2023 Betfred Challenge Cup

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Follow along with draws, fixtures and results for the 2023 Challenge Cup as information comes to hand.

The draw for the first and second round, and women's group stage, was made on January 12 at Wembley Stadium.

All times listed are UK local time (GMT til end March, BST thereafter)

2023 Men's Challenge Cup

First Round

Amateur clubs enter (36)
Ties to be played February 10-12
18 matches

Saturday 11 February

West Bowling 30 def Waterhead 12
Horsfall Stadium (Bradford)

1:15pm (BBC Sport)

Edinburgh Eagles 20 lost to Saddleworth Rangers 30
Royal High School (Edinburgh)


Skirlaugh 16 lost to Wests Warriors 26
Slaithes Lane (Hedon)

Brentwood Eels 34 def Bedford Tigers 24
Ashells Road (Brentwood)

Westgate Common 36 def Crosfields 18
Park Grove Road (Wakefield)

Royal Navy 28 def Barrow Island 16
The Victory Stadium (Portsmouth)

British Army 12 lost to Ashton Bears 28
Aldershot Military Stadium


Fryston Warriors 38 def Thornhill Trojans 22
Ashkam Road (Ferry Fryston)

Featherstone Lions 6 lost to GB Police 20
Wakefield Road (Featherstone)

Hull Dockers 54 def Rhondda Outlaws 10
The Willows (Hull)

Doncaster Toll Bar 24 lost to RAF 36
Prospect Road (Doncaster)

Distington 4 lost to Orrell St James 16
West View Road (Distington)

Stanningley 38 def Milford 4
The Arthur Miller Stadium (Leeds)


London Chargers 32 def North Herts 12
Kings House School (Chiswick)

Wigan St Patricks 22 lost to Ince Rose Bridge 30
Harper Street (Wigan)


Hammersmith Hills Hoists 8 lost to Dublin City Exiles 42
Chiswick Rugby Club

Sunday 12 February

Heworth 22 def Oulton Raiders 6
Elmpark Way (Heworth)


Jarrow Vikings 26 lost to Myton Warriors 40
Monkton Stadium (Jarrow)

Second Round

League One and NCL teams enter (20)

Teams qualified from First Round: West Bowling, Saddleworth, Wests Warriors, Brentwood, Westgate Common, Navy, Ashton, Fryston, GB Police, Hull Dockers, RAF, Orrell St James, Stanningly, London Chargers, Ince Rose Bridge, Dublin City, Heworth, Myton

Ties to be played February 24-26
19 matches

Saturday 25 February
1:00PM (BBC iPlayer)

Cornwall 14 lost to Rochdale Mayfield
Memorial Ground (Penryn). Attendance: 1061


Fryston Warriors 12 lost to Stanningley 28
Askham Road (Ferry Fryston)

Brentwood Eels 4 lost to Wath Brow 58
Ashells Road (Brentwood)

Lock Lane 22 lost to West Bowling 30
Hicksons Arena (Castleford)

Saddleworth Rangers 4 lost to Thatto Heath Crusaders 18
The Jocky Wilson Stadium (Saddleworth)


Ashton Bears 8 lost to Dewsbury Rams 38
FLAIR Stadium (Dewsbury)

Myton Warriors 22 lost to Leigh Miners Rangers 34
Marist Sporting Club (Hull)

North Wales Crusaders 70 def Royal Navy 0
Stadiwm CSM (Colwyn Bay). Attendance: 255

Wests Warriors 18 def London Chargers 14
Twyford Avenue Sports Ground (Wasps RUFC)

RAF 10 lost to York Acorn 12
RAF Cranwell (Lincolnshire)


Siddal 18 def West Hull 4
Siddal Sports & Community Centre (Halifax)

Hunslet ARLFC 66 def Pilkingtons Recs 0
The Oval (Hunslet)


Orrell St James 68 def Dublin City Exiles 14
Bankes Avenue Playing Fields (Orrell)

Sunday 26 February

Rochdale Hornets 42 def London Skolars 4
Crown Oil Arena (Rochdale). Attendance: 300


Workington Town 68 def Ince Rose Bridge 6
Derwent Park (Workington). Attendance: 603

GB Police 18 lost to Westgate Commons 22
Portico Panthers (St Helens)


Hull Dockers 4 lost to Midlands Hurricanes 50
Sewell Group Craven Park (Hull)


Hunslet 68 def Heworth 6
South Leeds Stadium (South Leeds). Attendance: 556

Doncaster 28 def Oldham 26
Eco-Power Stadium (Doncaster). Attendance: 517

Third Round

Championship teams (except Toulouse) enter (13)

Teams qualified from Second Round: Rochdale Mayfield, Wath Brow, Stanningley, West Bowling, Thatto Heath, Dewsbury, Leigh Miners Rangers, North Wales, York Acorn, Wests Warriors, Hunslet ARLFC, Siddal, Orrell St James, Rochdale Hornets, Workington, Westgate Commons, Midlands, Hunslet, Doncaster

Ties to be played March 9-12
16 matches

Saturday 11 March

Hunslet ARLFC (15) Tries: Elliott Morgan, Matty Scott; Goals: Andrew Hullock 2/2, Craig McShane 1/1; Field Goals: Craig McShane 1
def Westgate Common ARLFC (12) Tries: Nathan Smith, Ryan Chalkley; Goals: Lewis Heckford 2/3
Park Grove Road (Wakefield)


Rochdale Mayfield (38) Tries: Sam Wright 2, Harry Sheridan 2, Seta Tala, Lewis Butterworth, Devlin Long; Goals: Devlin Long 5/7
def Leigh Miners Rangers (10) Tries: Jonathon Youds, Lewis Grimes; Goals: Rob Drake 1/2
Leigh Miners Rangers (Leigh)


Midlands Hurricanes (19) Tries: Nathan Hill, Matty Welham, Callum Dunne; Goals: Ben Stead 2/3; Field Goals: Dan Coates
def Orrell St James (12) Tries: Chris Wilson 2; Goals: Bradley Keik 2/2
Bankes Avenue Playing Fields (Orrell)


London Broncos (32) Tries: Jarred Bassett 3, Marcus Stock, Oliver Leyland, Bill Leyland; Goals: Oliver Leyland 4/6
def Whitehaven RLFC (10) Tries: Chris Taylor, Curtis Teare; Goals: Samuel Freeman 1/2
The Cherry Red Records Stadium (Wimbledon)

Widnes Vikings (80) Tries: Aaron Brown 2, Matty Fleming 2, Ryan Ince 2, Joe Edge 2, Brad Holroyd 2, Ollie Brookes 2, Ant Walker, Olly Davies, Callum Field; Goals: Joe Edge 10/15
def Wests Warriors (4) Tries: Blake Nahu
DCBL Stadium Halton (Widnes)

Sunday 12 March

North Wales Crusaders (18) Tries: Jordan Andrade, Dave Gibbons, Ryan Ellis; Goals: Dave Gibbons 2/3, Brad Billsborough 1/1
def Thatto Heath Crusaders (10) Tries: Adam Carr, David Pike; Goals: Jack Jones 1/2
Hattons Solicitors Crusaders Park (St Helens)


Newcastle Thunder (58) Tries: Alex Clegg 3, Jack Johnson 2, Jack Miller, Alex Foster, Connor Bailey, Connor Moore, Evan Lawther, Max Flanagan; Goals: Jack Miller 5/6, Nikau Williams 2/5
def Stanningley (16) Tries: Jack Sykes 2, Nathan Simpson; Goals: Dean Parker 2/3
The Arthur Miller Stadium (Leeds)


Batley Bulldogs (60) Tries: Josh Hodson 4, Dale Morton 2, Ben Kaye, Ben White, Adam Gledhill, Kieran Buchanan, Oliver Burton; Goals: Jimmy Meadows 8/11
def Wath Brow Hornets (0)
Fox's Biscuit Stadium (Batley)

Dewsbury Rams (38) Tries: Bradley Graham 3, Sam Day, Calum Turner, Connor Davies, Ollie Greensmith; Goals: Calum Turner 5/7
def Rochdale Hornets (18) Tries: Aiden Roden, Callum Green, Toby Brannan; Goals: Dave Hewitt 3/3
FLAIR Stadium (Dewsbury)


Sheffield Eagles (34) Tries: Jason Bass 3, Jack Hansen, Lewis Peachey, Ryan Johnson; Goals: Cory Aston 5/6
def Siddal ARLFC (12) Tries: Henry Turner, Richard Pogson; Goals: Richard Pogson 2/2
Siddal Sports & Community Centre (Halifax)


Barrow Raiders (32) Tries: Ben Evans, Ryan Shaw, Danny Langtree, Ryan Johnson, Luke Broadbent; Goals: Ryan Shaw 6/6
def Swinton Lions (14) Tries: Rhodri Lloyd 2, Kenny Baker; Goals: Dan Abram 1/3
Matt Johnson Prestige Stadium (Barrow). Attendance: 1161

Halifax Panthers (22) Tries: Matty Gee, Louis Jouffret, Lachlan Walmsley, Tom Inman; Goals: Louis Jouffret 3/4
def Featherstone Rovers (18) Tries: Gadwin Springer, Josh Hardcastle, Thomas Lacans; Goals: Craig Hall 3/3
Millennium Stadium (Featherstone). Attendance: 1487

Doncaster RLFC (24) Tries: Tom Halliday 2, Connor Robinson, Elliot Hall; Goals: Connor Robinson 4/4
def Workington Town (22) Tries: Sean Sabutey 3, Ciaran Walker; Goals: Ciaran Walker 2/4
Eco-Power Stadium (Doncaster). Attendance: 485

Keighley Cougars (16) Tries: Aaron Levy, Alix Stephenson, Robbie Storey; Goals: Lewis Young 2/2
def Hunslet RLFC (14) Tries: Adam Ryder, Joe Burton, Brad Wheeler; Goals: Mike Knowles 1/1
South Leeds Stadium (South Leeds). Attendance: 519

York Knights (52) Tries: Liam Harris 2, Brad Ward 2, Bailey Antrobus 2, Danny Kirmond, Matty Marsh, AJ Towse, Joe Brown; Goals: Liam Harris 6/11
def West Bowling (12) Tries: Ollie Bartle, Max Trueman; Goals: Harry Williams 2/2
LNER Community Stadium (York)

Bradford Bulls (62) Tries: Kieran Gill 3, Ebon Scurr 2, Dec Patton, Bradley Foster, Jayden Myers, George Flanagan Jr, Myles Lawford, Keven Appo; Goals: Dec Patton 5/6, George Flanagan Jr 4/5
def York Acorn (6) Tries: Tim Stubbs; Goals: Anthony Chilton 1/1
Odsal Stadium (Bradford). Attendance: 1143

Fourth Round

Teams qualified: Widnes, London, Midlands, Rochdale Mayfield, Hunslet ARLFC, York RLFC, Keighley, Halifax, Doncaster, Bradford, Newcastle, North Wales, Batley, Dewsbury, Sheffield, Barrow

Ties to be played March 30-April 2
8 matches

Saturday 1 April

Newcastle Thunder (22) Tries: Jack Johnson, Ted Chapelhow, Alex Young, Connor Moore; Goals: Jack Miller 3/4
def Rochdale Mayfield (12) Tries: Ben Metcalf, Jordan Parr; Goals: Devlin Long 2/2
Mayfield Sports Centre (Hope Valley)


Keighley Cougars (36) Tries: Mo Agoro 2, Keenan Dyer-Dixon 2, Lewis Young, Billy Gaylor, Thomas Doyle; Goals: Dan Parker 2/5, Harvey Spence 2/2
def North Wales Crusaders (14) Tries: Brandon Wood, Danté Morley-Samuels, Kieran Taylor; Goals: Owain Abel 1/3
Cougar Park (Keighley). Attendance: 862

London Broncos (66) Tries: Oliver Leyland 2, Paul Ulberg 2, Dalton Grant, Iliess Macani, Dean Parata, Wellington Albert, Rian Horsman, Ramon Silva, Bill Leyland, Emmanuel Waine; Goals: Oliver Leyland 9/12
def Doncaster RLFC (16) Tries: Aaron Ollett-Hobson, Brad Hey, Travis Corion; Goals: Jack Sanderson 2/3
Rosslyn Park RUFC (Wandsworth)

Sunday 2 April

York Knights (24) Tries: Danny Kirmond 2, Conor Fitzsimmons, Myles Harrison, AJ Towse; Goals: James Glover 2/6
def Sheffield Eagles (22) Tries: Kris Welham, Cory Aston, Matthew Chrimes, Jason Bass; Goals: Cory Aston 3/4
LNER Community Stadium (York)


Batley Bulldogs (80) Tries: Josh Hodson 4, Dale Morton 3, Ben White 2, Jimmy Meadows 2, Aidan McGowan 2, Josh Woods, Nyle Flynn; Goals: Jimmy Meadows 10/15
def Hunslet ARLFC (6) Tries: Dewi Billingham; Goals: Jordan Gale 1/1
Fox's Biscuits Stadium (Batley)


Halifax Panthers (24) Tries: James Saltonstall 2, Louis Jouffret, Eribe Doro, Jake Maizen; Goals: Joe Keyes 2/5
def Barrow Raiders (18) Tries: Danny Langtree 2, Rio-Osayomwanbo Corkill; Goals: Jarrod Sammut 3/3
The Shay Stadium (Halifax)

Dewsbury Rams (32) Tries: Reiss Butterworth 2, Davey Dixon, Lewis Carr, Ollie Greensmith; Goals: Paul Sykes 6/6
def Widnes Vikings (12) Tries: Adam Lawton, Matty Fozard; Goals: Jack Owens 2/3
FLAIR Stadium (Dewsbury)

Bradford Bulls (66) Tries: Chester Butler 3, Tom Holmes 2, Billy Jowitt 2, Joe Arundel, Fenton Rogers, Myles Lawford, Keven Appo; Goals: Myles Lawford 11/11
def Midlands Hurricanes (18) Tries: Kieran Moran, Matty Welham, Callum Dunne; Goals: Ben Stead 3/3
Odsal Stadium (Bradford)

Fifth Round

Ties to be played April 20-23
4 matches

Teams qualified: Newcastle, London, Keighley, Halifax, Bradford, Batley, Dewsbury, York

Squad listsDetailed results
Friday 21 April

York Knights (22) Tries: Matty Marsh, Liam Harris, AJ Towse, Joe Brown; Goals: James Glover 3/4
def Newcastle Thunder (18) Tries: Marcus Walker, Mac Walsh, Jake Lightowler; Goals: Nikau Williams 3/3
LNER Community Stadium

Saturday 22 April

Halifax Panthers (26) Tries: James Saltonstall 2, Louis Jouffret 2, Jake Maizen; Goals: Joe Keyes 3
def Bradford Bulls (0)
The Shay Stadium (Halifax)

Sunday 23 April

Batley Bulldogs (34) Tries: Lucas Walshaw 2, Aidan McGowan 2, Dale Morton, Jimmy Meadows, Josh Hodson; Goals: Jimmy Meadows 3/6
def Keighley Cougars (16) Tries: Mark Ioane, Dan Parker, Robbie Storey; Goals: Luke Gale 2/3
Fox's Biscuit Stadium


London Broncos (36) Tries: Iliess Macani 2, Wellington Albert, Jarred Bassett, Lewis Bienek, Marcus Stock, Bill Leyland; Goals: Oliver Leyland 4/7
def Dewsbury Rams (16) Tries: Lewis Carr 2, Bradley Graham; Goals: Paul Sykes 2/3
Rosslyn Park RUFC

Sixth Round

Ties to be played May 18-21
8 matches

Super League clubs enter (12); Teams qualified: York, Halifax, Batley, London

Friday 19 May

St Helens (26) Tries: Joey Lussick 2, Thomas Makinson, Jack Welsby, Jake Wingfield; Goals: Thomas Makinson 3/5
def Halifax Panthers (6) Tries: Jacob Fairbank; Goals: Louis Jouffret 1/1
at The Shay Stadium, Halifax

Leigh Leopards (40) Tries: Tom Briscoe 2, Kai O'Donnell 2, Ricky Leutele, Josh Charnley, John Asiata; Goals: Ben Reynolds 6/7
def Wakefield Trinity (12) Tries: Jay Pitts, Will Dagger; Goals: Will Dagger 2/2
at Be Well Support Stadium, Wakefield


Hull Kingston Rovers (50) Tries: Ethan Ryan 3, Shaun Kenny-Dowall 2, Kane Linnett 2, Sam Luckley, Mikey Lewis; Goals: Mikey Lewis 5, Sam Wood 2
def Batley Bulldogs (0)
at Sewell Group Craven Park, Hull

Saturday 20 May

Wigan Warriors (18) Tries: Bevan French 2, Jacob Wardle, Junior Nsemba; Goals: Harry Smith 1/4
def Leeds Rhinos (14) Tries: Harry Newman, Tom Holroyd; Goals: Rhyse Martin 3/3
at Headingley Stadium, Leeds


Warrington Wolves (16) Tries: Matthew Ashton 2, Matt Dufty; Goals: Stefan Ratchford 2/3
def Catalans Dragons (14) Tries: Tom Johnstone, Arthur Romano, Matt Ikuvalu; Goals: Arthur Mourgue 1/3
at Stade Gilbert Brutus, Perpignan


Salford Red Devils (42) Tries: Rhys Williams 2, Kallum Watkins, Marc Sneyd, Alex Gerrard, Joe Burgess, Matthew Costello; Goals: Marc Sneyd 7
def Huddersfield Giants (40) Tries: Luke Yates 3, Kevin Naiqama, Tui Lolohea, Jake Bibby, Sam Hewitt; Goals: Jake Connor 6
at Salford Stadium, Barton-upon-Irwell

Sunday 21 May

Hull FC (32) Tries: Adam Swift 3, Josh Griffin, Jordan Lane, Jack Brown; Goals: Jake Clifford 4/6
def Castleford Tigers (8) Tries: Mahe Fonua, William Tate
at Mend-A-Hose Jungle, Castleford

York Knights (36) Tries: Olly Butterworth 3, Jordan Thompson, Jesse Dee, Joe Brown, Josh Daley; Goals: James Glover 4/8
def London Broncos (12) Tries: Alex Walker, Jarred Bassett; Goals: Oliver Leyland 2/2
at LNER Community Stadium, York

Quarter Finals

Ties to be played June 15-17
4 matches

Saturday 17 June

Hull KR 28 (D. Hadley, R. Hall, S. Kenny-Dowall, K. Linnett, T. Zenon tries; R. Milnes 4 goals)
defeated Salford 10 (J. Burgess, T. Lafai tries; M. Sneyd goal)
at Sewell Group Craven Park


St Helens 32 (J. Batchelor, J. Bell, L. Dodd, K. Hurrell, C. Sironen, J. Welsby tries; J. Lussick 2, T. Makinson 2 goals)
def Hull FC 18 (J. Griffin, A. Savelio, J. Trueman tries; L. Sutcliffe 3 goals)
at MKM Stadium

Sunday 18 June

Wigan 14 (T. King, A. Miski tries; H. Smith 3 goals)
def Warrington 12 (J. Bullock, J. Thewlis tries; S. Ratchford 2 goals)
at DW Stadium


Leigh 34 (T. Briscoe 2, J. Charnley 2, T. Amone, J. Mellor tries; Z. Hardaker 3, G. O'Brien 2 goals)
def York 14 (J. Brown, M. Harrison tries; M. Harrison 3 goals)
at LNER Community Stadium

Semi Finals

Ties to be played July 22-23
2 matches

Saturday 22 July

Leigh Leopards v St Helens
Halliwell Jones Stadium (Warrington)

Sunday 23 July

Hull KR v Wigan Warriors
Headingley Stadium (Leeds)


Saturday 12 August
Wembley Stadium, London

2023 Women's Challenge Cup

Group One - Featherstone Rovers, Salford Red Devils, Cardiff Demons, Wigan Warriors

Group Two - Bradford Bulls, Huddersfield Giants, Oulton Raidettes, Leeds Rhinos

Group Three - Warrington Wolves, Castleford Tigers, London Broncos, St Helens

Group Four - Barrow Raiders, Leigh Leopards, Hull KR, York Valkyrie

Full details on Women's Challenge Cup at RLP.

Group Fixtures - Week 1

Saturday 22 April

(Group 3)
St Helens (W) 76 (L. Burke 5, T. Jones 2, L. McColm 2, C. Crowl, E. Rudge, D. Stott, N. Williams tries; A. Taylor 10 goals)
defeated London (W) 0 at The Rock (Roehampton).
Date: Sat, 22nd April.   Kickoff: 2:00 PM.   Halftime: St Helens (W) 32-0.   Referee: Henry Winnard.   

Sunday 23 April

(Group 1)

Featherstone (W) 22
(C. Billington 2, E. Lamb 2, D. Waters tries; T. Bryer goal)
defeated Salford (W) 8(S. Bannister, V. Kini tries) at Salford Community Stadium Field (Barton-upon-Irwell).
Date: Sun, 23rd April.   Kickoff: 2:00 PM.   Halftime: Featherstone (W) 12-4.   Penalties: Featherstone (W) 7-6.   Referee: Josh Pemberton.   

(Group 2)
Leeds (W) 72 (B. Lockwood 3, K. Bennett 2, B. Dainton 2, A. Hardcastle 2, E. Hayward 2, D. Anderson, H. Butcher, T. Moxon tries; E. Hayward 5, T. Gaines 2, C. Casey goals) defeated Bradford (W) 0 at Sports Park Weetwood.
Date: Sun, 23rd April.   Kickoff: 1:00 PM.   Halftime: Leeds (W) 40-0.   Referee: Freddie Lincoln.  


(Group 1)
Wigan (W) 38(M. Coleman 2, K. Hilton 2, G. Banks, A. Davies, M. Jones, B. Salihi tries; B. Salihi 3 goals) defeated Cardiff (W) 20(K. Hubbert, F. Jones, E. Michael, A. Price tries; S. Davies 2 goals) at Cardiff University Sports Fields.
Date: Sun, 23rd April.   Kickoff: 2:00 PM.   Halftime: Wigan (W) 26-6.   Referee: Rob Apsee.   

(Group 2)
Huddersfield (W) 54 (A. Brown 3, B. Oates 3, A. Bennett, L. Naidole, B. Sykes, E. Thompson tries; E. Thompson 4, F. Townend 3 goals) defeated Oulton (W) 4 (C. Senior try) at Oulton Community Sports Club.
Date: Sun, 23rd April.   Kickoff: 2:00 PM.   Halftime: Huddersfield (W) 26-0.   Referee: Milo McKelvey.   

(Group 3)
Warrington (W) 72 (M. Davis 4, C. Mullaney 2, S. Simpson 2, G. Sutherland 2, S. Stephens, G. Westwood, K. Williams tries; M. Davis 10 goals) defeated Castleford (W) 0 at Mend-a-Hose Jungle.
Date: Sun, 23rd April.   Kickoff: 2:00 PM.   Halftime: Warrington (W) 36-0.   Referee: Aidan Rhodes.   

(Group 4)
York (W) 44 (E. Kershaw 2, G. Taylor 2, L. Owen, T. Renouf, C. Smith, A. Staveley, L. Whitehead tries; T. Stanley 4 goals) defeated Barrow (W) 4 (E. Hutchinson try) at Matt Johnson Prestige Stadium.
Date: Sun, 23rd April.   Kickoff: 2:00 PM.   Halftime: York (W) 24-4.   Referee: Jordan Hughes.   

(Group 4)
Leigh (W) 38 (M. Taylor 2, R. Bell-Soppelsa, T. Blackwood, R. Burke, E. Derbyshire, K. Howard tries; E. Knowles 5 goals) defeated Hull KR (W) 16 (L. Baggley, S. Banks, A. Kudla tries; D. Thomas 2 goals) at Sewell Group Craven Park.
Date: Sun, 23rd April.   Kickoff: 2:00 PM.   Halftime: Leigh (W) 16-10.   Referee: Daniel Frederick.   

Group Fixtures - Week 2

Sunday 7 May

(Group 1)
Cardiff (W) 12 (L. Aitken, A. Ruck tries; A. Ruck 2 goals) defeated Salford (W) 8 (S. Gray, A. Simpson tries) at Moor Lane.
Date: Sun, 7th May.   Kickoff: 1:00 PM.   Halftime: Cardiff (W) 6-4.   Referee: Sam Houghton.   


(Group 1)
Wigan (W) 12 (A. Davies, H. Speakman tries; B. Salihi 2 goals) defeated Featherstone (W) 10 (A. Backhouse, T. Bryer tries; T. Bryer goal) at Millennium Stadium.
Date: Sun, 7th May.   Kickoff: 2:00 PM.   Halftime: Wigan (W) 10-4.   Referee: Carl Hughes.  

(Group 2)
Leeds (W) 48 won by forfeit over Oulton (W) 0 at Oulton Community Sports Club.

(Group 2)
Huddersfield (W) 32 (F. Townend 3, R. Barker, L. Burwood, E. Stott tries; F. Townend 3, E. Thompson goals) defeated Bradford (W) 12 (E. Kilburn, E. Powell, L. Williams tries) at Horsfall Stadium.
Date: Sun, 7th May.   Kickoff: 2:00 PM.   Halftime: Huddersfield (W) 26-4.   Referee: Matty Clayton.   

(Group 3)
Warrington (W) 64 (M. Davis 3, S. Simpson 3, G. Sutherland 3, K. Haley, L. Roberts, K. Williams tries; M. Davis 6, L. Roberts 2 goals) defeated London (W) 10 (K. Griffiths 2 tries; R. Humphries goal) at Victoria Park (Warrington).
Date: Sun, 7th May.   Kickoff: 2:00 PM.   Halftime: Warrington (W) 32-6.   Referee: Owen Ireland.   

(Group 3)
St Helens (W) 106 (L. Burke 5, H. Roberts 4, D. McGifford 2, E. Partington 2, G. Bradshaw, S. Hoyle, T. Jones, E. Rudge, V. Whitfield, M. Williams tries; A. Taylor 15 goals) defeated Castleford (W) 0 at Mend-a-Hose Jungle.
Date: Sun, 7th May.   Kickoff: 2:00 PM.   Halftime: St Helens (W) 64-0.   Referee: Dan Geddes.   

(Group 4)
Leigh (W) 30 (E. Gater 2, T. Blackwood, E. Derbyshire, K. Morris, M. Taylor tries; E. Knowles 3 goals) defeated Barrow (W) 22 (C. Todhunter 2, L. Cottier, J. Litherland tries; B. Pattinson 2, J. Litherland goals) at Twist Lane.
Date: Sun, 7th May.   Kickoff: 2:00 PM.   Halftime: Leigh (W) 16-10.   Penalties: Leigh (W) 5-4.   Referee: Luke Flavell.   

(Group 4)
York (W) 122 (S. Andrade 4, S. Peach 4, T. Renouf 3, E. Kershaw 2, L. Owen 2, J. Bell, G. Hetherington, B. Lambert, R. Marshall, A. Staveley, L. Whitehead, L. Wood tries; T. Stanley 8, L. Whitehead 5, R. Marshall 4 goals) defeated Hull KR (W) 0 at LNER Community Stadium.
Date: Sun, 7th May.   Kickoff: 2:00 PM.   Halftime: York (W) 66-0.   Referee: Brandon Worsley.   

Group Fixtures - Week 3

Sunday 21 May

(Group 1)
Wigan (W) 60 (G. Banks 3, B. Hayes 2, M. Jones 2, B. Greenfield, K. Hilton, L. Johnson, G. Leigh tries; A. Burrows 6, M. Jones 2 goals) defeated Salford (W) 0 at Robin Park Arena.
Date: Sun, 21st May.   Kickoff: 12:00 PM.   Halftime: Wigan (W) 24-0.   Referee: Sam Houghton.   


(Group 1)
Cardiff (W) 36 (L. Burnell, R. Carr, Z. Heeley, K. Hubbert, E. Michael, A. Price, M. Reardon tries; A. Ruck 2 goals) defeated Featherstone (W) 18 (F. Copley, B. Kennedy, S. Mannion tries; T. Bryer 3 goals) at Cardiff University Sports Fields.
Date: Sun, 21st May.   Kickoff: 2:00 PM.   Halftime: 12-all.   Referee: Rob Apsee.   

(Group 2)
Leeds (W) 52 (T. Moxon 3, H. Butcher 2, B. Dainton 2, J. Earnshaw-Cudjoe, T. Gaines, A. Hardcastle, I. Northrop tries; E. Hayward 4 goals) defeated Huddersfield (W) 0 at Laund Hill.
Date: Sun, 21st May.   Kickoff: 2:00 PM.   Halftime: Leeds (W) 36-0.   Referee: Jayden Covell-Wood.   

(Group 3)
St Helens (W) 38 (J. Cunningham 2, L. Burke, Z. Harris, S. Hoyle, L. McColm, E. Rudge tries; A. Taylor 5 goals) defeated Warrington (W) 4 (G. Sutherland try) at Totally Wicked Stadium.
Date: Sun, 21st May.   Kickoff: 2:00 PM.   Halftime: St Helens (W) 10-4.   Referee: Luke Flavell.

(Group 3)
London (W) 40(R. Cairns 2, K. Griffiths, R. Humphries, I. McCusker, B. McFarlane, S. Neumann, E. Taylor tries; C. Treco 4 goals) defeated Castleford (W) 4(E. Johnstone try) at The Rock.
Date: Sun, 21st May.   Kickoff: 2:00 PM.   Halftime: London (W) 26-0.   Referee: Lewis O'Brien. 

(Group 4)
York (W) 54 (E. Hendry 2, S. Peach 2, G. Taylor 2, G. Hetherington, A. Hyde, R. Marshall, T. Renouf tries; T. Stanley 7 goals) defeated Leigh (W) 0 at Twist Lane.
Date: Sun, 21st May.   Kickoff: 2:00 PM.   Halftime: York (W) 22-0.   Referee: Jordan Gibbons.   

(Group 4)
Barrow (W) 20 (B. Pattinson 2, H. Sherlock, E. Stirzaker tries; B. Pattinson 2 goals) defeated Hull KR (W) 11 (L. Brown, D. Thomas tries; D. Thomas goal; D. Thomas field goal) at Sewell Group Craven Park.
Date: Sun, 21st May.   Kickoff: 2:00 PM.   Halftime: Hull KR (W) 6-4.   Referee: Josh Kinsley.   


(Group 2)
Bradford (W) 38 (C. Collins 2, L. Williams 2, L. Butterfield, M. Downs, A. Fisher, B. Macmillan tries; M. Bell 2, L. Butterfield goals) defeated Oulton (W) 6 (D. Westwood try; K. Gittins goal) at Odsal Stadium.
Date: Sun, 21st May.   Kickoff: 5:15 PM.   Halftime: Bradford (W) 24-0.   Referee: Aidan Rhodes.   


Group A
1Wigan (W)22--5030420
2Featherstone (W)211-3220212
3Cardiff (W)211-32462-14
4Salford (W)2-2-16340-18

Group B

1Leeds (W)22--120-4120
2Huddersfield (W)22--8616470
3Bradford (W)2-2-121040-92
4Oulton (W)2-2-41020-98
Group C
1St Helens (W)22--182-4182
2Warrington (W)22--136104126
3London (W)2-2-101400-130
4Castleford (W)2-2--1780-178
Group D
1York (W)22--16644162
2Leigh (W)22--6838430
3Barrow (W)2-2-26740-48
4Hull KR (W)2-2-161600-144

Quarter Finals

June 17-18
Top Two from each group proceed to Quarter Finals (8 clubs)

Saturday 17 June

Leeds (W) 54 (R. Enright 2, T. Moxon 2, I. Northrop 2, K. Bennett, H. Butcher, M. Carter, B. Dainton, S. Hulme tries; E. Hayward 5 goals)
def Leigh (W) 0
at Headingley Stadium

Sunday 21 May

Wigan (W) 46 (K. Hilton 2, G. Banks, M. Coleman, A. Davies, M. Jones, V. Molyneux, H. Speakman, R. Thompson tries; M. Jones 3, S. Doria 2 goals)
def Huddersfield (W) 10 (A. Millward, B. Oates tries; E. Thompson goal)
at Robin Park Arena


St Helens (W) 36 (S. Hoyle 2, L. McColm 2, E. Partington, D. Stott tries; A. Taylor 4 goals)
def Warrington (W) 0
at Totally Wicked Stadium


York (W) 54 (G. Hetherington 4, S. Peach 2, J. Bell, O. Gale, R. Marshall, T. Renouf tries; T. Stanley 7 goals)
def Cardiff (W) 0
at LNER Community Stadium

Semi Finals

July 22-23
Winners from Quarter Finals (4 clubs)

Saturday 22 July

St Helens v York Valkyrie
Halliwell Jones Stadium (Warrington)

Sunday 23 July

Wigan Warriors v Leeds Rhinos
Headingley Stadium (Leeds)


August 12, Wembley - winners from Semi Finals (2 clubs)