2024 Betfred Challenge Cup

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Follow along with draws, fixtures and results for the 2024 Challenge Cup as information comes to hand.

The draw for the first and second round, was made on December 6 on BBC Radio Manchester.

  • The First Round is contested by 20 amateur teams.
  • 10 National Conference League (NCL) teams enter at the Second Round, along with the 10 winners from the First Round.
  • 8 League One and 14 Championship teams enter at the Third Round, along with the 10 winners from the Second Round.
  • This group of 32 teams is whittled down to 4 over the course of the Third, Fourth and Fifth Rounds.
  • In the Sixth Round, the 12 Super League teams join the 4 winners from the Fifth Round.
  • From here, a traditional knock-out ensues, with the Sixth Round followed by Quarter and Semi Finals before the Final at Wembley.
  • NOTE: each round is subject to a draw process to determine opponents and home teams.

All times listed are UK local time (GMT til end March, BST thereafter)

2023 Men's Challenge Cup

First Round

Amateur clubs enter (20)
Ties to be played January 13/14
10 matches

Royal Navy 28 (J. Teixeira 2, J. Bartlett, C. Mattison, J. Ray tries; B. Chambers 4 goals) defeated Royal Air Force 22 (H. Davies 2, J. Crabb, F. O'Brien, J. Thresh tries; L. Bradley goal) at Royal Air Force College.
Kickoff: 12:30 PM. Halftime: RAF 18-12. Referee: Tara Jones.
RAF: Prescott, Peach, Crabb, Potter, Davies; Bradley, Thresh; Mellor, Makinson, Middleton, Reay, Richardson, Roberts. Int: O'Brien.
Navy: Chambers, Sugden, Bartlett, Duffy, Dainty; Mattison, Joel; Teixeira, Tilley, Brown, Butler (C), Quantock, Ray. Int: Leighton, McKenna, Broxton, Conner.

Clock Face Miners 22 (L. Geraghty, K. Hunt, J. Jones, L. Leyden tries; D. Price 3 goals) defeated Heworth ARLFC 20 (G. Elliott 2, B. Bernard, L. Richmond tries; B. Dyson-Dent, G. Elliott goals) at Clock Face Miners Recreation Club.
Kickoff: 1:30 PM. Halftime: Clock Face 12-4. Referee: Warren Turley.
Clock Face: Price, Leyden, Hunt, O'Keeffe, Jones; Cresser, Geraghty (C); Chadwick, Hughes, Morgan, Rigby, Taylor, Graham. Int: Highcock, Daniels, McCarten, Adamson.
Heworth: West, Sturdy, Morland, Craig, Atang; Dyson-Dent, Jackson; Clarke, Axe, Payne, Richmond, Harte, Bernard. Int: Sadler, Earl, Watling, Briggs, Elliott.

Doncaster Toll Bar 22 (L. Cade, J. Jones, J. King, K. Lawton tries; K. Lawton 3 goals) defeated Ashton Bears 20 (C. Rothwell 3, J. Green tries; R. Sexton 2 goals) at Prospect Road.
Kickoff: 1:30 PM. Halftime: Ashton Bears 16-6. Referee: Dan Geddes.
Doncaster: Lawton, Cade, Carey, Garrity, Riley; Brown, Howe; Maule, Garrity, King (C), Jones, Maule, Jones. Int: Walker-Smith, Palmer, Wilson, Jones.
Ashton Bears: Smith, Ashby, Jordan, Stirrup, Goulding; Sexton, Hopkins; Makin, Jones, Parkinson, Green, Rothwell, Hampson. Int: Smyth, Ashley, Cottington, Ollerton.

Edinburgh Eagles 28 (L. Clarke, A. Kororua, T. Logan, R. Mawdesley, M. Robertson, V. Rokobuli tries; L. Clarke, R. Hamilton goals) defeated Lowca ARLFC 22 (L. Stockton 2, J. McNally, M. Todd tries; J. Scott 2, K. Campbell goals) at Lowca RLC.
Kickoff: 1:30 PM. Halftime: Lowca 10-4. Referee: Lucas Seal.
Lowca: Fisher, Robinson, McNally, J Allen, Penrice, Haile, Smith, Scott, Campbell, Gill, Weighman, Todd, Scott, Callander, Briscoe, Stockton, E Allen
Edinburgh: Hall, Filby, Duncan, Robertson, Kororua, Logan, Price, Rokobuli, Petre, Mair, Murray, Hamilton, Clarke, Taoi, Mawdesley, Arthur, Illingworth, Ledua

Stanningley ARLFC 40 (J. Phipps 2, A. Butterill, C. Richards, E. Salkemp, J. Sykes, S. Welton tries; R. Taylor 6 goals) defeated South Wales Jets 4 (B. Jones try) at Eugene Cross Park.
Kickoff: 1:30 PM. Halftime: Stanningley 24-0. Referee: James Jones.
South Wales: Willacott, Marsh, Pridgeon, Jones, Pinnock; Harris, Lee; Price, Higgs, Jacobs, Lewis, Hellard, Hurley. Int: Watton, Evans, Badham, Jones.
Stanningley: Butterill, Taylor, Vincent (C), Parker, Currie; Davison, Townend; Welton, Phipps, Ruan, Moorhouse, Sykes, Salkeld. Int: Salkeld, Savage, Whitaker, Richards.

Fryston Warriors 13 (R. Joseph, R. Owen, K. Purdy tries; L. Davies field goal) defeated British Army 10 (P. Tamani, J. Walker tries; K. Fleming goal) at Askham Road.
Kickoff: 2:00 PM. Halftime: British Army 6-4. Referee: Carl Hughes.
Fryston: Cranswick, Owen, Spence-Horton, Joseph, Tomlinson; Penney, Davies; Humphries, Moules, Bonser, Wright, Jordan, Purdy. Int: Tucker, Lewis, Edwards, Johnson.
British Army: Fleming, Varo, Houghton, Matamosi, Tamani; Vosanibole, Spittal; Wooler, McBride, Ratubalvu, Coombs, Walker, Watkin. Int: Bainikoro, Suguvanua, Hickson, Lindsay.

West Bowling 34 (O. Bartle, L. Darville, L. Galtress, N. Light, R. Lumb, L. Simpson, H. Spence tries; L. Coe 3 goals) defeated Oulton Raiders 22 (Z. Schofield, T. Smith, H. Stevens, H. Williamson tries; K. Walpole 3 goals) at Oulton Community Sports Club.
Kickoff: 2:00 PM. Halftime: West Bowling 26-0. Referee: Sam Jenkinson
Oulton: Precious, Schofield, Smith, Holdsworth, Walpole; Williamson, Craggs; Storey, Waters, Stableford, Stevens, Powell, Day. Int: Horan, Stevens, Pollard, Todd.
West Bowling: Camden, Spence, Simpson, Wright, Simpson; Coe, Darville; Light, Halmshaw, Magson, Lumb, Baker, Bartle. Int: Halmshaw, Wilkinson, Galtress, Anderson.

Wests Warriors 28 (J. Robertson 2, B. Nahu, W. Poching, R. Walker tries; R. Walker 4 goals) defeated Newsome Panthers 4 (K. Tetley try) at Twyford Avenue Sports Ground.
Kickoff: 2:00 PM. Halftime: Wests Warriors 16-0. Referee: Matt Cowan
Wests Warriors: Nahu, Walker, Gribble, Nichols, Munt; Thomas, Payne; Robinson, Thorman, Stock, Poching, Robertson, Watkins. Int: Foster, Griffiths, Poching, Butlin.
Newsome: Wilkinson, Shufflebotham, Stringer, Tetley, Lewis, Hartley, Denton, Lockwood, Hawkyard, Smith, Kilner, King, Karolczuk. Int: Clarke, Lyne, Augustine, Knowles

Hammersmith Hills Hoists 56 (J. Strasser 3, C. Beatty, K. Breen, R. Dixon, M. Elbourne, L. Morrissey, J. Roberts, T. West, J. Wilson tries; L. Morrissey 6 goals) defeated Medway Dragons 6 (G. Moore try; A. Orris goal) at Dukes Meadows.
Kickoff: 3:00 PM. Halftime: Hammersmith 36-0. Referee: Gareth Winnard.
Hammersmith: Strasser, Ruhen, Beatty, West, Elbourne; Roberts, Morrissey; Wecker, Condon, Breen, Prevett, Lingard, Dixon. Int: Bell, Wilson, Manuel-Issacs, King.
Medway: Harris, Parkes, Brown, Baker, Debonnaire; Orris, Coyd; Dady, Moore, Olugbodi, Gerdes-Hansen, Wells, O'Neil. Int: Marston, Valetiri, Gue, Laqeretabua.

Sunday 14 January

Orrell St James 20 (A. Ball, S. Burns, L. McLoughlin, L. Round tries; B. Kelk, C. Taylor goals) defeated Haresfinch ARLFC 4 (D. Large try) at Bankes Avenue Playing Fields.
Kickoff: 2:00 PM. Halftime: Orrell St James 12-0. Referee: Denton Arnold.
Orrell St James: Burns, Round, McLoughlin, Taylor, Gallagher; Causey, McHugh; Whittle, Morters, Siyani, Ellis, Tordoff, Calland. Int: Davies, Kelk, Ball, Findlow.
Haresfinch: Goodwin, Large, Ainsworth, Gormley, Allen; Lynch, Ross; Walkden, Briggs, Wilson, Morris, Norton, Lynch. Int: Clayton, Fields, Wilson, Kelly-Duffy.

Second Round

NCL teams enter (10) plus 10 winners from First Round (10)
10 matches

Saturday 27 January

Stanningley ARLFC 19 (Mark Shires 2, Harris Davidson tries; Ryan Taylor 3 goals; Adam Butterill 1 field goal) defeated Leigh Miners Rangers 18 (Zach Gorst, Sam Pilkington, Lewis Grimes, Noah Lancelott tries; Sam Pilington 1 goal)
at Leigh Miners Welfare Sports Club, Twist Lane.

Kickoff: 12:30 PM. Referee: Sam Jenkinson. Halftime: 12-all
Leigh Miners Rangers: Lancelott, Lewis, Kenyon, Grimes, Pilkington, Hoyles, Williamson, Darby, Hudson, Bower, Disley, Turner, Gotts; Int: Hamer, McGeown, Philbin, Bardsley
Stanningley: Butterill, Taylor, Vincent, Parker, Shires, Davison, Townend, Ryan, Phipps, Savage, Moorhouse, Simpson, D Salkeld; Int: E Salkeld, Wleton, Whitaker, Adams

Siddal ARLFC 38 (Sam Walsh 3, Oliver Lewis 2, Jamie Greenwood 2 tries; Lewis Hosty 5/7 goals) defeated Clock Face Miners 4 (Danny Price try)
at Clock Face Miners Recreation Club.

Kickoff: 1:30 PM. Referee: Luke Flavell. Halftime: Siddal 16-4
Clock Face: Price, Whelan, Hunt, Daniels, Jones, Cresser, Geraghty, Chadwick, Hughes, Taylor, Rigby, Lewis, O'Keeffe; Int: Brinskman, Highcock, McCarten, Adamson
Siddal: Hosty, Booth, Walsh, Turner, Lewis, Hancock, Ackroyd, Milnes, May, Smithies, MacCallum, Williams, Ramsden; Int: Greenwood, Rushworth, Horner, Williams

West Hull 40 (Jake Moore 2, Mason Opie-Palmer 2, Ryan Wilson, Josh Wood, Ryan Steen tries; Ryan Wilson 5, Kieran Welburn 1 goals) defeated Doncaster Toll Bar 18 (Luke Cade, Curtis Garrity, Jacob Jones, Nathan Brown tries; Kieron Lawton 1/4 goal)
at Prospect Road.

Kickoff: 1:30 PM.  Referee: Oliver Salmon. Halftime: West Hull 24-8
Toll Bar: Lawton, Cade, Carey, Garrity, A Jones, Brown, Howe, W Maule, Garrity, J Jones, B Jones, H Maule, A Palmer; Int: Riley, D Palmer, King, Wilson
West Hull: Jones, Masike, Opie-Palmer, Welburn, Watts, Wood, Nicklas, Silk, Powley, Wilson, Moore, Arbon, Steen; Int: Wilkinson, Ellerington, Howlett, Crowther

Hunslet ARLFC 66 (Craig McShane 3, Tyler Dargan 2, Ben Shulver 2, Jordan Gale, Josh Mclelland, Craig Miles, Jamie Fields tries; Jordan Gale 11/11 goals) defeated Fryston Warriors 0
at Askham Road.
Kickoff: 2:00 PM. Referee: Matty Clayton. Halftime: Hunslet ARLFC 36-0
Fryston: Cranswick, Knowles, Joseph, Purdy, Owen, Penney, Davies, Humphries, Moules, Bonser, Wright, Jordan, Abson; Int: R Smith, Tate, Flowers, Johnson
Hunslet: McShane, Mcclelland, Wheeler, Dearden, Dargan, Gale, Rowse, Fields, Hullock, Miles, Thompson, Dodd, Shulver; Int: Scott, Morgan, Hoyle, Waite

Wath Brow Hornets 38 (Sam Curwen 3, Jake Moore 2, Cole Walker-Taylor, Dean Rooney tries; Cole Walker-Taylor 5/7 goals) def Hull Dockers 0
at Eastmount Community Recreation Centre.

Kickoff: 2:00 PM. Referee: Carl Hughes. Halftime: Wath Brow 12-0
Hull Dockers: Harrison, Harwood, Hill, Nolan, Brannigan, Agar, Suddaby, Birch, Dearlove, Townsend, Stewart, Toomey, Fletcher; Int: Platt, Bartlett, Thompson, Straker
Wath Brow: Walker-Taylor, Meagan, Curwen, Davidson, McAllister, Rooney, Sharp, Farrer, Stabler, Molyneaux, Moore, Casey, Thompson; Int: Olstrum, Dougan, Spivey, Fulton

Lock Lane 72 (Oliver Bloomer 3, Callan Appleby 2, Lucas Moon 2, Lewis Price 2, James Cranswick 2, Danny Holmes, Dan Maskill tries; Calum Butler 8/11, Nathan Fozzard 2/2 goals) defeated Edinburgh Eagles 0
at Lock Lane Sports Centre.

Kickoff: 2:00 PM. Referee: Milo McKelvey. Halftime: Lock Lane 72-0
Lock Lane: Price, Appleby, Bloomer, Martin, Moon, Butler, Fozzard, Howcroft, Maskill, Crasnwick, Pick, C Jones, J Siddons; Int: Sowerby, C SIddons, Holmes, Greensmith
Edinburgh: Lessof, Vakamara, Petre, Robertson, Taoi, Clarke, Mawdesley, Mair, Duncan, Filby, Hall, Murray, Herron; Int: Jarvis, Illingworth, Edmond

Wests Warriors 28 (Reiss Walker 3, Blake Nahu, Mitchell Large, Jack Payne tries; Reiss Walker 2/6 goals) defeated Rochdale Mayfield 22 (James McDaid 2, Devlin Long, Sean Slater tries; Jordan Parr 3/4 goals)
at Twyford Avenue Sports Ground.

Kickoff: 2:00 PM. Referee: Matt Cowan. Halftime: Mayfield 12-8
Wests: Nahu, Walker, Gribble, Nichols, Munt, Thomas, Payne, Robinson, Thorman, Stock, Large, Robertson, Watkins; Int: Poching, Griffiths, Greenhalgh, Laumatia-Paki
Mayfield: Baker, Newsham, McDaid, Hamlett, Slater, Kelly, T Long, McKler, Ellison, D Long, Gleeson, Metcalfe, Mills; Int: Parr, 3 others

Hammersmith Hills Hoists 32 (Tom Condon 2, Joel Strasser, Jai Prevett, Tom West, Charlie Tyler tries; Luke Morrissey 4/6 goals) defeated West Bowling ARLFC 10 (Nick Fontaine, Kieron Baker tries; Liam Coe 1/2 goals)
at Dukes Meadows.

Kickoff: 5:00 PM. Referee: Gareth Winnard. Halftime: Hammersmith 18-4
Hammersmith: Strasser, Ruhen, Beatty, West, Elbourne, Ryan, Morrissey, Wecker, Condon, Breen, Prevett, Lingard, Dixon; Int: Tyler, Wilson, Manuel-Issacs, Brax
West Bowling: Simpson, Spence, Fieldhouse, Wright, Fontaine, Coe, Darville, Light, D Halmshaw, Magson, Lumb, Baker, Bartle; Int: A Halmshaw, Wilkinson, Galtress, Anderson

Sunday 28 January

Thatto Heath Crusaders 32 (Dave Pike 2, Adam Saunders, Paul Hunt, Adam Hesketh, Jamie Holroyd tries; Dan McGahan 4 goals) defeated Royal Navy 24 (Brodie Lee Butler, Rhys Joel, Jack Ray, Jack Bartlett tries; Ben Chambers 4 goals)
at Victory Stadium.

Kickoff: 12:30 PM. Referee: Henry Winnard. Halftime: Navy 6-4
Navy: Chambers, Sugden, Duffy, Bartlett, Dakuliga, Mattison, Joel, McKenna, Leighton, Brown, Butler, Quantock, Ray; Int: Teixeira, Broxton, Conner, Morton-Morgan
Thatto Heath: McGahan, Brown, Saunders, Pike, Keppel, Foster, Houghton, Dudley, Dutton, Hesketh, Holroyd, Tracey, Lea; Int: Hunt, McMahon, Stewart, Pauls

York Acorn 22 (George Hunt, Ant Chilton, Cal Worthington, Clayton Shepherdson tries; Ant Chilton 3/4 goals) defeated Orrell St James 12 (Jack Gallagher, Bradley Kelk tries; Brad Calland 2/2 goals)
at Bankes Avenue Playing Fields.

Kickoff: 2:00 PM. Referee: Warren Turley. Halftime: Acorn 12-6
Orrell: Burns, Round, McLoughlin, Taylor, J Gallagher, Causey, McHugh, Whittle, Morters, Siyani, B Gallagher, Ellis, Calland; Int: Findlow, Rodgers, Kelk, Williams
Acorn: M Chilton, Worthington, Swales, Potter, Parker, A Chilton, Hammerton, Prescott, Crawford, Byrnes, Hunt, Myers, Hill; Int: Woodall, Welburn, Lord, Burns

Third Round

League 1 & Championship teams enter (22) plus winners from Second Round (10)
Ties to be played February 10/11
16 matches

Saturday 10 February

Oldham RLFC 22 (B. O'Keefe 2, A. Lawton, M. Wildie tries; J. Ellis 3 goals) defeated Barrow Raiders 10 (J. Greenwood try; R. Shaw 3 goals) at Craven Park (Barrow).
Kickoff: 12:30 PM.   Halftime: Barrow 10-4.   Penalties: Barrow 9-8.   Referee: Marcus Griffiths.   Crowd: 1,401.
Barrow: Cresswell, Shaw, Costello, Carter, Broadbent; Jackson, Johnston; Burke, Wood, Silva, Greenwood, Emslie, Wilkinson. Int: Smith, Makin, McMillan, Ogunwole.
Oldham: Astley, Agoro, O'Keefe, Turner, Johnson; Craven, Ellis; Kopczak, Wildie, Chapelhow, Lawton, Wardle, Taylor. Int: Aldridge, Moran, Chapelhow, Farnworth.

York Acorn 18 (J. Byrnes 2, A. Crawford tries; M. Chilton 3 goals) defeated Cornwall RLFC 10 (K. Dimech, A. Rusling tries; A. Rusling goal) at Memorial Ground (Cornwall).
Kickoff: 1:00 PM.   Halftime: York Acorn 12-6.   Penalties: York Acorn 13-9.   Referee: Kristoff Young.   
Cornwall: Whitton, Brown, Nichol, Ashton, Aaronson; Punchard, Rusling; Hartshorne, Collins, Boots, Cullen, Simpson, Weetman. Int: Lloyd, Dimech, Trerise, Ross.
York Acorn: Chilton, Shepherdson, Parker, Potter, Tenge; Chilton, Hammerton; Prescott, Crawford, Rushworth, Hunt, Myers, Lord. Int: Conroy, Burns, Byrnes, Porter.

Hunslet ARLFC 46 (T. Dargan 4, W. Cohen, J. Mclelland, J. Milburn, B. Wheeler tries; J. Gale 7 goals) defeated Lock Lane 6 (J. Cranswick try; N. Fozzard goal) at Lock Lane Sports Centre.
Kickoff: 2:00 PM.   Halftime: Hunslet ARLFC 18-6.   Referee: Sam Jenkinson.   
Lock Lane: Price, Appleby, Bloomer, Pickering, Jones; Welsh, Fozzard; Howcroft, Greensmith, Cranswick, Newbould, Moon, Martin. Int: Saxton, Burton.
Hunslet ARLFC: McShane, Cohen, Wheeler, Mclelland, Dargan; Rowse, Gale; Fields, Morley, Shulver, Thompson, Dodd, Hullock. Int: Scott, Morgan, Hoyle, Milburn.

Sheffield Eagles 88 (I. Farrell 3, J. Glover 3, V. Halafihi 2, J. Hansen 2, M. Marsh 2, A. Murphy 2, M. Clark tries; I. Farrell 9, C. Aston 5 goals) defeated Newcastle Thunder 12 (G. Birch, N. Newbound tries; T. Hepple 2 goals) at Sheffield Olympic Legacy Stadium.
Kickoff: 2:00 PM.   Halftime: Sheffield 34-12.   Penalties: Sheffield 9-5.   Referee: Denton Arnold.   Crowd: 617.
Sheffield: Marsh, Millar, Johnson, Glover, Dawson-Jones; Aston, Farrell; Battye, Halafihi, Dickinson, Liu, Bower, Murphy. Int: Hansen, Broadbent, Clark, Peachey.
Newcastle: Bradley, Bradley, Birch, Siddle, Rennison; Hepple, Mallinson; Harlow-Stephenson, Bate, Lowery, Burns, White, Newbound. Int: Ohimor, Green, Skelton, Bibby.

Wakefield Trinity 70 (J. Croft 2, J. Griffin 2, M. Jowitt 2, O. Pratt 2, T. Doyle, L. Gale, L. Hood, I. Thornley tries; M. Jowitt 11 goals) defeated Siddal ARLFC 6 (O. Lewis try; L. Hosty goal) at Siddal Sports & Community Centre.
Kickoff: 2:00 PM.   Halftime: Wakefield (Trinity) 12-6.   Penalties: Wakefield (Trinity) 7-4.   Referee: Luke Bland.   
Siddal: Hosty, Booth, Walsh, Turner, Lewis; Hancock, Ackroyd; Milnes, Greenwood, Smithies, MacCallum, Williams, Ramsden. Int: May, Rushworth, Horner, Williams.
Wakefield: Jowitt, McGillvary, Thornley, Pratt, Walmsley; Lino, Gale; Cozza, Hood, Atoni, Ashurst, Griffin, Pitts. Int: Uele, Vagana, Doyle, Croft.

Wath Brow Hornets 30 (S. Curwen, F. King, C. Molyneaux, J. Pearce, C. Walker-Taylor tries; C. Walker-Taylor 5 goals) defeated Stanningley ARLFC 4 (D. Parker try) at The Arthur Miller Stadium.
Kickoff: 2:00 PM.   Halftime: Wath Brow Hornets 16-4.   Penalties: Wath Brow Hornets 9-8.   Referee: Carl Hughes.   
Stanningley: Butterill, Taylor, Vincent, Parker, Shires; Davison, Townend; Savage, Phipps, Ruan, Moorhouse, Adams, Salkeld. Int: Salkeld, Simpson, Welton, Whitaker.
Wath Brow Hornets: Walker-Taylor, Meagan, Howland, Caddy, Curwen; King, Rooney; Farrer, Holgate, Pearce, Riley, Moore, Tomlinson. Int: McCartney, Molyneaux, Ramsden, Power.

Hammersmith Hills Hoists 22 (M. Elbourne, J. Ryan, H. Wecker, T. West tries; L. Morrissey 3 goals) defeated Wests Warriors 12 (B. Cecaric, B. Nahu tries; R. Walker 2 goals) at Dukes Meadows.
Kickoff: 2:30 PM.   Halftime: Hammersmith 16-0.   Penalties: Hammersmith 7-5.   Referee: Henry Winnard.   
Hammersmith: Strasser, Ruhen, Beatty, West, Elbourne; Ryan, Morrissey; Wecker, Condon, Breen, Prevett, Dixon, King. Int: Tyler, Wilson, Manuel-Issacs, Ball, Caligiuri.
Wests Warriors: Nahu, Walker, Gribble, Robertson, Cecaric; Poching, Payne; Robinson, Thorman, Stock, Large, Poching, Watkins. Int: Butlin, Greenhalgh, Foster, Laumatia-Paki.

Sunday 11 February

Batley Bulldogs 48 (K. Buchanan, R. Butterworth, L. Cooper, N. Flynn, A. Leak, D. Morton, G. Senior, L. Walshaw, B. White tries; J. Woods 6 goals) defeated Workington Town 18 (J. Bradley, G. Reid, C. Taylor tries; C. Walker 3 goals) at Fox's Biscuits Stadium.
Kickoff: 2:00 PM.   Halftime: Batley 40-0.   Penalties: Batley 7-4.   Referee: Kevin Moore.   
Batley: Butterworth, Morton, Buchanan, Senior, Johnson; White, Woods; Gledhill, Leak, Cooper, Manning, Walshaw, Moore. Int: Burton, Flynn, Burton, Ward.
Workington: Bickerdike, Eccleston, Taylor, Croston, Hutton; Walker, Sammut; Thomson, Saunders, Walton, Steele, Bradley, Henson. Int: Key, Marwood, Stephenson, Reid.

York RLFC Knights 14 (O. Field, N. Williams tries; T. Pemberton 3 goals) defeated Dewsbury Rams 8 (P. Whiteley try; C. Turner 2 goals) at FLAIR Stadium.
Kickoff: 2:00 PM.   Halftime: Dewsbury 8-2.   Penalties: 7-all.   Referee: Michael Smaill.   
Dewsbury: O'Connor, Whiteley, Greensmith, Walker, Carr; Hookem, Turner; Beckett, Davies, Walker, Graham, Dawson, Collinson. Int: Dixon, Russell, Field, Hird.
York: Donaghy, Coggle, Harrison, Bailey, Ward; Williams, Pemberton; Ta'ai, Jubb, Teanby, Field, Reynolds, Thompson. Int: Fitzsimmons, Santi, Daley, Price.

Featherstone Rovers 72 (T. Lacans 3, G. Gale 2, M. Wacokecoke 2, D. Addy, C. Aekins, B. Day, C. Jones, G. Minikin, B. Reynolds tries; B. Reynolds 6, D. Addy 2, J. Hardcastle, T. Lacans goals) defeated Thatto Heath Crusaders 0 at Crusader Park.
Kickoff: 2:00 PM.   Halftime: Featherstone 42-0.   Penalties: Featherstone 12-4.   Referee: Sam Houghton.   
Thatto Heath: McGahan, Keppel, Saunders, Pike, Dickinson; Kenny, Houghton; Dudley, Foster, Pauls, Holroyd, Dwyer, Tracey. Int: Dutton, Haynes, Stewart, Hunt.
Featherstone: Aekins, Wacokecoke, Hardcastle, Minikin, Gale; Reynolds, Lacans; Springer, Bowes, Massey, Day, England, Addy. Int: Jones, Kamano, Tomlinson, Roberts.

Bradford Bulls 48 (G. Flanagan 2, K. Appo, J. Arundel, C. Butler, E. Doro, K. Gill, A. McGowan tries; J. Lilley 8 goals) defeated North Wales Crusaders 2 (O. Abel goal) at Odsal Stadium.
Kickoff: 3:00 PM.   Halftime: Bradford 18-2.   Penalties: Bradford 11-7.   Referee: Bradley Milligan.   
Bradford: McGowan, Myers, Arundel, Gill, Taufua; Gaskell, Lilley; Doro, Souter, Smith, Butler, Davies, Hallas. Int: Flanagan, Appo, Okoro, Peposhi.
North Wales: Abel, Holmes, Taylor, Reid, Ah Van; Hughes, Bushell; Evans, Rainford, Barratt, Ellis, Unsworth, Costello. Int: Baldwin, Cameron, Nzoungou, Carr.

Halifax Panthers 32 (B. Crooks 2, J. Keyes 2, L. Jouffret, J. Saltonstall tries; L. Jouffret 4 goals) defeated Whitehaven RLFC 4 (C. Teare try) at The Shay Stadium.
Kickoff: 3:00 PM.   Halftime: Halifax 22-4.   Penalties: Whitehaven 8-6.   Referee: Cameron Worsley.   
Halifax: Woodburn-Hall, Saltonstall, McComb, Crooks, Eden; Jouffret, Keyes; Tangata, O'Brien, Calcott, Kavanagh, Gee, Davies. Int: Fairbank, Lannon, Inman, Widdop.
Whitehaven: Gebbie, Doran, Maizen, Romeo, Teare; Carter, Doran; Ainley, Phillips, Graham, McCarron, Corkill, King. Int: Aiye, Hanneghan, Newton, Lawther.

Keighley Cougars 22 (E. Robson 2, C. Graham, A. Ryder, O. Thomas tries; O. Thomas goal) defeated Hunslet RLFC 14 (J. Render 2, J. Ferreira tries; M. Beharrell goal) at South Leeds Stadium.
Kickoff: 3:00 PM.   Halftime: Hunslet 10-8.   Penalties: Hunslet 10-9.   Referee: Andy Sweet.   
Hunslet: Watson, Goddard, Adams, Ferreira, Render; Williams, Beharrell; Hallas, Whitmore, Everett, Syme, Levy, Gaylor. Int: Berry, Darley, Carr, Coventry.
Keighley: Pickersgill, Graham, Ryder, Sa'u, Walkley; Thomas, Miller; Maher, Brown, Ioane, Robson, Lanskey, Parker. Int: Stead, Kesik, Schofield, Hatton.

Rochdale Hornets 24 (D. Nixon 3, J. Hartley tries; J. Hartley 4, M. Ridyard 4 goals) defeated Midlands Hurricanes 20 (D. Barcoe, B. Clavering, T. Wilkinson tries; D. Hewitt 4 goals) at Crown Oil Arena.
Kickoff: 3:00 PM.   Halftime: Midlands 20-12.   Penalties: Rochdale 11-10.   Referee: Matthew Lynn.   Crowd: 411.
Rochdale: Flanagan, Brierley, Hartley, Dalton-Harrop, Nixon; Ridyard, Else; Baker, Roden, Nelmes, Forster, Straugheir, Meadows. Int: Wilkinson, Andrade, Killan, Brennan.
Midlands: Horner, Kirkbright, Welham, Oakes, Welham; McLelland, Hewitt; Kirby, Barcoe, Green, Wilkinson, Willis, Clavering. Int: Bowring, Hobson, Moran, Windley.

Swinton Lions 50 (D. Abram 2, R. Williams 2, A. Badrock, J. Eaves, B. Hammond, R. Lepori, D. Spencer-Tonks, J. Stevens tries; D. Abram 5 goals) defeated West Hull ARLFC 6 (R. Wilson try; R. Wilson goal) at Heywood Road.
Kickoff: 3:00 PM.   Halftime: Swinton 18-6.   Penalties: Swinton 10-8.   Referee: Tara Jones.   Crowd: 441.
Swinton: Abram, Lepori, Hammond, Badrock, Williams; Stevens, Gibson; Wood, Eaves, Bennion, Rodden, Oakley, Fletcher. Int: Cooper, Cox, Spencer-Tonks, Purcell.
West Hull: Opie-Palmer, Masike, Chambers, Stewart, Hampshire; Wood, Jones; Silk, Powley, Ellerington, Wilson, Arbon, Steen. Int: Jones, Bradshaw, Welburn, Howlett.

Widnes Vikings 50 (K. Dixon 2, M. Fleming 2, R. Ince 2, J. Edge, R. Lloyd, L. Roby, S. Wilde tries; K. Dixon 5 goals) defeated Doncaster RLFC 16 (T. Halliday, J. Lovodua, R. Lyne tries; C. Robinson 2 goals) at DCBL Stadium.
Kickoff: 3:00 PM.   Halftime: Widnes 20-6.   Penalties: Widnes 11-6.   Referee: Liam Rush.   Crowd: 788.
Widnes: Dixon, Ince, Edge, Fleming, Butt; Lyons, Roby; Kirk, Fozard, Bent, Lloyd, Wilde, Roberts. Int: Gilmore, Gregson, Walker, Tilleke.
Doncaster: Guzdek, Taulapapa, Lyne, Hall, Halliday; Boas, Robinson; Foster, Burns, Matagi, Smeaton, Sutcliffe, Lovodua. Int: Hepi, Hey, Mafi, Thompson.

Fourth Round

Ties to be played February 24/25
8 matches

Saturday 24 February

York Acorn v Wath Brow Hornets
Thanet Road, 2:00PM

Halifax Panthers v Hammersmith Hills Hoists
The Shay Stadium, 5:00PM

Sunday 25 February

Bradford Bulls v Widnes Vikings
Odsal Stadium, 12:30PM

Wakefield Trinity v Hunslet ARLFC
DIY Kitchens Stadium, 2:00PM

Batley Bulldogs v Rochdale Hornets
Fox's Biscuits Stadium, 2:00PM

York Knights v Sheffield Eagles
LNER Community Stadium, 2:00PM

Keighley Cougars v Featherstone Rovers
Cougar Park, 3:00PM

Swinton Lions v Oldham
Heywood Road, 6:00PM

Fifth Round

Ties to be played March 7/10
4 matches

Sixth Round

Super League teams enter (12) plus winners from Fifth Round (4)
Ties to be played March 22-24
8 matches

Quarter Finals

Ties to be played April 12-14

Semi Finals

Ties to be played May 9-12


Saturday 8 June
Wembley Stadium, London

2024 Betfred Women's Challenge Cup

Similar format to 2023 edition to continue:

  • 15 teams to compete:
    • Group 1: Featherstone Rovers, Sheffield Eagles, York Valkyrie*
    • Group 2: Barrow Raiders, Cardiff Demons, Salford Red Devils, Wigan Warriors
    • Group 3: Bradford Bulls, London Broncos, St Helens, Warrington Wolves
    • Group 4: Huddersfield Giants, Hull KR, Leeds Rhinos, Leigh Leopards
  • * Castleford withdrew from the competition.
  • Group stage fixtures to be held over three weekends - 16 March, 22/23 March and 6/7 April.
  • The top two from each group progress into the Quarter Finals.
  • Final to be held with Men's final on 8 June at Wembley Stadium.

Group Stage First Round

Saturday 16 March


(1) Sheffield Eagles v York Valkyrie
Olympic Legacy Park

(2) Cardiff Demons v Barrow Raiders
Cardiff University Sports Fields 

(2) Salford Red Devils v Wigan Warriors
Salford Stadium

(3) Bradford Bulls v Warrington Wolves
Odsal Stadium

(4) Huddersfield Giants v Hull KR
Laund Hill

(4) Leigh Leopards v Leeds Rhinos
Twist Lane


(3) St Helens v London Broncos
Totally Wicked Stadium

Group Stage Second Round

Saturday 23 March


(1) Featherstone Rovers v Sheffield Eagles
Millennium Stadium

(2) Cardiff Demons v Salford Red Devils
Cardiff University Sports Fields

(3) Bradford Bulls v St Helens
Odsal Stadium

(4) Leigh Leopards v Huddersfield Giants
Twist Lane

(4) Hull KR v Leeds Rhinos
Sewell Group Craven Park

Sunday 24 March


(2) Barrow Raiders v Wigan Warriors
Craven Park, Barrow


(3) London Broncos v Warrington Wolves
Rosslyn Park RUFC

Group Stage Third Round

Saturday 6 April


(2) Wigan Warriors v Cardiff Demons
Robin Park Arena

(1) York Valkyrie v Featherstone Rovers
LNER Community Stadium

(4) Leeds Rhinos v Huddersfield Giants
AMT Headingley Stadium

(4) Hull KR v Leigh Leopards
Sewell Group Craven Park

Sunday 7 April


(3) Warrington Wolves v St Helens
Victoria Park


(2) Salford Red Devils v Barrow Raiders
Salford Stadium


(3) London Broncos v Bradford Bulls
Rosslyn Park

Quarter Finals

Top two teams from each group.

Semi Finals

Quarter Final winners


Wembley Stadium, 8 June