Full Time
8:05pm Fri August 13, 2021
Round 22 - Suncorp Stadium, Milton - Crowd: 14314

The Roosters have held on in a thriller over Brisbane by 21-20 in a controversial finish! Stay tuned for the Match Report and 3,2,1's @LeagueUnlimited!


Penalty Goal: Roosters
Kicked by Adam Keighran.

Adam Keighran nails it and Roosters back in front!

Roosters lead Broncos 20 - 21 Roosters

More drama! Thomas Flegler has been penalised for a glancing blow on Sitili Tupouniua. Massive call and the Roosters get a penalty to win the game!


Penalty Goal: Broncos
Kicked by Selwyn Cobbo.

Selwyn Cobbo converts and the Broncos are in front!

Broncos lead Broncos 20 - 19 Roosters

Replays show that Victor Radley has taken out Albert Kelly's legs attempting a charge down. Penalty in front to Brisbane!


Field Goal: Broncos
Attempted by Albert Kelly.

Albert Kelly with a field goal attempt but it is wide.

Roosters lead Broncos 18 - 19 Roosters

Victor Radley puts down the ball and Broncos over halfway.


Field Goal: Roosters
Kicked by Sam Walker.

Sam Walker nails a field goal to put his side in front.

Roosters lead Broncos 18 - 19 Roosters

James Tedesco with a grubber on the last and Xavier Coates bats the ball dead.


Penalty Roosters - High tackle from David Mead on Dale Copley and Roosters find the line on halfway.


James Tedesco takes out down the blind side on the last play but it is a poor option and he loses the ball.


James Tedesco on the attack and he throws a poor pass to Daniel Tupou who looked a good chance at scoring.


Conversion: Roosters
Kicked by Adam Keighran.

Adam Keighran converts and the Roosters are back to level.

Tied up at Broncos 18 - 18 Roosters

Try: Roosters
Scored by James Tedesco. Kick to come.

Again the front rowers respond, when Siosiua Taukeiaho broke the line to find his skipper in James Tedesco for him to score under the posts.

Broncos lead Broncos 18 - 16 Roosters

Conversion: Broncos
Kicked by Selwyn Cobbo.

Selwyn Cobbo converts and Brisbane are in front!

Broncos lead Broncos 18 - 12 Roosters

Try: Broncos
Scored by Albert Kelly. Kick to come.

Thomas Flegler ends up with the ball off a bat back off a kick and Flegler takes off and finds a flying Albert Kelly in support who scores under the posts!

Broncos lead Broncos 16 - 12 Roosters

Penalty Broncos - Against Sam Walker for running behind his own man, Broncos hold on again!


Xavier Coates puts down a tough pass and the Roosters have the ball just short of halfway.


Sitili Tupouniua puts down a tough pass from Isaac Liu. Broncos scrum on halfway.


Sam Walker kicks the ball towards the posts, Albert Kelly is there and a lazy tackle from Drew Hutchison and Brisbane get the penalty.


Corey Oates loses the ball on tackle one and Roosters on the attack 10m out!


Egan Butcher makes it 3 knock ons now. Broncos over halfway.


Tyson Gamble rolls the ball in goal on the last but it is too deep and Roosters will get a 20m re-start.


We are underway in the Second Half! Rhys Kennedy brings the ball back for Brisbane.


It is Halftime and it is 12 all with 2 tries each. This is a great game so far, Roosters have looked the better side but the Broncos have hung in there. Stay tuned for all the Second Half action!


Daniel Tupou looked to have scored off a great ball from James Tedesco but his knee goes into touch. Missed opportunity for the Tricolours.


Egan Butcher knocks on again attempting a tackle. Broncos over halfway.


Egan Butcher with a horrible error on the 2nd tackle. Broncos were on the rack!


Sam Walker with a neat kick on the last and they get a repeat set. Drop out Broncos.


Tyson Gamble kicks the ball out on the full. Roosters with a chance before halftime.


Conversion: Roosters
Kicked by Adam Keighran.

Adam Keighran from out wide and he nails it!

Tied up at Broncos 12 - 12 Roosters

Try: Roosters
Scored by Dale Copley. Kick to come.

James Tedesco shows great vision and puts in a deft grubber for his winger Dale Copley who scores in the corner.

Broncos lead Broncos 12 - 10 Roosters

James Tedesco charges through a number of Broncos defenders and is brought down metres short by Payne Haas. David Mead then rakes out the ball and somehow avoids the Sin Bin!


Drew Hutchison kicks high on the last for Joseph Manu but he knocks on in the air.


Tyson Gamble collects another bat back from Xavier Coates off a kick but he is flung into touch by James Tedesco.


Conversion: Broncos
Kicked by Tyson Gamble.

Tyson Gamble converts from out wide.

Broncos lead Broncos 12 - 6 Roosters

Try: Broncos
Scored by Jordan Riki. Kick to come.

Xavier Coates leaps high for the ball on the last and bats it back for Jordan Riki who dives over in the corner to score.

Broncos lead Broncos 10 - 6 Roosters

Adam Keighran loses the ball on tackle one off a Roosters scrum play. Poor pass from Tedesco.


Tesi Niu drops a Sam Walker kick and now puts his side under enormous pressure. Roosters scrum 15m out.


Conversion: Roosters
Kicked by Adam Keighran.

Adam Keighran converts and levels the scores.

Tied up at Broncos 6 - 6 Roosters

Try: Roosters
Scored by Isaac Liu. Kick to come.

The Roosters hit back with a front rower of their own in Isaac Liu who crashes over off a neat ball from Sam Verrills from dummy half.

Broncos lead Broncos 6 - 4 Roosters

Conversion: Broncos
Kicked by Tyson Gamble.

Tyson Gamble converts the try.

Broncos lead Broncos 6 - 0 Roosters

Try: Broncos
Scored by Payne Haas. Kick to come.

Payne Haas scores after another strong run and plants the ball on the line to score the first try of the night.

Broncos lead Broncos 4 - 0 Roosters

Penalty Broncos off the back of a Payne Haas bust. The Broncos take the tap!


Victor Radley spills the ball right on halfway. Broncos with a chance now in this set.


Penalty Roosters - Against Xavier Coates who doesn't give James Tedesco room to play the ball on the first tackle. Roosters find the line 30m from their own line.


James Tedesco hits a great line close to the line but loses possession trying to ground the ball. Broncos off the hook early.


Tesi Niu takes a high kick on the last and is crunched by his opposite James Tedesco and plays the ball 8m from his own line.

We are underway at Suncorp Stadium and it is Dale Copley who brings the ball back against his former club.

Referees & scorers:

Referee: Ashley Klein

Touch Judges: Phil Henderson, Darian Furner

Video Referee: Henry Perenara

Tries: Payne Haas, Jordan Riki, Albert Kelly
Field Goals: Albert Kelly (0/1)
Conversions: Tyson Gamble (2/2), Selwyn Cobbo (1/1)
Penalty Goals: Selwyn Cobbo (1/1)

Tries: Isaac Liu, Dale Copley, James Tedesco
Field Goals: Sam Walker (1/1)
Conversions: Adam Keighran (3/3)
Penalty Goals: Adam Keighran (1/1)