RESULTS: 2024 Betfred Women's Super League Round 4


All the results and scorers from the fourth round.

All listed times are AEST (NSW/QLD/VIC/ACT).

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St Helens 12 Leeds Rhinos 6
Venue: Totally Wicked Stadium, St Helens

Date: Fri, 24th May.   Kickoff: 5:30 PM.   Halftime: St Helens (W) 10-0.   Penalties: St Helens (W) 6-4.   Referee: Luke Bland.   

St Helens (W): Salihi, Hook, Stott, McColm, Burke; Harris, Gaskin; Whitfield, Jones, Crowl, Travis, Rudge, Cunningham. Int: Williams, Stott, Birchall, Mottershead.
Leeds (W): Whitehead, Cousins, Hardcastle, Beevers, Robinson; Butcher, Casey; Field, Bennett, Northrop, Sykes, Murray, Donnelly. Int: Hornby, Lockwood, Greening.

St Helens (W) (12)
Tries: Faye Gaskin
Goals: Faye Gaskin 4/4

Leeds Rhinos (W) (6)
Tries: Keara Bennett
Goals: Keara Bennett 1/1

Warrington Wolves 4 Wigan Warriors 40
Venue: Halliwell Jones Stadium, Warrington

Date: Sat, 25th May.   Kickoff: 1:00 PM.   Halftime: Wigan (W) 18-0.   \

Warrington (W): Dennis, Johnston, Barnett, Simpson, Nixon; Bell, Magraw; Latchford, Bound, Burnett, Williams, Baggaley, Downs. Int: Wilson, Turner, Condliffe, Johnson.
Wigan (W): Wilson, Welsford, Hilton, Davies, Derbyshire; Rowe, Knowles; Speakman, Casey, Fisher, Molyneux, Coleman, Thompson. Int: Singleton, Gregory-Haselden, Jones, Hayes.

Warrington Wolves (W) (4)
Tries: Sammy Simpson

Wigan Warriors (W) (40)
Tries: Anna Davies 2, Mary Coleman, Beth Hayes, Rachel Thompson, Ellise Derbyshire, Isabel Rowe
Goals: Emma Knowles 6/7

Barrow Raiders 22 Featherstone Rovers 10
Venue: Northern Competitions Stadium, Barrow

Date: Sun, 26th May.   Kickoff: 12:00 PM.   Halftime: Barrow (W) 14-10.   

Barrow (W): Norman, Hutchinson, Hutchinson, Larkin, Rush; Fisher, Litherland; Dobson, Lindsay, Morley, Stirzaker, Temple, Smith. Int: Friend, Clough, Cottier, Sherlock.
Featherstone (W): Copley, Carr, Billington, Prescott, Price; Smith, Grace; Mannion, Blackburn, Churm, Watt, Evans, Waters. Int: Harrison, Duffield, Craven, Johnson.

Barrow Raiders (W) (22)
Tries: Michelle Larkin, Beth Lindsay, Vanessa Temple
Goals: Jodie Litherland 5/5

Featherstone Rovers (W) (10)
Tries: Hannah Watt, Ashlea Prescott
Goals: Chloe Smith 1/2

Huddersfield Giants 12 York Valkyrie 50
Venue: Laund Hill Sports Complex, Huddersfield

Date: Sun, 26th May.   Kickoff: 2:00 PM.   Halftime: York (W) 32-0.   

Huddersfield (W): McGifford, Goddard, Da Silva, Hobbs, Waller; Townend, Tyson; Webster, Oates, Wilkinson, Harrap, Haley, Fisher. Int: Naidole, Preston, Hampshaw, Thompson.
York (W): Judd, Kershaw, Komaitai, Roberts, Partington; Rihari, Eastwood; Sharp, Wilton, Stimpson, Owen, Andrade, Wood. Int: Taylor, Lambert, Brennan, Wood.

Huddersfield Giants (W) (12)
Tries: Hannah Goddard, Gracie Hobbs
Goals: Francesca Townend 2/2

York Valkyrie (W) (50)
Tries: Emma Kershaw 3, Eboni Partington 2, Izzy Brennan 2, Bettie Lambert, Carrie Roberts, Jess Sharp
Goals: Carrie Roberts 5/10

Round 4 table

3St Helens430101106

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RLP stats leaders

Most tries

Rank Player Team P T
1 Anna Davies Wigan 4 9
=2 Emma Kershaw York 4 8
=2 Mary Coleman Wigan 4 8
4 Leah Burke St Helens 4 7
5 Isabel Rowe Wigan 4 6

Most goals

Rank Player Team P G/A %
1 Emma Knowles Wigan 4 31 / 38 82%
2 Ruby Enright Leeds 3 19 / 30 63%
3 Faye Gaskin St Helens 4 17 / 27 63%
4 Tara-Jane Stanley York 3 7 / 12 58%

Most points

Rank Player Team P T G FG Pts
1 Emma Knowles Wigan 4 - 31 - 62
2 Ruby Enright Leeds 3 3 19 - 50
3 Faye Gaskin St Helens 4 2 17 - 42
4 Anna Davies Wigan 4 9 - - 36