2022 Betfred Challenge Cup

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The 2022 Betfred Challenge Cup is beginning to take shape, with the first and second rounds set to light up UK rugby league pitches in January.

Check out the full first and second round schedules below, plus information on further phases.

First Round (January 14-16)

Bridgend Blue Bulls v Royal Navy (January 14, 7pm)
Royal Navy 60-0

Orrell St James v British Army (January 15, 12:30pm)
Live on BBC iPlayer and BBC Sport website and app
British Army 18-10

London Chargers v Ellenborough Rangers (January 15, Chiswick RUFC, 1pm)
London Chargers 22-16

Edinburgh Eagles v York Acorn (January 15, 130pm)
York Acorn 38-24

Thornhill Trojans v RAF (January 15, 130pm)
Thornhill Trojans 24-6

West Hull v Upton (January 15, 130pm)
West Hull 46-6

Featherstone Lions v Hunslet Club Parkside (January 15, 2pm)
Hunslet Club Parkside 56-6

Jarrow Vikings v Wests Warriors (January 15, Kingston Park, 2pm)
Wests Warriors 52-10

Lock Lane v Thatto Heath Crusaders (January 15, 2pm)
Lock Lane 18-10

Galway Tribesmen v Pilkington Recs (at Pilkington, January 15, 230pm)
Pilkington Recs 36-10

Leigh Miners Rangers v Milford (January 15, 230pm)
Leigh Muners Rangers 22-20

Rochdale Mayfield v Wigan St Patricks (January 15, 230pm)
Rochdale Mayfield 36-22

Siddal v Great Britain Police (January 15, 230pm)
Siddal 28-0

Bentley v Stanningley (January 16, 2pm, Wheatley Hills RUFC)
Stanningley 22-16

Second Round (January 29-30)

Rochdale Hornets v Midlands Hurricanes (January 30, 1pm)
Live on BBC iPlayer and BBC Sport website and app

York Acorn v Wests Warriors

Doncaster v Thornhill Trojans

British Army v Royal Navy

Oldham v Lock Lane

Pilkington Recs v Siddal

West Hull v Rochdale Mayfield

Hunslet Club Parkside v Stanningley

Hunslet v Keighley Cougars

Leigh Miners Rangers v North Wales Crusaders

West Wales Raiders v Swinton Lions

London Skolars v London Chargers

Third Round - February 12-13

6 matches - draw to be announced (from 12 winners of Second Round)

Fourth Round - February 26-27

10 matches - Betfred Championship clubs enter

Fifth Round - March 12-13

5 matches - draw to be announced (from 10 winners of Fourth Round)

Sixth Round - March 26-27

8 matches - Betfred Super League clubs enter

Quarter Finals - April 9-10

4 matches - draw to be announced (from 8 winners of Sixth Round)

Semi Finals - Saturday May 7

Double header, Elland Road, Leeds

Betfred Challenge Cup Final 2022 - Saturday May 28

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium