2021 NRL Draw released

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The NRL is set to release the 2021 premiership season draw this Thursday November 26. As news and fixtures come to hand, we'll update you right here!

Thursday 11am: Here it is! The 2021 NRL Premiership Draw:

Round 1
Thursday, Mar 11
Storm vs. RabbitohsAAMI8:05pm
Friday, Mar 12Knights vs. BulldogsMcDonald Jones6:00pm
Broncos vs. EelsSuncorp8:05pm
Saturday, Mar 13Warriors vs. TitansMt Smart3:00pm
Roosters vs. Sea EaglesSCG5:30pm
Panthers vs. CowboysPanthers7:35pm
Sunday, Mar 14Raiders vs. TigersGIO4:05pm
Dragons vs. SharksNetstrata Jubilee6:15pm
Round 2
Thursday, Mar 18Eels vs. StormBankwest8:05pm
Friday, Mar 19Warriors vs. KnightsMt Smart6:00pm
Titans vs. BroncosCbus Super8:05pm
Saturday, Mar 20Bulldogs vs. PanthersBankwest3:00pm
Sea Eagles vs. RabbitohsLottoland5:30pm
Cowboys vs. DragonsQLD Country Bank7:35pm
Sunday, Mar 21Tigers vs. RoostersCampbelltown4:05pm
Sharks vs. RaidersNetstrata Jubilee6:15pm
Round 3
Thursday, Mar 25Panthers vs. StormPanthers8:05pm
Friday, Mar 26Dragons vs. Sea EaglesWIN6:00pm
Rabbitohs vs. RoostersANZ8:05pm
Saturday, Mar 27Raiders vs. WarriorsGIO3:00pm
Broncos vs. BulldogsSuncorp5:30pm
Eels vs. SharksBankwest7:35pm
Sunday, Mar 28Knights vs. TigersMcDonald Jones4:05pm
Cowboys vs. TitansQLD Country Bank6:15pm
Round 4 (Easter)
Thursday, Apr 1Sea Eagles vs. PanthersLottoland8:05pm
Friday, Apr 2Bulldogs vs. RabbitohsANZ4:05pm
Storm vs. BroncosAAMI8:05pm
Saturday, Apr 3Titans vs. RaidersSunshine Coast7:35pm
Sharks vs. CowboysCbus Super5:30pm
Sunday, Apr 4Knights vs. DragonsMcDonald Jones4:05pm
Roosters vs. WarriorsSCG6:15pm
Monday, Apr 5Tigers vs. EelsBankwest4:00pm
Round 5
Thursday, Apr 8Rabbitohs vs. BroncosANZ7:50pm
Friday, Apr 9Warriors vs. Sea EaglesMt Smart6:00pm
Panthers vs. RaidersPanthers7:55pm
Saturday, Apr 10Titans vs. KnightsCbus Super3:00pm
Bulldogs vs. StormHBF (Perth)5:30pm
Roosters vs. SharksCentral Coast7:35pm
Sunday, Apr 11Tigers vs. CowboysLeichhardt4:05pm
Eels vs. DragonsBankwest6:15pm
Round 6
Thursday, Apr 15Broncos vs. PanthersSuncorp7:50pm
Friday, Apr 16Knights vs. SharksMcDonald Jones6:00pm
Storm vs. RoostersAAMI7:55pm
Saturday, Apr 17Sea Eagles vs. TitansMudgee3:00pm
Rabbitohs vs. TigersANZ5:30pm
Raiders vs. EelsGIO7:35pm
Sunday, Apr 18Dragons vs. WarriorsNetstrata Jubilee2:00pm
Cowboys vs. BulldogsQLD Country Bank4:05pm
Round 7 (ANZAC)
Thursday, Apr 22Panthers vs. KnightsPanthers7:50pm
Friday, Apr 23Titans vs. RabbitohsCbus6:00pm
Eels vs. BroncosTIO (Darwin)7:55pm
Saturday, Apr 24Sharks vs. BulldogsNetstrata Jubilee5:30pm
Cowboys vs. RaidersQLD Country Bank7:35pm
Sunday, Apr 25Tigers vs. Sea EaglesBankwest1:45pm
Roosters vs. DragonsSCG4:05pm
Storm vs. WarriorsAAMI6:15pm
Round 8
Thursday, Apr 29Raiders vs. RabbitohsGIO7:50pm
Friday, Apr 30Storm vs. SharksAAMI6:00pm
Broncos vs. TitansSuncorp7:55pm
Saturday, May 1Panthers vs. Sea EaglesBathurst3:00pm
Bulldogs vs. EelsANZ5:30pm
Knights vs. RoostersMcDonald Jones7:35pm
Sunday, May 2Warriors vs. CowboysMt Smart2:00pm
Dragons vs. TigersWIN4:05pm
Round 9
Thursday, May 6Rabbitohs vs. StormANZ7:50pm
Friday, May 7Panthers vs. SharksPanthers6:00pm
Eels vs. RoostersBankwest7:55pm
Saturday, May 8Raiders vs. KnightsWagga3:00pm
Tigers vs. TitansCampbelltown5:30pm
Cowboys vs. BroncosQLD Country Bank7:35pm
Sunday, May 9Sea Eagles vs. WarriorsLottoland2:00pm
Dragons vs. BulldogsNetstrata Jubilee4:05pm
Round 10 (Magic)
Friday, May 14Tigers vs. KnightsSuncorp6:00pm
Sea Eagles vs. BroncosSuncorp8:05pm
Saturday, May 15Bulldogs vs. RaidersSuncorp3:00pm
Sharks vs. RabbitohsSuncorp5:30pm
Roosters vs. CowboysSuncorp7:45pm
Sunday, May 16Warriors vs. EelsSuncorp1:50pm
Storm vs. DragonsSuncorp4:05pm
Titans vs. PanthersSuncorp6:25pm
Round 11
Thursday, May 20Cowboys vs. KnightsQLD Country Bank7:50pm
Friday, May 21Warriors vs. TigersMt Smart6:00pm
Sharks vs. DragonsNetstrata Jubilee7:55pm
Saturday, May 22Titans vs. BulldogsCbus Super3:00pm
Roosters vs. BroncosSCG5:30pm
Raiders vs. StormGIO7:35pm
Sunday, May 23Rabbitohs vs. PanthersDubbo2:00pm
Eels vs. Sea EaglesBankwest4:05pm
Round 12 (Indigenous)
Thursday, May 27Broncos vs. StormSuncorp7:50pm
Friday, May 28Cowboys vs. WarriorsQLD Country Bank6:00pm
Tigers vs. DragonsBankwest7:55pm
Saturday, May 29Panthers vs. BulldogsPanthers3:00pm
Rabbitohs vs. EelsANZ5:30pm
Roosters vs. RaidersHBF (Perth)7:35pm
Sunday, May 30Sharks vs. TitansCoffs2:00pm
Knights vs. Sea EaglesMcDonald Jones4:05pm
Round 13
Thursday, Jun 3Dragons vs. BroncosNetstrata Jubilee7:50pm
Friday, Jun 4Tigers vs. PanthersLeichhardt7:55pm
Saturday, Jun 5Storm vs. TitansAAMI7:35pm
Sunday, Jun 6Knights vs. EelsMcDonald Jones4:05pm
ByesBulldogs, Cowboys, Rabbitohs, Raiders, Roosters, Sea Eagles, Sharks, Warriors
Round 14
Friday, Jun 11Sea Eagles vs. CowboysLottoland6:00pm
Sharks vs. PanthersNetstrata Jubilee7:55pm
Saturday, Jun 12Titans vs. RoostersCbus Super3:00pm
Rabbitohs vs. KnightsANZ5:30pm
Raiders vs. BroncosGIO7:35pm
Sunday, Jun 13Warriors vs. StormMt Smart2:00pm
Eels vs. TigersBankwest4:05pm
Monday, Jun 14Bulldogs vs. DragonsANZ4:00pm
Round 15
Thursday, Jun 17Broncos vs. RabbitohsSuncorp7:50pm
Friday, Jun 18Cowboys vs. SharksQLD Country Bank6:00pm
Panthers vs. RoostersPanthers7:55pm
Saturday, Jun 19Knights vs. WarriorsMcDonald Jones3:00pm
Dragons vs. RaidersWIN5:30pm
Storm vs. TigersAAMI7:35pm
Sunday, Jun 20Eels vs. BulldogsBankwest2:00pm
Titans vs. Sea EaglesCbus Super4:05pm
Round 16
Thursday, Jul 1Roosters vs. StormSCG7:50pm
Friday, Jul 2Warriors vs. DragonsMt Smart6:00pm
Panthers vs. EelsPanthers7:55pm
Saturday, Jul 3Bulldogs vs. Sea EaglesANZ3:00pm
Raiders vs. TitansGIO5:30pm
Knights vs. CowboysMcDonald Jones7:35pm
Sunday, Jul 4Broncos vs. SharksSuncorp2:00pm
Tigers vs. RabbitohsLeichhardt4:05pm
Round 17
Thursday, Jul 8Sea Eagles vs. RaidersLottoland7:50pm
Friday, Jul 9Rabbitohs vs. CowboysANZ7:55pm
Saturday, Jul 10Bulldogs vs. RoostersBankwest7:35pm
Sunday, Jul 11Sharks vs. WarriorsNetstrata Jubilee4:05pm
ByesBroncos, Dragons, Eels, Knights, Panthers, Storm, Wests Tigers, Titans
Round 18
Friday, Jul 16Titans vs. EelsCbus Super6:00pm
Sea Eagles vs. DragonsLottoland7:55pm
Saturday, Jul 17Raiders vs. SharksGIO3:00pm
Cowboys vs. RoostersQLD Country Bank5:30pm
Storm vs. Knights
Sunday, Jul 18Warriors vs. PanthersMt Smart2:00pm
Broncos vs. TigersSuncorp4:05pm
Rabbitohs vs. BulldogsANZ6:15pm
Round 19
Thursday, Jul 22Eels vs. RaidersBankwest7:50pm
Friday, Jul 23Roosters vs. KnightsSCG6:00pm
Cowboys vs. StormQLD Country Bank7:55pm
Saturday, Jul 24Rabbitohs vs. WarriorsSunshine Coast3:00pm
Sea Eagles vs. TigersCentral Coast5:30pm
Panthers vs. BroncosPanthers7:35pm
Sunday, Jul 25Dragons vs. TitansNetstrata Jubilee2:00pm
Bulldogs vs. SharksBankwest4:05pm
Round 20
Thursday, Jul 29Roosters vs. EelsSCG7:50pm
Friday, Jul 30Tigers vs. WarriorsBankwest6:00pm
Broncos vs. CowboysSuncorp7:55pm
Saturday, Jul 31Dragons vs. RabbitohsWIN3:00pm
Knights vs. RaidersMcDonald Jones5:30pm
Storm vs. PanthersAAMI7:35pm
Sunday, Aug 1Bulldogs vs. TitansBankwest2:00pm
Sharks vs. Sea EaglesNetstrata Jubilee4:05pm
Round 21
Thursday, Aug 5Knights vs. BroncosMcDonald Jones7:50pm
Friday, Aug 6Raiders vs. DragonsGIO6:00pm
Eels vs. RabbitohsBankwest7:55pm
Saturday, Aug 7Warriors vs. SharksMt Smart3:00pm
Roosters vs. PanthersSCG5:30pm
Sea Eagles vs. StormLottoland7:35pm
Sunday, Aug 8Bulldogs vs. TigersBelmore2:00pm
Titans vs. CowboysCbus Super4:05pm
Round 22
Thursday, Aug 12Storm vs. RaidersAAMI7:50pm
Friday, Aug 13Dragons vs. PanthersWIN6:00pm
Broncos vs. RoostersSuncorp7:55pm
Saturday, Aug 14Rabbitohs vs. TitansCentral Coast3:00pm
Cowboys vs. Tigers
QLD Country Bank5:30pm
Sea Eagles vs. EelsLottoland7:35pm
Sunday, Aug 15Warriors vs. BulldogsMt Smart2:00pm
Sharks vs. KnightsNetstrata Jubilee4:05pm
Round 23
Thursday, Aug 19Titans vs. StormCbus Super7:50pm
Friday, Aug 20Raiders vs. Sea EaglesGIO6:00pm
Panthers vs. RabbitohsPanthers7:55pm
Saturday, Aug 21Tigers vs. SharksTamworth3:00pm
Bulldogs vs. KnightsANZ5:30pm
Eels vs. CowboysBankwest7:35pm
Sunday, Aug 22Dragons vs. RoostersNetstrata Jubilee2:00pm
Broncos vs. WarriorsSuncorp4:05pm
Round 24
Thursday, Aug 26Knights vs. TitansMcDonald Jones7:50pm
Friday, Aug 27Warriors vs. RaidersMt Smart6:00pm
Roosters vs. RabbitohsSCG7:55pm
Saturday, Aug 28Dragons vs. CowboysWIN3:00pm
Sharks vs. BroncosNetstrata Jubilee5:30pm
Storm vs. EelsAAMI7:35pm
Sunday, Aug 29Sea Eagles vs. BulldogsLottoland2:00pm
Panthers vs. TigersPanthers4:05pm
Round 25
Thursday, Sep 2Raiders vs. RoostersGIO7:50pm
Friday, Sep 3Sharks vs. StormNetstrata Jubilee6:00pm
Eels vs. PanthersBankwest7:55pm
Saturday, Sep 4Broncos vs. KnightsSuncorp3:00pm
Cowboys vs. Sea Eagles
QLD Country Bank
Rabbitohs vs. DragonsANZ7:35pm
Sunday, Sep 5Titans vs. WarriorsCbus Super2:00pm
Tigers vs. BulldogsCampbelltown4:05pm

You can also access the draw in full in our interactive match centre here.

Thursday 9am: We're set for an 11am release of the 2021 draw. Overnight more details of the regional games were revealed:

  • R6: Manly v Gold Coast - Mudgee
  • R8: Penrith v Manly - Bathurst
  • R9: Canberra v Newcastle - Wagga
  • R11: Souths v Penrith - Dubbo
  • R12: Cronulla v Gold Coast - Coffs
  • R23: Wests Tigers v Cronulla - Tamworth

We can also confirm the second NRL Grand Final re-match. As previously reported, the first clash - a Penrith home game - is in Round 3. The Storm will then host the minor premiers at AAMI Park in Round 20.

Wednesday 7:00pm: Correction on ANZAC Day - Tigers v Sea Eagles will be the third game. A report from News Corp has more:

  • Round 3: Roosters v Rabbitohs, Panthers v Storm
  • Round 4: Knights v Dragons
  • Round 5: Warriors v Manly (then return clash in Round 9)
  • Round 6: Knights v Sharks
  • Round 12: Bulldogs v Panthers
  • Round 16 & 24: Bulldogs v Sea Eagles
  • Round 13: Dragons v Broncos
  • Round 17: Roosters v Bulldogs
  • Round 22: Dragons v Panthers

Wednesday 3:00pm: The Rabbitohs have confirmed in addition to their Dubbo home game, they'll also host home matches at Central Coast Stadium in Gosford, and Sunshine Coast Stadium in Kawana Waters, as in previous seasons. On top of this, they also clash with the Dragons at Mudgee in the pre-season Charity Shield.

Wednesday 12:30pm: The NRL confirms six regional venues in NSW for 2021 matches:

  • Bathurst (Penrith Panthers)
  • Wagga Wagga (Canberra Raiders)
  • Tamworth (Wests Tigers)
  • Dubbo (South Sydney Rabbitohs)
  • Mudgee (Manly Warringah Sea Eagles)
  • Coffs Harbour (Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks)

Read more on NRL.com here.

Wednesday 8am: The News Corp papers have 'leaked' what Round 1 is likely to look like, with the caveat that the fixtures are subject to change before the draw is released in full.

The same article also indicates that in addition to the two traditional ANZAC Day matches (Roosters-Dragons and Storm-Warriors), the Sea Eagles and Bulldogs would also meet on April 25.

Monday 8pm: The Warriors could play clusters of games at their Auckland home in 2021 to ensure they get all 12 home games in at Mt Smart Stadium. While many things are still uncertain about how the 2021 season will play out, the NRL are keen to allow the Warriors to play at home after an arduous 2020. The full SMH report is here.

Saturday 2pm: Fox Sports' Darcie McDonald reports the Titans and Broncos are set to meet in Round 2, providing an early chance for recently departed David Fifita to meet his old club.