2022 NRL Draw


The 2022 NRL Men's and Women's Draw are now available.

Scroll down the page for the full draw along with earlier coverage prior to the draw release.

You can also access the draw here, where you'll find updated results and crowd information throughout the season along with access to live match updates.

NRL Men's 2022 draw

Round One

Thursday, Mar 10
Panthers vs. Sea Eagles @ BlueBet Stadium (Nine / Fox) 8:05pm 

Friday, Mar 11
Raiders vs. Sharks @ GIO Stadium (Fox) 6:00pm 
Broncos vs. Rabbitohs @ Suncorp Stadium (Nine / Fox) 8:05pm (7:05pm local)

Saturday, Mar 12
Roosters vs. Knights @ Sydney Cricket Ground (Fox) 3:00pm 
Warriors vs. Dragons @ Sunshine Coast Stadium (Fox) 5:30pm (4:30pm local)
Wests Tigers vs. Storm @ CommBank Stadium (Fox) 7:35pm 

Sunday, Mar 13
Eels vs. Titans @ CommBank Stadium (Nine / Fox) 4:05pm 
Cowboys vs. Bulldogs @ Qld Country Bank Stadium (Fox) 6:15pm (5:15pm local)

Round Two

Thursday, Mar 17
Storm vs. Rabbitohs @ AAMI Park (Nine / Fox) 8:05pm 

Friday, Mar 18
Dragons vs. Panthers @ Netstrata Jubilee Stadium (Fox) 6:00pm 
Roosters vs. Sea Eagles @ Central Coast Stadium (Nine / Fox) 8:05pm 

Saturday, Mar 19
Titans vs. Warriors @ Cbus Super Stadium (Fox) 3:00pm (2:00pm local)
Sharks vs. Eels @ PointsBet Stadium (Fox) 5:30pm 
Cowboys vs. Raiders @ Qld Country Bank Stadium (Fox) 7:35pm (6:35pm local)

Sunday, Mar 20
Knights vs. Wests Tigers @ McDonald Jones Stadium (Nine / Fox) 4:05pm 
Bulldogs vs. Broncos @ Stadium Australia (Fox) 6:15pm 

Round Three - Multicultural Round

Thursday, Mar 24
Dragons vs. Sharks @ WIN Stadium (Nine / Fox) 8:05pm 

Friday, Mar 25
Wests Tigers vs. Warriors @ Campbelltown Stadium (Fox) 6:00pm 
Rabbitohs vs. Roosters @ Stadium Australia (Nine / Fox) 8:05pm 

Saturday, Mar 26
Panthers vs. Knights @ Carrington Park, Bathurst (Fox) 3:00pm 
Storm vs. Eels @ AAMI Park (Fox) 5:30pm 
Raiders vs. Titans @ GIO Stadium (Fox) 7:35pm 

Sunday, Mar 27
Broncos vs. Cowboys @ Suncorp Stadium (Nine / Fox) 4:05pm (3:05pm local)
Sea Eagles vs. Bulldogs @ 4 Pines Park (Fox) 6:15pm

Round Four

Thursday, Mar 31
Titans vs. Wests Tigers @ Cbus Super Stadium (Nine / Fox) 8:05pm (7:05pm local)

Friday, Apr 1
Sharks vs. Knights @ PointsBet Stadium (Fox) 6:00pm 
Panthers vs. Rabbitohs @ BlueBet Stadium (Nine / Fox) 8:05pm 

Saturday, Apr 2
Warriors vs. Broncos @ Moreton Daily Stadium, Redcliffe (Fox) 3:00pm (2:00pm local)
Sea Eagles vs. Raiders @ Glen Willow Stadium, Mudgee (Fox) 5:30pm 
Cowboys vs. Roosters @ Qld Country Bank Stadium (Fox) 7:35pm (6:35pm local)

Sunday, Apr 3
Storm vs. Bulldogs @ AAMI Park (Nine / Fox) 4:05pm 
Eels vs. Dragons @ CommBank Stadium (Fox) 6:15pm 

Round Five

Thursday, Apr 7
Knights vs. Sea Eagles @ McDonald Jones Stadium (Nine / Fox) 7:50pm 

Friday, Apr 8
Warriors vs. Cowboys @ Moreton Daily Stadium, Redcliffe (Fox) 6:00pm
Broncos vs. Roosters @ Suncorp Stadium (Nine / Fox) 7:55pm 

Saturday, Apr 9
Raiders vs. Storm @ McDonalds Park, Wagga Wagga (Fox) 3:00pm 
Rabbitohs vs. Dragons @ Stadium Australia (Fox) 5:30pm 
Titans vs. Eels @ Cbus Super Stadium (Fox) 7:35pm 

Sunday, Apr 10
Sharks vs. Wests Tigers @ PointsBet Stadium (Nine / Fox) 4:05pm 
Bulldogs vs. Panthers @ CommBank Stadium (Fox) 6:15pm 

Round Six - Easter

Thursday, Apr 14
Raiders vs. Cowboys @ GIO Stadium (Nine / Fox) 7:50pm 

Friday, Apr 15 (Good Friday)
Rabbitohs vs. Bulldogs @ Stadium Australia (Nine / Fox) 4:00pm 
Panthers vs. Broncos @ BlueBet Stadium (Nine / Fox) 7:55pm 

Saturday, Apr 16
Sea Eagles vs. Titans @ 4 Pines Park (Fox) 5:30pm 
Storm vs. Sharks @ AAMI Park (Fox) 7:35pm 

Sunday, Apr 17
Roosters vs. Warriors @ Sydney Cricket Ground (Fox) 2:00pm
Dragons vs. Knights @ WIN Stadium (Nine / Fox) 4:05pm 

Monday, Apr 18 (Easter Monday)
Eels vs. Wests Tigers @ CommBank Stadium (Fox) 4:00pm 

Round Seven - ANZAC

Thursday, Apr 21
Sharks vs. Sea Eagles @ PointsBet Stadium (Nine / Fox) 7:50pm

Friday, Apr 22
Broncos vs. Bulldogs @ Suncorp Stadium (Nine / Fox) 7:55pm

Saturday, Apr 23
Cowboys vs. Titans @ Qld Country Bank Stadium (Fox) 5:30pm
Wests Tigers vs. Rabbitohs @ CommBank Stadium (Fox) 7:35pm

Sunday, Apr 24
Knights vs. Eels @ McDonald Jones Stadium (Fox) 2:00pm 
Panthers vs. Raiders @ BlueBet Stadium (Nine / Fox) 4:05pm 

Monday, Apr 25
Dragons vs. Roosters @ Sydney Cricket Ground (Nine / Fox) 4:00pm
Storm vs. Warriors @ AAMI Park (Fox) 7:00pm 

Round Eight

Thursday, Apr 28
Broncos vs. Sharks @ Suncorp Stadium (Nine / Fox) 7:50pm 

Friday, Apr 29
Titans vs. Panthers @ Cbus Super Stadium (Fox) 6:00pm 
Rabbitohs vs. Sea Eagles @ Central Coast Stadium (Nine / Fox) 7:55pm 

Saturday, Apr 30
Warriors vs. Raiders @ Moreton Daily Stadium, Redcliffe (Fox) 3:00pm 
Bulldogs vs. Roosters @ Stadium Australia (Fox) 5:30pm 
Eels vs. Cowboys @ TIO Stadium, Darwin (Fox) 7:35pm (7:05pm local)

Sunday, May 1
Knights vs. Storm @ McDonald Jones Stadium (Fox) 2:00pm 
Dragons vs. Wests Tigers @ WIN Stadium (Nine / Fox) 4:05pm 

Round Nine

Thursday, May 5
Rabbitohs vs. Broncos @ Stadium Australia (Nine / Fox) 7:50pm 

Friday, May 6
Raiders vs. Bulldogs @ GIO Stadium (Fox) 6:00pm 
Panthers vs. Eels @ BlueBet Stadium (Nine / Fox) 7:55pm 

Saturday, May 7
Sea Eagles vs. Wests Tigers @ 4 Pines Park (Fox) 3:00pm 
Roosters vs. Titans @ BB Print Stadium, Mackay (Fox) 5:30pm 
Cowboys vs. Knights @ Qld Country Bank Stadium (Fox) 7:35pm 

Sunday, May 8
Storm vs. Dragons @ AAMI Park (Fox) 2:00pm 
Sharks vs. Warriors @ PointsBet Stadium (Nine / Fox) 4:05pm 

Round Ten - NRL Magic Round Brisbane

Friday, May 13
Bulldogs vs. Knights @ Suncorp Stadium (Fox) 6:00pm 
Sea Eagles vs. Broncos @ Suncorp Stadium (Nine / Fox) 8:05pm 

Saturday, May 14
Warriors vs. Rabbitohs @ Suncorp Stadium (Fox) 3:00pm
Titans vs. Dragons @ Suncorp Stadium (Fox) 5:30pm 
Storm vs. Panthers @ Suncorp Stadium (Nine / Fox) 7:45pm

Sunday, May 15
Sharks vs. Raiders @ Suncorp Stadium (Fox) 1:50pm
Roosters vs. Eels @ Suncorp Stadium (Nine / Fox) 4:05pm 
Wests Tigers vs. Cowboys @ Suncorp Stadium (Fox) 6:25pm

Round Eleven

Thursday, May 19
Knights vs. Broncos @ McDonald Jones Stadium (Nine / Fox) 7:50pm 

Friday, May 20
Wests Tigers vs. Bulldogs @ Leichhardt Oval (Fox) 6:00pm 
Eels vs. Sea Eagles @ CommBank Stadium (Nine / Fox) 7:55pm

Saturday, May 21
Dragons vs. Warriors @ Netstrata Jubilee Stadium (Fox) 3:00pm 
Cowboys vs. Storm @ Qld Country Bank Stadium (Fox) 5:30pm
Roosters vs. Panthers @ Sydney Cricket Ground (Fox) 7:35pm 

Sunday, May 22
Rabbitohs vs. Raiders @ Apex Oval, Dubbo (Fox) 2:00pm
Titans vs. Sharks @ Cbus Super Stadium (Nine / Fox) 4:05pm 

Round Twelve - Indigenous Round

Thursday, May 26
Storm vs. Sea Eagles @ AAMI Park (Nine / Fox) 7:50pm 

Friday, May 27
Panthers vs. Cowboys @ BlueBet Stadium (Fox) 6:00pm
Broncos vs. Titans @ Suncorp Stadium (Nine / Fox) 7:55pm

Saturday, May 28
Warriors vs. Knights @ Moreton Daily Stadium, Redcliffe (Fox) 3:00pm 
Rabbitohs vs. Wests Tigers @ Stadium Australia (Fox) 5:30pm 
Sharks vs. Roosters @ PointsBet Stadium (Fox) 7:35pm 

Sunday, May 29
Bulldogs vs. Dragons @ Belmore Sports Ground (Fox) 2:00pm
Raiders vs. Eels @ GIO Stadium (Nine / Fox) 4:05pm 

Round Thirteen

Thursday, Jun 2
Titans vs. Cowboys @ Cbus Super Stadium (Nine / Fox) 7:50pm 

Friday, Jun 3
Panthers vs. Bulldogs @ BlueBet Stadium (Nine / Fox) 7:55pm 

Saturday, Jun 4
Sea Eagles vs. Warriors @ 4 Pines Park (Fox) 7:35pm 

Sunday, Jun 5
Raiders vs. Roosters @ GIO Stadium (Nine / Fox) 4:05pm

Byes: Broncos, Dragons, Eels, Knights, Rabbitohs, Sharks, Storm, Wests Tigers

State of Origin I

Wednesday, Jun 8
NSW vs. QLD @ Stadium Australia (Nine)

Round Fourteen

Friday, Jun 10
Cowboys vs. Dragons @ Qld Country Bank Stadium (Nine / Fox) 7:55pm 

Saturday, Jun 11
Titans vs. Rabbitohs @ Cbus Super Stadium (Fox) 3:00pm 
Roosters vs. Storm @ Sydney Cricket Ground* (Fox) 5:30pm
Broncos vs. Raiders @ Suncorp Stadium (Fox) 7:35pm 

Sunday, Jun 12
Wests Tigers vs. Sea Eagles @ Campbelltown Stadium (Fox) 2:00pm
Knights vs. Panthers @ McDonald Jones Stadium (Nine / Fox) 4:05pm
Warriors vs. Sharks @ Moreton Daily Stadium, Redcliffe (Fox) 6:15pm 

Monday, Jun 13
Bulldogs vs. Eels @ Stadium Australia (Fox) 4:00pm 

Round Fifteen

Thursday, Jun 16
Dragons vs. Rabbitohs @ WIN Stadium (Nine / Fox) 7:50pm 

Friday, Jun 17
Sea Eagles vs. Cowboys @ 4 Pines Park (Fox) 6:00pm 
Storm vs. Broncos @ AAMI Park (Nine / Fox) 7:55pm 

Saturday, Jun 18
Sharks vs. Titans @ C.ex Coffs International Stadium (Fox) 3:00pm 
Warriors vs. Panthers @ Mt Smart Stadium** (Fox) 5:30pm (7:30pm local)
Eels vs. Roosters @ CommBank Stadium (Fox) 7:35pm 

Sunday, Jun 19
Raiders vs. Knights @ GIO Stadium (Fox) 2:00pm 
Bulldogs vs. Wests Tigers @ CommBank Stadium (Nine / Fox) 4:05pm 

State of Origin II

Sunday, Jun 26
NSW vs. QLD @ Optus Stadium (Nine)

Round Sixteen - Beanies for Brain Cancer Round

Thursday, Jun 30
Sea Eagles vs. Storm @ 4 Pines Park (Nine / Fox) 7:50pm 

Friday, Jul 1
Knights vs. Titans @ McDonald Jones Stadium (Fox) 6:00pm 
Panthers vs. Roosters @ BlueBet Stadium (Nine / Fox) 7:55pm 

Saturday, Jul 2
Bulldogs vs. Sharks @ CommBank Stadium (Fox) 3:00pm 
Cowboys vs. Broncos @ Qld Country Bank Stadium (Fox) 5:30pm 
Rabbitohs vs. Eels @ Stadium Australia (Fox) 7:35pm 

Sunday, Jul 3
Warriors vs. Wests Tigers @ Mt Smart Stadium** (Fox) 2:00pm (4:00pm local)
Dragons vs. Raiders @ WIN Stadium (Nine / Fox) 4:05pm 

Round Seventeen

Thursday, Jul 7
Sharks vs. Storm @ PointsBet Stadium (Nine / Fox) 7:50pm

Friday, Jul 8
Knights vs. Rabbitohs @ McDonald Jones Stadium (Nine / Fox) 7:55pm 

Saturday, Jul 9
Wests Tigers vs. Eels @ Leichhardt Oval (Fox) 7:35pm 

Sunday, Jul 10
Broncos vs. Dragons @ Suncorp Stadium (Nine / Fox) 4:05pm 

Byes: Bulldogs, Cowboys, Panthers, Raiders, Roosters, Sea Eagles, Titans, Warriors

State of Origin III

Wednesday, Jul 13
QLD vs. NSW @ Suncorp Stadium

Round Eighteen

Friday, Jul 15
Cowboys vs. Sharks @ Qld Country Bank Stadium (Fox) 6:00pm 
Eels vs. Warriors @ CommBank Stadium (Nine / Fox) 7:55pm 

Saturday, Jul 16
Roosters vs. Dragons @ Sydney Cricket Ground* (Fox) 3:00pm 
Sea Eagles vs. Knights @ 4 Pines Park (Fox) 5:30pm 
Titans vs. Broncos @ Cbus Super Stadium (Fox) 7:35pm 

Sunday, Jul 17
Wests Tigers vs. Panthers @ CommBank Stadium (Fox) 2:00pm
Storm vs. Raiders @ AAMI Park (Nine / Fox) 4:05pm
Bulldogs vs. Rabbitohs @ Stadium Australia (Fox) 6:15pm 

Round Nineteen

Thursday, Jul 21
Eels vs. Broncos @ CommBank Stadium (Nine / Fox) 7:50pm 

Friday, Jul 22
Dragons vs. Sea Eagles @ Netstrata Jubilee Stadium (Fox) 6:00pm 
Knights vs. Roosters @ McDonald Jones Stadium (Nine / Fox) 7:55pm 

Saturday, Jul 23
Raiders vs. Warriors @ GIO Stadium (Fox) 3:00pm
Panthers vs. Sharks @ BlueBet Stadium (Fox) 5:30pm 
Rabbitohs vs. Storm @ Stadium Australia (Fox) 7:35pm

Sunday, Jul 24
Bulldogs vs. Titans @ CommBank Stadium (Fox) 2:00pm 
Cowboys vs. Wests Tigers @ Qld Country Bank Stadium (Nine / Fox) 4:05pm 

Round Twenty - Women in League Round

Thursday, Jul 28
Sea Eagles vs. Roosters @ 4 Pines Park (Nine / Fox) 7:50pm 

Friday, Jul 29
Warriors vs. Storm @ Mt Smart Stadium** (Fox) 6:00pm (8:00pm local)
Eels vs. Panthers @ CommBank Stadium (Nine / Fox) 7:55pm 

Saturday, Jul 30
Titans vs. Raiders @ Cbus Super Stadium (Fox) 3:00pm 
Sharks vs. Rabbitohs @ PointsBet Stadium (Fox) 5:30pm 
Broncos vs. Wests Tigers @ Suncorp Stadium (Fox) 7:35pm 

Sunday, Jul 31
Knights vs. Bulldogs @ McDonald Jones Stadium (Fox) 2:00pm
Dragons vs. Cowboys @ Netstrata Jubilee Stadium (Nine / Fox) 4:05pm

Round Twenty-One

Thursday, Aug 4
Roosters vs. Broncos @ Sydney Cricket Ground* (Nine / Fox) 7:50pm 

Friday, Aug 5
Storm vs. Titans @ AAMI Park (Fox) 6:00pm 
Sea Eagles vs. Eels @ 4 Pines Park (Nine / Fox) 7:55pm 

Saturday, Aug 6
Rabbitohs vs. Warriors @ Sunshine Coast Stadium (Fox) 3:00pm 
Raiders vs. Panthers @ GIO Stadium (Fox) 5:30pm 
Sharks vs. Dragons @ PointsBet Stadium (Fox / Nine) 7:35pm 

Sunday, Aug 7
Bulldogs vs. Cowboys @ Salter Oval, Bundaberg (Fox) 2:00pm
Wests Tigers vs. Knights @ Campbelltown Stadium (Nine / Fox) 4:05pm 

Round Twenty-Two

Thursday, Aug 11
Panthers vs. Storm @ BlueBet Stadium (Nine / Fox) 7:50pm 

Friday, Aug 12
Warriors vs. Bulldogs @ Mt Smart Stadium** (Fox) 6:00pm (8:00pm local)
Eels vs. Rabbitohs @ CommBank Stadium (Nine / Fox) 7:55pm 

Saturday, Aug 13
Roosters vs. Cowboys @ Sydney Cricket Ground* (Fox) 3:00pm
Wests Tigers vs. Sharks @ Scully Park, Tamworth (Fox) 5:30pm
Broncos vs. Knights @ Suncorp Stadium (Fox / Nine) 7:35pm 

Sunday, Aug 14
Raiders vs. Dragons @ GIO Stadium (Fox) 2:00pm 
Titans vs. Sea Eagles @ Cbus Super Stadium (Nine / Fox) 4:05pm 

Round Twenty-Three

Thursday, Aug 18
Rabbitohs vs. Panthers @ Stadium Australia (Nine / Fox) 7:50pm 

Friday, Aug 19
Cowboys vs. Warriors @ Qld Country Bank Stadium (Fox) 6:00pm
Broncos vs. Storm @ Suncorp Stadium (Nine / Fox) 7:55pm 

Saturday, Aug 20
Eels vs. Bulldogs @ CommBank Stadium (Fox) 3:00pm 
Sea Eagles vs. Sharks @ 4 Pines Park (Fox) 5:30pm 
Roosters vs. Wests Tigers @ Sydney Cricket Ground* (Fox / Nine) 7:35pm 

Sunday, Aug 21
Dragons vs. Titans @ WIN Stadium (Fox) 2:00pm 
Knights vs. Raiders @ McDonald Jones Stadium (Nine / Fox) 4:05pm 

Round Twenty-Four

Thursday, Aug 25
Broncos vs. Eels @ Suncorp Stadium (Nine / Fox) 7:50pm 

Friday, Aug 26
Panthers vs. Warriors @ BlueBet Stadium (Fox) 6:00pm 
Storm vs. Roosters @ AAMI Park (Nine / Fox) 7:55pm 

Saturday, Aug 27
Raiders vs. Sea Eagles @ GIO Stadium (Fox) 3:00pm 
Sharks vs. Bulldogs @ PointsBet Stadium (Fox) 5:30pm 
Rabbitohs vs. Cowboys @ Stadium Australia (Fox / Nine) 7:35pm 

Sunday, Aug 28
Wests Tigers vs. Dragons @ CommBank Stadium (Fox) 2:00pm 
Titans vs. Knights @ Cbus Super Stadium (Nine / Fox) 4:05pm 

Round Twenty-Five

Thursday, Sep 1
Eels vs. Storm @ CommBank Stadium (Nine / Fox) 7:50pm 

Friday, Sep 2
Bulldogs vs. Sea Eagles @ Stadium Australia (Fox) 6:00pm 
Roosters vs. Rabbitohs @ Venue TBC (Nine / Fox) 7:55pm 

Saturday, Sep 3
Warriors vs. Titans @ Mt Smart Stadium** (Fox) 3:00pm (5:00pm local)
Dragons vs. Broncos @ Netstrata Jubilee Stadium (Fox) 5:30pm 
Cowboys vs. Panthers @ Qld Country Bank Stadium (Fox / Nine) 7:35pm 

Sunday, Sep 4
Knights vs. Sharks @ McDonald Jones Stadium (Fox) 2:00pm 
Wests Tigers vs. Raiders @ Leichhardt Oval (Nine / Fox) 4:05pm 

* subject to availability

** subject to government restrictions and biosecurity advice

Finals Series

Commences Friday, Sep 9

Grand Final

Sunday 2 October, Stadium Australia

2021 NRLW Draw

Postponed from 2021, being played in 2022

You can also access the draw here, where you'll find updated results and crowd information throughout the season along with access to live match updates.

Round One

Sunday, Feb 27 
Dragons vs. Titans @ McDonald Jones Stadium (Nine / Fox) 12:00pm 
Roosters vs. Broncos @ McDonald Jones Stadium (Nine / Fox) 1:50pm
Knights vs. Eels @ McDonald Jones Stadium (Nine / Fox) 3:40pm 

Round Two

Sunday, Mar 6
Knights vs. Broncos @ WIN Stadium (Nine / Fox) 12:00pm 
Roosters vs. Titans @ WIN Stadium (Nine / Fox) 1:50pm 
Dragons vs. Eels @ WIN Stadium (Nine / Fox) 3:40pm 

Round Three

Saturday, Mar 12 
Roosters vs. Knights @ SCG (Fox) 1:00pm

Sunday, Mar 13 
Broncos vs. Dragons @ CommBank Stadium (Nine / Fox) 12:00pm 
Eels vs. Titans @ CommBank Stadium (Nine / Fox) 1:45pm 

Round Four

Saturday, Mar 19 
Titans vs. Broncos Cbus Super Stadium (Fox) 1:00pm (12:00pm local)

Sunday, Mar 20 
Eels vs. Roosters McDonald Jones Stadium (Nine / Fox) 12:00pm 
Knights vs. Dragons McDonald Jones Stadium (Nine / Fox) 1:45pm 

Round Five

Saturday, Mar 26 
Dragons vs. Roosters Netstrata Jubilee Stadium (Fox) 1:00pm 

Sunday, Mar 27 
Titans vs. Knights Suncorp Stadium (Nine / Fox) 12:00pm (11:00am local)
Broncos vs. Eels Suncorp Stadium (Nine / Fox) 1:45pm (12:45pm local)

Semi Finals

2-3 April 2022

Grand Final

9-10 April, Venue TBC

News coverage

Tuesday 9 November 2021

The NRL is set to announced the draws for NRL and NRLW at 11am. You can watch the launch via the Youtube video below:

7:15am: The Tele's David Riccio has tweeted out opening fixtures for both Cronulla and Penrith.

  • Sharks: Raiders (R1, A - GIO, Fri 6pm), Eels (R2, H - PointsBet, Sat 5:30pm), Dragons (R3, A - WIN, Thu 8:05pm)
  • Panthers: Sea Eagles (R1, H - BlueBet, Thu 8:05pm), Dragons (R2, H - Kogarah, Fri 6pm), Knights (R3, H - Bathurst, Sat 3pm), Rabbitohs (R4, H - Bluebet, Fri 8:05pm), Bulldogs (R5, A - TBC), Broncos (R6, H - Bluebet)

8:30am: More from the Telegraph on the Raiders, with their regional fixtures. In addition to a Wagga Wagga home game, they'll also make away trips to Dubbo and Mudgee. We expect those to be against Souths and Manly respectively.

Monday 8 November 2021

6:30pm: News Corp have another leak, this time the opening month of games for three of 2021's struggling clubs, the Dragons, Tigers and Bulldogs:

WESTS TIGERS - Melbourne (R1, H - Commbank), Newcastle (R2, A - McDonald Jones), Warriors (R3, H - Campbelltown), Titans (R4, A - Cbus Super), Sharks (R5, A - PointsBet)

BULLDOGS - Cowboys (R1, A - Townsville), Broncos (R2, H - TBC), Manly (R3, TBC), Storm (R4, A - AAMI), Panthers (R5, H - TBC), Rabbitohs (R6, A - Stad Aus), Broncos (R7, A - Suncorp)

DRAGONS - Warriors (R1, A - Sun. Coast), Panthers (R2, H - Kogarah or WIN), Sharks (R3, H - Kogarah or WIN), Eels (R4, A - Commbank), Rabbitohs (R5, A - Stad Aus)


8:30pm: Another News Corp leak from the Courier Mail this time, with some Broncos fixtures coming through.

BRONCOS - Souths (R1, H - Suncorp), Bulldogs (R2, A - TBC), Cowboys (R3, H - Suncorp, Sunday), Panthers (R6, A - BlueBet), Bulldogs (R7, H - Suncorp), Sea Eagles (R10, A - Suncorp), Titans (R12, H - Suncorp)

The report also suggests Brisbane have five games at home at Suncorp in the first eight rounds. LINK

9:00pm: Canberra Times is reporting the Raiders' home games scheduled from late May to August in daytime slots (Sun 2pm and Sat 3pm, with just one Sat 5:30pm and no night games), and overall appear on free-to-air eight times (up from seven in 2021). The same report suggests Canberra's annual Wagga Wagga home game will be scheduled even earlier in 2022 - last season it was Round 9 (early May). LINK

AFTERNOON: The NRL and NRLW draws are set to be released together on Tuesday. Here's what each season is set to look like.

NRL (Men's) 2022

  • Round 1 (season kickoff): 10-13 March - see further down for reported fixtures
  • 25 rounds over 26 weekends
  • Magic Round Brisbane - Suncorp Stadium. Date still TBC, if matching last year it could be held Round 10 (May 13-15).
  • Origin matches scheduled for Wed 8 Jun (SYD), Sun 26 Jun (PER) and Wed 13 Jul (BNE)
  • No NRL played over weekend of 24-26 June, with Women's Origin (likely) and Men's Origin II (confirmed) played that weekend.
  • It's yet unknown if that weekend will contain any international fixtures (e.g. Pacific Tests)
  • Round 25 (final round): 1-4 September
  • Grand Final (back at Stadium Australia) Sunday 2 October
  • Men's RLWC2021 begins in England on October 15

NRL Women's (NRLW) 2021

  • Two seasons in one year
  • '2021 season' kickoff 27 February
  • 5 rounds (all teams play each other once)
  • Semi Finals weekend of 2-3 April
  • Grand Final weekend of 9-10 April
  • 2022 season to be played closer to the end of the 2022 men's NRL season
  • Women's RLWC2021 begins late October in England

MORNING: The NRL has confirmed the draws for both the men's and women's competitions will be released tomorrow - Tuesday 9 November.

Sunday 7 November 2021

The Tele has another fixture dropped, with the Storm v Sharks clash - where Hynes and Finucane will face their former club - pencilled in for Easter Saturday night in Round 6 at AAMI Park. LINK

The draw release is now expected this Tuesday, after being delayed from a planned Friday release. The NRL had a number of stadium availability issues to contend with, and are planning to release the NRLW fixtures alongside the men's competition, of which we'll see a number of double headers in the early rounds.

Friday 5 November 2021

No draw today as was originally anticipated. At this stage we understand it's been delayed til early next week. Updates to come - and no doubt more leaks across the weekend.

Thursday 4 November 2021

7:00PM: More News Corp leaks - some "former club grudge matches", with the Storm to host Canterbury at AAMI Park in Round 4, and Wests Tigers v Manly (no indication on home team) in Round 9. LINK

3:00PM: 2022 Memberships are on sale for the Dragons, with the club confirming six matches in Wollongong, five in Kogarah and ANZAC Day at the SCG for their 12 home games. LINK

Wednesday 3 November 2021

8:00PM: News Corp now has leaks appearing, with the Grand Final rematch involving South Sydney and Penrith set for Round 4, and two Magic Round fixtures locked in - Storm-Panthers and Roosters-Eels. LINK

Meanwhile, Channel 9's version of Round 1 published a short time ago has a slight difference to ours shown below, with the Warriors and Raiders games swapped. LINK

6:00PM: Round 1 leaked: the SMH has put out the fixtures as they understand them for the opening round of the 2022 NRL season. LINK

Thursday, March 10
Panthers vs Sea Eagles, 8.05pm at Bluebet Stadium

Friday, March 11
Raiders vs Sharks, 6:00pm at GIO Stadium
Broncos vs Rabbitohs, 8.05pm (AEDT) at Suncorp Stadium (7:05pm local)

Saturday, March 12
Roosters vs Knights, 3pm at SCG
Warriors vs Dragons, 5:30pm (AEDT) at Sunshine Coast Stadium (4:30pm local)
Tigers vs Storm, 7.35pm at CommBank Stadium

Sunday, March 13
Eels vs Titans, 4.05pm at CommBank Stadium
Cowboys vs Bulldogs, 6.15pm (AEDT) at Queensland Country Bank Stadium (5:15pm local)

3:00PM: The same News Corp reports from Sunday were updated on Wednesday with apparent confirmation of the State of Origin series:

  • Game 1: Sydney, Wednesday 8 June
  • Game 2: Perth, Sunday 26 June
  • Game 3: Brisbane, Wednesday 13 July

With these dates in place and the season structure remaining unchanged for 2022, we can expect Round 1 to kick off on Thursday 10 March, with a Sunday 2 October Grand Final

The NRL put a placeholder on their YouTube channel confirming the launch of the 2022 NRL Telstra Premiership draw to be set for 11am, Friday 5 November, which has since been made private. Whether the draw is released on Friday we are yet to find out.

Monday 1 November 2021

Phil Rothfield's Monday column reported the Roosters and Rabbitohs were to be scheduled to open the new Sydney Football Stadium once it is finished toward the end of the 2022 NRL season. The Round 25 clash is likely to be scheduled for the end of August or beginning of September. The same report also suggested South Sydney were giving strong consideration to returning to the venue after moving to Stadium Australia some 15 years ago. Their deal with the Olympic venue expires at the end of next season. LINK

Sunday 31 October 2021

The News Corp mastheads reported more detail around the previously mooted season opener - with Brisbane the likely host of the match-up, and on Friday night. The report suggested Penrith would open the season, possibly against Canterbury. LINK

Sunday 3 October 2021

The Sun Herald (NSW) reported that the season was likely to open with a Rabbitohs-Broncos showdown in order to show off Adam Reynolds and Anthony Milford against their respective former clubs. LINK