Dragons break the drought

The St. George Illawarra Dragons defeated the Parramatta Eels in a hard fought match, running out 14-12 winners at WIN Jubilee Oval in front of 12,756 fans.

The Eels struck first points with a quick start as Casey McGuire powered through the line and planted the steeden over the whitewash. Luke Burt made it a perfect start, the Eels leading 6-0 after three minutes.

It was a mixed start from the Dragons as they failed to mount pressure on the vistors. However 20 minutes into the opening half, Kyle Stanley found the goal line off a Jamie Soward cross-field kick. The Eels however held the lead 6-4.

Chris Sandow's performance had been a key to the Eels quick start as Matt Ryan crashed over for the blue and gold's second four-pointer. Luke Burt from beside the uprights slotted the extras, putting the Eels 12-4 up after 24 minutes.

The Dragons were unable to reply for the remainder of the half as the score remained 12-4 at the halftime break.

It was a an intense and nail-biting second half with only two tries scored. The Dragons found their feet early in the second half as Brett Morris scored a long-range four-pointer from broken play. The Eels lead was reduced to two points.

Both sides battled it out for the remainder of the half following that 47th minute try, as the Eels looked to claim their second victory of the season, however it wasn't to be.

It took a 77th minute play from Jamie Soward who crafted a crossfield run before spreading the ball. It eventually found Kyle Stanley who powered over the goal-line. The Dragons stole the two-competition points, finishing 14-12 victors over the cellar-dwelling Parramatta Eels. The Eels were in the contest from start to finish as they looked to finally climb out of their stump but the Dragons in typical fashion managed to steal the points late.

Things went from bad to worse with the loss for the Eels, as Casey McGuire was taken to hospital with a torn pectoral muscle. He is possibly out for the reminder of the season.

Next week an interesting encounter with the Red V Army travelling to Brookvale to face the Manly Sea Eagles on Friday night, while the Eels will clash with the high-flying Sharks as they return home to Parramatta next Monday.

Match Details
St George Illawarra Dragons 14 defeated Parramatta Eels 12
National Rugby League - Round 12 - Saturday May 26, 2012 7:30pm
Venue: WIN Jubilee Oval, Kogarah
Referee: Jared Maxwell and Tony De La Heras
Video Referee: Rod Lawrence
Touch Judges: Jason Walsh and Dave Ryan
Crowd: 12,756
Halftime: St George Illawarra Dragons 12 Parramatta Eels 4

Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:
3 Points - Jamie Soward (1 Conversion)
2 Points - Chris Sandow
1 Point - Kyle Stanley (2 Tries)

Tries: Brett Morris, Kyle Stanley (2)
Conversions: Jamie Soward (1/3)

Tries: Casey McGuire, Matt Ryan
Conversions: Luke Burt (2/2)

LeagueUnlimited.com Live Commentary Good Evening League fans, tonight we are live from WIN Jubilee Oval for the second game on this Super Saturday.

In team changes, a few changes for both sides tonight. Firstly for the Dragons, Jack de Belin starts for Dean Young who moves on the bench with Trent Merrin, Cam King and Jake Marketo

Meanwhile for the Eels, Reni Maitua has been ruled out with sees Joseph Paulo will start at lock.Justin Horo added to the bench.
Earlier tonight in Toyota Cup action at WIN Jubilee Oval, the Dragons 30 def. Eels 22
Both sides making their way out onto the park ahead of this clash, kick off moments away.
1 min: We are a GO with the second match on Super Saturday. Kick off with the Eels
1 min: KNOCK ON! The eels force an early mistake from the Dragons. They have the ball with the zero tackle on halfway
2 min: Video Referee Decision pending for the Eels, they strike first
3 min: TRY
TRY! EelsThe Eels have strike first blood tonight with Casey McGuire planting the ball down as he collected the Joseph Paulo offload. Luke Burt nails the conversion attempt to seal the Eels quick start
Parramatta Eels 6-0
5 min: Chris Sandow ends the Eels set with a low kick downfield which is take by Brett Morris on his 10 metre line. The Dragons pushing up in defence to look to control the Eels quick start.
6 min: Matt Cooper has somehow come up with the ball in a tackle of 2 but the Dragons have it 30 metres from the Eels line.
7 min: KNOCK ON! Nathan Hindmarsh looked to clean up the lose ball but he knocked it on. The Dragons with the scrum feed 25 metres from the Eels line
8 min: First penalty of the night falls with the Dragons, they take the free kick and have possession 10 metres from the Eels line
9 min: Mitch Rein took a dive at the line but held up in goal at the end of it. Dragons back out to the 10 metre line with two more tackle left in the set.
9 min: Luke Burt leapt in goal to come down with the ball on the full. The Eels with great defence on their goal line and earned a line drop out
11 min: Daniel Vidot with great counter attack offloaded to Jamie Soward to streaked away downfield. Dragons attacking 40 metres out. The Eels failed to wrap up Vidot
11 min: The Dragons applying the pressure now with a line drop out. The Dragons trying to go around the Eels line but unable to find points. Chance for them now off the line drop.
12 min: KNOCK ON! Brett Morris unable to take the Jamie Soward line and hands over possession to the Eels on their 10 metre line.
13 min: Brett Morris allowed the Hayne kick to eventually roll over the touchline and gives his side a scrum feed 10 metres from their own line.
14 min: Dragons earn a penalty for the Eels holding down in the tackle. Nathan Hindmarsh the one penalised. The free kick downfield gives them set from halfway.
16 min: The Dragons lost their way on the last tackle, Brett Morris almost linked with Jason Nightingale for points but the ball thrown out the back. Mitch Rein ended up with and kick high to end the set.
17 min: Penalty to the Eels for a high shot on Jarryd Hayne. Eels with it on their 40 metre line
20 min: TRY
TRY! Dragons
The Dragons finally getting on the board as Jamie Soward on the last play opted for a cross field. It found the arms of Daniel Vidot who batted it back for Kyle Stanely to score in the corner. Jamie Soward from the touchline hooked the kick and it's waived away.
Parramatta Eels 6-4
22 min: KNOCK ON! Daniel Vidot with a one handed carry looked to offload off the ball but knocked on before he could. The Eels get a scrum feed on the Dragons 20 metre line.
23 min: Penalty to the Eels for hand in the ruck after the held call. They take a quick tap as Moimoi charges to the line.
24 min: TRY
TRY! Eels
Matt Ryan has crashed over for the Eels second as he power through off a Chris Sandow short ball. Luke Burt from beside the uprights slots the extras.
Parramatta Eels 12-4
27 min: Penalty to the Eels for Dean Young being caught for laying in the ruck too long. They attack 30 metres from the Dragons line.
29 min: Zero tackle for the Eels, chance for their 3rd try
30 min: KNOCK ON! Fuifui Moimoi running into the line has dropped it cold of a poor pass. Dragons come away with it on the zero tackle
30 min: Penalty to the Dragons for Blair having a second dig at the tackled player. The Dragons with possession on the Eels 40 metre line.
31 min: KNOCK ON! Justin Horo has knocked on in the attempt to clean up the offload from the Dragons. They have a chance for their second try on the Eels 10 metre line.
33 min: Brett Morris looked to link with the touch judge as he threw the pass over the sideline. Great defence from the Eels, scrum feed to them on the 10 metre line.
35 min: Soward kicks downfield on the last play and it rolls dead. The eels slowly through Luke Burt return it to the 20 metre line for the optional restart.
38 min: The Dragons pushing up in attack pushed it too much as Merrin unable to hold onto the ball. Knock on and the Eels have possession on the zero tackle just shy of the halfway line.
39 min: Chris Sandow gives away a penalty for forcing Nightingale back in goal. The Dragons with the ball 25 metres from their line.
39 min: A confused last set from the Dragons as they run across the field looking for a hole. They were unable to find a hole and the half time siren sounds.
40 min: HALF TIME at WIN Jubilee Oval: Eels 12 lead Dragons 4 - This is the first time they have led away from home this season as they look for their second victory of the 2012 NRL Season.
41 min: The second half is UNDERWAY with the Dragons kicking off through Ben Hornby
41 min: Chris Sandow early in the set kicked downfield to the corner. Brett Morris collected it and then threw a long pass out to Nightingale. They have the ball 20 metres from the line.
42 min: First penalty in the second half to the Eels. Kick taken and they will start the set on their 40 metre line.
43 min: Great set from the Eels as they earn a line drop out. The Dragons yet to show anything in reply
44 min: Another penalty to the Eels for the Dragons ruled offside. A quick tap taken as they attack 20 metres from the Dragons line. The Eels lead the penalty count 5-4
45 min: Not the best set from the Eels, however Hayne ended the set with a short grubber kick into the in goal area which was taken by Jason Nightingale. He managed to get into the field of play.
47 min: TRY
TRY! Dragons
Jason Nightingale started the play well as he then popped the pass to Brett Morris who streaked away downfield for 60 metres to score. Jamie Soward nails the conversion and brings up his 900 career points.
Parramatta Eels 12-10
49 min: A poor kick from Sandow on the last play, it swung back in field and was taken on the full by the Dragons 20 metres from their line.
51 min: KNOCK ON! A lose carry from the Dragons gives them possession deep in the Dragons half.
53 min: KNOCK ON! A miracle play almost coming off, Chris Sandow put the grubber kick in and it sat up as Justin Horo dived in but missed the ball. Dragons come up with a change over 10 metres from their line.
53 min: Brett Morris looked for his winger in Nightingale but it had the touch judges name all over it as it drifted over the touchline. Eels with the ball through a scrum feed on their 40 metre line.
55 min: Daniel Vidot forced to play at the ball as it rolled dead off the boot of the Eels. They get a line drop out as a result.
57 min: The Eels trying to play fancy footy and it's not working. Hayne threw a long pass out the back and Blair was forced to try and grubber it along the touchline. Unable to get it back and give up possession with a Dragons scrum feed.
58 min: KNOCK ON! Tim Mannah despite his claims of a strip, a knock on called and the Dragons have it through a scrum feed 30 metres from their line.
60 min: Dragons unable to get points as the knock on falls into the arms of Chris Sandow, they have it 20 metres out.
62 min: Video Referee Decision pending for the Dragons. Possible try for Hornby
63 min: KNOCK ON! RED LIGHTS spun up for the Dragons, Jason Nightingale ruled to have knocked on before going over the sideline. Ben Hornby denied.
66 min: Jarryd Hayne with a massive kick downfield and it rolled over the dead ball line. The Dragons get a 20 metre optional restart as a result.
67 min: Nathan Hindmarsh has been everywhere tonight, the Dragons knock on under the high ball. Eels have the zero tackle 20 metre from the line.
68 min: KNOCK ON! Taulima Tautai running onto the ball as dropped it. Dragons with a chance to steal the lead 45 metres from the Eels line.
70 min: What a flick pass from Kyle Stanley which went over the sideline, pushing the pass when it wasn't needed. Eels have it off a scrum feed 10 metres from their line
72 min: Wonderful take under pressure from Jarryd Hayne who managed to collect it 10 metres from his line.
73 min: A poor kick off the boot of Horo as it ended up with Morris who almost found open space. Dragons attacking just inside the Eels half
73 min: Jamie Soward with a low kick to the in goal was take on the ground by Horo before it reached the goals. Defence beautiful from the Eels.
74 min: KNOCK ON! Jamie Soward with a powerful one on one tackle and forced the ball free. Scrum feed Dragons 10 metre out.
77 min: TRY
TRY! Dragons
The Video Referee awards Kyle Stanley a four-pointer has he powered over the line. Jamie Soward went from sideline to sideline to link with his outside backs. Soward fails to kick the conversion from out wide.
St George Illawarra Dragons 14-12
78 min: A short kick off attempted and the dragons KNOCK ON! Scrum feed to the Eels. Time off with 1:56 on the clock
79 min: A massive play from Daniel Vidot as he leapt up to take the ball of the kick and held on to the footy.
80 min: FULL TIME at WIN Jubilee Oval, sees the Dragons break their losing streak as they win the match 14-12

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