Full Time
1:50pm Sun July 25, 2021
Round 19 - Cbus Super Stadium - Crowd: 4424

Stay with us here at League Unlimited as we bring you all the action from the last match of round 19 featuring the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks and the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs


Full0time here at Cbus Super Stadium and it's the Titans who grab the chocolates in a convincing performance which now leaves them just a win outside the top eight


Conversion: Dragons
Attempted by Jack Bird.

Bird sprays the kick as they trail by 22 points

Titans lead Dragons 10 - 32 Titans

Try: Dragons
Scored by Jordan Pereira. Kick to come.

The Dragons grab themselves a consolation try as Pereira burns the Titans down the left wing and is just too fast for Brimson to stop

Titans lead Dragons 10 - 32 Titans

Great scramble defence from the Dragons as it looked almost certain that the Titans would score. Great work from the Titans with the ball in hand as well as they continue to find ways through this St. George defence


Error from Pereira as he tries to keep the ball in play as he's being taken over the sideline. The offload has been ruled forward. It continues to be a tough second half to watch for the Dragons' fans.


Conversion: Titans
Kicked by Toby Sexton.

Sexton converts his own try from in front, taking his personal tally to 16 points

Titans lead Dragons 6 - 32 Titans

Try: Titans
Scored by Toby Sexton. Kick to come.

The debutant scores! Wallace was at the centre of it again and his offload goes straight into Ben Hunt and has been ruled as a backward pass and as the ball hit Hunt it was regathered by Sexton who ran under the posts to score his maiden NRL try

Titans lead Dragons 6 - 30 Titans

Dufty's pass was intended for Pereira, assuming that he was holding his line on the wing. However, Pereira went to cut inside and as a result Dufty's pass went over the touch line


Conversion: Titans
Kicked by Toby Sexton.

Kicks his fifth for the afternoon from right in front

Titans lead Dragons 6 - 26 Titans

Try: Titans
Scored by Jarrod Wallace. Kick to come.

Who would've expected Jarrod Wallace to score a double! He's gone through untouched again but thanks to a Sexton break earlier in the set, the Titans were able to get in great field position. It was a brilliant offload from Joliffe that allowed Wallace to score his second of the night

Titans lead Dragons 6 - 24 Titans

Another error as Sullivan losses the football in tackle courtesy of a good hit from Jolliffe


Sexton's kick is too long as it finds the dead ball line, giving the Dragons a seven tackle set to march their way up the field


Beale can't hold onto Bird's flick pass as both teams continuously get into great field position


Errors keep costing the Titans and this time it's Brimson who couldn't hold onto a spiralling bomb from Ben Hunt


The Titans are starting to make inroads in the Dragons' defence as Jamin Jolliffe breaks through the line before passing it to Peachey who couldn't hold the pass, preventing him from a try scoring opportunity


The Titans are starting to make inroads in the Dragons' defence as Jamin Jolliffe breaks through the line before passing it to Peachey who couldn't hold the pass, preventing him from a try scoring opportunity


Conversion: Titans
Kicked by Toby Sexton.

Sexton continues his great afternoon with the boot as he slots his second from the side line

Titans lead Dragons 6 - 20 Titans

Try: Titans
Scored by Greg Marzhew. Kick to come.

It didn't bother the Titans as Fifita cause havoc again on that right edge as he charged at Cody Ramsey once again then flicks to offload out to Marzhew to score in the corner

Titans lead Dragons 6 - 18 Titans

David Fifita gets oh so close to scoring his second but Jack Bird does a brilliantly to stop Fifita from grounding the football. Touch of a controversial call as it looks like Fifita may have lost the ball in the process of trying to ground the football


Dufty makes the first error of the half as he puts down Sexton's kick. The Titans have a great opportunity to open the scoring for the second half


Second half underway here at Cbus Super Stadium as the Titans get us underway


Half Time here on the Gold Coast and it's been an exciting first term as both sides have had opportunities to score. A big second half coming our way and if it follows what we've seen here in the first half it could turn out to be an exciting end to the game


Knock-on from Sexton but this time it's at the fault of the dummy-half as a poor pass hit Sexton on the thigh and he failed to pick it up


Poor pass from the debutant in his own half as he throws it behind his line, inviting the Dragons back in just after the Titans extended their lead


Conversion: Titans
Kicked by Toby Sexton.

Sexton nails it from the sideline as he extends the Titans lead to eight points

Titans lead Dragons 6 - 14 Titans

Try: Titans
Scored by David Fifita. Kick to come.

He hasn't been on the field for long but he's made his presence felt on more than one occasion. Sexton gives Fifita the ball early and he charges towards the Cody Ramsey in the centres and powers his way over the line for his 13th try of the season

Titans lead Dragons 6 - 12 Titans

Errors galore at the moment as Jordan Pereira looks to offload in the tackle and loses possession of the ball in the process


Kelly makes the error close to the Dragons line as he fails to maintain control over the ball as he's tackled


Beale with the error but it was a necessary one as he nearly took the intercept cleanly and would've had space to run in to. It seems like another intercept may present itself if Taylor keeps pushing those cut out passes


David Fifita enters the game for the first time and makes his presence felt with a strong opening carry


The Titans nearly scored an outrageous try as the Dragon's failed to keep control of the ball close to their line, but it was deemed that Beau Fermor knocked on as he stripped the ball from Mathew Feagai


Conversion: Dragons
Kicked by Jack Bird.

No issues from right in front as he brings the deficit to just two points

Titans lead Dragons 6 - 8 Titans

Try: Dragons
Scored by Ben Hunt. Kick to come.

The Dragons get their first points of the day as Ben Hunt makes his way through the Titans line thanks to a a great short pass from Jack de Belin

Titans lead Dragons 4 - 8 Titans

The Dragons are in great field position here courtesy of a Matt Dufty line break


Conversion: Titans
Kicked by Toby Sexton.

Sexton makes his second attempt with no qualms

Titans lead Dragons 0 - 8 Titans

Try: Titans
Scored by Jarrod Wallace. Kick to come.

The Titans are the first to score a try this afternoon after Cody Ramsey failed to defuse a kick which allowed Patrick Herbert to pick up the loose footy and pass it to Jarrod Wallace who scored untouched

Titans lead Dragons 0 - 6 Titans

Penalty Goal: Titans
Kicked by Toby Sexton.

The debutant Toby Sexton gets an early chance to kick his first NRL goal and he does so successfully as he guides it through the posts

Titans lead Dragons 0 - 2 Titans

Penalty to the Titans in front of the posts thanks to Tariq Sims picking up a rebounded kick in which he was ruled offside


Now it's the Titans who are in great field position


Poor from the Dragons as Jack Bird losses the footy early in the count and as a result, hands the ball to the Titans on the Dragons' 40 metre line


The Titans challenged the decision and did so unsuccessfully as the ball had made contact with the dead ball line


The Dragons have been rewarded with another seven tackle set after the Titans grubber went dead


The Dragons get on the board first after a fantastic set that followed a poor kick from Ash Taylor which granted the Dragons with a seven tackle set. Kerr steamed onto a Ben Hunt grubber kick but unfortunately for Saint's fans, it's been ruled a no try after Kerr interfered with the Titans defenders

The Dragons get us underway here on a lovely day on the Gold Coast

It's an important outing for both sides as they look to continue their push for the finals

Welcome to League Unlimited for the first match this Sunday. We've got a good little clash here at Cbus Super Stadium between the seventh placed St. George Illawarra Dragons and the eleventh placed Gold Coast Titans.

Referees & scorers:

Referees: Grant Atkins

Touch Judges: Matt Noyen, Kasey Badger

Video Referee: Steve Chiddy

Tries: Ben Hunt, Jordan Pereira
Conversions: Jack Bird (1/2)

Tries: Toby Sexton, Jarrod Wallace (2), David Fifita, Greg Marzhew
Conversions: Toby Sexton (5/5)
Penalty Goals: Toby Sexton (1/1)