Dragon Players in a spot of bother

Telstra Premiership title favourites St George Illawarra will investigate a drunken incident involving "leading players" at a Wollongong hotel.

Dragons CEO Peter Doust tonight said he would get to the bottom of claims that several high-profile players "behaved inappropriately" at the pub last Monday night.

After six straight wins, the Dragons were given four days off by coach Nathan Brown as they enjoyed a welcome bye.

But Doust reported that several players had been involved in a drunken incident at a Wollongong pub which prompted a club investigation.

Doust said Dragons players were "a little exuberant" but could not confirm the full details until the players returned from their break on Monday.

"The players were at the hotel on Monday evening, I've yet to clarify the specifics of it so I can't comment on the degree of it or the circumstances," he said.

"I don't think it is a worry from what I understand at the moment.

"After a pretty long campaign over the last few weeks they were given four days off training by the coach.

"They were out during the day, they were out enjoying themselves and they were maybe a little exuberant - (but) they didn't damage anything or affront anyone.

"The publican at the hotel had no concerns or received complaints about their behaviour.

"But by the same token some parts of the media have sought to report the fact that there was some behaviour that needs to be questioned and we are looking into it."

It has been reported that Doust would consider fining players if they were found to be in the wrong, however, the Dragons boss told League Correspondent it was premature discussing any punishment.

"All the guys are away for the weekend. We won't be getting back together until Monday so I will be talking to the coach and the players then," he said.

"I've got to get to the bottom of it first before I determine what action is taken by us.

"But specifics have been spoken to them (players) about discipline both on and off the field."