The Late Mail: Knights v Raiders

Newcastle Knights v Canberra Raiders

Newcastle Knights v Canberra Raiders

Tyson Frizell returns for the Knights from injury straight into the starting line-up. This sees Brodie Jones drop back to the bench and Jack Johns dropping out of the side. For the Raiders, Matt Frawley replaces Jamal Fogarty in jersey 18 in the halfback role. Tom Starling starts the game in jersey 14 with Zac Woolford back to the bench. Josh Papali'i will also start from the bench with Emre Guler starting. Dylan Lucas and Brad Schneider are the reserves for the respective sides.

Newcastle Knights

1. Lachlan Miller 2. Hymel Hunt 3. Dane Gagai 4. Bradman Best 5. Greg Marzhew 6. Tyson Gamble 7. Jackson Hastings 8. Daniel Saifiti 9. Jayden Brailey 10. Leo Thompson 22. Tyson Frizell 12. Lachlan Fitzgibbon 13. Kurt Mann 11. Brodie Jones 14. Phoenix Crossland 15. Jack Hetherington 16. Mathew Croker 18. Dylan Lucas

Canberra Raiders

1. Sebastian Kris 2. James Schiller 3. Matthew Timoko 4. Harley Smith-Shields 5. Albert Hopoate 6. Jack Wighton 18. Matt Frawley 17. Emre Guler 14. Tom Starling 10. Joseph Tapine 11. Hudson Young 12. Elliott Whitehead 13. Corey Harawira-Naera 8. Josh Papali'i 9. Zac Woolford 15. Pasami Saulo 16. Corey Horsburgh 19. Brad Schneider

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