HBF Park is ready to deliver a superb NRL experience for Sydney Roosters fans

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The Sydney Roosters have announced that they will be playing some of their homes games across the country in Perth at HBF Park from 2020 onwards.

The Roosters will play one NRL home game each season through to 2022, bringing top-class rugby league to Western Australia.

It's a huge move for the immensely popular club, seeking to expand their fan base across the country as well as bring the game to some of their fans that are further afield. After all, Sydney Cricket Ground is a good 41 hours away across-country or a cool four hours by plane.

The change in the Roosters' home ground for one game per season is for the NRL fans in Western Australia, but some die-hard Roosters fans will follow their team across the country for this unique experience. Given the recent strong run of the team, it'll be worth making the trip to Perth to see the Roosters perform in what would be an iconic game.

So, let's have a look at what the fans can enjoy in and around HBF Park outside of the fixture to make the trip even more worthwhile.

Making the most of free Wi-Fi

HBF Park is a stunning venue that's perfect for rugby league spectators. Commonly known as the Perth Oval, it's one of the most famous stadiums in Australia, with the local area of Perth crafted into a superb visitor experience. One of the ways in which the visitor experience is heightened through is the deployment of free Wi-Fi throughout the city of Perth. It's very important for modern stadia to offer Wi-Fi to its patrons. There is already a very high, but ever-increasing, demand for sport and entertainment in its digitised form.

People need to be able to go online to check out sports stats, watch video highlights, read interviews, and bet on sports. In fact, due to such a high demand from the online community, the betting industry has almost entirely migrated to the internet. The same can be said in the fellow gambling entertainment industry of casino gaming, with online casino real money NZ showcasing that there is a great demand being met online. Having these options available on-site goes a long way towards providing a top-class experience for fans.

Getting stuck into the restaurants and bars

As noted, the free Wi-Fi is there to help any visitor to find an eatery or bar that suits them in Perth. But if sports fans want to indulge themselves in the matchday atmosphere and experience HBF Park to its fullest, there are plenty of bars and restaurants in the area to appease any palate.

In the retail catering sector, fans will be able to find the classic game-day meal of burgers at the Burger Bar, with the Aussie Classic Burger being a local favourite. There's also the Cheeky Brothers Pizza Pod for a quick Italian meal as well as the North Tuckshop if you fancy some Mexican classics like quesadillas, chimichangas, or sweet potato fries. As for drinks, fans who get in early can seek out one of the many of coffee vendors dotted around the stadium, but for a classic pint with the game, patrons can head over to the West Brick Bar.

If any Roosters fans plan on making the trip all the way over to Perth next season, they can do so in the knowledge that HBF Park, and the city, will provide everything they could ever need to enjoy the whole trip.