Full Time
2:00pm Sun June 19, 2022
Round 15 - GIO Stadium Canberra, Bruce - Crowd: 12457

That is officially full time and the Raiders have countered the Knights comeback with a comeback of their own, winning by two points to keep their season alive.


Tom Starling dives on the ball and the Raiders will hold on


The Knights will have one last roll of the dice with a short kickoff


Conversion: Raiders
Kicked by Jamal Fogarty.

Jamal Fogarty puts the Raiders in front with 40 seconds to go

Raiders lead Raiders 20 - 18 Knights

Try: Raiders
Scored by Hudson Young. Kick to come.

Oh my goodness gracious me. Hudson Young has, out of nowhere, early in the count, put a grubber kick in for himself and easily won the race to it, grounding the ball basically under the posts and stealing this one for the Raiders. Phenomenal scenes

Tied up at Raiders 18 - 18 Knights

Joseph Tapine saves the day for the Raiders, catching Clune's kick in a scramble and then earning his team a penalty


Ponga is safe under the high ball and the Raiders will have five minutes to make something happen


Mathew Croker knocks on and the Raiders will have a chance as they get a penalty two tackles later


The bunker rule a double knock on, the Knights will still have it in an attacking set on the Raiders line


Hold on a second, the bunker are checking it


No try confirmed, it'll be a 7 tackle set for the Raiders


Going upstairs for a possible Knights try but Klein thinks Dom Young lost the ball


Nick Cotric puts it down and the Knights can extend their lead here


Conversion: Knights
Kicked by Kalyn Ponga.

Ponga nails it from the sideline

Knights lead Raiders 14 - 18 Knights

Try: Knights
Scored by Edrick Lee. Kick to come.

Out of nowhere the Knights have taken the lead, with Barnett getting an offload to Mitchell Barnett, who gets it out to Edrick Lee who is way too strong for Savage

Knights lead Raiders 14 - 16 Knights

Jordan Rapana's pass is out in front of Nick Cotric and goes into touch


Mitchell Barnett chases the kick from an offside position, penalty Raiders


Xavier Savage's pass is forward and the Knights hold them out


Edrick Lee takes Fogarty's kick dead, another repeat set coming up


Kalyn Ponga knocks Frawley's kick on and the Raiders have a fresh attacking set


Conversion: Knights
Kicked by Kalyn Ponga.

Kalyn Ponga makes it a two point ball game

Raiders lead Raiders 14 - 12 Knights

Try: Knights
Scored by Mathew Croker. Kick to come.

It's another try for the Knights and again Ponga has his fingerprints all over it, putting in a nice grubber for Mathew Croker, who does well to win the race to it and ground the ball

Raiders lead Raiders 14 - 10 Knights

Elliott Whitehead has been sent to the bin for the late hit on Ponga


Penalty Knights for a late hit on Ponga


Anthony Milford gets out of jail there, he took the horrible option of running on the last and gets caught, but the Raiders illegally strip the ball. Knights on the attack


Challenge is successful, Knights will play the ball 5 metres out from their own line


Xavier Savage's kick on the second tackle yields a result as Dom Young is ruled to have knocked on, but the Knights are challenging


Jamal Fogarty forces another repeat set for his side


Raiders get a penalty coming out of trouble


Tom Starling makes a mess of it on the last tackle, going in circles before being brought to ground by the Knights defence. Changeover


Xavier Savage makes the best of a bad situation with a second kick and the Raiders are able to trap Adam Clune in the in goal area as a result


It was looking promising for Newcastle but Dane Gagai threw it over the sideline. Raiders hang on


Challenge is unsuccessful as it's ruled Horsburgh made a loose carry


Corey Horsburgh knocks on but the Raiders are challenging


Matt Frawley throws the ball over the sideline


Hudson Young immediately makes up for it, forcing an error from Anthony Milford


Hudson Young loses the ball for Canberra


Corey Horsburgh takes the first run of the half


Players back out on the field ahead of the second half


Tyson Frizell has failed his HIA and will not return this afternoon


That'll be half time, and for all their domination, the Raiders only hold an 8-point lead at the break


Conversion: Knights
Kicked by Kalyn Ponga.

Kalyn Ponga makes no mistake

Raiders lead Raiders 14 - 6 Knights

Try: Knights
Scored by Kurt Mann. Kick to come.

And the Knights will go into the sheds with a bit of life. Kalyn Ponga, who has been doing everything he possibly can so far, skips out of dummy half and puts Kurt Mann through a hole.

Raiders lead Raiders 14 - 4 Knights

Set restart for NEW


Raiders go short with the dropout and Chris Randall ends up with it, his offload blocked by the Raiders into touch


Xavier Savage gets wrong footed by the bounce of Milford's kick but still manages to knock the ball dead.


Tyson Frizell leaving the field and will undergo and HIA


Nick Cotric makes a great take and stays in the field of play


Matt Frawley's kick on the last goes out on the full


Adam Clune's cutout pass to Dominic Young is along the ground and forward. Raiders ball


It's a dropathon here in the last 3 minutes or so, with Savage knocking on in the first play after the scrum win


David Klemmer's lost the ball in the tackle, handing the ball right back to the Raiders


Zac Woolford knocks the ball on and the Knights survive


Another penalty for Canberra


Raiders get a penalty coming out of trouble for a Jacob Saifiti crusher


The ball comes free from Jordan Rapana and the Knights end up with possession


Conversion: Raiders
Kicked by Jamal Fogarty.

Jamal Fogarty finally kicks a conversion

Raiders lead Raiders 14 - 0 Knights

Try: Raiders
Scored by Xavier Savage. Kick to come.

Raiders are dominating here so far. One of Fogarty's threatening kicks finally yields a result, with Xavier Savage flying above the Knights challengers to come down with the ball and score

Raiders lead Raiders 12 - 0 Knights

Enari Tuala can't hold on to the pass from Anthony Milford, Raiders survive


Set restart for NEW


Penalty Knights, Matt Frawley on report for a crusher tackle


That's exactly what happened, 7 tackle set coming up for the Knights


Going upstairs for a possible Raiders try, Klein thinks that Savage had an air-swing before Timoko knocked on


Kalyn Ponga, who isn't 100% out there, has kicked off out on the full


Conversion: Raiders
Attempted by Jamal Fogarty.

Jamal Fogarty again misses the conversion

Raiders lead Raiders 8 - 0 Knights

Try: Raiders
Scored by Matthew Timoko. Kick to come.

Well that was too easy for the Raiders, with Matthew Timoko producing an individual try for the second home game in a row. He stood up Enari Tuala with ease and puts the Raiders up by two scores

Raiders lead Raiders 8 - 0 Knights

Fogarty's kick is played at by Newcastle before being picked up by Canberra, six more tackles for the Raiders


Jamal Fogarty's grubber looked certain to produce a result for the Raiders but it takes a Knights bounce into the upright and Ponga is able to dive on the ball and stay in the field of play


Leo Thompson drops it cold early in the count


Knights get a relieving penalty and will go on the attack


Josh Papali'i takes the hit up from kickoff


Conversion: Raiders
Attempted by Jamal Fogarty.

Jamal Fogarty is away to the left with the conversion

Raiders lead Raiders 4 - 0 Knights

Try: Raiders
Scored by Nick Cotric. Kick to come.

Well what about that! Joseph Tapine, one of the best forwards in the comp, has thrown a nice cutout pass to put Nick Cotric one on one with Dominic Young, who can't stop the former origin winger as he goes in for the Raiders first

Raiders lead Raiders 4 - 0 Knights

Jamal Fogarty's bomb is lost backwards by Edrick Lee in the in goal area. Clune dives on the loose ball and it'll be a line dropout with the Raiders receiving


Adam Clune knocks on as the Knights were starting to build some momentum


Set restart for NEW as Ponga makes a line break


Elliott Whitehead is tackled on the last and it'll be a changeover


Klemmer has been penalised for interfering with the Raiders marker looking to pressure the kicked. Canberra will go on the attack


Game on and David Klemmer takes the first hit up of the day

Hello and welcome to LeagueUnlimited's coverage of Sunday Footy and first up we are at GIO Stadium in Canberra as the Raiders look to continue their push for the top 8 against the out of form Knights. Jack Wighton was ruled out earlier in the week due to covid and is replaced by Matt Frawley at 5/8th, while Corey Harawira-Naera has been relegated to 18th man in favour of James Schiller in the only other change for Ricky's men. For the Knights, Jake Clifford is out at halfback for Adam Clune and Leo Thompson will start for Jacob Saifiti. Kickoff in just under 5 minutes.

Referees & scorers:

Referee: Ashley Klein

Touch Judges: Nick Morel, Nick Pelgrave

Video Referee: Gerard Sutton

Tries: Nick Cotric, Matthew Timoko, Xavier Savage, Hudson Young
Conversions: Jamal Fogarty (2/4)

Tries: Kurt Mann, Mathew Croker, Edrick Lee
Conversions: Kalyn Ponga (3/3)