Eels dominate Sharks

Fulltime score: Round 12 Cronulla Sharks 26 v Parramatta Eels 34

Match summary: The Parramatta Eels have dominated possession early on and have ultimately defeated the Sharks by 34-26 at Toyota Park tonight.

The Cronulla side saw little of the ball in the first half and were kept out of the game by the Parramatta defence.

At half time, the Eels had blown away the locals to hold a commanding 22-0 lead.

Cronulla came out firing after the break, scoring 16 unanswered points. But the Eels then responded, stalling the Sharks' comeback with two tries of their own.

Behind 34-16 on the score board, the Sharks rallied with two late tries to even the ledger a little. But Parramatta were in the box seat, coming away with a well deserved victory.

Scorers: CRONULLA SHARKS 26 Tries: D Peachey, K Galloway, P Gallen, L Covell, D Simmons Goals: L Covell 4/6 PARRAMATTA EELS 34 Tries: E Grothe 2, M Petersen, B Smith, PJ Marsh, M Riddell Goals: L Burt 5/9

Toyota Park Referee: Stephen Clark Half time: Eels 22-0

Live commentary: Great game coming up here in freezing conditions from Toyota Park in Sydney. The weather hasn't kept the crowd away however as the place fills up well.

2 min: NEWS- Cronulla have a couple of early sets on top of the Parramatta line but no results yielded. Sharks 0 Eels 0

7 min: TRY- Eels Video Referee Mick Stone checking grounding on a possible try to flying winger Eric Grothe. Brilliant stuff, and the try is awarded. Burt converts Grothe's try. Sharks 0 Eels 6

12 min: TRY- Eels Matty Petersen has crossed and been awarded a try by Video Referee Mick Stone after much umming and aahing. Kick perfect from Burt. Sharks 0 Eels 12.

15 min: NEWS- Clark has words with a Cronulla player about tackling, and is consequently penalised. Burt shoots for goal but misses. Eels on the attack. Score remains unchanged.

18 min: TRY- Eels Another Parramatta try, excellent stuff by Ben Smith to get over the line. Burt misses a second. Sharks 0 Eels 16.

25 min: NEWS- Cronulla slowly getting more possession and showing a little promise, but the Eels are so far too good. No change to the score. Sharks 0 Eels 16.

33 min: TRY- Eels Parramatta piling on the points in this first half. PJ Marsh crosses. Burt converts. Sharks 0 Eels 22.

HALFTIME. Sharks down by a big margin at the break. Eels have had far too much possession unfortunately. Cronulla can still win but they need much more ball.

Second half starts - Burt tries a short kick-off but Cronulla get it anyway.

45 min: TRY- Sharks. Peachey over. Cronulla on the way back as they appear to be playing better footy this half. Covell misses. Sharks 4 Eels 22.

49 min: TRY- Sharks. Try to Galloway for Cronulla, they're on their way to a comeback. Covell converts. Sharks 10 Eels 22.

53 min: TRY- Sharks. Cronulla making it their half as Gallen crosses for the blue & blacks. Covell converts. Sharks 16 Eels 22.

NEWS- as the try has been scored, news has emerged from the Eels camp that Tahu has broken his arm. Devastating news for Parramatta. The game is now anyones as the Sharks are driving towards an unprecedented comeback.

60 min: NEWS- Parramatta receive a penalty as a Cronulla player (Stevens) is placed on report for using a knee. Burt to shoot for goal - it hits the upright and bounces away, so Cronulla will kick to the Eels and they will have another set.

65 min: TRY- Eels. Eels have managed to strike back through Grothe who has his second. Burt doesn't convert. Sharks 16 Eels 26.

70 min: TRY- Eels. Another try to Parramatta for Riddell close to the posts. Burt converts and Parramatta now have the game. Sharks 16 Eels 32.

73 min: PENALTY GOAL- Eels. Burt converts a penalty. Parramatta now assured the two. Sharks 16 Eels 34.

77 min: TRY- Sharks. Covell is over for Cronulla as consolation. Fails to convert his try. Sharks 20 Eels 34.

79 min: TRY- Sharks. Too little too late for Cronulla, Simmons scoring a pearler for them as the closing stages are upon us. Covell converts. Sharks 26 Eels 34.

FULLTIME. Cronulla have scored some sensational second half tries but have not been able to overcome the blitz early in the game by Parramatta. The Eels sailed home 34-26 in what ended up a good game of league, despite some bizarre calls by the referee.

----------------------------------------- players of the match: 3 - N Hindmarsh (Eels) 2 - E Grothe (Eels) 1 - D Peachey (Sharks) -----------------------------------------