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All listed times are AEST (NSW/QLD/VIC/ACT).

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Penrith Panthers 28
Parramatta Eels 12

Venue: Accor Stadium, Sydney Olympic Park
Crowd: 82415
Date: Sunday 2 October 2022 at 7:30pm

Tries: Stephen Crichton, Brian To'o (2), Scott Sorensen, Charlie Staines
Conversions: Nathan Cleary (3/5)
Penalty Goals: Nathan Cleary (1/1)

Tries: Clinton Gutherson, Jakob Arthur
Conversions: Mitchell Moses (2/2)

Perfect Panthers pound pitiful Parramatta to go back-to-back

Justin Davies | October 2 2022 9:34PM

Penrith Panthers have gone back-to-back after defeating local rivals Parramatta Eels 28-12 in front of 82,415 fans at Stadium Australia on Sunday afternoon.

They were relentless, rugged and unstoppable tonight Penrith as they put together one of the best first half displays in a Grand Final to blow away Parramatta, leading 18-0 and lifting the trophy for the second straight year. 

From the opening kick, it was a stage set for the Panthers. They were bruising in defence and precise in their kicking game which pinned back the Eels and just wore them down into dust and scored the points required. 

Stephen Crichton cut back on the inside from an inside ball to find out the lazy marker to stride away and open the scoring the Panthers. Crichton also scored three tries back-to-back in Grand Finals after his double in the win over South Sydney last season. 

The Panthers just rolled forward like a grass mulcher and never gave the Eels an inch. When Brian To'o strolled over the second four-pointer from a slick backline movement, it seemed like the game was already over and it was. 

It was 18-0 within half an hour when Nathan Cleary stabbed through a kick for interchange forward Scott Sorensen to just pick up like the Sunday paper and touch down. Penrith were well on their way to being the second team since 1993 to win back-to-back Premierships. 

There was expected to be a response from the Eels after the break but there was only just more Panthers prowess. To'o made it a double when he was on the back of another movement from the backline for 22-0. 

Everything went right for the Panthers, even including their Captain's Challenges which went 2/3 but the first two continued the theme of one-sided dominance. The Eels did have their chances with Maika Sivo and Bailey Simonsson unable to convert. 

Penrith extended their lead to 28 points on the hour mark. Another raid on the right ended with Charlie Staines left Clint Gutherson clutching at air and diving over for a four-pointer in the right corner. 

There was some late consolation for the Eels. Gutherson and utility Jakob Arthur scored after breaks from the Eels end which prevented them from being niled and gave the majority Eels fans who packed out Stadium Australia some joy. 

Afterwards Panthers fullback Dylan Edwards was awarded the Clive Churchill medal for his fantastic performance tonight. The fullback pulled off a tackle which was similar to Scott Sattler's effort on Todd Byrne in 2003. 

For the Eels, the wait for the elusive Premiership goes into a 37th year and they say goodbye to some key contributors from this season including Reed Mahoney who heads to the Bulldogs. Panthers send Villiame Kikau and Apisai Koroisau to their new clubs with a Grand Final win. Players of the Match:
3 points - Dylan Edwards
2 points - Brian To'o
1 points - Moses Leota

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Match Review Charges

Ryan Matterson (Eels)Grade 1 Crusher TackleGuiilty - early plea3 matches

Check out the 2022 match review structure and penalties table here.

Suspended players beyond NRL season

  • Brian Kelly (Titans) - 3 matches to serve
  • Mat Croker (Knights) - 2 matches to serve
  • Jason Taumalolo (Cowboys) - 3 matches to serve
  • Taylan May (Panthers) - 2 matches to serve (integrity unit penalty)
  • Francis Molo (Dragons) - 2 matches to serve
  • Taane Milne (Rabbitohs) - 6 matches to serve
  • Jared Waerea-Hargreaves (Roosters) - 3 matches to serve
  • Lindsay Collins (Roosters) - 2 matches to serve

Players selected for Rugby League World Cup nations may be eligible to serve suspensions during the tournament.

LeagueUnlimited Player of the Year standings

Our writers issue points every game for who they judge as the best player on the field.

38 points - Nicho Hynes (Sharks)
31 points - Ben Hunt (Dragons/QLD)
29 points - Cameron Munster (Storm/QLD), Mitchell Moses (Eels)
25 points - Daly Cherry-Evans (Sea Eagles), James Tedesco (Roosters/NSW)
23 points - Jahrome Hughes (Storm/NZ), Joseph Tapine (Raiders)
20 points - Latrell Mitchell (Rabbitohs), Joseph Manu (Roosters/NZ), Nathan Cleary (Panthers/NSW), Dylan Edwards (Panthers)
18 points - AJ Brimson (Titans)
17 points - Jarome Luai (Panthers/NSW), Matt Burton (Bulldogs/NSW)
16 points - Jack Wighton (Raiders/NSW)
15 points - Isaah Yeo (Panthers), Jason Taumalolo (Cowboys), Damien Cook (Rabbitohs)
14 points - Adam Reynolds (Broncos), Scott Drinkwater (Cowboys), Cameron Murray (Rabbitohs)
13 points - Apisai Koroisau (Panthers)
12 points - Viliame Kikau (Panthers), Harry Grant (Storm), Jackson Hastings (Wests Tigers), Valentine Holmes (Cowboys/QLD), Reuben Cotter (Cowboys)
11 points - Jeremiah Nanai (Cowboys), Tino Fa'asuamaleaui (Titans), Clinton Gutherson (Eels)
10 points - Dylan Brown (Eels), Sam Walker (Roosters), Siosifa Talakai (Sharks), Kalyn Ponga (Knights/QLD), Junior Paulo (Eels), Shaun Lane (Eels)
9 points - Reed Mahoney (Eels), Josh Papali'i (Raiders), Blayke Brailey (Sharks), Luke Keary (Roosters), Keaon Koloamatangi (Rabbitohs), Shaun Johnson (Warriors), Jeremy Marshall-King (Bulldogs), Ryan Papenhuyzen (Storm), Haumole Olakau'atu (Sea Eagles), Reece Robson (Cowboys), Payne Haas (Broncos)
8 points - Matt Moylan (Sharks), Talatau Amone (Dragons), Jake Clifford (Knights), Selwyn Cobbo (Broncos), Josh Addo-Carr (Bulldogs), Isaiah Papali'i (Eels), Addin Fonua-Blake (Warriors), Hudson Young (Raiders), Taylan May (Panthers/Samoa), Cody Walker (Rabbitohs)
7 points - Will Kennedy (Sharks), Josh Curran (Warriors), Zac Lomax (Dragons), Reece Walsh (Warriors), Ronaldo Mulitalo (Sharks), Chad Townsend (Cowboys), Tom Dearden (Cowboys), James Fisher-Harris (Panthers/NZ), Lachlan Ilias (Rabbitohs)
6 points - Kieran Foran (Sea Eagles), Dane Gagai (Knights), Kotoni Staggs (Broncos), Justin Olam (Storm/PNG), Alex Johnston (Rabbitohs), Reagan Campbell-Gillard (Eels)
5 points - Lachlan Miller (Sharks), Adam Elliott (Raiders), David Klemmer (Knights), Thomas Burgess (Rabbitohs), Patrick Carrigan (Broncos), Wayde Egan (Warriors), Adam Doueihi (Wests Tigers), Jock Madden (Wests Tigers), Peta Hiku (Cowboys), Liam Martin (Panthers), Josh Aloiai (Sea Eagles), Siosiua Taukeiaho (Roosters), Reuben Garrick (Sea Eagles), Brian To'o (Panthers)
4 points - Cameron McInnes (Sharks), Herbie Farnworth (Broncos), Royce Hunt (Sharks), Tex Hoy (Knights), Kurt Capewell (Broncos), Briton Nikora (Sharks), Ryan Matterson (Eels), Beau Fermor (Titans), Cody Ramsey (Dragons), Nelson Asofa-Solomona (Storm), Zac Hosking (Broncos), Corey Oates (Broncos), Tesi Niu (Broncos), Luciano Leilua (Wests Tigers/Cowboys), Nat Butcher (Roosters), Luke Brooks (Wests Tigers), David Nofoaluma (Wests Tigers, Samoa, Storm)
3 points - Dale Finucane (Sharks), Lachlan Croker (Sea Eagles), Mikaele Ravalawa (Dragons), Toby Sexton (Titans), Jared Waerea-Hargreaves (Roosters), Brad Schneider (Raiders), Ezra Mam (Broncos), Braidon Burns (Bulldogs), Campbell Graham (Rabbitohs), Ryan Sutton (Raiders), Te Maire Martin (Broncos), Marion Seve (Storm), Albert Kelly (Broncos), Sean O'Sullivan (Panthers), Erin Clark (Titans), Tom Gilbert (Cowboys), Anthony Milford (Knights), Tohu Harris (Warriors), Luke Thompson (Bulldogs), Daejarn Asi (Cowboys), Tyson Frizell (Knights), Stephen Crichton (Panthers), Xavier Savage (Raiders), Jesse Ramien (Sharks), Matthew Lodge (Warriors/Roosters), Joseph Suaalii (Roosters), Kelma Tuilagi (Wests Tigers), Moses Suli (Dragons), Matt Frawley (Raiders), Angus Crichton (Roosters), Daine Laurie (Wests Tigers), Lachlan Lam (PNG/Roosters)
2 points - Corey Harawira-Naera (Raiders), Felise Kaufusi (Storm), Tanah Boyd (Titans), Morgan Harper (Sea Eagles), Edrick Lee (Knights), Jordan Rapana (Raiders), Tevita Pangai Junior (Bulldogs), Jamal Fogarty (Raiders), Mathew Feagai (Dragons), Toby Rudolf (Sharks), Jaydn Su'A (Dragons), Dylan Walker (Sea Eagles), Izack Tago (Panthers), Martin Taupau (Sea Eagles), Liam Knight (Rabbitohs), Nick Meaney (Storm), Luke Garner (Wests Tigers), Jai Arrow (Rabbitohs), Kodi Nikorima (Warriors/Rabbitohs), Ken Maumalo (Wests Tigers), Tyrell Sloan (Dragons), Phillip Sami (Titans), Greg Marzhew (Titans), Kyle Feldt (Cowboys), Teig Wilton (Sharks), Tom Trbojevic (Sea Eagles), Hame Sele (Rabbitohs), Murray Taulagi (Cowboys), Sebastian Kris (Raiders), Sunia Turuva (Fiji/Panthers), Elliott Whitehead (Raiders)
1 point - Kade Dykes (Sharks), Corey Waddell (Bulldogs), Jack Murchie (Warriors), Braydon Trindall (Sharks), Nathan Brown (Eels), Izaac Thompson (Rabbitohs), Jaeman Salmon (Panthers), Corey Horsburgh (Raiders), Jake Averillo (Bulldogs), Jordan McLean (Cowboys), Siliva Havili (Rabbitohs), Jayden Campbell (Titans), Jack Bird (Dragons), Dominic Young (Knights), Thomas Freebairn (Wests Tigers), Tevita Tatola (Rabbitohs), Jacob Kiraz (Bulldogs), Max King (Bulldogs), Adam Pompey (Warriors), Kenny Bromwich (Storm), Matthew Timoko (Raiders), Joe Ofahengaue (Wests Tigers), Tyrone Roberts (Broncos), Matt Eisenhuth (Panthers), Josh Mcguire (Dragons), Ben Trbojevic (Sea Eagles), Brandon Smith (Storm), Lindsay Collins (Roosters), Adam Clune (Knights), Blake Taaffe (Rabbitohs), Victor Radley (Roosters), Xavier Coates (Storm), Blake Lawrie (Dragons), Matt Dufty (Bulldogs), Connor Tracey (Sharks), Mitchell Barnett (Knights), Aiden Tolman (Sharks), Marcelo Montoya (Warriors), Toafofoa Sipley (Sea Eagles), James Schiller (Raiders), Declan Casey (Bulldogs), Jake Trbojevic (Sea Eagles), Josh Schuster (Sea Eagles/Samoa), Moses Leota (Panthers)

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Grand Final

82,415 attended the 2022 NRL Grand Final at Accor Stadium.

It was the 9th-highest crowd out of all NRL Grand Finals played at the Olympic venue since it was reconfigured in 2002, and came in at 507 less than the previous full-capacity decider at the venue in 2019 (82,922 - Roosters v Raiders).

2022 season

Regular season total: 2,943,775
Regular season average: 15,332

Finals total: 321,652
Finals average: 35,739

Overall total: 3,265,427
Overall average: 16,246

Ratings - Grand Final

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2021 Rugby League World Cup

Men's RLWC kicks off October 15
Women's RLWC kicks off November 1

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