Full Time
4:00pm Sat April 25, 2015
Round 8 - Sydney Football Stadium (1988-2018) - Crowd: 35110

Match Overview

3. Benji Marshall

Benji was back to his best. His first two kicks weren't great, but after that every kick he placed was perfect. Marshall was also great in attack, setting up tries and worrying the defence with his running game.

2. Jack de Belin

Usually renowned for his defence, Jack de Belin has certainly stepped up his attacking game in the last few weeks. He was still bruising in defence, but coupled it with some great angles and a nice offload as well.

1. Josh Dugan

Despite being cracked around the head on at least three different occasions, Dugan had a solid game. In difficult conditions he tidied up well at the back, and was a handful in counter-attack as well.