The Late Mail: Dragons v Raiders

St George Illawarra Dragons v Canberra Raiders

St George Illawarra Dragons v Canberra Raiders

Dragons lose Matt Dufty (injured) and Jackson Ford (illness). Sloan debuts at fullback, De Belin starts lock, Kerr starts prop and Vaughan is benched. Talatau Amone drops off the bench with Clune and Burns the new faces. Faamausili is 18th man.

Canberra have one change with Sutton benched and Soliola starting lock. Savage is 18th man.

St George Illawarra Dragons

20. Tyrell Sloan 2. Cody Ramsey 3. Brayden Wiliame 4. Gerard Beale 5. Mikaele Ravalawa 6. Corey Norman 7. Ben Hunt 8. Blake Lawrie 9. Andrew McCullough 15. Josh Kerr 11. Tariq Sims 12. Jack Bird 17. Jack de Belin 10. Paul Vaughan 16. Daniel Alvaro 18. Adam Clune 22. Billy Burns 19. Poasa Faamausili

Canberra Raiders

1. Bailey Simonsson 2. Semi Valemei 3. Sebastian Kris 4. Matthew Timoko 5. Jordan Rapana 6. Jack Wighton 7. Sam Williams 8. Josh Papali'i 9. Josh Hodgson 10. Dunamis Lui 11. Corey Harawira-Naera 12. Elliott Whitehead 16. Iosia Soliola 13. Ryan Sutton 14. Tom Starling 15. Emre Guler 17. Joseph Tapine 18. Xavier Savage

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