Full Time
7:30pm Sat July 18, 2015
Round 19 - Sydney Cricket Ground, Moore Park / Gadigal - Crowd: 18217

Match Overview

3. Greg Inglis

Once again, Greg Inglis was simply the best player on the field. His ball playing out the back was important, but he was also responsible for saving several would-be repeat sets against his side.

2. Adam Reynolds

Without Adam Reynolds, the Rabbitohs lose. He set up two tries off his boot, one for himself and one for halves partner Luke Keary. Not only that, his organisation and passing allowed his outside men to get into the game, even without a recognised hooker.

1. Thomas Burgess

Thomas Burgess was strong off the bench, making 17 hit ups for over 160 metres. His ability to create second phase play, or threaten to do so, was key and put the defence in two minds.