Full Time
6:00pm Fri July 30, 2021
Round 20 - Suncorp Stadium - Crowd: 12443

Match Overview

The Wests Tigers have clutched defeat from the jaws of victory against the New Zealand Warriors, going down 18-16 in a game they had 1,816 opportunities to win at Suncorp Stadium tonight.

The way things started in Brisbane, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was a case of the Tigers by how many. They enjoyed a whopping 70% of possession through the first 15 or so minutes, however only crossed the line for the first time in the 20th minute through David Nofoaluma.

The Tigers appeared to have finally found their groove, running the same play on the other side of the field, with Moses Mbye electing to run instead of pass. The result was the same, and the Tigers went up 10-0. 

The second half started in a fashion that Tigers fans are all too familiar with, with the Warriors coming out and dominating field position before scoring an all too easy try just 4 minutes after play resumed. 

The Warriors would harness their new found momentum and force a Tigers mistake the next time they had the ball. The Tigers forwards were noticeably flatter than they were in the first half, and it showed when big Bunty Afoa burst through the defensive line to set Reece Walsh up for a conversion to put the kiwis ahead. 

The Tigers weren't without their chances for the next little period, however they blew a golden broken field opportunity when David Nofoaluma's grubber went into touch off a Warrior who didn't play at the ball. 

The Warriors began building pressure and forced a repeat set. The Tigers attempted to go short, and they did, it's just that it bounced right into Euan Aitken's lap and he scored his second try.

The Tigers hit right back through Adam Douiehi though, and we were set for a grandstand finish with just under 20 minutes to go.

Tigers fans will want to wipe what followed from their memory. They had a plethora of opportunities, including one instance 2 metres away from the try-line where they didn't have anyone in at dummy half. 

A couple of attempted 2-point field goals from Douiehi and Brooks were well short, and the Warriors ended up waiting the clock out.

Next week, the Tigers will take on the Bulldogs at Redcliffe, while the Warriors are back at Suncorp against the Sharks.

3. Euan Aitken

2. Bunty Afoa

1. Joe Ofahengaue