Full Time
8:05pm Fri May 13, 2022
Round 10 - Suncorp Stadium, Milton - Crowd: 40267

That'll be full time and it is a resounding win for the Broncos, who are among the form teams in the competition at the moment. Next week they travel to Newcastle to take on the Knights on Thursday Night, while Manly will look to get back on track against the Eels at BankWest


The Bunker deems that the ball was knocked on by Brisbane before the try


Bunker is still reviewing this one


Conversion: Broncos
Kicked by Adam Reynolds.

Adam Reynolds makes it 38-0

Broncos lead Sea Eagles 0 - 38 Broncos

Try: Broncos
Scored by Corey Oates. Kick to come.

Corey Oates has a double, running too hard for the Manly defence, going right passed Daly Cherry-Evans on his way to the line

Broncos lead Sea Eagles 0 - 36 Broncos

Set restart for BRI


Reuben Garrick drops Tom Trbojevic's pass cold


Christian Tuipulotu knocks on on the last


Kotoni Staggs makes a good catch and then makes another 30 or so metres after a tackle break


Adam Reynolds tries the chip'n'chase again but this time Foran is there to clean up


Conversion: Broncos
Kicked by Adam Reynolds.

Adam Reynolds maintains his perfect record with the boot tonight

Broncos lead Sea Eagles 0 - 32 Broncos

Try: Broncos
Scored by Corey Oates. Kick to come.

The Broncos are in again and this is well and truly reaching flogging territory. They spread it through the hands on the left hand side and it finds Corey Oates, who this time had too much of a head start for Christian Tuipulotu and went over untouched in the corner

Broncos lead Sea Eagles 0 - 30 Broncos

Broncos get a relieving penalty


Daly Cherry-Evans runs on the last and goes very close to scoring, but a swarm of Broncos ensure he doesn't get to the line


Payne Haas puts it down, letting Manly off the hook


Andrew Davey gives away a penalty and the Broncos will be on the attack again


Selwyn Cobbo watches Daly Cherry-Evans' kick go into touch on the bounce


The rain is starting to bucket down at Suncorp Stadium


Conversion: Broncos
Kicked by Adam Reynolds.

Adam Reynolds nails it

Broncos lead Sea Eagles 0 - 26 Broncos

Try: Broncos
Scored by Selwyn Cobbo. Kick to come.

Selwyn Cobbo has a hat-trick inside 50 minutes and it's safe to say that the Broncos are back. Manly were getting desperate for something in attack and Dylan Walker forced a cutout pass that just wasn't on, and Cobbo picked it off, getting his second length of the field intercept try in two weeks.

Broncos lead Sea Eagles 0 - 24 Broncos

Just putting the Riki error into the system


Jordan Riki drops the kickoff, giving Manly another opportunity to get themselves back into the game


Conversion: Broncos
Kicked by Adam Reynolds.

Adam Reynolds bends the conversion back through the uprights, making it a four-score game

Broncos lead Sea Eagles 0 - 20 Broncos

Try: Broncos
Scored by Selwyn Cobbo. Kick to come.

Adam Reynolds is the form player in the comp right now. He identifies Reuben Garrick and Tom Trbojevic as being infield and puts in a deft kick for Selwyn Cobbo, who runs onto the ball like a wide receiver catching a perfect pass from his QB. Broncos extend their lead

Broncos lead Sea Eagles 0 - 18 Broncos

Manly have once again failed to complete their set, Ethan Bullemor gets in the way of Foran's pass to Ben Trbojevic. Broncos will start the set in their own half


Tyson Gamble threw a nice cutout pass to Corey Oates who would've been over if he had an extra yard of pace, but Christian Tuipulotu made a great trysaver to drag him into touch about 3 metres out from the line


It's just all going wrong for Manly, Martin Taupau has knocked on on the first play and the Broncos get it right back


Kobe Hetherington knocks on while trying to play the ball, Manly on the attack straight away to start the half


Jordan Riki offloads on the first tackle to Thomas Flegler, who plays it on the 20 metre line


Players are back out on the field ahead of the second 40


That'll be half time, with the Broncos taking a commanding 14-point lead into the sheds


2 Point Field Goal: Broncos
Attempted by Adam Reynolds.

Reynolds is human after all, he drags a two point field goal attempt away to the left

Broncos lead Sea Eagles 0 - 14 Broncos

Conversion: Broncos
Kicked by Adam Reynolds.

Reynolds converts his own try

Broncos lead Sea Eagles 0 - 14 Broncos

Try: Broncos
Scored by Adam Reynolds. Kick to come.

It's the Adam Reynolds show for the second week in a row. He puts in cheeky chip'n'chase to beat Tom Trbojevic and Reuben Garrick to the line. Broncos extend their lead

Broncos lead Sea Eagles 0 - 12 Broncos

Tyson Gamble strips the ball 1-on-1 from Tolutau Koula. Broncos survive


Kieran Foran's kick is taken dead by the Broncos. Repeat set coming up for Manly


Patrick Carrigan drops the ball in the tackle


Kurt Capewell is again denied, the last pass from Tyson Gamble is called forward


Adam Reynolds puts in a great kick to get Garrick under pressure and then finishes the job to drag him over the sideline. Broncos with another attacking set


Corey Oates knocks on and Manly will have a scrum feed on halfway


Terrible kick by Daly Cherry-Evans, which finds Corey Oates on the full deep in the in-goal area without a chaser in the vicinity. 7 tackle set for Brisbane


They lose all the momentum after Foran's pass goes to ground and Garrick is tackled for a 20 metre loss


Martin Taupau goes straight through a hole and Manly have all the momentum


Payne Haas collects Ben Trbojevic high, Manly will have an attacking opportunity again


Manly will have to keep waiting for their first play-the-ball inside the Broncos' 20, Kieran Foran drops it cold


Manly get their first relieving penalty and will go on the attack


Manly have aimed up defensively, Broncos have yet to crack the 20 metre line on the third


Penalty Goal: Broncos
Kicked by Adam Reynolds.

Reynolds makes it a two-score game

Broncos lead Sea Eagles 0 - 8 Broncos

Jake Trbojevic is penalised for tackling Billy Walters without the ball. They will take the shot at goal


Set restart for BRI


Daly Cherry-Evans tries an early kick this time and it yields the same results as Reynolds'. Tolutau Koula knocks on, Broncos scrum feed


Corey Jensen is unable to hang onto a bludger of a pass from Patrick Carrigan. Manly on the attacl for the first time


Terrible kick by Adam Reynolds on the second tackle, the idea was right but the execution was poor, with the grubber going right into the arms of Kieran Foran


Set restart for BRI


Replay shows that had Manly challenged the call they probably would have retained possession


Reuben Garrick has knocked on while trying to catch the high ball, Broncos will have a full attacking set


No try confirmed, Billy Walters did well to jar the ball free from Tom Trbojevic's hand by pulling at his arm. The Broncos will have a 7 tackle set


Going upstairs for a possible Manly try, the ref thinks Tom Trbojevic has knocked on after beating Te Maire Martin for the high ball


Reuben Garrick does an amazing job to stretch his foot into the in-goal area before catching the ball, earning his side a 7 tackle set


Corey Oates does well to cut off a 40/20 attempted by Daly Cherry-Evans


Corey Oates does well to cut off a 40/20 attempted by Daly Cherry-Evans


Kurt Capewell was very close to scoring the Broncos' second try but the ball came loose about half a metre short of the line


Going upstairs for a possible Broncos try but the ref thinks Kurt Capewell failed to ground the ball


Set restart for BRI


Manly hold the Broncos out as Corey Oates knocks on in an attempt to claim the crossfield kick


Broncos get a penalty coming out of their own end


Manly have the ball for the first time with Reuben Garrick fielding Reynolds' bomb


Broncos make no mistake on the kickoff, Corey Jensen takes the hit up


Conversion: Broncos
Kicked by Adam Reynolds.

Adam Reynolds hits the conversion from out wide

Broncos lead Sea Eagles 0 - 6 Broncos

Try: Broncos
Scored by Selwyn Cobbo. Kick to come.

Adam Reynolds has picked up right where he left off. A superb cross-field kick on the last finds an open Selwyn Cobbo, who casually plants the ball down after making quite a simple catch

Broncos lead Sea Eagles 0 - 4 Broncos

Manly go short but it is taken athletically by Kotoni Staggs


Underway and Manly have absolutely bottled the kickoff, Tom Trbojevic let the ball bounce and it went straight over the dead ball line. Bronx on the attack early

Hello and welcome to LeagueUnlimited's coverage of tonights Friday Night prime-time matchup between the Sea Eagles and the Broncos. Despite the game being at Suncorp, it's technically a Manly home game, and both sides are coming in hot after convincing wins last week over the Tigers and Rabbitohs respectively. Both Manly and Brisbane are 1-17 from the side named on Tuesday. Kickoff just under 10 minutes away

Referees & scorers:

Referee: Grant Atkins

Touch Judges: Chris Sutton, Dave Munro

Video Referee: Chris Butler


Tries: Selwyn Cobbo (3), Adam Reynolds, Corey Oates (2)
Conversions: Adam Reynolds (6/6)
Penalty Goals: Adam Reynolds (1/1)