Full Time
3:00pm Sat March 4, 2023
Round 1 - 4 Pines Park, Brookvale / Cammeraygal - Crowd: 17278

Conversion: Sea Eagles
Kicked by Reuben Garrick.

Garrick adds the two and that's FULLTIME, Manly comfortable 25-point winners on Saturday afternoon.

Sea Eagles lead Sea Eagles 31 - 6 Bulldogs

Try: Sea Eagles
Scored by Daly Cherry-Evans. Kick to come.

DCE bags an intercept try as the siren goes at Brookvale!

Sea Eagles lead Sea Eagles 29 - 6 Bulldogs

Last tackle grubber no good from the home side and Perham works it back through some traffic.


A successful late captains challenge from the Sea Eagles and they have possession just inside Canterbury's half. A chance to crack 30 points here.


Not much happening at Brookie now. Tom Trbojevic is back on.


Preston is offside. NO TRY. Manly penalty.


Preston claiming a try for Canterbury. Atkins sends it up, checking onside.


Penalty against Manly in possession for a failed play the ball. A chance for Bulldog redemption.


Field Goal: Sea Eagles
Kicked by Daly Cherry-Evans.

DCE pots an extra one pointer just for a more comfortable buffer.

Sea Eagles lead Sea Eagles 25 - 6 Bulldogs

Tom Trbojevic comes off for Manly, a bold but possibly smart move from Seibold given his fitness concerns. Kaeo Weekes getting a run up back.


Conversion: Sea Eagles
Kicked by Reuben Garrick.

Garrick converts comfortably from in front and the margin blows out to 18 points.

Sea Eagles lead Sea Eagles 24 - 6 Bulldogs

Try: Sea Eagles
Scored by Daly Cherry-Evans. Kick to come.

That's the game. Paseka through, finds Tommy, then DCE who breaks into the backfield and try as he might, Matt Burton can't catch him. Under the sticks for Daly.

Sea Eagles lead Sea Eagles 22 - 6 Bulldogs

Some repeat sets on the Bulldogs' line for the Sea Eagles but no result.


The debutant is cut in half by Tolu Koula and Manly come away with possession.


A handy penalty for Canterbury and they have a full set from Manly's 30m.


We're with the Bunker checking what looks like a Manly no-try, Tuipulotu drops it in the lead up. NO TRY.


Penalty Goal: Sea Eagles
Attempted by Reuben Garrick.

Manly with a penalty 35m out but Garrick pushes it wide and it goes dead. Bulldogs 20m line drop-out.

Sea Eagles lead Sea Eagles 18 - 6 Bulldogs

Flanagan's back on, but plenty of damage done in that ten minutes he was off the park. Manly surge up-field off a penalty in their own end.


Conversion: Sea Eagles
Kicked by Reuben Garrick.

Garrick pots the extras over nicely.

Sea Eagles lead Sea Eagles 18 - 6 Bulldogs

Try: Sea Eagles
Scored by Daly Cherry-Evans. Kick to come.

Kikau attempting an offload, Alamoti loses it (the offload was poor). JAC tries to clean up but repeat grubbers from DCE and it's done. The Manly half scores.

Sea Eagles lead Sea Eagles 16 - 6 Bulldogs

Back underway, Manly kickoff and Canterbury running to the northern end of the Brookvale Oval ground.


NO TRY. That's halftime. Manly by six.


Lots happening here but Manly have been awarded a try to Bullemor on halftime. We're expecting a Bunker review. Addo-Carr picks up a kick, tries to offload, loses it, and it goes through a few Manly hands and Bullemor claims it off two grubbers. Questions on offside and grounding.


A long kick on the last just to settle things down and it finds touch. Manly with it for the last few seconds before the break.


The best players on each side having a nightmare day today. Turbo with another error, looking too far ahead as he receives the pass.


Things turning sour here, with Burton putting the kickoff out on the full.


Conversion: Sea Eagles
Kicked by Reuben Garrick.

Garrick converts his own four-pointer from roughly 7 metres in from touch.

Sea Eagles lead Sea Eagles 12 - 6 Bulldogs

Try: Sea Eagles
Scored by Reuben Garrick. Kick to come.

Numbers to the left, exploiting the extra-man advantage. Garrick is the overlap and straightens it up a bit too.

Sea Eagles lead Sea Eagles 10 - 6 Bulldogs

Flanagan is sent to the bin for taking out Tom Trbojevic in the contest. Manly with a penalty close to the Bulldogs line but out in a wide position.


Atkins sends us to the Bunker. He's querying whether there was a penalty try after Tom Trbojevic appeared to be taken out. Kyle Flanagan may be in trouble here.


Atkins reverses a penalty decision into a six-again after realising his own error.


A clever grubber down the left edge by Burton, but JAC loses it trying to grab the ball. Manly scrum on their own 10m.


After the latest attack fizzled out with a tackle-six handover, Manly work it up field before Canterbury surge back up field.


Canterbury force a drop out, but Jacob Kiraz has to go off for a HIA. From the drop-out, the ball nearly goes out but it's kept in with some great hands by Averillo!


Turbo's pass for Garrick finds the sound guy on the sideline.


Matt Burton rakes it in a one-on-one tackle but loses it. Manly scrum on halfway.


Multiple knock ons there after an attempted offload from Canterbury. Manly will have the feed on their own 10m.


Canterbury with a fresh set after a Manly touch in play, starting 20m out!


Conversion: Bulldogs
Kicked by Matt Burton.

Burton with no error from next to the sticks. Scores level once more.

Tied up at Sea Eagles 6 - 6 Bulldogs

Up to the Bunker. Reed Mahoney's claiming a try. A grubber which hit the upright landed back in his own arms... checking grounding.


Try: Bulldogs
Scored by Reed Mahoney. Kick to come.

Mahoney is the beneficiary of the new rule when it comes to rolling off the hands in scoring a try, Bunker ticks it off and shortly it'll be 6-all.

Sea Eagles lead Sea Eagles 6 - 4 Bulldogs

A penalty each since the resumption post-try. Canterbury currently with a full set inside Manly's 40m.


Conversion: Sea Eagles
Kicked by Reuben Garrick.

Garrick hammers over the extras from close to the posts, just to the right.

Sea Eagles lead Sea Eagles 6 - 0 Bulldogs

Try: Sea Eagles
Scored by Tom Trbojevic. Kick to come.

A DCE grubber, a Bulldogs error, another grubber off Tommy Turbo's leg, and he pounces on it for the first points of the day!

Sea Eagles lead Sea Eagles 4 - 0 Bulldogs

Another drop-out now, with Perham forcing the ball from a grubber before Jake Trbojevic arrives.


Manly force a drop out. This is looking like a long afternoon ahead for the Dogs thus far...


Kikau ends up with it on the last and the second rower ... kicks it? And it's OUT ON THE FULL.


CHALLENGE SUCCESSFUL. The Bunker rules Mahoney didn't lose it and it's tackle zero for the Dogs to play it.


Mahoney is ruled to have lost the ball on his own line trying to keep it in the field of play. He's sent it up for a Captain's Challenge, certain he hasn't dropped it.


Burton tries for a 40/20 but puts it out on the full instead. Real chance for the hosts now.


The big British prop spills it and the 'Dogs chances go begging.


Canterbury force a drop-out after a high ball bounces off DCE's back and bounces dead. Big chance for the visitors.


Tom Trbojevic throws a forward pass to Parker and Manly's attack fizzles out.


Kikau can't take a pass that could've posed a danger to Manly. Handover.


PENALTY Canterbury to get them out of their own end.


Burton puts up a medium-sized bomb - Manly can't get a hand on it but it's a PENALTY. Canterbury offside from the kick.


KICKOFF. Burton kicks off and Manly have the first possession of the afternoon.

Manly follow shortly after, wearing the famous maroon jumper with white hoops. Aloiai starts lock with Sean Keppie benched, in a change from the named side on Tuesday.

Teams trotting out onto 4 Pines now. Canterbury's new mostly-white home jersey with twin blue chevrons is greeted with a chorus of Brookie boos. They're 1-17 today.

Both clubs come into this game with new coaches - Anthony Seibold takes over from Des Hasler on the Beaches, while Belmore welcomed Cameron Ciraldo. Manly already have a notch in the belt, having picked up the $100k prize for winning the NRL's pre-season challenge.

A sunny Brookvale greets us to kick off the first Super Saturday of the 2023 NRL season!

Referees & scorers:

Referee: Grant Atkins

Touch Judges: Dave Munro, Belinda Sharpe

Video Referee: Chris Butler

Tries: Tom Trbojevic, Reuben Garrick, Daly Cherry-Evans (3)
Field Goals: Daly Cherry-Evans (1/1)
Conversions: Reuben Garrick (5/5)
Penalty Goals: Reuben Garrick (0/1)

Tries: Reed Mahoney
Conversions: Matt Burton (1/1)