Full Time
8:05pm Fri March 3, 2017
Round 1 - ANZ Stadium - Crowd: 16976

Match Overview

3. James Tedesco

If this performance is anything to go by, Tedesco is in for a massive year. Sure, it's not fair to compare him to Inglis in this game, but Tedeso was clearly the most dominant player on the paddock, and was heavily involved throughout.

2. David Nofoaluma

It paints an unflattering picture of an opposition's forward pack performance when they are being run over the top of by an outside back. But that's exactly what happened. Nofoaluma made several clear breaks, showed no fear, and hit the ball up like a prop.

1. Damien Cook

Make no mistake, it was no coincidence that the Rabbitohs lifted when this bloke came onto the field. Yes, Farah moving to halfback certainly helped matters, but Cook's speed and enthusiasm out of dummy half sparked his side's attack.