The Late Mail: England v France

England v France

The final pool match is upon us!

England are 1-17, while France have a couple of alterations.

Damien Cardace and Remy Marginet are out - Benjamin Jullien shifts to the centres with Julian Bousquet shifts to the second row, Maxime Herold coming off the bench and into the front row. Mickael Rouch and Nabil Djalout join the interchange.


1. Gareth Widdop 2. Stefan Ratchford 3. Mark Percival 4. John Bateman 5. Jermaine McGillvary 6. Kevin Brown 7. Luke Gale 8. Chris Hill 9. James Roby 10. James Graham 11. Ben Currie 12. Mike McMeeken 13. Sean O'Loughlin 14. Alex Walmsley 15. Thomas Burgess 16. Scott Taylor 17. George Williams


1. Mark Kheirallah 2. Fouad Yaha 3. Bastien Ader 12. Benjamin Jullien 5. Ilias Bergal 6. Theo Fages 7. Lucas Albert 8. Antoni Maria 9. John Boudebza 16. Maxime Herold 11. Benjamin Garcia 10. Julian Bousquet 13. Jason Baitieri 14. Romain Navarrete 15. Thibault Margalet 19. Mickael Rouch 20. Nabil Djalout

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