Jack Wighton claims 2020 Dally M Medal

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Tune in tonight as LeagueUnlimited brings you all the winners and awards from the Dally M night as they happen!

Check out below our coverage of the night including all the award winners and the Team of the Year.

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12 noon: It all kicks off at 7:30pm. The leaderboard when voting went behind closed doors in Round 12:

13: Harry Grant (Tigers)
12: Cameron Smith (Storm), Clint Gutherson (Eels)
11: Jason Taumalolo (Cowboys), Shaun Johnson (Sharks), Nathan Cleary (Panthers)
10: Jack Wighton (Raiders)
9: Benji Marshall (Tigers), Matt Dufty (Dragons), Tom Trbojevic (Sea Eagles)
8: George Williams (Raiders)
7: James Tedesco (Roosters), Api Koroisau (Panthers), Cameron Munster (Storm), James Fisher-Harris (Panthers), Luke Keary (Roosters), Moeaki Fotuaika (Titans), Ryan Papenhuyzen (Storm)

6:45pm: A number of lesser awards have been dished out during NRL.com's pre-event show:

  • NRL Tackle of the Year - Josh Papali'i (Raiders) v Titans
  • NRL Try of the Year - Kotoni Staggs (Broncos) v Dragons
  • NRL Hard Earned Player of the Year - Jake Trbojevic (Sea Eagles) & Tohu Harris (Warriors)
  • NRLW Tackle of the Year - Hannah Southwell (Roosters)
  • NRLW Try of the Year - Madison Bartlett (Warriors)
  • NRLW Rookie of the Year - Kennedy Cherrington (Roosters)

6:55pm: Warriors custodian Roger Tuivasa-Sheck is the Dally M Captain of the Year.

7:00pm: Fox League's NRL 360 has announced the Peter Frilingos Headline Moment is Project Apollo.

7:10pm: Oh no. The Daily Telegraph has inadvertently published the winner and final leaderboard hours early. If you want to be spoiled, click here.

7:18pm: Tigers' loanee and contracted Storm player Harry Grant is Rookie of the Year.

7:25pm: South Sydney clean up with the Top Tryscorer and Top Pointscorer gongs with Alex Johnston and Adam Reynolds respectively. That's it for the pre-show - the rest of the awards and the count will fall within the main ceremony which begins in just over five minutes.

7:49pm: We're underway. Andrew Abdo has spoken and we've advanced the count to Round 13.

8:10pm: The count advances to Round 15. Clint Gutherson takes the lead.

8:20pm: The Team of the Year begins. Penrith's James Fisher-Harris and Canberra's Josh Papali'i are the props, with JFH's teammate Viliame Kikau and Warrior Tohu Harris the second rowers.

8:30pm: The Warriors have deservedly taken out the Provan Summons Medal for 'spirit of the game'. We applaud the sacrifice of all those at the club to ensure the 2020 season continued.

8:40pm: Penrith's Ivan Cleary is the 2020 Dally M Coach of the Year.

8:45pm: Back to the count. We have a sneaking suspicion Jack Wighton could rise a bit here...

8:55pm: The wingers and centres are named as the Team of the Year continues. Nofoaluma, Staggs, Addo-Carr and Stephen Crichton are the recipients.

9:00pm: The women's player of the year is Brisbane's Ali Brigginshaw.

9:10pm: Wighton (26), Gutherson (25) and Cleary (24) are the leaders with one round left.

9:15pm: Team of the Year wraps up - Yeo, Smith, Gutherson, Wighton and Cleary complete the pack. See it in full below.

9:20pm: As leaked earlier in the evening, Jack Wighton is the 2020 Dally M Medal winner.

Awards & nominees list

2020 Dally M NRL Player of the Year - Jack Wighton (Raiders)
Peter Moore Award (Rookie of the Year) - Harry Grant
Captain of the Year - Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
Coach of the Year - Ivan Cleary
Provan Summons Medal (Spirit of the Game) - Warriors (staying in Australia to complete the season)
Peter Frilingos Memorial Award (Headline Moment) - Project Apollo
Female Player of the Year - Ali Brigginshaw
Top Pointscorer - Adam Reynolds
Ken Irvine Award for Top Tryscorer - Alex Johnston

Men's Team of the Year
Fullback: Clint Gutherson (Eels)
Wingers: David Nofoaluma (Tigers) & Josh Addo-Carr (Storm)
Centres: Kotoni Staggs (Broncos) & Stephen Crichton (Panthers)
Five-Eighth: Jack Wighton (Raiders)
Halfback: Nathan Cleary (Panthers)
Props: Josh Papali'i (Raiders) & James Fisher-Harris (Panthers)
Hooker: Cameron Smith (Storm)
Second Rowers: Viliame Kikau (Panthers) & Tohu Harris (Warriors)
Lock: Isaah Yeo (Panthers)

Club Top Fives

Raiders: Jack Wighton 26, George Williams 8, Josh Papalii 7, Elliott Whitehead 6, Josh Hodgson 6

Eels: Clinton Gutherson 25, Junior Paulo 9, Mitchell Moses 9, Reagan Campbell-Gillard 7, Ryan Matterson 6

Panthers: Nathan Cleary 24, Jarome Luai 17, Apisai Koroisau 12, James Fisher-Harris 12, Dylan Edwards 9

Storm: Cameron Smith 22, Ryan Papenhuyzen 16, Cameron Munster 14, Jahrome Hughes 10, Tino Faasuamaleaui 6

Roosters: Luke Keary 18, James Tedesco 15, Siosiua Taukeiaho 13, Brett Morris 6, Victor Radley 6

Sharks: Shaun Johnson 18, Siosifa Talakai 7, Aaron Woods 5, Braden Hamlin-Uele 4, Jesse Ramien 3, Sione Katoa 3

Rabbitohs: Adam Reynolds 17, Cody Walker 13, Damien Cook 6, Thomas Burgess 5, Cameron Murray 4

Knights: Kalyn Ponga 16, David Klemmer 10, Daniel Saifiti 8, Mitchell Barnett 7, Mitchell Pearce 4

Tigers: Harry Grant 15, Benji Marshall 10, David Nofoaluma 6, Josh Aloiai 4, Luciano Leilua 3

Dragons: Matthew Dufty 14, Cameron McInnes 9, Ben Hunt 5, Zac Lomax 3, Tyson Frizell 2

Warriors: Tohu Harris 14, Kodi Nikorima 10, Peta Hiku 6, Roger Tuivasa-Sheck 6, Jazz Tevaga 5

Titans: Alexander Brimson 13, Ashley Taylor 8, Corey Thompson 5, Tyrone Peachey 5, Moeaki Fotuaika 4

Cowboys: Jason Taumalolo 12, Scott Drinkwater 6, Jake Clifford 3, Kyle Feldt 3, Valentine Holmes 3

Sea Eagles: Daly Cherry-Evans 9, Tom Trbojevic 9, Curtis Sironen 4, Jake Trbojevic 4, Cade Cust 3, Tevita Funa 3

Bulldogs: Will Hopoate 8, Kieran Foran 6, Josh Jackson 5, Aiden Tolman 4, Raymond Faitala-Mariner 3

Broncos: Tom Dearden 3, Anthony Milford 2, Brodie Croft 2, Kotoni Staggs 1, Tesi Niu 1, Xavier Coates 1

Full count

Eels v Bulldogs: 3 J. Jackson 2 C. Gutherson 1 R. Mahoney J B. Kimmorley
Raiders v Titans: 3 J. Wighton 2. E. Whitehead 1. J. Papalii J J. Smith
Cowboys v Broncos: 3 P. Haas 2 B. Croft 1 J. Taumalolo J D. Lockyer
Rabbitohs v Sharks: 3. L. Knight 2 S. Johnson 1 C. Murray J G. Alexander
Panthers v Roosters: 3 A. Koroisau 2 I. Yeo 1 J. Fisher-Harris J C. Parker
Knights v Warriors: 3 D. Klemmer 2 M. Barnett 1 M. Pearce J A. Ryan
Sea Eagles v Storm: 3 C. Smith 2 T. Kamikamica 1 J. Hughes J A. Johns
Dragons v Tigers: 3 B. Marshall 2 D. Nofoaluma 1 P. Vaughan J S. Roach

Bulldogs v Cowboys: 3 J. Taumalolo 2 J. McGuire 1 C. Hess J J. Thurston
Dragons v Panthers: 3 N. Cleary 2 J. Mansour 1 M. Dufty J D. Halatau
Broncos v Rabbitohs: 3 T. Flegler 2 P. Carrigan 1 K. Staggs J B. Moore
Warriors v Raiders: 3 J. Hodgson 2 E. Whitehead 1 J. Croker J G. Belcher
Roosters v Sea Eagles: 3 T. Trbojevic 2 J. Tedesco 1 A. Fonua-Blake J B. Ikin
Sharks v Storm: 3 J. Bromwich 2 S. Sorensen 1 T. Kamikamica J L. Lewis
Tigers v Knights: 3 J. Brailey 2 M. Pearce 1 D. Saifiti M. Elliott
Titans v Eels: 3 M. Moses 2 M. Jennings 1 C. Gutherson J J. Hodges

Broncos v Eels: 3 C. Gutherson 2 J. Paulo 1 R. Mahoney
Cowboys v Titans: 3 J. Taumalolo 2 V. Holmes 1 R. Robson D. Halatau
Sharks v Tigers: 3 B. Marshall 2 H. Grant 1 W. Graham J M. Elliott
Roosters v Souths: 3 V. Radley 2 J. Tedesco 1 J. Waerea-Hargreaves J S. Roach
Warriors v Dragons: 3 T. Harris 2 K. Nikorima 1 E. Katoa J A. Ryan
Storm v Raiders: 3 G. Williams 2 J. Papalii 1 J. Hodgson J G. Alexander
Panthers v Knights: 3 I. Yeo 2 T. Glasby 1 T. Hoy J A. Johns
Sea Eagles v Bulldogs: 3 T. Trbojevic 2 C. Sironen 1 D. Cherry-Evans J S. Sattler

Broncos v Roosters: 3 L. Keary 2 V. Radley 1 B. Morris J B. Moore
Panthers v Warriors: 3 M. Burton 2 J. Fisher-Harris 1 A. Koroisau J S. Thaiday
Storm v Rabbitohs: 3 C. Munster 2 D. Finucane 1 C. Smith J N. Hindmarsh
Eels v Sea Eagles: 3 M. Moses 2 R. Mahoney 1 M. Sivo J A. Minichiello
Cowboys v Sharks: 3 J. Ramien 2 J. McGuire 1 A. Woods J B. Ikin
Knights v Raiders: 3 K. Ponga 2 H. Ese'ese 1 B. Best J R. Girdler
Titans v Tigers: 3 M. Fotuaika 2 H. Grant 1 D. Nofoaluma J S. Menzies
Bulldogs v Dragons: 3 W. Hopoate 2 D. Watene-Zelezniak 1 A. Tolman J J. Thurston

Sea Eagles v Broncos: 3 T. Trbojevic 2 A. Fonua-Blake 1 X. Coates J M. Geyer
Warriors v Cowboys: 3 K. Nikorima 2 T. Harris 1 B. Green J P. Civoniceva
Eels v Panthers: 3 R. Matterson 2 W. Blake 1 I. Yeo J. D. Johnson
Rabbitohs v Titans: 3 D. Gagai 2 L. Mitchell 1 B. Cartwright J B. Galea
Knights v Storm: 3 C. Smith 2 C. Munster 1 R. Papenhuyzen J J. Hodges
Tigers v Raiders: 3 J. Wighton 2 J. Reynolds 1 J. Hodgson J B. Kimmorley
Dragons v Sharks: 3 M. Dufty 2 C. McInnes 1 B. Hunt J A. Tongue
Bulldogs v Roosters: 3 J. Tedesco 2 A. Crichton 1 V. Radley J T. Puletua

Knights v Broncos: 3 D. Saifiti 2 B. Best 1 H. Ese'ese J W. Lewis
Rabbitohs v Warriors: 3 C. Walker 2 L. Mitchell 1 D. Cook J J. Smith
Panthers v Storm: 3 N. Cleary 2 V. Kikau 1 C. Munster J S. Thaiday
Titans v Dragons: 3 Z. Lomax 2 M. Dufty 1 P. Vaughan J P. Whatuira
Tigers v Cowboys: 3 H. Grant 2 J. Taumalolo 1 L. Brooks J N. Hindmarsh
Roosters v Eels: 3 J. Morris 2 N. Brown 1 L. Keary J S. Sattler
Raiders v Sea Eagles: 3 A. Fonua-Blake 2 C. Sironen 1 D. Cherry-Evans J C. Parker
Sharks v Bulldogs: 3 S. Johnson 2 W. Hopoate 1 A. Woods J Mark Geyer

Panthers v Rabbitohs: 3 N. Cleary 2 J. Tamou J. Luai J A. Johns
Storm v Warriors: 3 R. Papenhuyzen 2 J. Hughes 1 S. Vunivalu J B. Ikin
Roosters v Dragons: 3 S. Taukeiaho 2 L. Keary 1 J. Waerea-Hargreaves J D. Johnson
Cowboys v Knights: 3 J. Clifford J. Taumalolo S. Drinkwater J R. Girdler
Titans v Broncos: 3 M. Fotuaika 2 J. Arrow 1 A. Taylor J L. Lewis
Eels v Raiders: 3 C. Gutherson 2 G. Williams 1 J. Hodgson J G. Belcher
Tigers v Bulldogs: 3 H. Grant 2 L. Leilua 1 L. Brooks J S. Menzies
Sea Eagles v Sharks: 3 S. Johnson 2 B. Hamlin-Uele 1 S. Katoa J A. Minichiello

Storm v Roosters: 3 J. Hughes 2 B. Morris 1 C. Smith J D. Lockyer
Raiders v Dragons: 3 G. Williams 2 C. McInnes 1 E. Aitken J B. Moore
Eels v Cowboys: 3 C. Gutherson 2 M. Sivo 1 D. Brown J D. Halatau
Titans v Sharks: 3 S. Johnson 2 B. Hamlin-Uele 1 A. Fifita J J. Thurston
Warriors v Broncos: 3 K. Maumalo 2 B. Green 1 T. Harris J G. Alexander
Tigers v Panthers: 3 A. Koroisau 2 J. Luai 1 H. Grant J M. Elliott
Manly v Knights: 3 D. Klemmer 2 D. Saifiti 1 D. Cherry-Evans J T. Puletua
Bulldogs v Rabbitohs: 3 C. Murray 2 D. Cook 1 A. Reynolds J S. Roach

Cowboys v Roosters: 3 M. Ikuvalu 2 A. Crichton 1 L. Keary J W. Lewis
Titans v Warriors: 3 C. Thompson 2 T. Peachey 1 M. Fotuaika J C. Parker
Rabbitohs v Tigers: 3 A. Reynolds 2 D. Gagai 1 J. Aloiai J J. Hodges
Sharks v Panthers: 3 D. Edwards 2 C. Staines 1 J. Fisher-Harris J L. Lewis
Broncos v Bulldogs: 3 T. Pangai-Junior 2 A. Milford 1 T. Niu J P. Whatuira
Raiders v Storm: 3 R. Papenhuyzen 2 C. Smith 1 J. Wighton J G. Alexander
Knights v Eels: 3 N. Brown 2 R. Campbell-Gillard 1 R. Mahoney J B. Kimmorley
Dragons v Sea Eagles: 3 B. Hunt 2 P. Vaughan 1 C. McInnes J A. Ryan

Roosters v Raiders: 3 J. Wighton 2 J. Papalii 1 K. Flanagan J S. Thaiday
Storm v Titans: 3 C. Munster 2 C. Smith 1 N. Asofa-Solomona J S. Sattler
Tigers v Broncos: 3 B. Marshall 2 H. Grant 1 L. Leilua J A. Minichiello
Dragons v Bulldogs: 3 M. Dufty 2 B. Hunt 1 R. Faitala-Mariner J M. Geyer
Rabbitohs v Knights: 3 K. Ponga 2 D. Cook 1 M. Pearce J G. Belcher
Sea Eagles v Eels: 3 J. Trbojevic 2 D. Cherry-Evans 1 R. Campbell-Gillard J P. Civoniceva
Warriors v Sharks: 3 A. Woods 2 S. Katoa 1 B. Brailey J T. Puletua
Panthers v Cowboys: 3 J. Fisher-Harris 2 N. Cleary 1 J. McGuire J B. Galea

Eels v Tigers: 3 R. Campbell-Gillard 2 J. Paulo 1 C. Gutherson J A. Johns
Cowboys v Sea Eagles: 3 C. Cust 2 A. Fonua-Blake 1 K. Feldt J R. Girdler
Broncos v Storm: 3 C. Smith 2 C. Munster 1 J. Hughes J W. Lewis
Warriors v Roosters: 3 L. Keary 2 S. Taukeiaho 1 S. Tupouniua J N. Hindmarsh
Sharks v Dragons: 3 S. Johnson 2 W. Graham 1 M. Dufty J P. Whatuira
Raiders v Rabbitohs: 3 J. Wighton 2 T. Burgess 1 J. Rapana J B. Galea
Knights v Bulldogs: 3 A. Tolman 2 K. Foran 1 K. Mann J B. Ikin
Titans v Panthers: 3 J. Luai 2 J. Tamou 1 I. Yeo J J. Smith

Dragons v Rabbitohs: 3 C. Walker 2 A. Johnston 1 M. Dufty J D. Lockyer
Tigers v Warriors: 3 J. Tevaga 2 T. Harris 1 P. Hiku J D. Halatua
Broncos v Sharks: 3 W. Graham 2 K. Staggs 1 B. Brailey J D. Halatua
Roosters v Titans: 3 J. Tedesco 2 B. Kelly 1 S. Taukeiaho J M. Elliott
Cowboys v Raiders: 3 J. Rapana 2 J. Bateman 1 J. Taumalolo J B. Moore
Sea Eagles v Panthers: 3 N. Cleary 2 J. Fisher-Harris 1 I. Yeo J S. Roach
Bulldogs v Eels: 3 C. Gutherson 2 K. Foran 1 J. Paulo J S. Menzies
Storm v Knights: 3 T. Faasuamaleaui 2 R. Papenhuyzen 1 C. Munster J D. Johnson

Dragons v Roosters: 3 S. Taukeiaho 2 L. Keary 1 S. Tupouniua J C. Parker
Sea Eagles v Warriors: 3 T. Harris 2 K. Nikorima 1 J. Trbojevic J S. Sattler
Rabbitohs v Broncos: 3 A. Reynolds 2 P. Haas 1 L. Mitchell J L. Lewis
Storm v Bulldogs: 3 K. Bromwich 2 N. Asofa-Solomona 1 N. Hynes J G. Alexander
Knights v Tigers: 3 K. Ponga 2 J. Saifiti 1 M. Barnett J A. Ryan
Panthers v Raiders: 3 N. Cleary 2 A. Koroisau 1 C. Nicoll-Klokstad J P. Civoniceva
Titans v Cowboys: 3 A. Brimson 2 A. Taylor 1 J. Arrow J J. Hodges
Sharks v Eels: 3 N. Brown 2 D. Brown 1 S. Johnson J B. Kimmorley

Roosters v Storm: 3 C. Welch 2 J. Hughes 1 B. Smith J A. Johns
Warriors v Panthers: 3 A. Koroisau 2 P. Hiku 1 N. Cleary J M Geyer
Eels v Dragons: 3 M. Moses 2 B. Hunt 1 C. Gutherson J S. Thaiday
Sharks v Titans: 3 S. Johnson 2 S. Talakai 1 C. Thompson J G. Belcher
Cowboys v Rabbitohs: 3 A. Reynolds 2 M. Morgan 1 J. McGuire J S. Menzies
Raiders v Broncos: 3 C. Nicoll-Klokstad 2 J. Tapine 1 J. Wighton J T. Puletua
Knights v Sea Eagles: 3 K. Ponga 2 M. Barnett 1 T. Paseka J A. Minichiello
Tigers v Bulldogs: 3 J. Aloiai 2 K. Foran 1 B. Marshall J R. Girdler

Eels v Storm: 3 C. Gutherson 2 R. Matterson 1 C. Welch J S. Sattler
Panthers v Sharks: 3 L. Martin 2 J. Luai 1 N. Cleary J S. Sattler
Broncos v Dragons: 3 T. Dearden 2 C. McInnes 1 A. Clune J W. Lewis
Titans v Raiders: 3 J. Wighton 2 R. Sutton 1 J. Tapine D. Halatua
Tigers v Roosters: 3 B. Morris 2 S. Taukeiaho 1 A. Doueihi J P. Civoniceva
Rabbitohs v Sea Eagles: 3 A. Reynolds 2 L. Mitchell 1 C. Graham J P. Whatuira
Bulldogs v Warriors: 3 K. Nikorima 2 R. Tuivasa-Sheck 1 T. Harris J B. Galea
Knights v Cowboys: 3 D. Klemmer 2 M. Barnett 1 K. Ponga J P. Civoniceva

Eels v Rabbitohs: 3 C. Walker 2 A. Reynolds 1 T. Tatola J B. Ikin
Dragons v Titans: 3 T. Peachey 2 A. Brimson 1 C. McInnes J L. Lewis
Roosters v Broncos: 3 S. Tupouniua 2 J. Tedesco 1 J. Morris J T. Puletua
Warriors v Knights: 3 R. Tuivasa-Sheck 2 J. Tevaga 1 P. Hiku J R. Girdler
Sharks v Cowboys: 3 B. Nikora 2 S. Talakai 1 C. Tracey J D. Lockyer
Panthers v Tigers: 3 J. Luai 2 N. Cleary 1 L. Martin J D. Lockyer
Storm v Sea Eagles: 3 R. Papenhuyzen 2 J. Addo-Carr 1 D. Schonig J M. Elliott
Raiders v Bulldogs: 3 J. Wighton 2 J. Papalli 1 T. Starling J N. Hindmarsh

Broncos v Panthers: 3 D. Edwards 2 J. Fisher-Harris 1 N. Cleary J C. Parker
Knights v Sharks: 3 K. Ponga 2 K. Mann 1 D. Klemmer J M. Geyer
Rabbitohs v Storm: 3 R. Papenhuyzen 2 T. Faasuamaleaui 1 C. Smith J A. Johns
Bulldogs v Titans: 3 J. Wallace 2 R. Faitala-Mariner 1 C. Thompson J A. Johns
Sea Eagles v Tigers: 3 D. Nofoaluma 2 D. Cherry-Evans 1 A. Doueihi J J. Thurston
Raiders v Roosters: 3 J. Tedesco 2 S. Taukeiaho 1 J. Tapine J B. Kimmorley
Warriors v Eels: 3 R. Tuivasa-Sheck 2 C. Gutherson 1 R. Campbell-Gillard J G. Alexander
Cowboys v Dragons: 3 V. Holmes 2 S. Drinkwater 1 C. McInnes J S. Roach

Tigers v Rabbitohs: 3 T. Burgess 2 H. Grant 1 D. Cook J D. Halatua
Bulldogs v Sea Eagles: 3 T. Funa 2 D. Cherry-Evans 1 M. Harper J A. Ryan
Panthers v Eels: 3 D. Edwards 2 N. Cleary 1 J. Fisher-Harris J L. Lewis
Dragons v Raiders: 3 J. Wighton 2 H. Young 1 J. Tapine J B. Ikin
Titans v Broncos: 3 A. Taylor 2 A. Brimson 1 K. Staggs J S. Menzies
Roosters v Knights: 3 L. Keary 2. J. Friend 1 A. Crichton J S. Thaiday
Storm v Cowboys: 3 C. Smith 2 C. Munster 1 T. Faasuamaleaui J S. Sattler
Sharks vs Warriors: 3 S. Talakai 2 T. Harris 1 T. Rudolf J D. Johnson

Rabbitohs v Bulldogs: 3 W. Hopoate 2 J. Jackson 1 C. Walker J D. Lockyer
Cowboys v Panthers: 3 J. Luai 2 V. Kikau 1 B. Naden J W. Lewis
Eels v Broncos: 3 C. Gutherson 2 J. Paulo 1 R. Matterson J N. Hindmarsh
Sea Eagles v Titans: 3 A. Brimson 2 J. Fogarty 1 Y. Tonumaipea J B. Galea
Storm v Tigers: 3 C. Smith 2 J. Hughes 1 N. Asofa-Solomona J J. Smith
Roosters v Sharks: 3 L. Keary 2 J. Manu 1 M. Aubusson J P. Whatuira
Raiders v Warriors: 3 J. Wighton 2 E. Whitehead 1 R. Tuivasa-Sheck J G. Alexander
Knights v Dragons: 3 K. Ponga 2 D. Saifiti 1 C. Randall J A. Minichiello

Broncos v Cowboys: 3 S. Drinkwater 2 K. Feldt 1 V. Holmes J J. Thurston
Titans v Knights: 3 A. Brimson 2 A. Taylor 1 B. Kelly J M. Geyer
Rabbitohs v Roosters: 3 C. Walker 2 A.Reynolds 1 A. Johnston J A. Johns
Bulldogs v Panthers: 3 J. Luai 2 J. Tamou 1 B. Naden J B. Moore
Sharks v Raiders: 3 T. Starling 2 D. Lui 1 C. Tracey J M. Elliott
Tigers v Eels: 3 N. Brown 2 J. Paulo 1. L. Brooks J B. Kimmorley
Warriors v Sea Eagles: 3 C. Harris-Tavita 2 P. Hiku 1 A. Keighran J A. Ryan
Dragons v Storm: 3 M. Dufty 2 T. Frizell 1 R. Papenhuyzen J J. Smith

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