Full Time
3:00pm Sat April 1, 2017
Round 5 - Southern Cross Group Stadium - Crowd: 12838

Match Overview

3. Valentine Holmes

Many may argue with the amount of errors, but this man had 2 Line Breaks, a wonderful try with the combination of himself and Jack Bird, 1 try assist and 5 tackle breaks! Placing pressure on the Knights, Holmes gets the 3 this afternoon!

2. Danny Levi

42 attempts at tackles, successful in 39 of those. He was well disciplined this afternoon. A game full of errors from both teams, he's one who didn't make any errors, He takes the 2 points!

1. Chris Heighington

Mr 300! From the moment he was on the field, he didn't stop being in and around the action. He ran around the field like a little kid on red cordial. For the effort, 1 point!