Full Time
7:50pm Thu April 18, 2024
Round 7 - Allianz Stadium, Moore Park / Gadigal - Crowd: 17714

Despite going down to 12, Melbourne hold on for an 18-12 win against the Roosters. They’ll go back to the top of the table for now, while the Roosters may slide as low as 13th if results go against them.


And it’s a penalty to Melbourne against Jared Waerea-Hargreaves and that will be that.


Ryan Papenhuyzen just about fields a bomb and that might be it for the Roosters


Melbourne knock on at the short kickoff


Conversion: Storm
Kicked by Nick Meaney.

No mistake

Storm lead Roosters 12 - 18 Storm

Try: Storm
Scored by Xavier Coates. Kick to come.

Jahrome Hughes puts up a bomb which is dropped by Joseph Manu - Harry Grant gets the ball and grubber over to Xavier Coates who gets tackled by a gang of Roosters but still gets the ball down.

Storm lead Roosters 12 - 16 Storm

Joseph-Aukuso Suaalii knocks it on and Cameron Munster doesn’t realise - he kicks to the goal line and it’s fielded by Lindsay Collins - but it’s called no advantage and his blushes are spared


James Tedesco is placed on report for the trip


James Tedesco is penalised for a trip on Ryan Papenhuyzen


Conversion: Roosters
Kicked by Joseph-Aukuso Suaalii.

He never misses at Allianz!

Tied up at Roosters 12 - 12 Storm

Try: Roosters
Scored by Joseph Manu. Kick to come.

Finally a try in the second half - a Luke Keary bomb was batted back by Joseph-Aukuso Suaalii into the chest of Joseph Manu who finishes in the corner.

Storm lead Roosters 10 - 12 Storm

Nick Meaney looked to be heading to the try line but play is called back after it’s ruled Eliesa Katoa obstructed Luke Keary


Angus Crichton rips the ball out of Nick Meaney with three players in players in the tackle and after the ref calls held- they get a penalty as Cameron Munster returns from his sin bin


Luke Keary drops it and the Roosters will likely miss a chance to score with the Storm down to 12


Storm try to attack on last but Nick Meaney’s pass is dropped over the sideline by William Warbrick


Penalty Storm - Roosters were inside the 10


Victor Radley gets across the line - but the pass by Joseph Manu is forward


The Roosters get a 20 metre restart, and as the Storm players remonstrate over a hit on Jahrome Hughes, Cameron Munster grabs James Tedesco and is sent for a 10 minute spell


Knock on James Tedesco


A Connor Watson offload was touched in flight by Cameron Munster straight into Reimis Smith and its a knock on


Roosters penalty - Nelson Asofa-Solomona is pinged for attacking the legs as third man in


Joe Chan drops it in the ruck.


No dice - knock on confirmed


Terrell May knocks on but we will get a challenge


Early penalty for the Roosters with Joe Chan committing a crusher tackle


A last chance for the Storm ends with a whimper after Alec MacDonald knocks on and that will take us to half time


Storm penalty right before halftime after a ruck infringement by Luke Keary


Nelson Asofa-Solomona does well to field a Zach Dockar-Clay grubber kick but gets pushed back in goals to force a drop out


Roosters set restart right on the goal line - ruck infringement by Joe Chan


Roosters get a penalty for an Eliesa Katoa ruck infringement


Conversion: Storm
Kicked by Nick Meaney.

No mistake

Storm lead Roosters 6 - 12 Storm

Try: Storm
Scored by Eliesa Katoa. Kick to come.

A Cameron Munster bomb was caught by Eliesa Katoa who managed to get to ground - there were suggestions Nelson Asofa-Solomona had tried to maul the ball across the line but the Bunker did not intervene

Storm lead Roosters 6 - 10 Storm

Storm get a penalty as Brandon Smith targets the legs of Josh King in a three man tackle


Plays stopped as Luke Keary is hurt after a heavy hit from Eliesa Katoa


Storm bomb a golden chance to score, after a Jahrome Hughes outside-inside sent Ryan Papenhuyzen through the line but he tries to throw a miracle pass to Cameron Munster which gets intercepted


Storm get a penalty after Michael Jennings hit Ryan Papenhuyzen late


James Tedesco knocks it on after strong defence by Cameron Munster


Another error by Eliesa Katoa to let the Roosters off the hook


Storm get a penalty for a ruck infringement by Luke Keary


Joseph-Aukuso Suaalii loses the ball as he attempts to field the drop out and it is called a knock on


Roosters force a dropout after a Luke Keary bomb beats everyone and traps Xavier Coates in goal


An awful offload by Eliesa Katoa and it’s intercepted by Daniel Tupou


Conversion: Roosters
Kicked by Joseph-Aukuso Suaalii.

No mistake

Tied up at Roosters 6 - 6 Storm

Try: Roosters
Scored by Michael Jennings. Kick to come.

William Warbrick failed to defuse a Luke Keary, and the ball beat Nick Meaney to be grounded by Michael Jennings

Storm lead Roosters 4 - 6 Storm

A try saver by Lindsay Collins of all people, as he bats back a Nick Meaney pass that could have sent William Warbrick over


Conversion: Storm
Kicked by Nick Meaney.

No mistake

Storm lead Roosters 0 - 6 Storm

Try: Storm
Scored by Jahrome Hughes. Kick to come.

Jahrome Hughes put up a bomb which was knocked back by William Warbrick before Eliesa Katoa found Hughes backing up on the inside to get over the line.

Storm lead Roosters 0 - 4 Storm

The Roosters were on the attack Mack but Nat Butcher knocks on


James Tedesco earns a penalty after forcing a ruck infringement out of Shawn Blore


Jared Waerea-Hargreaves placed on report for the hit on Christian Welch


Penalty Storm for a late tackle by Jared Waerea-Hargreaves


Another chance for the Roosters after Brandon Smith put Luke Keary into a hole, but the last pass to Victor Radley went to ground


Roosters get a penalty for a high tackle by Eliesa Katoa on James Tedesco


The Storm tried a challenge after a Jahrome Hughes kick brushed the head of Lindsay Collins, but it failed after the bunker ruled the ball was not played at


The Roosters had a slight chance after Daniel Tupou batted back a kick at the goal line, but Ryan Papenhuyzen was quick to recover the ball


We’re underway! Roosters get the ball first

Anyway go and grab your favourite beverage, get yourself tucked in and I’ll see you at kickoff!

Melbourne welcome back Nelson Asofa-Solomona for the first time in 2024, but it comes at a price with Tui Kamikamica out for an extended period with a calf injury.

The Roosters are still without Sam Walker, the halfback failing to get through concussion protocol in time. But captain James Tedesco is back at fullback with Joseph Manu reverting to the centres.

Welcome to our live coverage of the Sydney Roosters vs Melbourne Storm on this Thursday night! Hope you’re well and ready for Round 7 of the NRL season.

Referees & scorers:

Referee: Ashley Klein

Touch Judges: Liam Kennedy, Ziggy Przeklasa-Adamski

Video Referee: Adam Gee

Tries: Michael Jennings, Joseph Manu
Conversions: Joseph-Aukuso Suaalii (2/2)

Tries: Jahrome Hughes, Eliesa Katoa, Xavier Coates
Conversions: Nick Meaney (3/3)