on their own 30m.


Conversion: Bulldogs
Kicked by Jake Averillo.

Averillo nails the conversion for Canterbury to reclaim the lead.

Bulldogs lead Bulldogs 8 - 6 Dragons

Try: Bulldogs
Scored by Jake Averillo. Kick to come.

HE WALKS THROUGH THEM LIKE HE WAS PARTING SYDNEY HEADS! Canterbury get a penalty and several set restarts in the Saints' 20m and somehow, despite being down a man, Averillo finds a yawning gap.

Tied up at Bulldogs 6 - 6 Dragons

Josh Jackson gets binned for ten minutes. Bit confusing as to why, but that's the NRL these days.


Conversion: Dragons
Kicked by Corey Norman.

Norman with a great conversion from out wide.

Dragons lead Bulldogs 2 - 6 Dragons

Try: Dragons
Scored by Brayden Wiliame. Kick to come.

Superb kick through the line and the Dogs defenders aren't in position to retrieve it. Brayden Wiliame gets the four-pointer.

Dragons lead Bulldogs 2 - 4 Dragons

Ravalawa makes a break down the right flank, he's dealt with by the chasing defenders but finds Hunt on his inside... Dragons have the Dogs at sixes and sevens here!


Tui Katoa goes within inches of scoring after a well-placed crossfield kick - but he's held up by some desperate Dragons defence.


Dragons put it high, looked like Hunt might have been taken out there but no ruling - Meaney fields it in goal on the full. 20m restart.


Saints look like they'll score through Mikaele Ravalawa but there's a forward pass from Beale at the end which sees the play called back. Dogs scrum 10m from their own line.


Ben Hunt delivers a superb cut-out ball... to the interchange bench. Bulldogs off the hook, scrum to pack.


A poor fifth-tackle kick from the Dogs with some rushing Dragons defence gives the visitors the ball in good position, and then the home side compounds that by conceding a set restart.


Penalty Goal: Bulldogs
Kicked by Jake Averillo.

Dragons penalised 27m out right in front of their own posts for not clearing the ruck. Averillo lines the kick up and gives Canterbury an early two-point lead.

Bulldogs lead Bulldogs 2 - 0 Dragons

Errors from both sides early here, most alarmingly from the Dragons. The composure they showed most of last week against the Broncos seems to be lacking.


The Bulldogs try to spin it wide and it goes over the sideline into touch on the left wing.


Averillo goes to the line off the scrum... held up!


Canterbury go close with Jack Hetherington taking on the line, he tries to find Meaney inside but the Dragons get a hand to it. Another set for the Dogs though.


Some frantic play down the left edge and the Dragons have spilled it. Dogs off the hook.


Early territorial advantage for the Dragons so far. Canterbury struggling to make metres while the away side is making them at will.


We're underway at ANZ. Canterbury have the first possession of the game.

Saints welcome back Tariq Sims who backs up from Origin I. Josh Kerr drops to the bench to allow Sims to start second row, while the player to miss out is Poasa Faamausili - he is the 18th man instead.

Let's squiz at the team changes. Canterbury have omitted Dallin Watene Zelezniak, with Tui Katoa listed at fullback (expect him to play wing with Meaney at the back), while Joe Stimson drops off the bench with Corey Waddell taking his place.

Queen's Birthday Monday and it's footy coming at you from Stadium Australia - a now annual clash between Canterbury and St George Illawarra.

Referees & scorers:

Referees: Gerard Sutton

Touch Judges: Phil Henderson, Todd Smith

Video Referee: Ashley Klein

Tries: Jake Averillo (2), Jeremy Marshall-King, Adam Elliott
Field Goals:
Two Point Field Goals:
Conversions: Jake Averillo (3/4)
Penalty Goals: Jake Averillo (3/3)

Tries: Brayden Wiliame
Field Goals:
Two Point Field Goals:
Conversions: Corey Norman (1/1)
Penalty Goals: