Full Time
8:00pm Wed June 17, 2015
Game II - Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne / Wurundjeri - Crowd: 91513

Match Overview

3. Michael Jennings

Jennings was impressive tonight, particularly early in the game, with several incisive runs. It goes to show what can happen when a bloke with footwork and speed is given a little space - something he's sorely been deprived of in the past few series. He was also solid in defence in the second half.

2. Josh Dugan

Looking every bit the Origin player, Josh Dugan was great at the back for the Blues. Although he wasn't as vocal in defence as his opposite number, Dugan was solid in attack, and safe under the high ball, showing plenty of toughness.

1. Aaron Woods

Aaron Woods definitely came of age in this game. He didn't take a backward step against the big Queensland forwards, and led his team from the front. Together with James Tamou, David Klemmer and Paul Gallen, Woods kept his side rolling forward, and control the middle of the field.