Full Time
7:35pm Sat August 6, 2022
Round 21 - PointsBet Stadium, Woolooware - Crowd: 11427

UNSUCCESSFUL - Moses Mbye loses the ball into his own man


7 seconds to go and the Dragons are challenging the knock-on




Under a minute - Dragons only 10m away


KNOCK-ON SHARKS; Jack Bird takes a great catch and then the Sharks lose it as Bird throws an offload that is knocked on


For the third time tonight a player goes 100m thinking he's got a try but Ashley Klein has already blown a penalty


Sifa Talakai ruled to have lost the ball by the bunker


Penalty Goal: Dragons
Kicked by Zac Lomax.

Zac Lomax converts the penalty goal to close the gap to 6

Sharks lead Sharks 24 - 18 Dragons

Dragons taking the two to close the gap to six


CAPTAINS CHALLENGE: Ash Klein rules a knock-on by Sifa Talakai but they challenge it


Michael Molo gets the ball on the last tackle and you just have to wonder why


Nicho Hynes loses the ball as Cronulla make good metres but cough up possession


It's a disaster-class of a set for the Dragons there as their attack travels around like a lost Uber driver not sure where to go


PENALTY DRAGONS: Markers not square the ruling as the Dragons get a much needed penalty out of their own end


Odd last tackle choice for the Dragons as they elect to run the ball on the last and Feagai is brought down


PENALTY SHARKS: Jack De Belin gets penalised now and the football gods really playing their part as De Belin obstructed the Sharks defenders


Don't want to say it... so won't but Tariq Sims gets a well deserved awful bounce on his charge down and knocks on


Conversion: Sharks
Kicked by Nicho Hynes.

Nicho Hynes converts from close range

Sharks lead Sharks 24 - 16 Dragons

Try: Sharks
Scored by Wade Graham. Kick to come.

Try Confirmed - Wade Graham gets his first try since 2020 after Tyrell Sloan lost the ball into Briton Nikora's head and the Sharks second rower got to the ball and then Brailey links with Graham backing up

Sharks lead Sharks 22 - 16 Dragons

Cronulla on the board - Ashley Klein awards it onfield as Wade Graham is on the spot as he pushes up in the middle of the field after Tyrell Sloan dropped the ball


Cam McInnes loses the ball in good field position


CHALLENGE SUCCESSFUL - Toby Rudolf had dropped off the tackle and Nicho Hynes took the ball 1-on-1


CAPTAINS CHALLENGE: Ashley Klein rules a 2-on-1 strip but the Sharks challenge it


Conversion: Dragons
Attempted by Zac Lomax.

Zac Lomax pushes the conversion across the face of the posts

Sharks lead Sharks 18 - 16 Dragons

Try: Dragons
Scored by Mathew Feagai. Kick to come.

Try confirmed as there are no issues with anything in the lead up as the Dragons score their second try of the half

Sharks lead Sharks 18 - 16 Dragons

Cronulla rush up in defence and the Dragons take advantage as they look to pass to Tyrell Sloan and Ramien rushes up but Ben Hunt passes it out to Mat Feagai to score in the corner


PENALTY SHARKS: Briton Nikora pushed as he tried to play it


A bit of confusion there as the Ruck Infringement bell goes off as the Dragons are well within their 40 - Ashley Klein stops the game to clarify it wasn't off his call and it's still play 3


A bit of confusion there as the Ruck Infringement bell goes off as the Dragons are well within their 40 - Ashley Klein stops the game to clarify it wasn't off his call and it's still play 3


Kade Dykes loses the ball as he is forced to the ground in a strong tackle


"RUCK INFRINGEMENT" Moses Mbye tried a 1-on-1 strip but then stays around the tackle and gives it away


Aaron Woods is a dumb dumb as he throws a pass straight to Nicho Hynes


Conversion: Dragons
Kicked by Zac Lomax.

That conversion was just like a Qantas A380 coming in over Shark Park to land with ILS - Lined up perfectly with the middle of the posts to go through

Sharks lead Sharks 18 - 12 Dragons

Try: Dragons
Scored by Tautau Moga. Kick to come.

Tautau Moga gets his try confirmed and the ball was grounded in the ingoal and there was nothing in the lead up

Sharks lead Sharks 18 - 10 Dragons

Tautau Moga is over in the corner - Ashley Klein isn't convinced 100% so gets the bunker to have a look at something


PENALTY DRAGONS: Briton Nikora takes out a chaser and the Dragons get a penalty


SECOND HALF IS GO! The Sharks using the ball first as there is some good news with Connor Tracey up and ok in the sheds


HALF TIME - Cronulla take a lead 18-6 into the break


PENALTY SHARKS: Kade Dykes hit high ingoal and Jack Bird penalised for the high shot - Cronulla tap it and kick it dead


Blayke Brailey isn't the brightest as he is the third player to get pinged by Ashley Klein in three tackles and he has to go to the bin


Conversion: Sharks
Kicked by Nicho Hynes.

Nicho Hynes converts from a similar spot to his last conversion

Sharks lead Sharks 18 - 6 Dragons

Try: Sharks
Scored by Teig Wilton. Kick to come.

Tricky pulls the tricks out again - Brayden Trindall runs straight at the line and after the dummy the Dragons stand off him and ultimately it hurts them as Wilton is there to take the pass and score

Sharks lead Sharks 16 - 6 Dragons

Zac Lomax knocked on according to Ashley Klein and it's a 50/50 decision but Dragons smartly don't challenge


Both sides still back at the arm-wrestle phase at the game as the Sharks are just not clicking like normal with out young Matt Moylan


Conversion: Sharks
Kicked by Nicho Hynes.

Nicho Hynes converts from 10m in from touch

Sharks lead Sharks 12 - 6 Dragons

Try: Sharks
Scored by Braydon Trindall. Kick to come.

Try confirmed as Trindall just put his stamp on the game with that run and try

Sharks lead Sharks 10 - 6 Dragons

He's not nicknamed Tricky for no reason - The Sharks attack looked slick and a big dummy and go sees Trindall go through a hole to score


Aaron Woods gives away six more tackles for being clearly not square at marker


Total arm-wrestle at the moment as Trindall kicks out of the 40 and finds touch 30m out from the Dragons line


Braden Hamlin-Uele loses the ball in a strong tackle


PENALTY SHARKS: Second effort penalised by Ashley Klein and the Sharks go up towards the 40


Nicho Hynes tries for a 40/20 but it hooks back into the ingoal


PENALTY DRAGONS: This time it's the Dragons who have the penalty with the Sharks all offside from the scrum


PENALTY SHARKS: The Dragons go early from the scrum and are penalised


An absolutely disgraceful decision from the bunker tbh - Connor Tracey out before he hit the ground and they've put it on report and used the bin early. Sorry but that was awful


Connor Tracey is still down and will go off on the stretcher and not in a good way; Tariq Sims looks resigned to the fact he's going to be sent


Tariq Sims is going to spend time off the field but the question is does it 10 fingers from Ashley Klein or the 1 pointed finger? Major concern for Connor Tracey


Dragons last tackle kick was pretty poor considering the metres


Conversion: Dragons
Kicked by Zac Lomax.

Zac Lomax converts from close range to level the scores

Tied up at Sharks 6 - 6 Dragons

Try: Dragons
Scored by Jack de Belin. Kick to come.

Jack de Belin gets the green lights after being on the spot to swoop on the loose ball from the Ronaldo Mulitalo error

Sharks lead Sharks 6 - 4 Dragons

PENALTY DRAGONS: Sharks compound the error with a penalty


OH NO NICHO - Nicho Hynes gets through a gap and throws a ball back inside but it's only a Dragon that is there


"RUCK INFRINGEMENT' The six again man booms over Shark Park as the Sharks get six more


Conversion: Sharks
Kicked by Nicho Hynes.

Nicho Hynes converts from close range to add to his try

Sharks lead Sharks 6 - 0 Dragons

Try: Sharks
Scored by Nicho Hynes. Kick to come.

Nicho Hynes opens the scoring tonight, steps off his foot spots a gap in the Dragons defence gets down low and scores

Sharks lead Sharks 4 - 0 Dragons

SIX MORE - Mathew Feagai pulls out of the contest and the ball hits his leg and because he jumped at it, Klein calls six more

GAME ON! Out of referee purgatory Ashley Klein back in the middle and calls time on at Shark Park

Referees & scorers:

Referee: Ashley Klein

Touch Judges: Drew Oultram, Jon Stone

Video Referee: Chris Butler

Tries: Nicho Hynes, Braydon Trindall, Teig Wilton, Wade Graham
Conversions: Nicho Hynes (4/4)

Tries: Jack de Belin, Tautau Moga, Mathew Feagai
Conversions: Zac Lomax (2/3)
Penalty Goals: Zac Lomax (1/1)