Full Time
4:00pm Sun March 5, 2017
Round 1 - 4 Pines Park - Crowd: 11318

Match Overview

3. Corey Norman

19 Runs, 132 metres and a Try. How good is it to see Corey Norman back on the field! The amount of ball-work he contributes to the Eels is enormous. His offloads help the Eels gain more distance across the field, as well as a big 40/20 in the first half, is worth my 3 points.

2. Clinton Gutherson

You cannot look past Gutherson! The involvement in the play is outstanding, and something you cannot simply look past. With 4 goals and a try, Gutherson is a point making machine! He's a fast player

1. Jake Trbojevic

The tackling machine from Manly! Jake Trbojevic had his time cutout for him on the field, amassing 51 tackles! A big day for Jake and has done well to stop the Eels going past him!