Full Time
7:55pm Fri June 3, 2022
Round 13 - BlueBet Stadium, Penrith - Crowd: 16906

It is Fulltime and Penrith have defeated the Bulldogs 30-18 in an impressive win without their Origin stars. Stay tuned for the Match Report and 3,2,1's @LeagueUnlimited!


Matt Burton rolls the ball in on the last for Josh Addo-Carr but again Charlie Staines reads it but he is tackled in goal. Dropout Penrith.


Kurt Falls with a charge down on Matt Burton but knocks on.


Jaeman Salmon mistimes his run and loses the ball. Bulldogs scrum deep inside their own half.


Matt Burton with a cut out to Josh Addo-Carr who slips and knocks on.


Izack Tago looks to have scored for Penrith but replay shows he knocked on in the lead up.


Penalty Goal: Panthers
Kicked by Kurt Falls.

Kurt Falls with a gift two points and Panthers look home here.

Panthers lead Panthers 30 - 18 Bulldogs

Penalty Penrith - Kyle Flanagan gives away another terrible penalty for Canterbury lifting Kikau in the tackle unnecessary. Mick Potter must be going crazy...surely.


Penalty Canterbury - Jaeman Salmon with a double movement and Corey Waddell breathes a sigh of relief.


Penalty Penrith - Corey Waddell about to join Paul Vaughan in NSW Cup next week with a lazy high tackle which sees Penrith piggy backed up field.


Conversion: Panthers
Kicked by Kurt Falls.

Kurt Falls converts and Panthers extend their lead again.

Panthers lead Panthers 28 - 18 Bulldogs

Try: Panthers
Scored by Jaeman Salmon. Kick to come.

Apisai Koroisau makes the Dogs pay for the Vaughan error with a grubber out of dummy half for Jaeman Salmon to score.

Panthers lead Panthers 26 - 18 Bulldogs

Paul Vaughan with a horror offload in his own half and the Dogs under pressure.


Sean O'Sullivan kicks for the wing and the pressure falls to Corey Allan who is up to the task.


Conversion: Bulldogs
Kicked by Matt Burton.

Matt Burton converts his own try and Canterbury are back in the game.

Panthers lead Panthers 22 - 18 Bulldogs

Try: Bulldogs
Scored by Matt Burton. Kick to come.

Matt Burton charges onto a flat ball from Jeremy Marshall-King close to the line to score.

Panthers lead Panthers 22 - 16 Bulldogs

Penalty Bulldogs - Against Robert Jennings for an escort on Josh Addo-Carr. Dogs on the attack 12m out!


Penalty Bulldogs - Against Kurt Falls who was all over the man in the play the ball. Dogs find the line 35m out.


Conversion: Bulldogs
Kicked by Matt Burton.

Matt Burton converts and the Dogs are hanging in there.

Panthers lead Panthers 22 - 12 Bulldogs

Try: Bulldogs
Scored by Josh Addo-Carr. Kick to come.

Matt Burton puts his side back in the match with a chip over the top for Josh Addo-Carr who runs 60 metres to score a terrific try.

Panthers lead Panthers 22 - 10 Bulldogs

Penalty Panthers - Against Josh Addo-Carr for tackling Dylan Edwards in the air. Not a helpful penalty for Canterbury as Penrith find the line just short of halfway.


Matt Burton with a kick on the last and Dylan Edwards takes it, beats two Bulldogs defenders and gets back in the field of play. Outstanding from the Panthers fullback.


Penalty Bulldogs - Against Robert Jennings for tackling Jake Averillo in the air. Dogs over halfway.


Matt Burton with another towering bomb for Dylan Edwards but Edwards takes this one well and Panthers have the ball 22m from their own line.


We are back in action @BlueBet Stadium and Ava Seumanufagai leads the charge for Canterbury.


Kyle Flanagan kicks for Josh Addo-Carr but it is well read by Charlie Staines and that will be halftime.


Jake Averillo rolls the ball on the last and manages to keep Viliame Kikau in goal. Dropout Panthers.


Penalty Bulldogs - Against Apisai Koroisau for holding on too long in the tackle. Canterbury need to make these last few minutes count.


Penalty Panthers - Max King not getting back the 10 metres. Panthers now over halfway.


Conversion: Panthers
Kicked by Kurt Falls.

Kurt Falls converts and Penrith well and truly on top now.

Panthers lead Panthers 22 - 6 Bulldogs

Try: Panthers
Scored by Viliame Kikau. Kick to come.

Viliame Kikau powers through some would be Bulldogs defenders close to the line to score.

Panthers lead Panthers 20 - 6 Bulldogs

Conversion: Panthers
Attempted by Kurt Falls.

Kurt Falls pushes the conversion wide.

Panthers lead Panthers 16 - 6 Bulldogs

Try: Panthers
Scored by Taylan May. Kick to come.

Sean O'Sullivan with a floating pass over the top for Taylan May, who puts on a spectacular leap to plant the ball down!

Panthers lead Panthers 16 - 6 Bulldogs

Josh Addo-Carr breaks down the sideline, he finds Jake Averillo who produced an ordinary pass that wasn't on. Panthers ball on halfway.


Matt Burton kicks for Josh Addo-Carr on the last, but he is tackled ball and all by Kurt Falls. Panthers charge back over halfway.


Matt Burton grubbers on the last and Viliame Kikau bats the ball dead. Dropout Panthers.


Penalty Bulldogs - Panthers again not getting back 10m and the Dogs now over the 30m line.


Conversion: Bulldogs
Kicked by Matt Burton.

Matt Burton nails the conversion to narrow the Panther's lead to six.

Panthers lead Panthers 12 - 6 Bulldogs

Try: Bulldogs
Scored by Josh Addo-Carr. Kick to come.

Matt Burton with a deft grubber for Josh Addo-Carr to score and the former Blues winger is happy! Canterbury on the board!

Panthers lead Panthers 12 - 4 Bulldogs

Matt Burton with a customary towering bomb and Dylan Edwards spills it and Canterbury will have a scrum just 13m out! Huge play from the former Panther!


Conversion: Panthers
Kicked by Kurt Falls.

Kurt Falls converts from out wide and the Panthers are away!

Panthers lead Panthers 12 - 0 Bulldogs

Try: Panthers
Scored by Dylan Edwards. Kick to come.

Viliame Kikau puts Izack Tago away down the left hand side. Tago then finds Dylan Edwards in support who scores his fourth try of the year.

Panthers lead Panthers 10 - 0 Bulldogs

Sean O'Sullivan with an early kick close to the line but it is read by Matt Burton who gets his side out of trouble on this occasion.


Penalty Penrith - Matt Burton not getting back 10m. Bit of frustration their after a poor kick on the last.


Penalty Canterbury - Against Matt Eisenhuth for not getting back the 10m. Bulldogs find the line 40m out.


Conversion: Panthers
Kicked by Kurt Falls.

Kurt Falls converts the first try of the night.

Panthers lead Panthers 6 - 0 Bulldogs

Try: Panthers
Scored by Chris Smith. Kick to come.

Kurt Falls on debut kicks for former Bulldog Chris Smith who snatches the ball away from Aaron Schoupp to score the first try of the night!

Panthers lead Panthers 4 - 0 Bulldogs

Jake Averillo playing at fullback makes a confident run down the sideline on the first tackle but throws a desperate pass inside to Corey Allan who knocks on. Panthers on the attack 20m out!

We are underway @BlueBet Stadium! James Fisher-Harris brings that ball back and is met by Ava Seumanufagai and Max King in a strong tackle.

Referees & scorers:

Referee: Todd Smith

Touch Judges: Liam Kennedy, Ziggy Przeklasa-Adamski

Video Referee: Grant Atkins

Tries: Chris Smith, Dylan Edwards, Taylan May, Viliame Kikau, Jaeman Salmon
Conversions: Kurt Falls (4/5)
Penalty Goals: Kurt Falls (1/1)

Tries: Josh Addo-Carr (2), Matt Burton
Conversions: Matt Burton (3/3)