2023 Championship & League 1 fixtures

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The RFL has confirmed the 2023 season fixtures for the Betfred Championship and Betfred League One.

Draw and results from the current season are continually updated once the season has kicked off. Check here for up to the moment scores.

Betfred Championship

Round 1
Feb 4thSat 3:00pmBarrowToulouseMatt Johnson Prestige Stadium
Feb 5thSun 3:00pmBradfordWhitehavenOdsal Stadium
Feb 5thSun 3:00pmHalifaxSheffieldThe Shay Stadium
Feb 5thSun 3:00pmLondonBatleyCherry Red Records Stadium
Feb 5thSun 3:00pmSwintonNewcastleHeywood Road
Feb 5thSun 3:00pmYorkWidnesLNER Community Stadium
Feb 6thMon 7:45pmKeighleyFeatherstoneCougar Park
Round 2
Feb 11thSat 6:00pmToulouseNewcastleStade Ernest Wallon
Feb 12thSun 3:00pmBarrowSheffieldMatt Johnson Prestige Stadium
Feb 12thSun 3:00pmBatleySwintonFox's Biscuits
Feb 12thSun 3:00pmFeatherstoneHalifaxMillennium Stadium
Feb 12thSun 3:00pmWhitehavenLondonLEL Arena
Feb 12thSun 3:00pmWidnesKeighleyDCBL Stadium Halton
Feb 13thMon 7:45pmYorkBradfordLNER Community Stadium
Round 3
Feb 17thFri 7:30pmSheffieldBatleyOlympic Legacy
Feb 18thSat 6:00pmToulouseYorkStade Ernest Wallon
Feb 19thSun 3:00pmBradfordWidnesOdsal Stadium
Feb 19thSun 3:00pmFeatherstoneWhitehavenMillennium Stadium
Feb 19thSun 3:00pmHalifaxLondonThe Shay Stadium
Feb 19thSun 3:00pmKeighleyNewcastleCougar Park
Feb 19thSun 3:00pmSwintonBarrowHeywood Road
Round 4
Feb 26thSun 3:00pmBatleyKeighleyFox's Biscuits
Feb 26thSun 3:00pmBradfordToulouseOdsal Stadium
Feb 26thSun 3:00pmLondonSheffieldCherry Red Records Stadium
Feb 26thSun 3:00pmNewcastleFeatherstoneKingston Park
Feb 26thSun 3:00pmWhitehavenSwintonLEL Arena
Feb 26thSun 3:00pmWidnesHalifaxDCBL Stadium Halton
Feb 26thSun 3:00pmYorkBarrowLNER Community Stadium
Round 5
Mar 4thSat 6:00pmToulouseWhitehavenStade Ernest Wallon
Mar 5thSun 3:00pmBarrowNewcastleMatt Johnson Prestige Stadium
Mar 5thSun 3:00pmHalifaxBatleyThe Shay Stadium
Mar 5thSun 3:00pmKeighleyLondonCougar Park
Mar 5thSun 3:00pmSheffieldWidnesOlympic Legacy
Mar 5thSun 3:00pmSwintonYorkHeywood Road
Mar 6thMon 7:45pmFeatherstoneBradfordMillennium Stadium
Mar 9th-12thChallenge CupThirdRound
Round 6
Mar 18thSat 3:00pmNewcastleLondonKingston Park
Mar 18thSat 6:00pmWidnesToulouseDCBL Stadium Halton
Mar 19thSun 3:00pmBradfordSheffieldOdsal Stadium
Mar 19thSun 3:00pmHalifaxKeighleyThe Shay Stadium
Mar 19thSun 3:00pmSwintonFeatherstoneHeywood Road
Mar 19thSun 3:00pmYorkWhitehavenLNER Community Stadium
Mar 20thMon 7:45pmBatleyBarrowFox's Biscuits
Round 7
Mar 25thSat 6:00pmSheffieldToulouseOlympic Legacy
Mar 26thSun 3:00pmBarrowHalifaxMatt Johnson Prestige Stadium
Mar 26thSun 3:00pmFeatherstoneYorkMillennium Stadium
Mar 26thSun 3:00pmKeighleyBradfordCougar Park
Mar 26thSun 3:00pmLondonSwintonCherry Red Records Stadium
Mar 26thSun 3:00pmWhitehavenBatleyLEL Arena
Mar 26thSun 3:00pmWidnesNewcastleDCBL Stadium Halton
Mar 30th-Apr 2ndChallenge CupFourthRound
Round 8
Apr 7thFri 10:30amYorkKeighleyLNER Community Stadium
Apr 7thFri 3:00pmBarrowWhitehavenMatt Johnson Prestige Stadium
Apr 7thFri 3:00pmSwintonWidnesHeywood Road
Apr 7thFri 7:30pmBatleyFeatherstoneFox's Biscuits
Apr 7thFri 7:30pmNewcastleLondonKingston Park
Apr 7thFri 7:00pmToulouseLondonStade Ernest Wallon
Apr 10thMon 7:45pmHalifaxBradfordThe Shay Stadium
Round 9
Apr 15thSat 6:00pmKeighleyToulouseCougar Park
Apr 16thSun 3:00pmBradfordBatleyOdsal Stadium
Apr 16thSun 3:00pmHalifaxYorkThe Shay Stadium
Apr 16thSun 3:00pmLondonFeatherstoneCherry Red Records Stadium
Apr 16thSun 3:00pmWhitehavenNewcastleLEL Arena
Apr 16thSun 3:00pmWidnesBarrowDCBL Stadium Halton
Apr 17thMon 7:45pmSheffieldSwintonOlympic Legacy
Apr 20th-23rdChallenge CupFifthRound
Apr 29thInternationalFranceEnglandHalliwell Jones Stadium
Round 10
May 6thSat 6:00pmSwintonToulouseHeywood Road
May 7thSun 3:00pmBarrowBradfordMatt Johnson Prestige Stadium
May 7thSun 3:00pmFeatherstoneSheffieldMillennium Stadium
May 7thSun 3:00pmNewcastleHalifaxKingston Park
May 7thSun 3:00pmWhitehavenKeighleyLEL Arena
May 7thSun 3:00pmYorkLondonLNER Community Stadium
May 8thMon 7:45pmBatleyWidnesFox's Biscuits
Round 11
May 13thSat 2:00pmLondonBarrowCherry Red Records Stadium
May 13thSat 6:00pmBatleyToulouseFox's Biscuits
May 14thSun 3:00pmBradfordSheffieldOdsal Stadium
May 14thSun 3:00pmHalifaxWhitehavenThe Shay Stadium
May 14thSun 3:00pmKeighleySheffieldCougar Park
May 14thSun 3:00pmWidnesFeatherstoneDCBL Stadium Halton
May 14thSun 3:00pmYorkNewcastleLNER Community Stadium
May 18th-21stChallenge CupSixthRound
Round 12Summer Bash
May 27thSatBarrowWhitehavenLNER Community Stadium
May 27thSatFeatherstoneYorkLNER Community Stadium
May 27thSatToulouseLondonLNER Community Stadium
May 27thSatWidnesSwintonLNER Community Stadium
May 28thSunHalifaxBatleyLNER Community Stadium
May 28thSunKeighleyBradfordLNER Community Stadium
May 28thSunNewcastleSheffieldLNER Community Stadium
Round 13
Jun 2ndFri 7:45pmNewcastleBradfordKingston Park
Jun 3rdSat 6:00pmToulouseHalifaxStade Ernest Wallon
Jun 4thSun 3:00pmBatleyYorkFox's Biscuits
Jun 4thSun 3:00pmFeatherstoneBarrowMillennium Stadium
Jun 4thSun 3:00pmKeighleySwintonCougar Park
Jun 4thSun 3:00pmWidnesLondonDCBL Stadium Halton
Jun 4thSun 6:00pmSheffieldWhitehavenOlympic Legacy
Round 14
Jun 9thFri 7:30pmSheffieldYorkOlympic Legacy
Jun 10thSat 6:00pmFeatherstoneToulouseMillennium Stadium
Jun 11thSun 3:00pmBarrowKeighleyMatt Johnson Prestige Stadium
Jun 11thSun 3:00pmBradfordLondonOdsal Stadium
Jun 11thSun 3:00pmNewcastleBatleyKingston Park
Jun 11thSun 3:00pmSwintonHalifaxHeywood Road
Jun 11thSun 3:00pmWhitehavenWidnesLEL Arena
Round 15
Jun 17thSat 6:00pmToulouseSheffieldStade Ernest Wallon
Jun 18thSun 3:00pmBarrowWidnesMatt Johnson Prestige Stadium
Jun 18thSun 3:00pmBradfordHalifaxOdsal Stadium
Jun 18thSun 3:00pmFeatherstoneLondonMillennium Stadium
Jun 18thSun 3:00pmNewcastleKeighleyKingston Park
Jun 18thSun 3:00pmSwintonBatleyHeywood Road
Jun 18thSun 3:00pmWhitehavenYorkLEL Arena
Round 16
Jun 23rdFri 7:30pmSheffieldNewcastleOlympic Legacy
Jun 24thSat 6:00pmToulouseBradfordStade Ernest Wallon
Jun 25thSun 3:00pmBatleyLondonFox's Biscuits
Jun 25thSun 3:00pmHalifaxBarrowThe Shay Stadium
Jun 25thSun 3:00pmKeighleyWhitehavenCougar Park
Jun 25thSun 3:00pmWidnesSwintonDCBL Stadium Halton
Jun 25thSun 3:00pmYorkFeatherstoneLNER Community Stadium
Round 17
Jul 1stSat 6:00pmToulouseWidnesStade Ernest Wallon
Jul 2ndSun 3:00pmBarrowBatleyMatt Johnson Prestige Stadium
Jul 2ndSun 3:00pmBradfordKeighleyOdsal Stadium
Jul 2ndSun 3:00pmLondonNewcastleKuflink Stadium
Jul 2ndSun 3:00pmSwintonSheffieldHeywood Road
Jul 2ndSun 3:00pmWhitehavenFeatherstoneLEL Arena
Jul 2ndSun 3:00pmYorkHalifaxLNER Community Stadium
Round 18
Jul 8thSat 6:00pmLondonToulouseKuflink Stadium
Jul 9thSun 3:00pmBatleyHalifaxFox's Biscuits
Jul 9thSun 3:00pmFeatherstoneSwintonMillennium Stadium
Jul 9thSun 3:00pmKeighleyYorkCougar Park
Jul 9thSun 3:00pmNewcastleWhitehavenKingston Park
Jul 9thSun 3:00pmSheffieldBarrowOlympic Legacy
Jul 9thSun 3:00pmWidnesBradfordDCBL Stadium Halton
Round 19
Jul 15thSat 6:00pmToulouseBatleyStade Ernest Wallon
Jul 16thSun 3:00pmBarrowFeatherstoneMatt Johnson Prestige Stadium
Jul 16thSun 3:00pmHalifaxNewcastleThe Shay Stadium
Jul 16thSun 3:00pmKeighleyWidnesCougar Park
Jul 16thSun 3:00pmSwintonLondonHeywood Road
Jul 16thSun 3:00pmWhitehavenBradfordLEL Arena
Jul 16thSun 3:00pmYorkSheffieldLNER Community Stadium
Jul 21st-22ndChallenge CupSemiFinals
Round 20
Jul 28thFri 7:30pmSheffieldHalifaxOlympic Legacy
Jul 29thSat 6:00pmFeatherstoneBatleyMillennium Stadium
Jul 29thSat 6:00pmToulouseKeighleyStade Ernest Wallon
Jul 30thSun 3:00pmBradfordBarrowOdsal Stadium
Jul 30thSun 3:00pmLondonYorkCherry Red Records Stadium
Jul 30thSun 3:00pmNewcastleSwintonKingston Park
Jul 30thSun 3:00pmWidnesWhitehavenDCBL Stadium Halton
Round 21
Aug 5thSat 3:00pmNewcastleWidnesKingston Park
Aug 5thSat 6:00pmYorkToulouseLNER Community Stadium
Aug 6thSun 3:00pmBarrowBradfordMatt Johnson Prestige Stadium
Aug 6thSun 3:00pmBatleyLondonFox's Biscuits
Aug 6thSun 3:00pmHalifaxFeatherstoneThe Shay Stadium
Aug 6thSun 3:00pmSwintonKeighleyHeywood Road
Aug 6thSun 3:00pmWhitehavenSheffieldLEL Arena
Aug 12thChallenge CupFinalWembley Stadium
Round 22
Aug 18thFri 7:30pmSheffieldFeatherstoneOlympic Legacy
Aug 19thSat 6:00pmToulouseSwintonStade Ernest Wallon
Aug 20thSun 3:00pmBradfordNewcastleOdsal Stadium
Aug 20thSun 3:00pmKeighleyBatleyCougar Park
Aug 20thSun 3:00pmLondonHalifaxCherry Red Records Stadium
Aug 20thSun 3:00pmWidnesYorkDCBL Stadium Halton
Aug 21stMon 7:45pmWhitehavenBarrowLEL Arena
Round 23
Aug 25thFri 7:30pmBatleySheffieldFox's Biscuits
Aug 25thFri 7:45pmNewcastleYorkKingston Park
Aug 26thSat 6:00pmToulouseBarrowStade Ernest Wallon
Aug 27thSun 3:00pmFeatherstoneKeighleyMillennium Stadium
Aug 27thSun 3:00pmHalifaxWidnesThe Shay Stadium
Aug 27thSun 3:00pmLondonWhitehavenCherry Red Records Stadium
Aug 27thSun 3:00pmSwintonBradfordHeywood Road
Round 24
Sep 2ndSat 6:00pmNewcastleToulouseKingston Park
Sep 3rdSun 3:00pmBradfordFeatherstoneOdsal Stadium
Sep 3rdSun 3:00pmKeighleyBarrowCougar Park
Sep 3rdSun 3:00pmNewcastleLondonKingston Park
Sep 3rdSun 3:00pmWhitehavenHalifaxLEL Arena
Sep 3rdSun 3:00pmWidnesBatleyDCBL Stadium Halton
Sep 3rdSun 3:00pmYorkSwintonLNER Community Stadium
Round 25
Sep 8thFri 7:30pmSheffieldKeighleyOlympic Legacy
Sep 9thSat 6:00pmHalifaxToulouseThe Shay Stadium
Sep 10thSun 3:00pmBarrowSwintonMatt Johnson Prestige Stadium
Sep 10thSun 3:00pmBatleyWhitehavenFox's Biscuits
Sep 10thSun 3:00pmBradfordYorkOdsal Stadium
Sep 10thSun 3:00pmFeatherstoneNewcastleMillennium Stadium
Sep 10thSun 3:00pmLondonWidnesCherry Red Records Stadium
Round 26
Sep 16thSat 3:00pmNewcastleBarrowKingston Park
Sep 16thSat 6:00pmToulouseFeatherstoneStade Ernest Wallon
Sep 17thSun 3:00pmKeighleyHalifaxCougar Park
Sep 17thSun 3:00pmLondonBradfordCherry Red Records Stadium
Sep 17thSun 3:00pmSwintonWhitehavenHeywood Road
Sep 17thSun 3:00pmWidnesSheffieldDCBL Stadium Halton
Sep 17thSun 3:00pmYorkBatleyLNER Community Stadium
Round 27
Sep 22ndFri 7:30pmSheffieldBradfordOlympic Legacy
Sep 23rdSat 6:00pmFeatherstoneWidnesMillennium Stadium
Sep 23rdSat 6:00pmWhitehavenToulouseLEL Arena
Sep 24thSun 3:00pmBarrowYorkMatt Johnson Prestige Stadium
Sep 24thSun 3:00pmBatleyNewcastleFox's Biscuits
Sep 24thSun 3:00pmHalifaxSwintonThe Shay Stadium
Sep 24thSun 3:00pmLondonKeighleyCherry Red Records Stadium

League One

Round 1
Feb 18thSat 3:00pmLondonWorkingtonNew River Stadium
Feb 19thSun 2:30pmNorth WalesDewsburyStadiwm CSM
Feb 19thSun 3:00pmDoncasterHunsletEco-Power Stadium
Feb 19thSun 3:00pmMidlandsCornwallAlexander Stadium
Bye: Rochdale, Oldham
Feb 24th-26thChallenge CupSecondRound
Round 2
Mar 5thSun 1:00pmRochdaleDoncasterCrown Oil Arena
Mar 5thSun 3:00pmDewsburyMidlandsTetley's Stadium
Mar 5thSun 3:00pmHunsletNorth WalesSouth Leeds Stadium
Mar 5thSun 3:00pmOldhamLondonVestacare Stadium
Bye: Cornwall, Workington
Mar 9th-12thChallenge CupThirdRound
Round 3
Mar 18thSat 3:00pmLondonHunsletNew River Stadium
Mar 19thSun 3:00pmDoncasterNorth WalesEco-Power Stadium
Mar 19thSun 3:00pmMidlandsRochdaleAlexander Stadium
Mar 19thSun 3:00pmWorkingtonDewsburyDerwent Park
Bye: Cornwall, Oldham
Round 4
Mar 26thSun 1:00pmCornwallLondonMemorial Stadium
Mar 26thSun 1:00pmRochdaleDewsburyCrown Oil Arena
Mar 26thSun 2:30pmNorth WalesOldhamStadiwm CSM
Mar 26thSun 3:00pmMidlandsWorkingtonAlexander Stadium
Bye: Doncaster, Hunslet
Mar 30th-Apr 2ndChallenge CupFourthRound
Round 5
Apr 7thFri 3:00pmDewsburyHunsletTetley's Stadium
Apr 7thFri 3:00pmOldhamRochdaleVestacare Stadium
Apr 7thFri 3:00pmWorkingtonNorth WalesDerwent Park
Apr 8thSat 1:00pmCornwallDoncasterMemorial Stadium
Bye: Midlands, London
Round 6
Apr 15thSat 3:00pmLondonDewsburyNew River Stadium
Apr 16thSun 1:00pmRochdaleWorkingtonCrown Oil Arena
Apr 16thSun 3:00pmDewsburyCornwallTetley's Stadium
Apr 16thSun 3:00pmDoncasterOldhamEco-Power Stadium
Apr 16thSun 3:00pmHunsletMidlandsSouth Leeds Stadium
Bye: North Wales
Apr 20th-23rdChallenge CupFifthRound
Apr 29thInternationalEnglandFranceHalliwell Jones Stadium
Round 7
May 7thSun 1:00pmOldhamCornwallVestacare Stadium
May 7thSun 1:00pmRochdaleNorth WalesCrown Oil Arena
May 7thSun 3:00pmDoncasterWorkingtonEco-Power Stadium
May 7thSun 3:00pmMidlandsLondonAlexander Stadium
Bye: Hunslet, Dewsbury
Round 8
May 13thSat 1:00pmCornwallHunsletMemorial Stadium
May 13thSat 3:00pmLondonRochdaleNew River Stadium
May 14thSun 3:00pmDewsburyDoncasterTetley's Stadium
May 14thSun 3:00pmWorkingtonOldhamDerwent Park
Bye: Midlands, North Wales
Round 9
May 21stSun 1:00pmRochdaleCornwallCrown Oil Arena
May 21stSun 2:30pmNorth WalesMidlandsStadiwm CSM
May 21stSun 3:00pmDoncasterLondonEco-Power Stadium
May 21stSun 3:00pmHunsletWorkingtonSouth Leeds Stadium
May 21stSun 3:00pmOldhamDewsburyVestacare Stadium
Round 10
May 28thSun 1:00pmCornwallNorth WalesMemorial Stadium
May 28thSun 3:00pmDewsburyLondonTetley's Stadium
May 28thSun 3:00pmHunsletRochdaleSouth Leeds Stadium
May 28thSun 3:00pmMidlandsOldhamAlexander Stadium
Bye: Workington, Doncaster
Round 11
Jun 3rdSat 3:00pmLondonNorth WalesNew River Stadium
Jun 4thSun 3:00pmDoncasterMidlandsEco-Power Stadium
Jun 4thSun 3:00pmOldhamHunsletVestacare Stadium
Jun 4thSun 3:00pmWorkingtonCornwallDerwent Park
Bye: Dewsbury, Rochdale
Round 12
Jun 10thSat 3:00pmLondonOldhamNew River Stadium
Jun 11thSun 1:00pmCornwallDewsburyMemorial Stadium
Jun 11thSun 2:30pmNorth WalesWorkingtonStadiwm CSM
Jun 11thSun 3:00pmDoncasterRochdaleEco-Power Stadium
Bye: Midlands, Hunslet
Round 13
Jun 16thFri 7:30pmDewsburyRochdaleTetley's Stadium
Jun 18thSun 3:00pmHunsletCornwallSouth Leeds Stadium
Jun 18thSun 3:00pmOldhamDoncasterVestacare Stadium
Jun 18thSun 3:00pmWorkingtonLondonDerwent Park
Bye: Midlands, North Wales
Round 14
Jun 23rdFri 7:30pmDewsburyOldhamTetley's Stadium
Jun 25thSun 2:30pmNorth WalesHunsletStadiwm CSM
Jun 25thSun 3:00pmWorkingtonMidlandsDerwent Park
Bye: Cornwall, Rochdale
Round 15
Jul 2ndSun 2:30pmNorth WalesRochdaleStadiwm CSM
Jul 2ndSun 3:00pmHunsletDoncasterSouth Leeds Stadium
Jul 2ndSun 3:00pmMidlandsDewsburyAlexander Stadium
Jul 2ndSun 3:00pmOldhamWorkingtonVestacare Stadium
Bye: Cornwall, London
Round 16
Jul 8thSat 3:00pmLondonCornwallNew River Stadium
Jul 9thSun 3:00pmMidlandsHunsletAlexander Stadium
Jul 9thSun 3:00pmOldhamNorth WalesVestacare Stadium
Jul 9thSun 3:00pmWorkingtonRochdaleDerwent Park
Bye: Doncaster, Dewsbury
Round 17
Jul 16thSun 1:00pmCornwallMidlandsMemorial Stadium
Jul 16thSun 2:30pmNorth WalesDoncasterStadiwm CSM
Jul 16thSun 3:00pmHunsletOldhamSouth Leeds Stadium
Bye: London, Workington, Dewsbury, Rochdale
Round 18
Jul 23rdSun 1:00pmCornwallWorkingtonMemorial Stadium
Jul 23rdSun 1:00pmRochdaleLondonCrown Oil Arena
Jul 23rdSun 3:00pmDewsburyNorth WalesTetley's Stadium
Jul 23rdSun 3:00pmMidlandsDoncasterAlexander Stadium
Bye: Hunslet, Oldham
Round 19
Jul 30thSun 1:00pmRochdaleMidlandsCrown Oil Arena
Jul 30thSun 2:30pmNorth WalesCornwallStadiwm CSM
Jul 30thSun 3:00pmHunsletDewsburySouth Leeds Stadium
Jul 30thSun 3:00pmWorkingtonDoncasterDerwent Park
Bye: London, Oldham
Round 20
Aug 5thSat 3:00pmLondonMidlandsNew River Stadium
Aug 6thSun 1:00pmCornwallOldhamMemorial Stadium
Aug 6thSun 1:00pmRochdaleHunsletCrown Oil Arena
Aug 6thSun 3:00pmDewsburyWorkingtonTetley's Stadium
Bye: Doncaster, North Wales
Round 14
Aug 11thFri 7:00pmLondonDoncasterNew River Stadium
Round 21
Aug 20thSun 1:00pmRochdaleOldhamCrown Oil Arena
Aug 20thSun 3:00pmDoncasterCornwallEco-Power Stadium
Aug 20thSun 3:00pmHunsletLondonSouth Leeds Stadium
Aug 20thSun 3:00pmMidlandsNorth WalesAlexander Stadium
Bye: Workington, Dewsbury
Round 22
Aug 27thSun 1:00pmCornwallRochdaleMemorial Stadium
Aug 27thSun 2:30pmNorth WalesLondonStadiwm CSM
Aug 27thSun 3:00pmDoncasterDewsburyEco-Power Stadium
Aug 27thSun 3:00pmOldhamMidlandsVestacare Stadium
Aug 27thSun 3:00pmWorkingtonHunsletDerwent Park