Full Time
5:30pm Sat July 30, 2022
Round 20 - PointsBet Stadium, Woolooware - Crowd: 11492

Field Goal: Sharks
Kicked by Nicho Hynes.

Hynes slots the match winner from in front

Sharks lead Sharks 21 - 20 Rabbitohs

PENALTY SHARKS - They find touch 35m from the Souths line


Burgess sent off for his high tackle


Tom Burgess hits a runaway Mulitalo high and hard just shy of halfway


Field Goal: Rabbitohs
Attempted by Latrell Mitchell.

Mitchell with time and space and right in front, has a crack at field goal and misses

Tied up at Sharks 20 - 20 Rabbitohs

Burgess with a big break up the middle and makes 25 metres into the Sharks half


Cook is ok and playing on


Play stopped as Cook stays down after a legal tackle.


Sharks get the final 5 mins of Golden Point underway


Field Goal: Sharks
Attempted by Matt Moylan.

Moylan has his second shot and kicks it horribly

Tied up at Sharks 20 - 20 Rabbitohs

2 Point Field Goal: Rabbitohs
Attempted by Latrell Mitchell.

Mitchell has a shot from a long way out and it misses, by very little

Tied up at Sharks 20 - 20 Rabbitohs

Field Goal: Sharks
Attempted by Matt Moylan.

Moylan has a crack from 38m out, but it's charged down

Tied up at Sharks 20 - 20 Rabbitohs

Field Goal: Rabbitohs
Attempted by Latrell Mitchell.

Mitchell on the third, set deep and right in front, and he misses it by a huge margin

Tied up at Sharks 20 - 20 Rabbitohs

SCRUM SOUTHS - Fifita attempts to play the ball quickly and get a penalty and he fails to get either, ref rules knock on inside the Sharks half.


Souths get Golden Point started


And they do absolutely zero with the ball. The siren sounds. We're off to Golden Point. Means we get more of this great contest and pushes the Tigers game closer to bedtime. Rugby League is the winner now!


Sharks get 3 tackles before fulltime


Ilias very nearly knocks on. Souths keep the ball alive and look to be advancing towards the Sharks line before Cook attempts a grubber but drops it instead.


Conversion: Rabbitohs
Kicked by Latrell Mitchell.

Mitchell converts.

Tied up at Sharks 20 - 20 Rabbitohs

Try: Rabbitohs
Scored by Tevita Tatola. Kick to come.

Tatola steams onto a crash ball and just manages to barge over the line to score.

Sharks lead Sharks 20 - 18 Rabbitohs

Set Restart Souths - on the first tackle from the scrum


SCRUM SOUTHS - Sharks with a knock on while effecting a tackle


Koloamatangi with a 1 on 1 strip 20m from the Sharks line


SCRUM SOUTHS - Rudolf runs a hard angled line onto a short ball and drops it on halfway


Ilias gets grassed on the last again. This time 20m from the Sharks line.


Hynes attempts a 20/40


Play stopped now with Mulitalo down. He's back to his feet after a minute and playing on


Play stopped after Fifita went down after a knock to the head. No penalty.


Conversion: Sharks
Kicked by Nicho Hynes.

Hynes from almost in front, adds the extras

Sharks lead Sharks 20 - 14 Rabbitohs

Try: Sharks
Scored by Andrew Fifita. Kick to come.

McInnes gets caught with the ball 5m from the Souths line, offloads to the flat-footed Fifita, who pushes off Cam Murray and then he barges through three defenders and reaches out to score a brilliant try

Sharks lead Sharks 18 - 14 Rabbitohs

SCRUM SHARKS - Solid defence by the Sharks results in Tass losing the ball, 30m from the Bunnies line.


Souths playing very ill-disciplined footy now with ball in hand


McInnes looked like he scored but the Bunker has found the ball briefly came away from his hand, thus constituting a knock on.


Moylan with a stunning grubber in the line and forces a drop out.


Walker with a pushed pass that is both forward and to the ground. Talakai cleans up.


Sharks defence survives several raids by the Bunnies. Now they're surging upfield


A lovely grubber at the end of the set forces the Sharks to take the ball dead.


Tom now going off for an HIA


Tom Burgess getting some panel beating done to his noggin


Hynes lobs a pass up a bit high and Kennedy snatches at it and drop it, 10m from the Bunnies line.


PENALTY SHARKS - Hynes passes back out and hits the offside Tom Burgess who is ambling back onside


Conversion: Rabbitohs
Kicked by Latrell Mitchell.

Mitchell to the left of the posts levels the scores.

Tied up at Sharks 14 - 14 Rabbitohs

Try: Rabbitohs
Scored by Latrell Mitchell. Kick to come.

A grubber by Walker is fumbled by Tracey and the loose ball is grounded by Mitchell.

Sharks lead Sharks 14 - 12 Rabbitohs

Worth noting, Wade Graham passed his HIA at halftime.


SCRUM SOUTHS - Souths put up a bomb and Mulitalo leaps up knocks it on, 10m from the Sharks line.


Sharks get this intriguing battle resumed


Well what a half. Cody Walker decided to be a grub, Sharks and Bunnies traded brainsnaps, Graham came off for an HIA and NASA helped Mulitalo return safely to Earth so that he could score a try. Sharks up by 6 at the break.


Conversion: Sharks
Kicked by Nicho Hynes.

Hynes converts

Sharks lead Sharks 14 - 8 Rabbitohs

Try: Sharks
Scored by Ronaldo Mulitalo. Kick to come.

Hynes kicks to the left side and Mulitalo flies exceptionally high, takes the ball cleanly and scores a stunning try!

Sharks lead Sharks 12 - 8 Rabbitohs

Sharks might be about to score a try. Just waiting for Mulitalo to come back to Earth


SCRUM SHARKS - Cook with a forward pass from dummy half 15m shy of halfway


Sharks spin the ball from the left sideline to the right, before Ramien flicks a pass to Tracey who fumbles it 7m shy of the tryline.


Challenge failedf


PENALTY SHARKS - Walker escort. Souths challenge


Graham coming off for an HIA


Penalty Goal: Sharks
Kicked by Nicho Hynes.

Hynes to take a shot at the penalty goal to level the scores. And he slots the extras.

Tied up at Sharks 8 - 8 Rabbitohs

PENALTY SHARKS - Graham in a bit of space steps inside and shrugs off some cover defenders before clumsy old Tom Burgess ambles in and tackles Graham around the forehead with his big mit.


Souths with a debacle on the last. Ilias gets the ball but forgets he has to kick and is caught with the ball near halfway.


Sharks have a brain fart. Tolman is at first receiver on the third tackle. hits it up and is tackled just shy of the Bunnies line. Then he makes an absolute banquet of the play the ball.


SCRUM SHARKS - Hynes with a good long kick at the end of the set catches Paulo out of position. The winger runs back to collect the awkwardly bouncing ball and he knocks it on.


Pretty dopey play there by Sharks. Graham drops a short ball to Talakai on his outside, expecting the centre to come back infield, but he stays wide and is pushed into touch


PENALTY SHARKS - Souths offside. Sharks start their set 10m shy of halfway


Conversion: Sharks
Kicked by Nicho Hynes.

Hynes from the sideline, curls the kick around and through the sticks.

Rabbitohs lead Sharks 6 - 8 Rabbitohs

Try: Sharks
Scored by Connor Tracey. Kick to come.

Sharks with the first full attacking set, send the ball right and Tracey shrugs under the cover tackle, stays in the field of play and scores in the corner.

Rabbitohs lead Sharks 4 - 8 Rabbitohs

SET RESTART SHARKS - 5m from halfway and late in the set


Tatola very nearly breaks through the line


Conversion: Rabbitohs
Kicked by Latrell Mitchell.

Mitchell adds the extras from out wide

Rabbitohs lead Sharks 0 - 8 Rabbitohs

Try: Rabbitohs
Scored by Alex Johnston. Kick to come.

Souths with some simple catch and passing at the line on the left side results in Johnston scoring out wide.

Rabbitohs lead Sharks 0 - 6 Rabbitohs

PENALTY SOUTHS - Souths get another penalty late in the set. Now they're 10m from the Sharks line with a full set


PENALTY SOUTHS - And this will help them get out of trouble. Finding touch 20m shy of halfway.


Mitchell drops a shallow Sharks kick. Sharks get 6 again but Kennedy doesn't hear the call and kicks again. Paulo fields the ball on the bounce in his own ingoal and is tackled by Kennedy, but just gets back into the field of play


Souths 15m out from the Sharks line, last tackle, Cook passes to Ilias who drops it cold.


Hynes with a rushed bomb that goes about 5 metres forward. Tracey catches it and passes infield to Ramien who is tackled just as he catches the ball and loses it over the sideline.


Penalty Goal: Rabbitohs
Kicked by Latrell Mitchell.

Mitchell takes the shot at penalty goal, and nails it

Rabbitohs lead Sharks 0 - 2 Rabbitohs

PENALTY SOUTHS - McInnes holding on too long in the tackle.


SCRUM SOUTHS - Hunt offloads and no Sharks players were expecting it. Brailey then fumbled it backwards as Murray attempts to grab the ball/head of Brailey. Ramien then attempts to clean the ball up and fumbles it forward. Sharks challenge and lose.

Souths with the kick off

Referees & scorers:

Referee: Gerard Sutton

Touch Judges: Drew Oultram, Jon Stone

Video Referee: Chris Butler

Tries: Connor Tracey, Ronaldo Mulitalo, Andrew Fifita
Field Goals: Nicho Hynes (1/1), Matt Moylan (0/2)
Conversions: Nicho Hynes (3/3)
Penalty Goals: Nicho Hynes (1/1)

Tries: Latrell Mitchell, Alex Johnston, Tevita Tatola
Field Goals: Latrell Mitchell (0/2)
Two Point Field Goals: Latrell Mitchell (0/1)
Conversions: Latrell Mitchell (3/3)
Penalty Goals: Latrell Mitchell (1/1)