Bullet Bulldogs eliminate Eels

The Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs have dominated the Parramatta Eels with a strong second half performance, defeating their traditional rivals 46-12 at ANZ Stadium in front of 28,245 fans.

Josh Morris was the star of the show with a hat trick of tries while five-eighth Josh Reynolds guided the Bulldogs to victory with a Man of the Match performance.

The first of Morris' tries came after Ben Barba showed his pace to break the line. With Steve Turner sidelined with an injury, Bryson Goodwin was given goal kicking duties, and failed with his first shot at goal from the sideline. Bulldogs led 4-0 after 12 minutes.

The Eels hit back within five minutes on the back of a penalty. Ryan Morgan left would-be tacklers in his wake as he collected a cross-field kick and opened the scoring for the Eels, despite replays showing he may not have grounded it. The try was awarded, then Luke Burt added the extras to give the Eels the lead 6-4.

The Eels were over again with ten to go in the half with Ken Sio scoring courtesy of some great vision and perfectly-weighted kick. Burt added the extras again.

The second Eels' try was the wake up the Bulldogs needed, as they scored 42 unanswered points in the final 50 minutes of the match.

Sam Kasiano stamped his mark on the match with great lead up work to gift Josh Morris his second try. Kris Keating linked in between the pair to complete the movement, as the line breaks continued to see points leak from the Eels defence.

After a stint in VB NSW Cup, Tim Lafai returned to get his own four-pointer after a strong build up from Josh Reynolds, who burst through a gap before turning it outside for the rookie. The final points of the first half went the way of Dene Halatau, with a run away try on the siren - again off a superb Kasiano break. Bryson Goodwin kicked three of four attempts in the half, at the break the Bulldogs led 22-12. 

A quick start from the Bulldogs in the second half saw Josh Reynolds score easily with a beautiful solo effort to claim points. He chipped ahead for himself, with the bounce of the ball escaping Jarryd Hayne - allowing Reynolds to pounce on the ball to score. Goodwin's conversion made it 28-12 after 47 minutes.

Kris Keating showed his skill with a grubber kick deep downfield to guide Josh Morris to his third and final try. There was no way to stop the Blue and White boys as they held a 34-12 lead with half an hour to play.

Jonathan Wright stepped around the Eels defensive line to dive over as fulltime approached, Goodwin from the sideline missed the kick. A strange decision from the Dogs saw Goodwin add a further two points through a penalty goal with five minutes on the clock, taking the scoreline to 40-12.

Goodwin finally crossed for a try of his own, closing with a personal points tally of 16 points after nailing the conversion from out wide. The Bulldogs ended 46-12 over an embarrassed Parramatta Eels side.

Both sides hit the road next week as the Eels will hope to improve with a trip to Canberra to face the Raiders, while the Bulldogs head north to take on Gold Coast Titans in the second match of a double header at Suncorp Stadium.

Match Details
Parramatta Eels 12 were defeated by Canterbury Bulldogs 46
National Rugby League - Round 9 - Friday May 4, 2012 7:30pm
Venue: ANZ Stadium
Referee: Ashley Klein and Brett Suttor
Video Referee: Sean Hampstead
Touch Judges: Paul Holland and Jason Walsh
Crowd: 28,214
Halftime: Parramatta Eels 12 Canterbury Bulldogs 22

Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:
3 Points - Josh Reynolds (1 try)
2 Points - Sam Kasiano
1 Point - Ben Barba

Tries: Ryan Morgan, Ken Sio
Conversions: Luke Burt (2/2)

Tries: Dene Halatau, Jonathan Wright, Josh Morris (3), Bryson Goodwin, Josh Reynolds, Timoteo Lafai
Conversions: Bryson Goodwin (6/8)
Penalty Goals: Bryson Goodwin (1/1)

LeagueUnlimited.com Live Commentary Good Evening League Fans and welcome to League Unlimited's coverage of Friday Night Football for Round 9 of the Telstra Premiership. Tonight the first of two games LIVE from ANZ Stadium sees the lacklustre Parramatta Eels host the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs. Kick off is expected after 7:30PM which is just under an hour from now.

TEAM CHANGES for this clash; The Eels are as per the program. Meanwhile a positional change sees Fuifui Moimoi start with Joseph Paulo going to the bench
Full time in TOYOTA Cup action, Bulldogs 58 def. Eels 22
This shapes as another classic encounter between the two sides with the history and rivalry strong. We are minutes away from kick off at ANZ Stadium with both sides going through their final preparations in the sheds.
Michael Ennis is leading out his boys ahead of the clash as they are welcomed by their fans in the Blue and White army.
The Eels are out now onto the turf at ANZ Stadium, they will kick off to give the Bulldogs the first set.
1 min: Josh Reynolds with a 4th tackle kick downfield to end the Bulldogs set without error. Jarryd Hayne slips over as he returns to the ball out of the in goal area.
1 min: Low kick from Hayne which only goes 40 metres. Bulldogs return it up to their 40 metre line.
2 min: KNOCK ON! Simply handling error from the prop forward, Aiden Tolman in his carry over half way. The Eels have it on the zero tackle.
3 min: The Eels launching an ariel assault of the Bulldogs line, but Josh Morris getting a hand to it and the Eels fail to get points early.
4 min: Ken Sio diving to ground off a poor pass, the defence of the Bulldogs has been good thus far. Last tackle kick very high in the air as Ben Barba ended up with the ball on his 20 metre line.
5 min: Forward pass ruled against the Bulldogs gives the Eels a zero tackle. Massive chance for the Eels deep in the Bulldogs half.
6 min: Under pressure, Ben Roberts stabs a grubber kick between the line defenders but Johnathan Wright on the mark to take it without issue. The Bulldogs work it from their own 10 metre line.
7 min: The boos sound as a possible knock on missed off the hand of Hayne as the Eels again unable to break the Bulldogs defence.
8 min: First penalty of the game to the Bulldogs as the Eels defenders hold down in the ruck too long. Bulldogs kick for touch and have the ball 38 metres out from their line.
10 min: The Bulldogs made a lot of metres in their first real attacking set of the night going over 60 metres. The ball begin spread across the field as Ben Barba looked for a hole runner. However the ball going go ground as the Eels come up with it.
12 min: TRY
TRY! Bulldogs
Josh Morris has collected his 50th try for the Bulldogs after Ben Barba showed his pace to break the line and link with Kris Keating. Simple line-break through the Eels defence gives the Bulldogs first points. Bryson Goodwin from the touchline pushes it to the left of the posts.
Canterbury Bulldogs 4-0
14 min: Injury issue for Willie Tonga (Eels), possible wrist injury, he remains on the field with the trainer.
15 min: Terrible stab kick from Hayne which rolled along the ground, the Bulldogs easily come up with the ball through Goodwin. They attack short of the half way line.
15 min: Ben Barba opened the line again, a mess of the set but the Bulldogs hold on to possession. They attack deep in the Eels half.
16 min: Ryan Morgan under pressure was able to take the high ball in the field of play to work it out from the goal line.
16 min: High shot from Sam Kasino gives the Eels a welcomed penalty to help them out of their half.
18 min: TRY
TRY! Eels
Ryan Morgan making the most of the penalty as he leapt high to the air and managed to ground it beating two Bulldogs. Luke Burt with the conversion from beside the posts, successful.
Parramatta Eels 6-4
22 min: Ben Barba almost giving up points on the goal line, he just got the hands out of the way as the ball bounced off his knees. The Bulldogs work it from the line.
23 min: Wright with the right move to take the ball high off the kick.
24 min: Another penalty to the Bulldogs for the Eels defenders laying in the ruck. A gifted penalty to help them out of the half
25 min: Kris Keating with the kick on the last was collected under pressure by Ken Sio
26 min: Early set kick from the Eels from McGuire, 3rd tackle option to stab it cross field to the goal line where Ben Barba was awaiting the ball.
27 min: Keating looked to create play from nothing with a chip kick to his winger in Wright, it wasn't to lead to Points with Hayne coming up with the ball.
27 min: Josh Reynolds ruled offside as he jumped quickly off the line. Eels march downfield into the Bulldogs half, attacking 40 metres out.
29 min: Video Referee Decision Pending for a possible Ken Sio try
29 min: TRY
TRY! Eels
Ken Sio on the end of a Jarryd Hayne kick managed to ground the ball inside the dead ball line. The Eels making the Bulldogs pay with the penalty leading to points. Luke Burt with the kick adds the extras.
Parramatta Eels 12-4
31 min: Penalty against the Eels, the Bulldogs getting the penalty against the run of play as the ball wasn't played square. Bulldogs attacking 20 metres out from the line.
32 min: Ben Barba almost getting caught on the last tackle as he kicked to the in goal area. Hayne in the goals picks up the ball and was grounded in goal. Bulldogs earn a line drop out.
33 min: Penalty to the Bulldogs for "crowding" the ruck, The Eels standing to push and shove
33 min: Video Referee Decision Pending for Josh Morris who is claiming his 2nd of the night
33 min: TRY
TRY! Bulldogs
Josh Morris gets his second of the night as the Bulldogs go with the short passing game. Sam Kasino held his own and cut out for Kris Keating to run the line to pop Morris through the hole. Bryson Goodwin converts.
Parramatta Eels 12-10
35 min: Another penalty for a high shot on David Stagg. Bulldogs attack just short of halfway.
36 min: Zero tackle for the Bulldogs on half way now after the Eels got a hand to the ball.
37 min: TRY
TRY! Bulldogs
Tim Lafai getting another start in first grade after a stint in the NSW Cup comes up. He linked up with his masterful half Josh Reynolds who broken the line of the Eels to streak away. That is his 3rd try in 9 games for the Dogs. Goodwin with the kick adds the 2 points.
Canterbury Bulldogs 16-12
40 min: TRY
TRY! Bulldogs
Dene Halatau scores the Bulldogs third try in seven minutes. Sam Kasino busted up and linked with Barba who raced through the line to cut out to Halatau. Goodwin with the kick no issues.
Canterbury Bulldogs 22-12
40 min: Half Time: Bulldogs 22 leading the Eels 12.

The Eels defence has been poor with line breaks coming so easy. The Bulldogs creating play from nothing with Josh Reynolds thus far the man of the match just ahead of Ben Barba. Kris Keating has been another stand out for the Blue and White boys.
Second half about to get underway with both sides on the park awaiting the kick off. Bulldogs kicking off with the Eels getting first use.
41 min: We are underway with the boot of Goodwin sending it downfield.
41 min: KNOCK ON! Mitchell Allgood looked for the quick play of the ball, however he dropped it. The first scrum feed packs for the Bulldogs, they attack 20 metres out from the line.
41 min: The Bulldogs with lovely spreading play across the line, however the final pass perfect for the Touch judge. The Eels get the ball as a result from a scrum feed.
43 min: KNOCK ON! Casey McGuire on the end of quick hands knocks on. The Bulldogs get another scrum feed short of halfway.
44 min: Reynolds opted for a last tackle cross field kick but it was straight into the arms of Joseph Paulo who went for a gallop downfield. He was wrapped up by Ben Barba.
45 min: KNOCK ON! Ben Roberts taking on the line losing control of it 20 metres out from the line. Scrum feed to the Bulldogs as Chris Sandow prepares to come into this game.
45 min: Reynolds stabs a kick into the in goal area to bring up the end of the set. Ken Sio returns it out to the 10 metre line.
46 min: DOUBLE INTERCHANGE: Chris SANDOW and Nathan HINDMARSH coming on for the Eels
47 min: TRY
TRY! Bulldogs
Josh Reynolds has been a star tonight, and it continued with a beautiful solo try as he scored off his own chip kick. Goodwin nails the kick.
Canterbury Bulldogs 28-12
49 min: Video Referee Decision for the Bulldogs, Morris looking at his third try
50 min: TRY
TRY! Bulldogs
Hat trick for Josh MORRIS as he backed up in support as Kris Keating cracked the line. Keating stabbed it soccer style further down field. Wonderful chase for the try. Goodwin nails the kick.
Canterbury Bulldogs 34-12
52 min: Hayne stabbed kicked it in goal and the call against Ben Barba who knocked it touch in goal. Line drop out for the Eels.
53 min: Penalty to the Eels now for the line drop out ball dropped over the goal line.
54 min: Hayne looked for a kick but it was taken easily by Barba who almost got away from the defence.
56 min: Kick from the Bulldogs off the boot off Kris Keating goes over the sideline. Eels will get the scrum feed 30 metres from their line.
57 min: Penalty against Michael Ennis who was ruled offside. The Eels will work it from a quick tap 40 metres out from the line.
58 min: Ben Barba in the in goal area took the ball to give the Bulldogs a 20 metre tap.
60 min: KNOCK ON! Spreading the ball across the park but on the end of it Frank Pritchard loses the ball in the tackle. Eels on the run 40 metres out from their line.
61 min: TRY
TRY! Bulldogs
Jonathan Wright stepped around and through the Eels line to bring up his own four-pointer. Goodwin from the sideline misses the kick.
Canterbury Bulldogs 38-12
64 min: Controlling kick downfield from the Bulldogs as Reynolds finds the line to give the Eels a scrum feed deep in their half.
65 min: Josh Morris saves the day but a penalty against the Bulldogs for a blocking play at the goal line. Every time the eels have got a penalty tonight, they have scored
65 min: Josh Morris saves the day but a penalty against the Bulldogs for a blocking play at the goal line. Every time the eels have got a penalty tonight, they have scored
68 min: Willie Tonga has come off the field with an injury, possible ankle injury.
68 min: Penalty to the Eels against Josh Morris for walking up across the ruck failed to allow Sandow to play the ball.
69 min: The eels getting caught on the last tackle, the Bulldogs getting the ball on their own 10 metre line.
72 min: Penalty to the Eels for a Bulldogs ruled offside. Eels attacking inside the Bulldogs 20 metre zone.
74 min: Chris Sandow tried a chip kick at the goal mouth but it was plucked out of the air by Michael Ennis to busted a run before coming up with an injury. Bulldogs going on the attack short of halfway.
74 min: Zero tackle Bulldogs, and a penalty to aid their cause. Slow markers, the Bulldogs surely will get more points.
Bryson Goodwin opted for the two points after the penalty to surely wind down the clock.
Canterbury Bulldogs 40-12
76 min: Another penalty for a slow ruck play from the Eels. The Bulldogs attacking on their own 30 metre line.
78 min: Video Referee Decision Pending for the Bulldogs. possible for Goodwin
78 min: TRY
TRY! Bulldogs
Bryson Goodwin adds his name to the scorers sheet after a lovely short ball from Greg Eastwood close to the line. Video Referee happy with the play and awards the play. He converts his own try.
Canterbury Bulldogs 46-12
80 min: Full time at ANZ Stadium: Bulldogs 46 def. The Eels 12 in front of 28,245. Man of the Match, Josh Reynolds.

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