Full Time
3:00pm Sat September 4, 2021
Round 25 - Suncorp Stadium - Crowd: 20747

That's the game, the Broncos sending out Alex Glenn a winner. Their season is over, while the Knights will play the Eels next week in a do or die finals matchup


Bradman Best makes a break and links up with Pasami Saulo, who is hit hard by Alex Glenn and drops the ball


Enari Tuala can't hold on to Best's pass


The Knights regather the short kickoff


Field Goal: Broncos
Kicked by Anthony Milford.

Anthony Milford kicks a field goal to put the result beyond doubt

Broncos lead Broncos 35 - 22 Knights

Phoenix Crossland's kick is gathered in by Niu


Penalty Knights for a ruck infringement


Connor Watson's pass is called forward


Newcastle on the attack again


Conversion: Knights
Kicked by Jake Clifford.

Clifford makes no mistake from in front

Broncos lead Broncos 34 - 22 Knights

Try: Knights
Scored by Chris Randall. Kick to come.

Brodie Jones breaks free of a couple of tackles and then gets an inside offload away to Chris Randall, who dives over to narrow the margin

Broncos lead Broncos 34 - 20 Knights

Albert Kelly strips the ball from Jirah Momoisea. Penalty Knights


Conversion: Knights
Kicked by Jake Clifford.

Clifford kicks the conversion

Broncos lead Broncos 34 - 16 Knights

Try: Knights
Scored by Jack Johns. Kick to come.

Jack Johns wins the race to Clifford's grubber and scores for Newcastle

Broncos lead Broncos 34 - 14 Knights

Randall's kick is played at by Niu, the tackle count restarts for the Knights


Albert Kelly knocks on off the kickoff, Newcastle in prime position here


Conversion: Broncos
Attempted by Herbie Farnworth.

Herbie Farnworth's kick is off the upright, his first miss of the day

Broncos lead Broncos 34 - 10 Knights

Try: Broncos
Scored by Tesi Niu. Kick to come.

The Knights have no answers for the Broncos attack. Milford makes a break through a gaping hole before linking up with Niu on the inside, who gets his second try double in two weeks

Broncos lead Broncos 34 - 10 Knights

Broncos go short and get a result, with Newcastle knocking on


Cobbo bats Clifford's grubber dead. Another repeat set incoming


Herbie Farnworth is dragged back into the in goal. Repeat set Newcastle


The Broncos go right on the first play and Coates is dragged into touch


Simi Sasagi is smashed by Corey Oates and he can't hang onto the ball


Albert Kelly toes a loose ball ahead and it goes dead. 7 tackle set for Newcastle coming up


Conversion: Broncos
Kicked by Herbie Farnworth.

Herbie Farnworth nails the conversion again

Broncos lead Broncos 30 - 10 Knights

Try: Broncos
Scored by Selwyn Cobbo. Kick to come.

Clifford's pass is picked off by Selwyn Cobbo, who read it brilliantly and goes the length of the field to score a try for Brisbane against the run of play

Broncos lead Broncos 28 - 10 Knights

Niu makes a similar mess of a grubber but this time Coates is there in time to knock it dead


Conversion: Knights
Kicked by Jake Clifford.

Jake Clifford's conversion attempt is successful

Broncos lead Broncos 24 - 10 Knights

Try: Knights
Scored by Starford To'a. Kick to come.

Corey Oates makes an absolute mess of Phoenix Crossland's kick and Starford To'a is there to clean up and ground the ball for a try

Broncos lead Broncos 24 - 8 Knights

Klemmer is off with an apparent rib cartilage injury


Time is off due to a Klemmer injury


Alex Glenn strips it from Klemmer and he is able to get an offload to Milford, who loses it after a 30 metre run.


Set restart for NEW


Pearce and Ponga have both been given an early rest by O'Brien


Conversion: Broncos
Kicked by Herbie Farnworth.

Farnworths kick os good

Broncos lead Broncos 24 - 4 Knights

Try: Broncos
Scored by Anthony Milford. Kick to come.

Anthony Milford throws a peach of a pass to put Selwyn Cobbo through a hole. Milford is also there in support and scores the try in his final game as a Bronco

Broncos lead Broncos 22 - 4 Knights

News coming through that Turpin has broken his jaw and Payne Haas has a high ankle sprain. Both won't return


Enari Tuala is denied a try by some outstanding defensive work from Xavier Coates


That'll be half time, with the Broncos taking a healthy 14 point lead into the break


Milford's kick looked to be a beauty but the bounce wasn't good for Corey Oates. The ball goes into touch and the Knights have it off a handover


Penalty Broncos for a Pearce high shot on Milford


Conversion: Broncos
Kicked by Herbie Farnworth.

Farnworth converts his own try

Broncos lead Broncos 18 - 4 Knights

Try: Broncos
Scored by Herbie Farnworth. Kick to come.

This time it's Niu setting it up for Farnworth, and this one won't be disallowed. Tesi put in an early grubber in behind the line and it sat up perfectly for Farnworth, who made no mistake in the grounding.

Broncos lead Broncos 16 - 4 Knights

Penalty to the Broncos for a late hit on Milford


Ponga's pass this time is behind Tuala and goes over the sideline. Broncos hang on


They say Niu lost the ball over the line. No try


Tesi Niu scores for the Broncos but put that one down to some Herbie Farnworth brilliance. He burned Pearce and To'a down the left hand side before putting in a kick on the run, which just sat up for Niu but we are going upstairs to review the grounding


Conversion: Knights
Attempted by Jake Clifford.

Clifford is no good from the sideline

Broncos lead Broncos 12 - 4 Knights

Try: Knights
Scored by Enari Tuala. Kick to come.

The Knights spread it left and Ponga throws a beautiful cutout pass to put Tuala over for the Knights first try of the afternoon

Broncos lead Broncos 12 - 4 Knights

Penalty Knights for a sheppard run by Albert Kelly


No try confirmed as it's deemed Clifford knocked on in the aerial contest


Going upstairs for a possible Knights try, the ref thinks Best knocked on while attempting to ground the ball though


Set restart for NEW


No try confirmed, it'll be a Knights 20 metre tap


Going upstairs for a possible Broncos try but the ref thinks Coates knocked on in the air.


Payne Haas is coming off with an injury


Coates again comes down with the ball and gets a frantic pass to Robati, who fancies himself as a kicker but it goes dead


Pearce's offload is picked up by Niu, who runs for 20-odd metres and gets the Broncos off the hook


Pearce's grubber is batted dead by Brisbane, repeat set Knights


Challenge unsuccessful, Knights will have the ball


Anthony Milford puts it down on the halfway line but the Broncos are again challenging


Coates again brings it out for Brisbane


Conversion: Broncos
Kicked by Herbie Farnworth.

Farnworth nails the sideline conversion

Broncos lead Broncos 12 - 0 Knights

Try: Broncos
Scored by Corey Oates. Kick to come.

Albert Kelly decides to swing it left on the last and the Broncos end up taking full advantage of an overlap, with Corey Oates diving over for their second

Broncos lead Broncos 10 - 0 Knights

Broncos get a relieving penalty for high contact


Anthony Milford kicks it dead. 7 tackle Knights set coming up


Herbie Farnworth is down with what appears to be a knee injury. He will remain on the field


Challenge is successful, it will indeed be a penalty


Nevermind, the call was knock on against Broncos but they're challenging


Enari Tuala puts it down and the Broncos advance it 30 metres up the field on the counter before getting a penalty


Enari Tuala makes a 40-odd metre break to put Newcastle on the attack


Xavier Coates brings it out for Brisbane


Conversion: Broncos
Kicked by Herbie Farnworth.

Herbie Farnworth kicks the goal

Broncos lead Broncos 6 - 0 Knights

Try: Broncos
Scored by Kobe Hetherington. Kick to come.

Enari Tuala is outleapt by Xavier Coates, who knocks it back towards Albert Kelly, who is able to get a pass away to Kobe Hetherington, who dives over under the posts to open the scoring

Broncos lead Broncos 4 - 0 Knights

Kalyn Ponga's pass is knocked on by Brodie Jones, Broncos will have a scrum feed 10 metres out from their own line


The Broncos make a break down the right hand edge on the 4th and Coates has a rush of blood and puts in a kick. It goes dead, and the Knights will have a 7 tackle set coming up


Kurt Mann's kick is out on the full off Brisbane, who didn't play at it. Handover


Knights are expansive early, only 25 metres away from the Broncos line on the 4th


Underway and Josh King takes the first hit up for Newcastle

Hello and welcome to LeagueUnlimited's coverage of Super Saturday and first up we are at Suncorp as the Broncos prepare to take on the Knights in an essentially meaningless game; Newcastle are guaranteed a finals berth and Brisbane have been out of the running for quite some time. Nonetheless, Brisbane have experienced a resurgence of sorts recently, while the Knights will be looking to continue momentum into the finals. The Broncos are 1-17, while the Knights are resting Mitch Barnett and Jacob Saifiti, which sees Jack Johns and Josh King start as well as Simi Sasagi and Tex Hoy come into the side. Kickoff is imminent

Referees & scorers:

Referees: Ziggy Przeklasa-Adamski

Touch Judges: Darian Furner, Todd Smith

Video Referee: Steve Chiddy

Tries: Kobe Hetherington, Herbie Farnworth, Corey Oates, Anthony Milford, Selwyn Cobbo, Tesi Niu
Field Goals: Anthony Milford (1/1)
Conversions: Herbie Farnworth (5/6)

Tries: Enari Tuala, Starford To'a, Jack Johns, Chris Randall
Conversions: Jake Clifford (3/4)