Full Time
4:05pm Sun May 26, 2024
Round 12 - Go Media Stadium, Penrose / Aotearoa - Crowd: 23116

Match Overview

Despite being in the trenches and missing ten of their regular starting 17 players, the Warriors claim victory over the Dolphins. 

The Dolphins started out with a bang, with Jamayne Isaako contorts his body and goes over in the corner off the back of a Warriors error. 

The two sides then play some back and forth footy, with Isaiya Katoa kicking his career first 40-20 which was subsequently also the first 40-20 for the Dolphins side. 

Another Warriors error causes the Dolphins to score another try, with Herbie Farnworth to score his second try of the season with the Dolphins. 

Finally, the Warriors get their first points of the game when the Dolphins apparently forget that they should be contesting for the ball and not blankly staring at each other… Chanel Harris-Tavita easily goes over for the Wahs' first try.

This is quickly followed up by a Dolphins try, with Farnworth combining (and remembering to pass) with Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow for a long range try. 

The two teams continue to go tit for tat, with the Warriors then crossing the line again, with Te Maire Martin going over for his own four pointer right under the sticks. 

A controversial call was then made on the stroke of halftime, with people left wondering if it should have been Dolphins ball considering Isaako did not regain possession… However, Dolphins led 16-12. 

The opening ten minutes of the second half saw a lot of potential but no action or scoring, with the ball continuing to go back and forth between the Wahs and Phins. 

The Warriors then finally took the lead for the first time in the match, with Dallin Watene-Zelezniak making a linebreak and getting the first points for the second half. 

Much scrambling comes from the Dolphins but they are just not reaching the same level as the Warriors, with Marata Niukore going over for a four-pointer after three back-to-back line dropouts being forced by the Dolphins. 

The Dolphins make a fight in the final five minutes, with Jamayne Isaako going over for his second of the night, however he fails to convert and they clearly do not have enough gas in the tank to make a magic play in the closing minutes. 

Despite missing more than half of their star players, the Warriors made a statement, and managed to get another win in the bag, looking forward to a much needed bye next round. 

After winning three in a row, the Dolphins succumb to a loss away from home, and they look to next round where they take on the Raiders, potentially without their star fullback due to Origin duties. 

3. Te Maire Martin

2. Jackson Ford

1. Dallin Watene-Zelezniak