Cowboys grind out Brisbane

North Queensland have dealt the Brisbane Broncos their fifth loss of the season, as the Cowboys ran out winners 12-0, in front of 20,367 fans at Dairy Farmers Stadium.

In what was an Origin-esqe battle, both sides were relentless in defence and threw almost everything into their opposition during attack.

Brisbane's Josh Hoffman, Lachlan Maranta and Dale Copley took on North Queensland's Matt Bowen, Antonio Winterstein and Brent Tate in an old fashioned catching shoot out. Every kick in the first half that made it behind the first line of defence was shut down by the outside backs in a spectacular fashion. These players had massive influence on the game as it headed into half-time nil all.

After the break, both sides came out firing but it was the Cowboys who would deal the first blow. Seconds after the one hour mark had passed, the sensational duo of Matt Bowen and Johnathan Thurston linked up to send Gavin Cooper sprinting to score the first try.

Thurston had no troubles slotting the extra points and from that point on the Broncos did it tough. While still maintaining their defensive flow, their attacking sets became lethargic and the Cowboys pounced.

It was yet another well worked play by five eighth Johnathan Thurston, who passed a no look ball to Matt Bowen who swept around the back, to give Kane Linnett a great ball as he hit the gap in the 74th minute. It was easily converted by Thurston once more and the Cowboys took a 12-0 lead.

After heroic efforts by Origin prop Ben Hannant (42 tackle, 11 runs) and his Broncos prop counterpart, Josh McGuire (54 tackles, 14 runs), the Broncos were still unable to post points on the board.

The Cowboys are now looking to their match next Saturday against Canberra at Dairy Farmers Stadium; whilst the Broncos will regroup and try to bounce back to form against South Sydney at Suncorp Stadium on Friday night.

Match Details
North Queensland Cowboys 12 defeated Brisbane Broncos 0
National Rugby League - Round 15 - Friday June 15, 2012 7:30pm
Venue: Dairy Farmers Stadium
Referee: Jason Robinson and Gavin Morris
Video Referee: Chris Ward
Touch Judges: Luke Potter and Clayton Sharpe
Crowd: 20,367
Halftime: North Queensland Cowboys 0 Brisbane Broncos 0 players of the match:
3 Points - Matt Bowen
2 Points - Johnathan Thurston (2 Conversions)
1 Point - Ben Hannant

Tries: Gavin Cooper, Kane Linnett
Conversions: Johnathan Thurston (2/2)

BRISBANE BRONCOS (0) Live Commentary Good evening folks and welcome to Dairy Farmers Stadium where the North Queensland Cowboys take on the Brisbane Broncos.
We have crisp conditions in Townsville tonight where tonight's coaches have just announced their final team's for this evening's match.
The home side have just announced the one late change. Ashton Sims will start with James Tamou moving to the bench. For the Broncos, Corey Parker will not be backing up after sustaining that nasty cut during Origin, Dunamis Lui will come into the lock position, with Brendon Gibb joining the bench.
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1 min: The game is underway with the Cowboys kicking down to the Broncos!
1 min: Last tackle for Brisbane on the 50 metre line and Wallace kicks down to former Bronco Winterstein who plays it 15 from his line.
1 min: A kick on the last from Thompson down to Dale Copley of the Broncos who brings it to his twenty
2 min: Broncos are into Cowboys half
2 min: A last tackle run is shut down by the Cowboys, play the ball on the 30.
3 min: Cowboys make great metres and kick through Bowen on the Broncos 30 but Dale Copley takes an AFL style catch on his 10.
4 min: Josh Hoffman down with trainers.
4 min: Wallace kicks from the halfway line and Winterstein grabs the ball and is stopped 15 from his line.
4 min: Last tackle for the Cowboys, Thurston kicks from 40 down to Hoffman who runs it back to the 20 after beating two defenders.
5 min: Brisbane are inside the Cowboys half
6 min: Corey Norman bombs but the Broncos knock it on. Play the ball Cowboys 10 out.
6 min: INFRIGEMENT: Penalty Cowboys. Holding too long. NQL 1-0 Brisbane
7 min: NYC: Cowboys 28-16 Broncos
7 min: Cowboys on the attack inside the Broncos 10
8 min: GOAL LINE DROP OUT: A grubber from Bowen which is scooped up by Dale Copley who is then tackled in goal. NQL 1-0 Broncos.
8 min: Strong return from Ashton Sims as they enter the Broncos 20.
9 min: Some confusion and the Broncos come up with the ball on their 10 metre line.
9 min: Broncos working their way out of their own half
10 min: A 40/20 attempt from Brisbane that is missed as the Cowboys will have a scrum from the 20 metre line
11 min: Cowboys working their way up field.
11 min: Bown kicks from the 40 and the Broncos recover and begin their attack
12 min: Broncos over halfway
12 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Broncos. High tackle. NQL 1-1 Brisbane.
12 min: Broncos attacking now, 20 from the Cowboys try line.
13 min: Wallace kicks through and the referees award a scrum to the Broncos after a Cowboys was to be deemed accidentally offside after a deflection of the kick.
14 min: VIDEO REF: Wallace has dummied and gone over the line but they are checking an obstruction
15 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Cowboys. Obstruction, no try. NQL 2-1 Brisbane.
15 min: Cowboys have the ball in he Broncos half.
16 min: Thurston bombs the ball and Maranta comes down with it for Brisbane.
16 min: Broncos have the ball on the fourth tackle 20 metres from their line
17 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Broncos. High Tackle. NQL 2-2 Brisbane.
17 min: Brisbane are over the Cowboys 40 metre line.
18 min: Broncos run the ball on the last and the short ball from Wallace fails as the Cowboys have the play the ball 3 metres from their line
18 min: Brent Tate gets the Cowboys some solid metres.
19 min: Hard defence by the Broncos trying to contain Cowboys.
19 min: Under immense pressure Bowen kicks 15 metres to Dale Copley and the Broncos play the ball on the 40.
19 min: Broncos inside the Cowboys 20 on the fourth.
20 min: Wallace cross field bombs to his outside men but Winterstein comes down with it and runs it to the 20 for a tap.
21 min: Thurston bombs from the 30 metre line but Maranta desfuses
21 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Brisbane. Playing at the ball. NQL 2-3 Brisbane.
22 min: Brisbane are in the Cowboys half
22 min: Norman bombs and Graham defuses but he loses it in the tackle and the Broncos have the ball!
23 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Brisbane. Holding too long. NQL 2-4 Broncos
23 min: Brisbane have thrown the ball forward off the tap and the Cowboys have the scrum 10 metres from their line.
24 min: Cowboys are into the Broncos half
24 min: Some sloppy last play work as Thurston kicks down to Hoffman who brings it to the 20 metre line
25 min: Last tackle kick from Wallace bounces down to Bowen and brings it back to the 20 line.
26 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Cowboys. NQL 3-4 Brisbane.
26 min: Cowboys will get the tap 5 metres into the Broncos half
27 min: Grubber from Thurston and Josh Hoffman scoops it up and gets out of his in goal.
27 min: Broncos doing it tough only 20 out on the fourth.
28 min: Norman clears from inside his 40 as Bowen sprints it back 37 metres.
28 min: Bowen puts yet another bomb up and once again Josh Hoffman has safe hands, just metres from his line.
29 min: Broncos spread the ball and Thurston pulls them down on the 40
29 min: Wallace kicks to Bowen who brings it back to his 40
30 min: Cowboys into the Brisbane half now
30 min: Inside ball to Bowen as they nearly make the break but upon playing the ball he drops it. Broncos scrum.
30 min: 20 metres, tweet us your thoughts on the game @leagueunlimited #NRLnqlbri
31 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Brisbane. NQL 4-4 Brisbane.
31 min: Broncos on the attack inside the cowboys half.
32 min: KIck through from Norman as Thurston scoops it up and passes to Bowen who is pulled down at the 40.
33 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Cowboys. Offside. NQL 5-4.
33 min: 9 metres from the try line, 2nd tackle Cowboys.
33 min: Desperate last tackle stop as Wallace scrambles. PLay the ball Broncos.
34 min: Broncos working it away from their line. over the 40
35 min: Reed loses it 40 from the Cowboys line. Scrum Cowboys. What a fast paced and exciting game.
35 min: Cowboys into the Brisbane half now.
36 min: Thompson has put it down for the Cowboys as fatigue sets in. Scrum 40 out for Brisbane.
36 min: Brisbane into the Cowboys half.
37 min: Thurston knocks a Hoffman pass down as the Broncos receive a 30 metre scrum.
37 min: Great attacking chance for Brisbane. 30 metres out after the first.
38 min: A cross field bomb is taken in the air from Brent Tate just metres from his line.
39 min: Thompson puts up a midfield bomb and Hoffman defuses on the 40
40 min: An NBA style passing session takes place as the Brisbane desperate for points put it through every set of hands they have. Nil all, halftime
40 min: The outside backs have put on an outstanding show of courage and ability defusing nearly every kick of the game. What do you think of the game and how do you think it will end? Let us know @leagueunlimited with #NRLnqlbri
40 min: The Broncos kick right down the screen and the Cowboys take the ball with the first play the ball at the 20.
40 min: After an attacking raid the Cowboys will get six more but Bowen puts a kick through and drop out.
41 min: Tamou comes back at them hard and he is brought down 35 metres from the try line.
42 min: Cowboys inside the Broncos half on the 4th.
42 min: Thurston's kick is way too big and the Broncos get a 20 tap
43 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Broncos. NQL 5-5 Brisbane
43 min: After the Cowboys were marched for back chat, the Broncos have the ball inside the 10
44 min: Ben Hannant loses the ball over the line and scrum Cowboys 10 out.
44 min: Cowboys working it out of their half now.
44 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Cowboys. Held too long. NQL 6-5 Brisbane
45 min: Cowboys settle the ball on the 40 through Taumalolo
45 min: Maranta scoops up the kick and the Cowboys will get a drop out.
46 min: Tamou brings it back once more for the Cowboys to play it 23 from the Broncos line.
47 min: Cowboys inside the 10
47 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Cowboys. NQL 7-5 Broncos
47 min: Cowboys have a whole set inside the Broncos 10
48 min: Glenn Hall has been held up over the line. Play the ball on the 10 metre line.
48 min: And off the next play, Morgan has dropped the ball.
48 min: Brisbane working it out, doing it tough.
49 min: Norman bomb and Matt Bowen catches it in the air 20 metres from his line.
49 min: Cowboys in the Brisbane half
50 min: Thurston runs the ball, makes the break and gives it Bowen before the mistake is made at the play the ball. Broncos scrum.
50 min: Scrum 10 metres from Brisbane's line
51 min: Brisbane into the Cowboys half
51 min: Wallae puts the ball down to Bowen who takes it and offloads to Graham who runs to the 20 metre line.
52 min: Broncos unable to put Tate into touch as he throws it back in
52 min: Thurston bombs down to the wing and Broncos winger Maranta has the ball!
53 min: Wallace kicks down and Bowen easily takes it to the 30 metre line.
54 min: Cowboys into the Broncos half now.
54 min: Thurston makes a half break before Bowen puts up the kick and Hoffman brings it down 1 metre from his line.
54 min: Another drop out will go to the Cowboys as Maranta is pushed back in goal.
55 min: For the third time, Tamou brings it back off a drop out and now the Cowboys have the ball 10 out from the Broncos
56 min: After a big hit, Morgan loses the ball, Brisbane races downfield and also lose it but the refs say no advantage; scrum Brisbane.
57 min: Broncos rucking it up and the Cowboys are punishing every runner.
57 min: Fatigue is becoming paramount now as Lui drops the ball 40 from the try line. Cowboys scrum.
58 min: Bowen makes a quick and easy 10 metres.
58 min: Bowen puts a bomb up and Corey Norman takes the ball in goal; 20 tap
59 min: Brisbane getting pushed back by the Cowboys defence
59 min: Brisbane clear the ball and Bowen takes it back to the 37 metre line.
63 min: TRY
After one hour of play, Thurston gives an inside ball facing away from the defence to Bowen who tears through the defence and offloads to Gavin Cooper who scores the first try. Thurston converts.
North Queensland Cowboys 6-0
63 min: Brisbane restart play and the Cowboys have the ball 20 from their try line
63 min: Last tackle kick from Thurston and Hoffman will bring it back to the 10 metre line before losing it and the Cowboys dive on it.
63 min: Cowboys camped into the Broncos 10 metre zone.
64 min: Thurston puts it down. Broncos scrum, 10 metre line.
65 min: Broncos kick through Norman as the ball bounces and Beale passes it back to Maranta and a collection of play leads to Copley kicking for Bowen and the Cowboys are working it out.
66 min: Big kick from Thurston who finds ground and Maranta passes to Hoffman who takes it to the 20.
67 min: Wallace kicks from the Cowboys 40 and Bowen scoops it up and runs on to the 30.
68 min: Broncos engaging in strong defence.
68 min: Last tackle kick from Thurston who kicks down ingoal and it goes out. 20 metre restart Brisbane.
69 min: Brisbane slowing down to a walk.
69 min: Reed almost breaks through but is pulled down.
69 min: Norman grubbers put the ball goes dead before Glenn dives on the ball. Cowboys 20 tap.
70 min: Cowboys into the Broncos half
70 min: Thurston bombs it up and Hoffman takes it easily.
71 min: Broncos doing it tough.
71 min: Norman kicks from his thirty to Bowen and he brings it back to his 40.
72 min: Thurston kicks for the corner and Hoffman is taken into touch. Cowboys scrum, 10 metres from the line.
73 min: Cowboys trying to run around Brisbane.
76 min: TRY
Thurston gives a great ball to a sweeping Bowen who draws and passes to Kane Linnett who scores. Conversion successful by Thurston
North Queensland Cowboys 12-0
76 min: Brisbane try a short kick off but the Cowboys have the ball.
77 min: Thurston gets a desperate kick away and Hoffman brings it back
78 min: Wallace chips but Tamou defuses the kick
79 min: Thurston drums it down dead again. 20 metre tap here for the Broncos.
79 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Broncos. NQL 7-6 Brisbane
80 min: And after a fantastic game, the Cowboys beat the Broncos 12-0. What a game!

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