The Late Mail: Dolphins v Broncos

Dolphins v Brisbane Broncos

Dolphins v Brisbane Broncos

The Dolphins lost Felise Kaufusi at the judiciary during the week after his foul play in last week's win over Newcastle. He's replaced in the back row with Kenny Bromwich, who shifts from prop. Faamausili comes in at prop. Isiaya Katoa is out with an ellow injury - Milford makes his club debut in the halves. Teague starts hooker and Nikorima is benched.

Brisbane meanwhile.... Kev Walters' side is 1-17.

Let's GOOOOOOO - Battle of Brisbane I is here!


1. Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow 2. Jamayne Isaako 3. Euan Aitken 4. Brenko Lee 5. Tesi Niu 21. Anthony Milford 7. Sean O'Sullivan 8. Jesse Bromwich 17. Mason Teague 18. Poasa Faamausili 10. Kenny Bromwich 12. Connelly Lemuelu 13. Tom Gilbert 9. Kodi Nikorima 14. Jarrod Wallace 15. Mark Nicholls 16. Ray Stone 22. Robert Jennings

Brisbane Broncos

1. Reece Walsh 2. Jesse Arthars 3. Kotoni Staggs 4. Herbie Farnworth 5. Selwyn Cobbo 6. Ezra Mam 7. Adam Reynolds 8. Thomas Flegler 9. Billy Walters 10. Payne Haas 11. Kurt Capewell 12. Jordan Riki 13. Patrick Carrigan 14. Cory Paix 15. Keenan Palasia 16. Corey Jensen 17. Martin Taupau 18. Deine Mariner

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