Exciting Eels ridicule Roosters

The Parramatta Eels are one step closer to unloading the dreaded wooden spoon after defeating the Sydney Roosters 36-22 in a messy game in front of 12,193 fans at Parramatta Stadium.

In an error-riddled match filled with bombed opportunities, poor defensive reads and some razzle dazzle attack, the home side sat on top for much of the match.

While the Eels were on top for most of the match, it was the Roosters who almost opened up the scoring in the 27th second before Brad Takairanghi butchered an easy try.

The Roosters had a few more opportunities to open up the scoring before the Eels turned defence into attack in the eighth minute when Ryan Morgan dived over for a try. Luke Burt added the extras.

Takairangi rectified his early error with a try in the 21st minute of a Mitchell Pearce grubber, Braith Anasta failed to convert keeping.

The Roosters almost had another try moments later through Adam Henry only for video referee Chris Ward to deny the try after replays revealed that Henry grounded the ball while part of his body was dead in goal.

A Ben Roberts 40/20 in the 27th minute put the Eels right on the attack, and there was no denying Nathan Hindmarsh in the 28th minute when he burrowed over. Burt added the extras to extend the Eels lead to eight-points. 

The Eels were over again five minutes later through former Rooster Cheyse Blair. Burt converted from the side line to give the Eels a handy 14-point-lead. 

A mistake in the next set saw the Roosters right on the attack and the Roosters hit back through captain Braith Anasta who scored off a Pearce inside ball. Anasta converted his own try, to reduce the Eels' lead to eight-points headed into the break.

The Eels looked like they may have opened up the second half scoring in only the 44th minute through Blair only for Chris Ward to deny the try and give the Roosters a penalty.

The Roosters did not waste the opportunity, scoring on the other side of the field after Pearce Adam Henry into a gap. Anasta added the extras to put the Roosters only two-points behind. 

Jake Friend went himself in the 48th minute to score in the corner and put the Roosters ahead for the first time in the match. Anasta converted to stretch the lead to four. 

A try to Chris Sandow off his own chip and chase saw the Eels' reclaim the lead in the 57th minute. Burt added the extras again.

The Eels went over ten minutes without having to defend following the try, enabling to score back-to-back tries in the in the 61st and 65th minute to take their lead up to 12-points before Burt kicked a penalty goal to extend the lead back to 36-22.

The Roosters were given some opportunities to hit back, but mistakes and ill-discipline saw it all come unstuck and the score remain unchanged. 

The Eels will have a much tougher task next weekend when they take on the Gold Coast Titans at Skilled Park.

As for the Roosters they head to Canberra next weekend to take on the Raiders. 

Match Details
Parramatta Eels 36 defeated Sydney Roosters 22
National Rugby League - Round 23 - Saturday August 11, 2012 5:30pm
Venue: Parramatta Stadium
Referee: Jared Maxwell and Dave Munro
Video Referee: Chris Ward
Touch Judges: Dave Abood and Jay Farlow
Crowd: 12,193
Halftime: Parramatta Eels 18 Sydney Roosters 10

Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:
3 Points - Nathan Hindmarsh (1 Try)
2 Points - Ryan Morgan (2 Tries)
1 Point - Luke Burt (6 Goals)

Tries: Nathan Hindmarsh, Chris Sandow (2), Cheyse Blair, Ryan Morgan (2)
Conversions: Luke Burt (5/6)
Penalty Goals: Luke Burt (1/1)

Tries: Braith Anasta, Brad Takairangi, Jake Friend, Adam Henry
Conversions: Braith Anasta (3/3), Brad Takairangi (0/1)

LeagueUnlimited.com Live Commentary Good evening NRL fans and welcome to Parramatta Stadium where the Eels host the Sydney Roosters.
We have heavy winds at Parramatta at the moment where the Roosters' under 20s have taken out the Toyota Cup match with a 42-12 thrashing of the Eels.
Both our coaches have announced their final teams for the match, for the home side Ben Smith is out, Matt Ryan will come off the bench and into the starting side with Justin Horo being added to the bench. For the Roosters BJ Leilua is out and has been replaced with Adam Henry.
A win to the Eels this evening will go a long way to helping them avoid the dreaded wooden spoon, they are currently two competition points behind the 15th placed Panthers. As for the Roosters, a win will guarantee they finish above the Eels on the ladder, they currently sit five-competition-points clear of the last-placed Eels and with only three rounds remaining after this round, a win makes a last place finish impossible.
1 min: We are under way at Parramatta.
4 min: The Roosters will get a full set of six just short of halfway after an Eels' mistake.
5 min: Adam Henry makes a half break before losing the ball 10 out from the Eels' line.
9 min: TRY
TRY! Luke Burt finds some space up the middle and chips for Ryan Morgan who runs in a try. Burt converts the try.
Parramatta Eels 6-0
13 min: Parramatta are doing a fantastic job restricting the Roosters' metres here, they've been trapped deep inside their half on the last tackle of their last two sets.
17 min: The Eels will get a scrum 30 out from Roosters' line after a dropped ball from Anthony Minichiello.
18 min: Cheyse Blair throws a pass to an opposition player. Roosters are off the hook.
19 min: Chris Sandow drops the ball with ball wide open after a break from Nathan Smith. Roosters are on the attack now after Tautau Moga makes a break.
22 min: TRY
TRY! Brad Takairangi scores off a Mitchell Pearce grubber. Braith Anasta fails to convert from five in from the touchline.
Parramatta Eels 6-4
24 min: Roosters might have another try here just checking grounding.
24 min: NO TRY! Henry was dead in goal when he grounded the Jake Friend grubber.
26 min: The Roosters receive the first penalty of the match.
27 min: Burt intercepts a Minichiello cut out pass 10 out from his own line and the Eels are off the hook.
27 min: Ben Roberts nails a 40/20.
29 min: TRY
TRY! Nathan Hindmarsh burrows his way over the try line. Burt converts the try from right right in front.
Parramatta Eels 12-4
30 min: Cheyse Blair loses the ball after a break from Matt Ryan, but Martin Kennedy tries to start a fight and concedes a penalty.
31 min: Roberts forces a line drop out.
34 min: TRY
TRY! The Eels spread it out wide and Blair scores. Burt converts from the side line.
Parramatta Eels 18-4
34 min: Taulima Tautai knocks on 15 out from his own line and the Roosters will go on the attack.
35 min: The Roosters receive a penalty on tackle two.
38 min: TRY Dewsbury Rams (NL1)
TRY! Anasta scores from a Pearce short ball. Anasta converts from right in front.
Parramatta Eels 18-10
40 min: The Roosters will get a scrum 40 out from the Eels line with 40 seconds to go after another mistake from Taulima Tautai.
40 min: The Roosters try to throw it around, but Pearce throws a forward pass and that's the half..
41 min: The second half is under way, the Roosters will get first use of the ball.
44 min: The Eels might have the opening try of the half here after Minichiello loses the ball.
44 min: No try! Penalty to the Roosters after Ryan is deemed to have been involved in the lead up to Blair grounding the ball.
46 min: TRY
TRY! Mitchell Pearce puts Adam Henry into a gap. Anasta adds the extras.
Parramatta Eels 18-16
47 min: The Roosters will get a piggyback out of their half after the Eels are pinned for being inside the ten.
49 min: TRY
TRY! Jake Friend opts to go himself and scores in the right corner to give the Roosters the lead for the first time in the match. Anasta adds the extras.
Sydney Roosters 22-18
51 min: Jack Bosden knocks on 20 out from the Eels' line and they are off the hook.
52 min: The Eels get a penalty 35 out from their own line after FPN is pinned for an illegal strip.
52 min: Roosters are off the hook after Roberts loses the ball 35 out from the Roosters' line.
54 min: The Eels receive a penalty 30 out from their own line.
55 min: Moga diffuses a Sandow bomb but falls back into his own in goal and the Eels will get a line drop out.
58 min: TRY
TRY! Sandow chips for himself and scores close to the posts. Burt adds the extras to give the Eels the lead.
Parramatta Eels 24-22
60 min: The Eels receive a penalty 20 out from the Roosters' line.
62 min: TRY
TRY! Hindmarsh throws a cut out pass to Morgan who scores in the corner. Burt fails to convert from the eastern touchline.
Parramatta Eels 28-22
64 min: Jake Mullaney forces a line drop out.
66 min: TRY
TRY! Sandow goes himself and scores for the Eels. Burt adds the extras.
Parramatta Eels 34-22
67 min: The Roosters will have their first set in over 10 minutes after the Eels are caught with the ball on the last.
70 min: Henry loses the ball 35 out from his own line.
71 min: Sandow loses the ball 20 out from the Roosters' line.
72 min: Cordner loses the ball.
72 min: Now the Eels lose the ball.
72 min: Takairangi passes to no one and the Eels will go on the attack again.
The Roosters concedes a penalty and Burt kicks the goal.
Parramatta Eels 36-22
74 min: Justin Horo loses the ball 35 out from his own line and the Roosters will go on the attack.
75 min: Jared Warea-Hargreaves is penalised for throwing a punch in the play-the-ball.
76 min: Horo pushes Minichiello back into the in goal and the Eels will get another line drop out.
77 min: Shaun Keny-Dowall cleans up at the back for the Roosters and they are off the hook.
80 min: The Eels throw it around in search of another try but the ball goes dead and that's the ball game. The Eels defeat the Roosters 36-22.

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