The Late Mail: Sky Blues v Maroons

New South Wales Women v Queensland Women

New South Wales Women v Queensland Women

NSW have lost winger Tiana Penitani. Sergis shifts to the wing with Fuimaono coming in at centre. Elsewhere, Apps is benched with Cherrington shifting to prop and Anderson starting lock. Dodd joins the bench and Johnston is 18th player.

Queensland are 1-17. China Polata is the 18th player.

New South Wales Women

1. Emma Tonegato 2. Jaime Chapman 14. Taliah Fuimaono 4. Isabelle Kelly 3. Jessica Sergis 6. Jesse Southwell 7. Rachael Pearson 13. Kennedy Cherrington 9. Keeley Davis 10. Millie Boyle 11. Olivia Kernick 12. Yasmin Clydsdale 16. Brooke Anderson 8. Kezie Apps 15. Sarah Togatuki 17. Shaylee Bent 19. Quincy Dodd 18. Ellie Johnston

Queensland Women

1. Tamika Upton 2. Julia Robinson 3. Shenae Ciesiolka 4. Evania Pelite 5. Emily Bass 6. Tarryn Aiken 7. Zahara Temara 8. Shannon Mato 9. Destiny Brill 10. Keilee Joseph 11. Tazmin Gray 12. Shaniah Power 13. Ali Brigginshaw 14. Emma Manzelmann 15. Jessika Elliston 16. Sophie Holyman 17. Romy Teitzel 18. China Polata

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