Carting it up with Stevo

Without any names on the table, I can see quite a few players seeking and being granted early releases from their contracts in the next month or so. While the code is slowly embracing the recent phenomena of mid-season transfers, the late season moves are ever increasing.

Most NRL clubs have pretty much completed their rosters for 2010. However this is increasingly leading to clubs actively looking to cut players. Like many leading into the festive season, clubs have overspent and need to release players to balance their cap.

Likewise teams who have spotted and signed a player in July may now want to cut players in their squad that play in the same position so team harmony is maintained.

Or, like Canberra, a heap of juniors may be working their way through the ranks. The Raiders have performed inconsistently on the field this year, but have blooded a bunch of promising juniors. The consequence for their (once first choice) hooker Stuart Flanagan is that, after a season of bad luck with injury, three or so young juniors have passed him in the pecking order. Consequently Flanagan is reportedly on the