National Rugby League: The Dally M Contenders


Just like most team-based sports the National Rugby League also celebrates the achievements of its many players on an individual basis. The "player of the year" award in NRL, called the Dally M, is named after the legendary Herbert Henry "Dally" Messenger, who was among Australia's very first professional rugby players.

Each year, in addition to betting on the teams, bettors enjoy following the progress of the best players and making some extra cash off their performances. It's also a great place to start for amateur punters as keeping track of a player's health, and gameplay is quite simple with a general trend usually forming after their initial few games.

The 2019 season of the NRL Premiership is just around the corner, and the bookmakers are already abuzz with taking out odds on their favourite sportsmen who are in the running for the coveted Dally M medal. Undoubtedly a feather in anyone's cap the excitement surrounding the medal is infectious and one that certainly envelope fans and bettors alike.

Kalyn Ponga

Coming in second in 2018 must have been heartbreaking for Ponga, but that only means that he will be back with a mission in mind. Losing out to Tuivasa-Sheck by just two points, we can certainly expect great things from Ponga in 2019. Punters ought to take up offers from bookmakers that include free bets and bonuses to increase their earnings when betting on Ponga. One of the recent changes in Knights' line-up can very well be a game-changing decision in the new season. Confirmed to play five-eighth, the switch from fullback for Ponga, who is listed with 8/1 odds to win the Dally M, might also provide him with an added advantage that should have a positive impact on his overall performance.

Valentine Holmes

Surrounded by shock and controversy, Valentine Holmes it seems might not even play the 2019 Premiership. With eyes on the NFL, Holmes is looking at ending his contract with the Sharks and head on over to the US where he recently put up a show for scouts. Presently listed at 10/1 odds to win the Dally M, having come in third last year, everything depends on his meeting with the team management in the coming weeks. As he is still under contract to play till the end of the 2019 season, everyone is wondering if NRL will lose one of its brightest stars in the coming months?

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck

Last years winner, Roger is still a hot favourite with the bookies to stand out and score another medal in 2019. With his victory in 2018, Tuivasa-Sheck became the first New Zealand Warrior to take home the medal, and his performance has been quite commendable. Going strong and staying in good health after knee surgery earlier, punters can look at Roger as a good bet for the upcoming season where he is listed with 14/1 odds to win the Dally M. It will be exciting to see for everyone if the fullback continues to have a second year of remarkable playing.